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  1. Like an airliner or two!? See if you can beat Chris he's nearly finished his A300 The Halifax is looking good Neil, what do you use as a primer? Airbrushed or from a spray can? Cheers, Ian
  2. Hi Martijn, What a lovely little 1-11! Sistership to the SAS 1-11 recently presented here by John @Viking I believe. Very impressed with your nmf on the engines too, might have to try out this paint. For my aerials I use the very fine copper wire found in small electric motors. Whenever any electrical device reaches the end of its life I always open it up to see if there's any wire I can use for detailing it's amazing how much you can collect this way. Kurt's 1-11 kits really are gorgeous, I've got a few of his -500s but might have to get one of these -300's it's a little cutie! Great weathering and photography as usual, I especially like the soot around the thrust reversed grills. Cheers, Ian
  3. Hi Peter Awesome! What a fine model. I leave my filler to dry for longer than you've taken to complete the whole thing!! There are many of us who could learn a thing or two from this build. A great Christmas present for your dad's friend. Cheers, Ian
  4. Hi Norbert, That came out very well considering it's such an old kit now. I've got one in KLM colours somewhere which I ought to dig out and photograph. I remember being so excited when it first came out but now with the Daco -3/4/500s and all the New tool Zvezda and Revell kits not to mention Authentic Airliners the shapes don't look so good. As well as the lack of wheel bay there's also no intake lining for the engines too. Still yours looks good and I like your backgrounds too. I'll have a rummage round in my airliner modelling folders because I'm sure I've got some similar images somewhere. Cheers, Ian
  5. Hi Robin, Not really into retrojets but this is a nice, crisp, sharp model. Those LN decals are great aren't they? Cheers, Ian
  6. Hi, Just beautiful! What a result, I wish I could paint with a brush like that it would save so much hassle and mess with the airbrush or spray can! It seems to be quite popular at the moment what with Alistair's recent builds too. Do you have any tips? Very nice match with the blue to the decal too. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Ian
  7. Hi Robin, Nice one and beautifully finished. Which colour did you use for the SAS red? I'm impressed with your fleet I reckon with a bit of juggling you could squeeze a few more in, how about some DC9s or MD80s? Cheers, Ian
  8. Clear cockpit windows, detailed cockpit interior, no undercarriage therefore can only be modelled inflight but no flight crew, why? Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi HG, Beautiful! What a great job you've done on this. I can imagine what a mess it was when you got it but there's no sign it wasn't build fresh out of the box now. The 70's SIA livery is such a classic and one I have on my 1/144 to do list. Out of interest why didn't you use the tail from the Classic-airlines decal or the cheatlines from 26? Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Ian
  10. If it's a 757 you're after Michael, look no further than this https://www.authentic-airliners.de/epages/64205758.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64205758/Products/K144-12RR Cheers, Ian
  11. John, how about converting the Zvezda 747-8 to a -400? It's not really that difficult, I know your skills are up to the task! Cheers, Ian
  12. Hi Michael, I agree with Chris, although the Welsh kit is good it's not really a beginner's vacform kit. Wait for a while and get the EE kit or splash out on the AA one and use AA 3d window decals. Besides, the Revell cockpit glazing, either from the -400 or -200 kits, isn't very accurate and wouldn't fit easily. Cheers, Ian
  13. Hi Michael, Yes either method will work equally well. You could also fit the window glazing strips in place then fill and sand. You will have to use this method for the windscreen anyway. Use of Milliput or a 5 minute epoxy will ensure the filler doesn't shrink and leave dimples where the windows were! Hope this helps! Cheers, Ian
  14. Hi Michael, Welcome to airliner modelling from me too! I can recommend either Revell or Zvezda A320's. The Zvezda kit is a little more advanced in that it has the option to drop the flaps and has a cockpit and entrance way. It is also a newer kit with crisper mouldings whereas the Revell kit is getting on a bit now and recent boxings can suffer from a bit of flash. With regard to Air France decals whichever you use will fit either of the kits. Here is another option for Air France decals, possibly the 'Rolls Royce' of Air France A320 decals! https://www.rocastmodels.com/store/index.php?id_category=26&controller=category I have to agree with AP in his post above Authentic Airliners cabin and cockpit windows are the way to go without a doubt. If you are going to expand into airliner modelling I can also recommend 26Decals to add to the other suppliers suggested by Space Ranger http://www.26decals.com Good luck and I look forward to seeing it in RFI in the near future! Cheers, Ian
  15. Hi Alistair, Oh yes! I love this one, I saw it at RIAT in the summer flying in formation with the Red Arrows, magnificent! Definitely your best yet, well done! Cheers, Ian
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