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  1. Hi Alistair, As you probably know I've converted a couple of Zvezda 747-8s to earlier models. I've not done a wip as such yet but here is a link to a post on Airlinercafe which might be of interest. https://www.airlinercafe.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=73133#73133 I've got another couple to convert soon so I might do a wip for one of those. With respect to the 747-8F kit I would use that as a basis for a 747-400F or with a bit more work a 747-100/200 purely because of the shorter upper deck. Of course if you want to save yourself the work you could always get one of Kurt's 747-400s! Cheers, Ian
  2. Hi Alistair, What a lovely model in a smart livery! The grey leaves on the fuselage must be a new addition I'm sure their 767s didn't have them. Glad to hear the 8a decals work well, I wouldn't mind getting some of his sets but not got around to it yet. Also want to get the new Revell Neo kits too. I nearly got an A321 at a recent model show but didn't, I wish I had because it looks nice. Might wait until the A320 comes out with undercarriage though. Not that I need any more A320s! What colour paint did you use for the ring just in front of the fans? Cheers, Ian
  3. Hi Julien, There aren't many images available of the top of BCal DC10 wings but here is a link to one which might help. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-british-caledonian-mcdonnell-douglas-dc10-30-on-test-light-over-the-81995430.html Looks to me like natural metal leading and trailing edges with a light to mid grey inspar area possibly Humbrol 127 or 128. I wouldn't go with what the kit instructions suggest. Hope this helps. Cheers, Ian
  4. How cute and dinky is that. I love it! Cheers, Ian
  5. Yes, you can say that again! The 1-11 and Trident 3B are gorgeous kits, are they going to be BA as well? Keep on with the filling and sanding on the engines it'll be worth it in the end! I agree with @Back in the Saddle the Chelsea Rose scheme was one of the better ones. I can recommend Halfords Fiat Capri Blue if you are going down the spray can route for painting as it is a very good match for BA World Livery blue. Oh and I hope you'll be using AA window decals! Cheers, Ian
  6. They will be doing a 1/72 kit after the 1/144 one. https://m.facebook.com/BigPlanesKits/photos/a.1510613519216386/2595147927429601/?type=3&theater See the replies a little way down the page. Cheers, Ian
  7. Hi Alistair, That's gorgeous! I much prefer the -9 it seems more in proportion to the -8 somehow. I've yet to build a 787 but I've got a couple in the stash which I must start soon. I would recommend PE details but they can be fiddly. I think they make the most difference on the undercarriage but not all manufacturers include undercarriage detail. I tend to use either super glue or PVA. Is the white line around the nose cone a decal if so is it included in the Ascensio sheet? It is quite a distinctive feature of the 787 and nice you've included it. Cheers, Ian
  8. Hi John, Yes I agree a really neat bit of masking there! This is looking good it's one of my favourite Trident liveries. Are you going to underlay the small writing forward of the front door with a little bit of white decal? That'll be some tricky cutting to get it the right size! Just noticed, whilst looking at some pics of the original, that the blue panel on the tail decal has a slightly different bottom edge. If you want to be super accurate! Will be following with interest. Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi Alistair, Very eye-catching indeed! My daughter is a Star Wars fan and would love one of these, trouble is she'd also want the R2D2 and C3PO jets as well! Good to hear the 8a Decals performed well I've not used any of Jon's sheets but he does some interesting liveries. As with Chris and Dave I like your subtle weathering on the wings it helps to bring an airliner to life as it doesn't take long for the wings and flaps to get a bit grubby. Looking forward to all you have in store for us this year sounds like you're going to be busy! Cheers, Ian
  10. Hi Chris, Just thinking about your chosen livery and wondered if it might be easier to paint the red on the tail but with a white circle masked off so you could then just place the maple leaf logo into it. This approach would negate trying to wrap the decal around the top and rear of the tail 'bullet' with all the problems which you could have with overlapping laser decals. Of course this means you will have to match the paint with the red on the decal but with a little mixing and trial and error you should be able to get close. Also the small white fleet numbers would have to be sourced from somewhere else, your decal spares box of you have one. Also I'd recommend photocopying the decal and having a trial run to check how the decal fits around the nose contours as this decal is designed for the Airfix kit not the Revell one you are using. I would agree with everyone else and cut the stabilizers off then drill and pin them in place. Just my thoughts, hope this helps. Cheers, Ian
  11. Yes there is more work with some of the earlier Bra.Z engines but are you sure you can't use the AA ones? BA did fly 757s with both types of RR engines. Cheers, Ian
  12. Hi, Nice to see another AA kit being built, I've got 4 on the go at the moment! The 757 is such a beautiful kit and, as you're finding out, goes together so well. My advice regarding the horizontal stabilizers is definitely to leave them until the tail decal is on and dried thoroughly then it's an easy job to simply slit the decal and fit the stabilizers. There won't be any filling required. Always have a dry run first because there may be some trimming of the locating tab necessary. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Cheers, Ian
  13. Hi John, Another great Airfix improvement tutorial! Pity I passed all my Airfix Tridents on when I substituted them for Authentic Airliners ones! Those improvements really do make a difference especially straightening the tail leading edge and reshaping the centre intake. You forgot to mention you've offset the nose gear which is another distinctive feature of the Trident that is incorrect on the Airfix kit. Love the Trident Sun Jet livery but it would've looked better with a more fancy font for the titles don't you think? Looking forward to the BKS 1E, now that is a beautiful Trident livery! Cheers, Ian
  14. Hi, Welcome to BM and the wonderful world of airliner modelling! As John says your masking is very nice and you appear to have achieved a good sharp straight line between the blue and white, not easy to do. The coroguard masking on the wings is quite complex but you've done a great job on that too! With regard to the decal wrapping round the rear of the fuselage if you apply some microsol (available at any good model shop or ebay) this will soften the decal and as it dries will suck it onto the shapes of the tailcone. For filling I find milliput the best as it is very easy to sculpt and doesn't shrink. If I may I'd like to point out that BA A319s use IAE V2500 engines instead of the CFMs you've used, both sets should be included in that kit. Also they don't have the silver cockpit framing. I can only echo Dave's recommendations of Authentic Airliners windows I use them on just about all my models and I feel they really bring an airliner to life. Don't worry about your mistakes it can be a bit of a minefield with so many new techniques and details to know about but we're all here to help! You should be very proud of your first proper model it's certainly better than my first ones! Looking forward to your next model. Cheers, Ian
  15. Hi Michael, What a great cabinet for your fleet! I wish I had somewhere like that for my airliners. Looks like there's room for a few more too! I agree with Moa, you need some lights in there. Cheers, Ian
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