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  1. Hi Phil, You could always decant the TS18 into your airbrush or just spray outside before it gets too cold. This is coming along nicely, you're rapidly catching up with me, but I have been working on mine for 3 years at least! I've just noticed that AA have released windows for their -600 kit, I've been holding off finishing my -500 until they were available so there's nothing to stop me finishing it now. You'll probably still beat me though! Looking forward to more. Cheers, Ian
  2. Turbofan

    Argosy 1:72 Mach 2

    Thanks for posting some more pics, that top one is so realistic I find it hard to believe it's a model! Cheers, Ian
  3. Turbofan

    Argosy 1:72 Mach 2

    Wow that's awesome! Yes please to more pics. Cheers, Ian
  4. Turbofan

    Cutaway airliner kits ?

    Or there's the 1/96 Caravelle by Lindberg http://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_19560.details.large although I think that might be harder to find than the Revell 747 and TriStar. Cheers, Ian
  5. Really impressed with your airbrush work and great weathering! I'm looking forward to your next model Lauren! Cheers, Ian
  6. Yes I think I'll try to file it to shape as it's only a small notch. Just looked and the AA kit has the correct rudder. Mine is going to be Thai. It's almost finished, just detailing the engines then it'll be decal time, although I'll have to wait until AA release windows for the -5/600! Cheers, Ian
  7. Good spot Phil, I've been working on my -500 recently and didn't notice this! Unfortunately I've already painted it so I'll see if it can be corrected without any damage! It's certainly coming along well, but I'd forgotten just how much work is involved, looks like you're getting there though. Cheers, Ian
  8. Turbofan

    Sunderland into Empire

    I can totally relate to that Dennis, I've done a few conversions recently and got so much more satisfaction out of them! I remember reading 'Beyond the Blue Horizon', many years ago now, and thoroughly enjoying it. If you've not read 'Corsairville' by Graham Coster I can recommend that too, it's right up your street. You can pick up a copy from eBay for less than £2. Cheers, Ian
  9. Mmm....that really is very nice Iain. I think I'm going to have to pick up one of those at Telford! Cheers, Ian
  10. Turbofan

    Sunderland into Empire

    Hi Dennis, Can't help you with dimensions etc but if you want to save yourself the work of converting a Sunderland there is a kit of the Short S-23 C class flying boat available. https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/shop/czech-master-resin-short-cclass-flying-boat-p-37236.html It's an absolutely beautiful kit! Welsh do a 1/144 vacform too. Cheers, Ian
  11. Thanks for all the replies everyone! You really must dig it out and build it right away! It knocks spots off the EE/Minicraft kit apart from being accurate the engineering is just superb. I forgot to mention the turbines even revolve when you blow on the front of the engine! I know I do tend to bang on about the AA windows decals and it took me a long time to come round to the idea but they make such a dramatic difference to the look of a model and really 'bring it to life', I just can't see me ever going back to either clear cabin windows or plain grey decal windows. Well you'd be right that we do have Emirates 777s at MAN but they're always the -300s not -200s. Steve, if you try one of these Zvezda kits it's very hard not to make a nice airliner, they're lovely kits that just go together so well!I I've got another one but I can't decide whether to build it as another LR, a Freighter or to do some more work and build it as a -200 or ER ie with different engines. I guess it'll come down to which livery I like most in the end! Thanks Callum, my photography baseboard is really getting tired now, each time I get it out to photograph my latest model it needs repairing so I'm working on a new improved version which won't need much maintenance. Thanks Neil, as I said above it really helps to have such a great kit to start with. This is why I tend to stick with AA and Zvezda etc and try to avoid ancient Airfix airliners. With respect to the extra detailing I think you're the expert there! Loving the work you are putting into your Stirling!I Cheers, Ian
  12. Turbofan

    1/32nd Su-27UB 'Flanker C'

    Hi Tom, I'm generally not into military stuff but I do like the Flanker it has a predatory look about it which your model captures very well. Looks like there's plenty of detail in the cockpit but then again at 1/32 I guess there should be. It looks nice and 'busy', what size is the model Tom?I Cheers, Ian
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone! It really is such an easy conversion I think everybody should do at least one and as we all agree the -200 is a better looking plane! Yes it did make quite a refreshing change but I don't think I'll be able to keep up with it as I've still got loads on my bench needing to be finished. However, I did buy another Revell 777 the other day so you never know. I feel another -200 conversion coming on! Thanks Ray, yes I forgot to mention the sitcom/wifi antenna. It was scratchbuilt from a couple of pieces of plasticard laminated together then sanded to shape. I wanted to include it as they're all fitted with them now. It could have been left off and still been accurate as they haven't always been fitted with them. Just you wait until you finish your Airbus or Trident Chris! Cheers, Ian