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  1. Thanks Phil, realism is what I drive for! Hi Steve, I like that idea, my wife already thinks we have a model museum in the house! Thank you Neal, I generally don't do WIP's because I've normally got so many models on the go and some are in progress for years. This is an exception in that I started and finished it in only a couple of months and didn't work on anything else in between. Thank you! I found a number of pics with the jetway marks so I couldn't resist adding them and they're so easy to do! Cheers, Ian
  2. Hi, Wow that is a beautiful 134! Superb weathering and I like how the Russian blue cockpit colour is just visible in some of the pics. Cheers, Ian
  3. Hi Julian, Nice to see something a bit different. How did the decals perform? Strange that LN decals produce almost exclusively Scandinavian subjects then there's this random Vietnamese livery, weird. But very nice! Cheers, Ian
  4. Thanks for all the comments I'm glad everyone likes it as much as me, I am pretty pleased with it. Wow Moa that's awesome, thank you! Hey Stu, just take it one step at a time and don't rush. It's more about using the right technique than anything. Looking forward to your A380, which livery are you planning? Thanks Graham! Cheers, it's not a very difficult conversion to do I think the work involved is easier than trying to correct the Revell -400 kit. Thanks Ray looking forward to your build are you going to convert a Zvezda kit? Thanks Alan. The
  5. With all the 747-400 retirements at the moment I felt inspired to build my own tribute to the 'Queen of the Skies'. I had intended to build a BA example but as there are a couple in progress over in the WIP forum I decided to build another recently retired -400, Qantas. This is one of the few models I have built exclusively from beginning to end. I normally work on lots at the same time so the progress on this has been quite rapid for me! As the title says it is a conversion from the excellent Zvezda 747-8 to a -400. I think it's a fairly simple conversion and the best way to go if you wa
  6. Hi Berko, Nearly missed this! Superb build, crisp and sharp with some of the best weathering I've seen! Even though in my opinion your wings are too clean!! Have to agree with Dave and Paul regarding AA window decals they will really bring the model to life. They also do photo realistic landing lights too which are a nice touch.Cheers What are your upcoming builds? Cheers, Ian
  7. Hi Ken, What a lovely job on this Dreamliner! Good job there are some extra graphics on the fuselage it'd be a bit plain otherwise. I have to agree with Dave about the AA windows once you start using them you'll never go back to plain grey ones. As John says I can't see any evidence of your paint problems either. You've done a great job of repairing it. I have had a similar problem with my current build, there were a number of areas of masking which peeled up the underlying white. Don't know why but sometimes these things just happen! I don't think there is anything wrong w
  8. Hi Alistair, Nice 'bus! I quite like this livery now but it has had to grow on me. Good to hear you were impressed with the detail decal I haven't got any of Werner's new detail sheets yet. Don't forget the natural metal fin leading edge, it's on the sheet! The grass is an improvement, is it a mat or did you sprinkle flock over wet gloss paint? I didn't know United operated their A320s into Gatwick What's next? Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi Ray, I have made this exact model https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235020482-1144-roden-british-eagle-bristol-britannia-g-aovc/&tab=comments#comment-2705422 So yes that decal fits the Roden kit. With laser decals you are right you need to cut close to the image but most importantly because they are translucent and not opaque like silkscreen decals they need to be applied over a white background. This means you can't overlap them or place them over two different colours as the base colour will show through so very accurate masking is required.
  10. Hi Matt, Just catching up with your build and you're doing a grand job. I would recommend you fix the wings before painting the fuselage though as the leading edge, where it joins the wbf, needs to be a very smooth transition which the kit isn't as I recall. Also the kit wing to fuselage joint doesn't match with the change from the aluminium leading edge to BA blue on the actual aeroplane. Hope that makes sense! Another easy improvement is to thicken up the walls of the engine intakes. OOB they are far too thin, this is an easy job with some 1mm plastic sheet rolled into a tube and
  11. I have a set of spare Revell engines if they are of any use. Hi, A heads up about the Revell RR engines, the intake trunking could do with thickening up as it is a bit thin and flimsy looking. I have just lined the inside of the intake of mine with some rolled up .75mm plasticard and reshaped the intake rings with a rub round with some wet and dry and I think it's made the world of a difference. Cheers, Ian
  12. Hi, Just to add my thoughts and experiences. I have done the Zvezda 747-8 to -200, -300 and am currently working on a -400 conversion and can recommend it to anyone. It isn't a particularly difficult conversion and most of what needs to be done is covered in this thread and on the Airlinercafe link above but there are a few extra things to be aware of. Firstly, the trailing edge is different on the -8 being gently curved in the area of the high speed aileron. Fortunately this is easy to change as it seems to be a radius they have added to the old wing so therefore just ne
  13. Hi Adam, If you're happy with resin Authentic Airliners were planning one for this year. I don't know the current status of the project but I think it was due to be released at Telford in November. Sorry for hijacking your thread Ray! Cheers, Ian
  14. Hi Phil, Looks like your maths is pretty good. According to Google Earth the pier is 179m long and 31m wide. You're good to go! Cheers, Ian
  15. Hi Dave, Another beautiful model (and the 1-11 is nice too)! I had those Flightpath decals but passed them on a while back, kind of wished I hadn't now! As Paul says it's always nice to see detail like the antennae on an airliner. Interesting story about Lady du Pont, I wonder if she ever got to fly in 'her' plane. Out of interest were the AA cockpit decals smaller than the FP ones? I always feel AA are slightly undersized. Cheers, Ian
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