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  1. Turbofan

    1/144 MicroMir McDonell-Douglas MD-11

    Is your question 'how different is the DC10 to the L1011? Or 'how different is the DC10 to the MD11? Personally, I love the Micromir MD11 kit but many others have had major problems with it and would happily bin it! Cheers, Ian
  2. Thank you for your comments everyone, I really appreciate it. Steve, you know you want one really and there's always room for another Zvezda kit somewhere. Thanks Martijn, yes I really do like conversions I enjoyed doing this one so much I started another 777-200 straight away despite having lots of other models on the bench needing completing! Well Mike it helps to start with the Zvezda kit as it is already nice and crisply detailed. I don't know what the Minicraft 777 landing gear is like. I used the Metallic Details brass etch which includes lots of details for the landing gear although I did add a few extra hoses on the main gear. As for painting I started with a coat of Boeing Grey for the wheels as well as the struts, then the hoses were hand painted with a very small brush. I gave the entire undercarriage, including the wheel hubs, a once over with a very thin black enamel wash, more like dirty thinners than paint really, which picked out the detail. Before mounting the wheels, again using very thin black enamel paint I carefully touched each tyre hub with just enough on the brush for it to spread around the hub by capillary action. The rest of the tyre was painted with a mix of black and a tiny bit of grey. The final stage is to wrap a tiny bit of High Shine Metallic Decal from AA around the 'shiny bit of the strut' (that's a technical term by the way!) which I feel really brings it to life. Although you can't see them in any of the pics I also used 1mm little-lenses from modellingtools.co.uk. for the taxi lights. Hope this helps Mike. Now I'm off to carry on with my next 777! An LR this time, it's a much easier conversion because I can use the kits engines and don't need any work on the wingtips either. Cheers, Ian
  3. Turbofan


    Hi Michael, Nicely finished 10-10, it's such a classic livery and it just seems to work on the DC10. What mods did you have to do to the engines? Cheers, Ian
  4. A conversion, I like it!! You've done a great job on this one. Must be quite small in 1/144. This is certainly something different Eric we don't see too many of these in RFI. I knew BOAC flew converted bombers but I've never heard about this one. You'll have to make a Lancastrian as well to go with it! Cheers, Ian
  5. Thank you Martin, I hope my models do inspire more airliner models on RFI we need more airliners! Go on you know you want to! Thanks Michael and Paul, it really wouldn't have been possible without the Metallic details brass etch, I'm really pleased with the way these look. I think I'm going to detail more undercarriage in the future. That's the effect I'm trying to create Alex! I agree about the Air New Zealand livery, it's amazing how a black and white livery can look so classy and not in the slightest bit dull. Cheers, Ian
  6. Turbofan

    Blackburn Beverley

    It's nice when this happens isn't it Ray?! I like transport aircraft in this colour scheme it just seems to work if you know what I mean. I thing it's a really nice model, how big is it? Pity about the paint crazing, it happens to me too from time to time, personally I'd have removed it and started again. If it ever happens again I can recommend this stuff, it's awesome! https://www.diy.com/departments/home-strip-paint-stripper-500ml/254572_BQ.prd Cheers, Ian
  7. Turbofan

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    It work on appliance white? Yes! I've just tried it on a bit of sprue sprayed with Appliance White and it came off in seconds. It really is brilliant stuff! Cheers, Ian
  8. Hi Graham, I think you should be very pleased with this, it would be brilliant if it was just oob but the work you've put into the flaps just takes it to another level. And after a 41 year break, awesome! There's nothing wrong with any weathering I can see, the wings are where most of the weathering shows up on any aircraft so if anything there's not enough! As always the AA windows add so much realism. Looking forward to your RFI pics and hope there's more of this kind of thing coming soon. Cheers, Ian
  9. Thank you for all your compliments everyone! At least I could ignore the phone, last time something like that happened was when I'd just slid an easyjet billboard decal off the backing sheet and my then baby daughter woke up and I had to sort her out. By the time I eventually got her settled the decal had just about dried into the model in completely the wrong position. It took ages to sort it out. I didn't do any modelling again until the children had got a lot older! Well, I've got another in the loft so I think we should all do a mini 777-200 Group Build! I'm just sizing up decals and I wouldn't mind doing a Singapore Airlines one next. Thanks for everyone's comments about the undercarriage. They are my favourite bit of this model, unfortunately the photos don't really do them justice as I can't really get in close enough to get a good pic but it wouldn't be possible without the Metallicdetails brass etch which is very good although quite fiddly. Dave when you do your 777 send me the undercarriage and brass etch and I'll detail it up for you! I'm sure you'll be fine with a magnifier though. Thanks Daniel! This is exactly the kind of effect I want to achieve with my models, as realistic as possible! Was it Andrew? Be great if it was! Cheers, Ian
  10. Hi Alex, That Air Jamaica livery has to be one of the most colourful ever! But like John says the Thai livery is difficult to beat! I don't think I would've been confident enough to apply that Air Jamaica decal in one go, I'd probably cut it into the different colours and applied them separately or painted it all, so well done! I used to have quite a few Loveliners but I always felt frustrated by the chunky undercarriage and sold them or gave them away. 1/144 for me! Cheers, Ian
  11. Hi Alex, Nice one! I agree with Chris you've really improved this old kit with your work around the nose as this was one of the weakest areas of the old Revell kit. What's next out of your hanger? Cheers, Ian
  12. Another for our Antipodean Modellers! Once again this is one which has been sitting around for a while and I've finally got around to finishing it. This is the second time it was painted I wasn't happy with the finish first time round so removed the paint and it sat there for probably a year before I picked it up again. It's converted from the -300 by shortening the fuselage, removing the extended wing tips and swapping the engines with the excellent Bra.Z RR Trent 800s. There is also a tiny part removed from the main landing gear but I can't remember which part! The tail bumper is also removed. It's a very easy conversion and personally I prefer the look of the -200 to the -300 which I find too lanky so will be doing more in the future. I was originally going to use the PAS decal but wasn't convinced the white would be opaque enough so used the F-DCAL silk screen decal instead which I was very pleased with. Flight deck and cabin windows are from Authentic Airliners. Paint is Halfords Appliance White and Gloss Black straight from the can with the Boeing Grey areas airbrushed with Mr Color 315. I used the Metallic Details brass etch set which was very crisp and well detailed, I was particularly pleased with the landing gear details and feel this does enhance the look of the model. In the future I think I would just drill small holes for the pitots etc rather than use their method of attaching these small pieces to a tiny base then sticking this to the model. It makes for easier attaching but I think it looks clunky. Here's some pics. Although it's just black and white I think this livery is so classy, it's one of my favourite current liveries. Hope you like it too! Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ian
  13. Welcome back Alex, gorgeous model! Nice to see a bit of extra detail on the landing gear. I've got a couple of these in the stash one of which I've started but not got very far with and seeing this makes me want to get on with it. Trouble is, as you say, it's just so big!I Cheers, Ian
  14. Turbofan

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    You'll be fine! And if it all goes wrong or you're not happy with the finish I can recommend this stuff https://www.diy.com/departments/home-strip-paint-stripper-500ml/254572_BQ.prd It's brilliant, and I've had to use it quite a few times! Cheers, Ian
  15. That's a very cute little model Terry. Are the props white metal or brass etched? They're very thin! I agree about the cockpit, I'm no expert on the Jetstream but would it be that the angle is a little too low? Looking forward to your DC3s. Cheers, Ian