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  1. Turbofan

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    Hi Dennis, I agree it is a subtle crease which is invisible with many liveries. Which airline are you planning for this one? Can I direct you to a recently finished 727 here on Britmodeller which includes some tips on creating a more accurate model. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235042005-boeing-727-iberia-1144-airfix-with-26decals/&tab=comments#comment-3107588 John frequently posts here and is a master at improving old and inaccurate kits. Cheers, Ian
  2. Turbofan

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    Hi Dennis, Yes I see what you mean re the 707 history webpage. I'm not very familiar with the Model 367 maybe it did have a very pronounced lobe crease much like the B377 Stratocruiser in your other link, which was smoothed out but it is still there. Your linked pictures certainly highlight how subtle it is! There are some pics on this page where it is a little more obvious. http://www.aircraft-pics.com/page11.html Cheers, Ian
  3. Brilliant Martijn! Another winner, superb subtle weathering as usual and I love your new bases. Too bad about the wrong primer for the red, I find with red and yellow especially it's essential to use white primer. Never mind, it's another lesson learned! It doesn't detract anything from your model, you just have to think the weather was a very dull that day!! How did the 8a decs coroguard perform? Are they designed for the Zvezda kit? I noticed Hannants have a couple of Flevo decals available at a very good price at the moment. The Dutchbird and Martinair A320 sheets. https://www.hannants.co.uk/specials?search_direction=asc&scale_id=957 Looking forward to your Li-2! Cheers, Ian
  4. Turbofan

    Airfix 1/144 727 Fuselage Crease

    Hi Dennis, I don't know where you got the idea Boeing did away with the lobe crease after the Model 367. It is present in all 707, 727, 737 and 757 aircraft. Please see this thread on airlinercafe in particular post 69765. https://www.airlinercafe.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=10631 which is primarily about the 737 but does mention the lobe crease on all Boeing narrowbodies. I think the lobe crease on the Airfix 727 may be rather heavily done but it is definitely there on the real aircraft. Cheers, Ian
  5. Looking good John! That BA 787 is looking particularly sharp. Interesting to hear you've had problems with the MD11, you aren't alone a number of others have reported similar issues, mine went together very well though, bizarrely! Looking forward to more new airliners in RFI. Cheers, Ian
  6. Hi Jeff, Yes, he's told me he'll have a 1E at Telford too. Cheers, Ian
  7. Hi Neil, You missed a bit! I reckon you've still got time for a Blenheim before Telford. Seriously though, this is really looking good now, looking forward to seeing it on Saturday! One quick question, do you spray or brush your Kleer coat? Cheers, Ian
  8. This is amazing, your attention to detail is second to none! I love the interior and just hope it's still visible behind the curtains. All airliners should have curtains! Awesome modelling, thanks for showing us. Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi Phil, Yes my windows arrived the other day too and that's basically all that needs to be applied now. Most of the rest of the livery is done. I don't have any panel lines to work to when aligning the windows so that'll be tricky especially as it's such a long fuselage. Then it's just final assembly of the undercarriage and engines and a few little details. Like you I've painted my coroguard/wing walkway area however the references for mine show it much darker so I've gone with my custom mix of Humbrol gloss 191 with a drop of gun metal, still got to sort out the thin black lines though. I also need to add in that awkward extended area because I completely missed it off! Don't feel too bad about your paint problems, I've had a very similar issue with this model and had to strip it all off and start again earlier on. The paint seemed to craze as it dried. I think I tried to lay too much paint on in one go before the layer below was dry. You seem to have recovered from your latest setback well! Just looking at your pics I've realised I forgot the small Satcom antennae on the forward fuselage so I'll have to build one of those too, is yours scratch built? I wish I could get motivated to finish this one as it's been hanging around for so long but I keep losing interest, you'll probably still beat me! Cheers, Ian
  10. Hi Alex, This one's great too! You certainly have had a busy summer and must have caught up with all your part-time now, I wish I could clear my bench! Looking forward to what's next! Cheers, Ian
  11. Hi Alex, That's a beautiful finish you've achieved again! As others have mentioned it really is a classic livery and suits any airliner of the period. I, too, have revisited my childhood models and built them properly this time! It's a great exercise in bringing back loads of memories! Cheers, Ian
  12. Hi Alex, Great to see this hybrid combo, in my opinion these were the two best Concorde liveries, the BA and Singapore I mean (don't like the Pepsi gimmick one) nice model of it though Alex! Cheers, Ian
  13. Hi Alex, Wow these two are really sharp, I love 'em! The kit certainly looks accurate, how well do they build? Like Neil(woody37) I've got the F-RSIN kit, in fact, I think it is Neil's which I bought from him off eBay many years ago! and I've never built it either! I should add one to my fleet as it's a beautiful looking airliner. I don't remember Coronados much either but I'm sure I've seen Spantax ones at Gatwick back around 1980. Cheers, Ian
  14. Hi Alex, That's a beautiful nmf you've achieved! How did you find the Vintage Flyer decals, I like the curtains! Pity about the prop blades, have you thought about using these? http://www.propblur.com/store/c1/PropBlur.comMain So are you going to build the other kit or keep it as an investment? Cheers, Ian