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  1. I will be putting my 1/32 scale build of the Me262 on hold for the moment, as I am starting a new job on Tuesday, after 40 years in the construction industry the last 25 as a manager, I have decided on a total career change and will start training as a London Bus Driver I will need all of the time I have to learning new skills, so I have decided to switch to a 1/48 Hobby Boss Me 262 so I will be able to get one completed for the GB Depending how things go I will still work on the 1/32 Me 262 but will not have that pressure to get it finished for August, and if I do get it comp
  2. Well count me in with the 1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-2a, I was looking a round the net to see what I could build for the GB and found this I think the small photo is the same aircraft, if it is not the same aircraft its very close to it and gives me some thing to work to So on to the box and sprue shots I have ordered Montex paint masks for the insignia, print shop decals for the WkNr, not sure if I will use Alclad or AK Extreme Metal for the NMF For the base I have a picture frame
  3. Italeri 1/32 F-104G finished as one from the HAF Overall I enjoyed the build on this kit fit of the kit was good but did require a lot of thinking ahead Decals from Icarus Paint Gunze Aqueous Base from Allwood Products with a Costal Kit printed base glued on
  4. Calling this one done Overall I did enjoy the build The kit is not without its issues but there again what kit is perfect With some thinking ahead most of the problems can be either fixed or avoided
  5. Hi thanks for your input I was aware of this but thought I would show an aircraft with a replacement panel taken from one of the German F-104 the HAF had and has not been painted yet to match the reset of the aircraft. I have also painted one of the wing tip fuel tanks in the German grey camouflage with the orange panel for a bit of added interest Looking forward to seeing some of your work on here
  6. Hi James, I used Gunze Aqueous thinned with Mr Color Leveller
  7. I have been working to get this one completed As you can see all of the painting is now complete and the decals have been started With a bit of luck and if I work into the small hours I should have it completed tomorrow
  8. These are the photos I have been trying to post for the update above, Flicker has decided to stop working so switched hosting sites Hopefully these photos show what I was describing above This is not really a bad kit it just takes a lot of forward thinking to get the best out of it
  9. OK the last update before I prime and start the painting I have found so far with this build its not the easiest kit to build and a lot of care and test fitting is required to get the parts to fit What I was finding is you needed to think 5 or 6 steps ahead of yourself Example 1, fitting the cockpit I found the left hand side of the fuselage was bowing out, so when it cam to fitting the canopy's and the electronic bay covers the fit was bad, solution fit a plastic card base for the electronic bays behind the cockpit to sit on and glue this to the fuselage i
  10. Time for another update All of the seams have been rubbed down, and checked with black primer The tail section has been fitted, I decided not to fit the engine section until after the painting as it will make this so much easier I know the instruction say to fit it before fitting the tail section but you can still glue it into place afterwards The wings have been fitted, did notice the right wing fitted better the left one which was loose, plastic card shims took care of that The nose has been fitted and lead shot installed to weight
  11. That NMF work is nice, this is the first time I have seen the Vallejo metallic paint being used, might have to look at giving them a go
  12. Well going to call this update ROUND 2 of the build The cockpit tub and instrument panel is the kit with just some added knobs from plastic card on the right hand side Airscale decals used for the instruments The seat was salvaged from the Aries pit with RBF tag added plus some additional bits from the Eduard photo etch set for the seat belts The seat framework is from the Eduard seat The electronics bay behind the seat is from the kit with again Airscale placards added, still got to add wiring to this area Cockpit and bay fitted, fuselage joined, joints s
  13. Hi Greg, and I thought it was just me going a bit OTT with the Dremel I agree it is very tight fit and I had the same problem the pit sides and bottom you could see light through them and the fuselage sides were not that much better as I found out
  14. Well I have had a bit of a set back on this one, when fitting the cockpit I went a bit too far with the Dremel and went right through the side of the fuselage This was Saturday morning, so I went on line, ordered another kit and received it an hour ago curtsey of DPD This time no resin cockpit but can still use the seat, so lets start again
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