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  1. That turned out really nicely and the ground crew really adds to it. Kudos!
  2. Paint and decals are coming along now. I finished the canvas areas in semi-gloss and left the wood areas gloss. The PC-10 still looks a bit shiny to me so it may yet get a coat of clear matt. I also decided to go with a BSG painted finish on the cowling rather than aluminium as I reckoned that seemed more in keeping with the photos I've seen. I've painted up the next batch of small parts that'll be needed and the plan is to complete as much detailing and pre-rigging as possible before fitting the top wing. Undercarriage and prop will be fitted last to minimise the chances of accidental damage.
  3. I'm curious as to how the transition point between brown and green is going to look with what is basically a translucent top coat. Looking forward to seeing it with the green added but so far it looks great!
  4. Howlindawg

    WNW Albatros D.V

    Maybe they just had fewer of those decals sets available and there won't be enough to feed all their retailers? There's definitely some very striking liveries in that particular boxing.
  5. Howlindawg

    WNW Albatros D.V

    Looks like boxings with their add on decal sheets. There's a couple there that I've wanted to build so this is one happy bunny about this offering.
  6. That pilot is going to need some 1/72 flies in his teeth!
  7. My first kit was an Airfix Skyhawk in a bag. I still have a soft spot for them so will keep tabs with your build!
  8. I'll be all over that one when it's released. It's not like building a replica of his kite is an homage to the man. I'm not sure about the snipe.... but probably will knowing me.
  9. My initial thought was that you could split the centre lower wing section, add some holes and pinsfor strength, and slide them into the slots to re-join internally. But upon inspection of the part there's really not a lot of meat there to effect a strong pinned joint. Could you replace the parts that go through the fuselage entirely with brass tube?
  10. I was referring to the 1/72 Roden (which arrived today) and the PART PE set. Some of the PE set looks really useful but I'd probably only use half of it.
  11. I'd say this is a fair statement of intent for my winter nights! The kit is also on the way and I'm still pondering the PE kit.
  12. The 1/72 Eduards build up really nicely. I've a few in the stash to see me through the winter nights. You probably don't need structural rigging, EZ line would do, but seeing as how you've already started drilling I'm guessing you're after the practice? Good luck with the build!
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