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  1. It's been a while but I finally managed to set aside some time for the Camel. Trial fitting the lower wings required lots of careful paint removal and fettling to get all the parts cleaned and aligned just right. I elected to glue them prior to painting to avoid any future issues with fit. I may regret the decision when it comes to masking the wood and alu finishes but think it's preferable to risking damaging the finish during assembly. 2018-12-30 16.37.51 by Martin Fay, on Flickr Primer tomorrow? Time will tell!
  2. Is this so that the cowl can be separated and removed to display the full engine?
  3. Edited: Just spotted the pre-order notice in the vendor area. Missed the R.E.8 the first time around.
  4. I admire both your attention to detail and your dexterity. Those calipers look better than the 1:1 versions!
  5. I had assumed it was a joke. I'll remain skeptical until it appears on the WNW official website.
  6. Judging purely from the results it was well worth the effort. Somehow I don't think 0.1mm PE would have looked as good in that application.
  7. Don't be silly. A Gotha engine would look ridiculous in this chassis!
  8. That's a lovely piece of work, I can almost smell the Castrol-R. I had it's little brother way back when; a KH-250. Great engine, awkward triple points ignition and a frame made of noodles with a hinge in the middle. Sounded lovely though.
  9. Well I wasn't expecting that when I started reading. Great fun, well done.
  10. Right, this should give me enough space to add the wings. 2018-08-12 16.27.53 by Martin Fay, on Flickr One last shot before the engine plate and cockpit decking go on. I love being able to zoom in on these to see the detail. 2018-08-12 16.31.57 by Martin Fay, on Flickr
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