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  1. They are both absolute treats stew, flawless paint work! Really impressive free hand work as well! Rob
  2. Ahhhhh nuts, maybe I should pull the Malta based vb’s I stared last year so they are under the 25% rule.... it would be nice to squeeze something in if I can but will really need to see
  3. Enjoy the book club beer! having used revell paints I would say just cut them with water... or just don’t use them, I’m not a fan, they are just way too think and don’t level very well. In my opinion that is, other my vary. Rob
  4. rob85

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Had one of these flying low over Hereford yesterday, which I thought was a bit odd.
  5. rob85

    B-25 STGB Chat

    I would love to see you build the revell one, it may not be RAF but it will definitely look cool! Rob p.s. Looks like you got it for a bargain as well!
  6. rob85

    Operarion Torch Martlet IV

    Yeah I’ve been rather busy of late so just been lurking, watching all of you in a non-sinister way. I have a new flat with space for modelling in just need to finish setting it all up, e.g. move the stash in correctly so the girlfriend doesn’t realise the extent of my problem . Once im set up I will probably build a few little mojo starters before getting back to/starting any WIP’s Still it’s good to see all of you guys going strong! Rob
  7. rob85

    Operarion Torch Martlet IV

    That’s a funny looking spitfire Simon... looking good so far, I found mine a bit tricky as I wasn’t careful enough with the line up/ paint! Rob
  8. I had the same issue with mine stew, so just posed it open. love this kit and would really like to make some more! your doing your usual job of some very neat fine work, looking forward to the rest of it mate. Rob
  9. rob85

    "Sandbar Mitchell" - Tanker 8Z

    Looks like a great project! Interested in seeing how it turns out Rob
  10. Lovely work, really like how the colour has turned out. Rob
  11. Well saved! She’s a stunner. Rob
  12. rob85

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Gosh Tony that’s dam impressive work! It looks amazing Rob
  13. I think doors open is a must, no pressure or anything but you would be letting yourself down if you didn’t... but like I said no pressure Rob
  14. The Nissan Cedric is a fine automobile, I would recommend the 3L v6 estate.... lots of power for a big car, and a very comfy drive.handsome in a classic way... hinde is looking good! Rob
  15. That is some fantastic and very clever detailing, they look amazing. Rob