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  1. Thanks for taking part, your build was different and brilliantly finished! I hear what you say about the canopy but I think you have made the right decision not to add the Krystal Klear as it could destroy all your other lovely, tiny work. Rob
  2. I really like the look of the french Corsairs, great choice Col. would be great to see it as depicted in the picture but can completely understand you not wanting the hassle of all that. Rob
  3. That must have been a very small brush you used, that cockpit looks fantastic! good shout on the turtle deck, I can’t remember if the tamiya has a single clear part for the canopy or weather it’s separate, is the deck possibly narrower to accommodate the hood back? I’ll have to check my kit. Rob
  4. Yeah, or check a well known auction site for royal & langnickel brush sets, they are more consistent from what I’ve found, as in the hairs are all the same length, flat and stay in the brush and rather affordable. Rob
  5. That’s a lot of horsepower on show! Nice work so far! And that Chrysler looks very cool. Rob
  6. I was always surprised by the size of the Cat, it’s wings especially! may I recommend something? As I know you like tools, you may want to bin that brush and get a nice new Golden taklon brush, maybe a bit wider than the one you have. Also water works really nicely as a thinner and dries rather smooth.... just my thoughts, take them or leave them completely up to your good self. I hate over painting white, you have got good coverage as white always shines through! That EDSG has covered very nicely! that fuselage and framing is some of your best work! Rob
  7. True.... and I’m not surprised your vote have gone for a NZ option. I’m thinking along the same lines, but feel bad that I don’t have the FAA represented with a Corsair in my collection... that said I have more blue paint than I do EDSG etc so that could be a deciding factor! Rob
  8. Looking brilliant, love all the ordnance you have done, really detailed. Rob
  9. Looks to be getting close to the finish line! Really nice work on those decals! Rob
  10. Gosh that paint work looks smooth! Rob
  11. Cheers Cookie, that’s why I want to build them together to be honest, understand the difference! Looking at the kits in the box the tamiya kit looks to be in front. You know I love a multi build! I share your thoughts from looking at the revell kit, and I’m glad you liked the academy kit! Well that’s the hope! We shall see if they get finished, I did try and start the same three models for the Radials GB and I think I managed painting one part. Rob
  12. So with a slight concern about over stretching myself I will be doing 3 corsairs for this GB. I have two American bombers on the go at the moment, the B-24 is closed up and pretty much painted and the B-17 is started, so will probably get onto this once I’ve closed up the B-17 but we will see. But any how, the aircraft in question! I had always planned on 3 NZ aircraft but I have had a change of heart. The options I’m pondering are below, but first off the kits! three fairly well thought of kits and all appear pretty well detailed, the last Corsair I built was the old Hase kit so these should be a bit better. the decals. like a number of others I’ll be cutting up this sheet and I’m thinking of the below options. this is a definite as I want a classic American Corsair, just like ‘skipper’ from planes my boy says, so he’s in. Next in is this little classic, I know it’s going to be done a lot but I really like the scheme. and then it’s the decider between the two, I might change my mind again! so we shall see! comments and suggestions very much welcome! cheers all. Rob
  13. This will be great! I remember your other Corsair which was a treat! I’ll be joining you at some point with some NZ corsair’s I was looking at three but might just do two as I don’t have any American corsairs built and I appear to be in an American binge, what with the B-25, B-17 and B-24! good luck buddy! Rob
  14. Great build so far, I have a few of the eduard spits, cunning plan to get the single resin cowl! Rob
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