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  1. I would be over the moon at that as a first go, but I know what you mean when you know you can improve it. Good luck with the work Rob
  2. rob85

    P-61 nocturnal nemesis

    Yes that is helpful! Though if it does have the upper gun pack then not so helpful from a building an accurate kit, as mine doesn’t have the gun pack.... now I’m a little bit more confused as the hobby boss boxing has ‘skippy’ on one side of the AC and ‘nocturnal nemesis’ on the other, but they were two different AC’s? i might just look again at after market options with better research Rob
  3. Hi all, I have the hobby boss p-61 A kit which has the options of ‘junkin Judy’ and ‘nocturnal nemesis’. I would like to build the latter, as the total would suggest. I can’t find much on the aircraft and what I have found points towards a p-61 B with the upper gun pack/turret, which isn’t how the kit instructions would have it. Am I wrong? Is hobby boss right? Also what role did it play and what kind of armament did it fly with? The kit has the option of bombs, rockets and drop tanks. any further info would be nice to hear Rob
  4. Who really needs more kits? But it reassuring to know that you will never run out.... in this life or the next in some cases! Did I really NEED another Eduard spitfire, or the bargain b-26 marauder? No! Did I need to then buy another liberator off eBay when I got back as I was annoyed I didn’t just get a mortgage out for the Eduard boxing? No! (It was w good price but was the minicraft boxing of strawberry B.I.T.I.C.H) but where’s the point in a hobby of you can’t spend the money you don’t have on it? nice to meet you as well, always good to put faces to names! And your right about the badges. the engines look great, some very nice work on a tricky model and scheme. Rob
  5. rob85

    Telford 2019

    It was a pleasure to meet you! And all of the above. I would have liked to hang around longer but had to get back to the kids. it was a good show, managed to pick up a few kits and have a nice chat with some lovely people! cheers to @CedB for a good few introductions! And to @Navy Bird @HP42 (I’m hoping I got that correct!) for the chat and coffee! Great to finally meet @Cookenbacher @Procopius and @Stew Dapple and put a lot of faces to names! @perdu hope your on the mend, and nice to see you again, as well as @Tomoshenko! Sorry if I’ve missed anyone! must come again next year Rob
  6. Really like that scheme! Really nice work. Rob
  7. Nice pic’s Ced! And looks like you guys had a great tour round the museum. I really enjoyed the midland air museum, loads of stuff to look through, I sat in the meteor cockpit I think! Did they have the book sale on?? did you get to have a look at the aircraft graveyard/workshop at the back? I would love to have a good look round there! see you soon! Rob
  8. Who said they didn’t have a sense of humour
  9. Sounds like a great day! A good delivery location. I remember that gate guard, probably hasn’t been painted since the cadet camp I had there in 95, from what a recall she didn’t look perfect then either Rob
  10. rob85

    Bf-109 STGB

    Yep! Pop me down I have two kits that will only get built in a GB Rob
  11. I’m genuinely shock at in the navy, which as I proposed the GB I probably shouldn’t admit! looks like I will have to dust off my airfix HMS Belfast... gutted North America Aviation, Yanks Abroad and Stranger in Town have dropped. Still a really good range of GB’s currently in the top spots.
  12. So clarity on the rules.... the group build is for any subject that has been used or falls under the command of a real life navy (no fictional navy sorry). It can be anything, people, plane, ships, boats, bicycle (I don’t know, they probably had them) tanks (I’ve found out!) helicopters, landing craft, subs etc as long as you can prove it actually existed and was used by or under the direct command of a real navy anywhere in time! The exception will be if the subject is not part of the navy but can be proved to have existed and worked for or on navy vessels e.g. ship launch aircraft. In these cases please discuss the ideas so we know it qualifies. hope this makes sense and everyone is happy with the outline. Please let me know your thoughts. Rob
  13. I see you have had your answer! That is indeed the badger! Basically it’s ANYTHING that was/is under the command of a (none fictional) navy. It needs to have been realised e.g not just on the drawing board, but actually used by a navy. Hope that makes sense Rob
  14. I wanted to get to Ian Allen before it closed but didn’t get chance, it’s a shame so many close, my home town has pretty much nothing now! Fortunately there’s a good shop where I work. I always try and visit a shop if I’m in a different city but inevitably there either isn’t one or I get there and it’s stopped trading. Rob
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