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  1. Where abouts in Malta is that? Aviation Museum? builds looking good hendie, should be fun! Rob
  2. She is stunning, in a big nosed kind of way! Amazing skill on show, and it is apparent in the results. my vote is for the hurricane.... if it’s a vote..... ah just read the other posts, oh well still a great choice Rob
  3. Nice link mike, some really good subject and very interesting pictures! thanks Rob
  4. I’ve been wondering myself what this kit was like, nice to se it’s a Hasegawa reprop! looking forward to what you do with it! Rob
  5. Good choice, it’s horrible... I’m currently trying this and is obviously why airfix have announced this new tool... no no everyone no need to thank my the sacrifice was worth it... buy the new 5 seafire boxing, you get two mk Vc’s and some seafires!! me too.... its good to point out errors, and some changes do get made before release, we’re all passionate about these aircraft and want it to be perfect. It’s a good thing! Rob
  6. Excellent work Dennis, you really pulled it out the bag! Rob
  7. Nice recovery with the pebble dash, I used their flow improver with tamiya paints and is stopped them setting, as in they didn’t dry even after a month! looks a nice kit, keep up the great work Rob
  8. I would but their GB form is worse than mine! I still have boat planes they are supposed to be finishing from the first GB and the spitfires you sent!! I’m planning on doing some work with them this weekend so we will see! Rob
  9. Merlin engined beau! Very nice, are you going to have the cherry on the top of that cake? By that I mean a 4 gun turret! all great options. Fantastic popular (and deservingly so) choices. welcome along both. thats 29 now... just one more! Rob
  10. I flipping love this, weather it’s accurate or the weathering is correct I don’t know. All I know is it looks excellent and you’ve shown some real skill with your work! I do love a malta spitfire Rob
  11. Cheers Cookie, that’s very much appreciated! hopefully I’ll get some time in the next week to finish off the paint work ready for decals scary stuff! by the time this is finished it will probably but time for the ‘in the Navy’ GB where I’m planning on building HMS Belfast! I never know the paint scheme was so complicated, I thought it was just grey! But will probably build something small along side it. Rob
  12. That’s some great masking Ced, I would be chuffed with that result. Rob
  13. Consider yourself counted!
  14. Yep its down as being used by FAA! Happy to have it along! Of course! That looks an interesting subject, nice choice Rob
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