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  1. Your making this look very easy stew! Looks fantastic so far mate. Rob
  2. I’ll need to invest in a better set and improve my skill with a pin vice I feel. Rob
  3. Possibly my poor work. I bought the bits as a full set brand new, it’s the only one I’ve used. Do you use a small drill to do yours or are they by hand with a pin vice? cheers Chris, to be fair it was getting easier as I went along so maybe, one day. Rob
  4. Right where was I? I’ve done some work on these over the last few weeks but haven’t uploaded photos etc so there might be a fair few, just to let you know. I started with drilling lots of holes on the gladiator, I probably won’t do this method again in this scale. I used a 0.3 drill bit and a hand drill, the holes are really oversized and will need sorting out once I’m done. then I cracked on with a bit of painting of grey, about 50 shades I’d say... then had a little weeks or so’s break and started getting wings on! But first whic
  5. Just catching up now G. That paint work and weathering is flipping mouth watering, it’s looking perfect. Rob
  6. I like the wood effect Ced, it’s come together nicely. And as @bbudde said the floor looks more tarnished than the desk, which is good. Rob
  7. I’m late to the shindig Crisp, good to hear you are mending not good to hear you had a heart attack! That’s terrible news. this is already looking great! I do like a P-38 and this kit looks outstanding, so in your hand will be a cracker. hopefully my B-17F will touch down any day now, very much looking forward to getting started! I’ve also said I’ll give Jim my resent B-17G ‘Mah Ideel’ as it was part of the mighty 8th. Rob
  8. Ced that floor is looking nice, and sorry to hear you have bumped into the same issues I ended up with re scheme. Below is the picture you linked to. ‘Sleepy time gal’ is at the front of the formation VE-O this is how she is shown on the decal sheet. It’s shown with the more rounded Cheyenne turret.... but on closer inspection of the above picture..... it doesn’t have that! Now weather the decal manufacturers know something we don’t is another thing, but I couldn’t find a picture of it with a new shiny Cheyenne. One thing I will say is if you look at the tail number and lett
  9. Nice Ced! I really wanted to build ‘sleepy time gal’ but went with ‘mah ideal’ as the airfix kit only supply’s the later rear gun (I mean it’s moulded and added separately they could have just thrown in the early turret!). I’m not familiar with the revell kit? Does it have the correct rear gunner? the transfers have it shown wrong by the way that’s what got me. really looking forward to you building these! Rob
  10. Looking forward to big beasts getting built! this looks fantastic, a really nice finish, and that rotor head looks the business. Rob
  11. Loving the detail that wash has brought out and that’s some very cunning work on that rotor head. Looking very nice indeed Ced. Rob
  12. This is really coming along stew, and looks cracking. I’ve just drilled the holes for the rigging on my 1/72 kit rigging, think they are oversized. I’ll watch how you tackle yours and see if I can scale it down! rob
  13. Just catching up, the detail in this is fantastic! Really impressive Rob
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