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  1. Ah glad he’s enjoying it! I loved it there, literally put myself forward for everything and got to do so much! Do they still get to go shooting at the boys college? Vividly remember the look of horror on a pilot offices face when we took 5 little un’s over to go for their first time on the range. Cracked open the guns to find .22 martinis with no safety(not a friendly rifle for kids that have never used them before!) as opposed to what he was expecting, what he was expecting which was the no.8 rifle (much safer!) He just handed me one and said find out how to use it then show them, and Waltzed off to find a coffee. I imagine they are not so relaxed nowadays! beer is always good! But time is a premium! I will give you a shout if there is some free time Rob
  2. Look at her! Hope she has a lovely time convalescing, and doesn’t jump around too much Rob
  3. Love that image, every bit of the reflection is well thought out Rob
  4. Good to see you went for that relaxing mojo restorer... its a jet, and a big tornado @giemme must be over the moon. I joke, the tornado is and icon and in 70th dambusters livery, what’s not to like! i’ll tag along if allowed Rob
  5. Now this looks a fun watch, very much looking forward to how this turns out Rob
  6. Iain, the paint work on that prop is shockingly smooth! So Matt as well, really nice work. I’m pretty sure your right about the prop, metal, definitely got grubby, but I’ve never seen one with any real chipping. I would say you might want to lighten the black at points where the airflow would have been highest, and maybe give them some dirt with pastels... not something I would think about in 1/72, but obviously with this colossus you have a bit more scope for weathering detail to bring it to life a bit more. excellent work Rob
  7. Saw the nimrod managed to sneak in at the end. By the looks I would be over the moon with the whole lot Ced!! Rob
  8. Looking forward to seeing this go together! Thanks for doing a WIP Rob
  9. Gosh Ced it looks like I missed some builds in my absence! Nice work. the lightning looks brilliant! Great work as ever Rob
  10. Same here, much easier and I can use my phone copying the link from the app which I never figured out with the other two. the transfers look excellent! They have settled down perfectly Rob
  11. It would have been a great feature for a crazy golf course. it being Malvern a letter would not have surprised me as that would be pretty hacked off with the Luftwaffe holting play, quite the inconvenience Rob
  12. Nick! Hi hows he finding 1017? I loved it there. Wow, I never new any of this! Talking of JU88’s I never finished the one I got off you, maybe I can find out which one crashed on the good course and finish it as that.... good to here from from you and glad you like them so far Rob
  13. Thank you both, glad you like it. Ive now rubbed all the brown off the clipped wing Vb as it just wasn’t good enough to me. Need to buy a new pot, probably go with some Tamiya as that appears to work best for me. Rob
  14. That’s a great finish, and some fantastic results with the markings you have painted. Brilliant work Rob
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