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  1. Nice work on the rings, the whole build is looking great and your paint work is really on point. your very close to having this in the gallery! Rob
  2. This is a very cool project Tony, fascinating research into it to boot. Also you have had your weatabix as usual and are cracking on a pace! Rob
  3. That is a very fine shade of blue you have there, I will have to remember it as I have far too many Malta aircraft to build. glad you getting an empty house for 10 days, that’s what dreams are made of. Rob
  4. Great added details as ever Bill, it’s really coming along. Ever the more impressive with everything you have on health wise! Wish you a continued good recovery, recovering for these big issues is on par with your modelling so I have every faith you will nail this one two. Christ knows how you do it (modelling and putting up with the pain) hat is well a truly off to you. Rob
  5. Again many thanks, means a lot! still working on the interior… some ribbing and fettling. bit wonky and needs trimming but it’s a start! And it’s just for some detail not supposed to be accurate. As it’s over sized. some resin sanding to get this sitting flatter. unfortunately that’s it… this week has been a nightmare, I’ve been having to sort out a lot at work, sub station that feeds my store electricity was on fire and has been cutting out for the last two days which has been cutting the power the everyone. I’ve been trying to keep 23,000 sq ft of fridges cold without electricity is not fun! any how enjoy the weather! Rob
  6. min case you needed any Bristol motivation, here’s some beaufighter’s…. Just stunning, both in its colourisation and just as an image. Take a moment to imagine yourself watching this separated from it by some plastic….wow. it’s not mine it’s rarity colour and will remove if needed, was taken from a public post on Facebook. cheers all
  7. Hello Ced! that’s one hell of an update! Sounds like life has been busy but pretty fruitful. Which is good to hear. hope your enjoying the lovely weather! none of this ‘it’s far too hot’ from you lot, it’s only 30, spare a thought for the chaps in Africa in 1942… they hat heat and Panzers to deal with! I jest, It is flipping hot, but still good. looking forward to more update either build or life related. Rob
  8. This is shaping up beautifully adrian! Very nice additions as I’ve come to expect for you, careful you don’t Make a name for yourself. Rob
  9. That looks really smooth paint work. Love it’s little launch pad… can you tell I’m a middle expert? Rob
  10. Love the detail on those little wicker seats. This tiny gem is really taking shape Ian, great work. Rob
  11. Are those instructions from the original aircraft!? Great choice, will look forward to seeing you work you magic Rob
  12. That’s a beautiful result on that silver finish and weathering. Rob
  13. This is looking good, the ribbing on the internals definitely puts my wonky work to shame on my B17. Really bringing this flat plastic to life. Rob
  14. That’s looking something special, really like the variation you got on the green! It’s a nice shade too. Rob
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