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  1. That’s some cracking work Ozzy! Love the weathering, you have really brought this to life. Rob
  2. Just trying to catch up Ced, there are looking great with their decals on! I do love a trio build. Rob
  3. Far too kind, but thank you Again too kind but thank you. I do love seeing them in different marking but as I didn’t have a classic American Corsair it had to be done. That’s 4 corsairs in the cabinet now. Cheers all Rob
  4. Great choice Adrian, looking forward to what you can achieve with this. Rob
  5. To be fair, I’ve used HU89 as an option for azure blue (probably closer than anything I e tried to mix) and it’s turned out ok, I have an old enamel tin. Still a better call out than their new Azure blue. very much looking forward to this coming out, should be a fun little kit. Also have the Beaufort on pre order. Rob
  6. Cheers Greg! that must be great to have such a link to an aircraft and it’s history, I hope he was ok?! consider these dedicated to his service and all that served on them! The Pacific theatre is all too often overlooked. thanks, glad you like them! Rob
  7. I have no doubt you will... pop me straight on the list will you, I don’t have one in EDSG/SG!
  8. Very kind of you Cookie Glad to inspire someone to look into Corsair’s and they are very much worth it! Great aircraft and they come in all the colours you want.... but mainly blue... Rob
  9. This looks cool, also like the fact it comes with ‘servants’ I thought luxury’s were only saved for officers in the WW2 Italian army! Rob
  10. Glad this has resulted in a worthwhile purchase! thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! And 100% agree the shine needs reducing on the USMC and ‘cut and shut’ Kiwi. I think my issue was using gloss paint and the a good few cotes of aqua gloss. They have had 4 cotes of N&W matte varnish would you believe, but that shine doesn’t want to go! I did think about a spray can varnish so as not to destroy the water based pastels, but have had pretty poor results with sprays! Maybe I need an airbrush Cheers Giemme, glad you enjoyed it! yeah your right a marble table cloth with thin tissue paper isn’t quite cutting it! I will get down to Hobbycraft. That is true looking at reference pictures they do look very well used! Cheers for the comments Rob
  11. All finished and RFI above. cheers for a great GB Rob
  12. I’m gutted they missed the gallery, I could have rushed them but they had given me trouble due to rushing before so thought I would try and finish to the best standard I could. Thanks for the support! Cheers, glad you like them Cheers mate, and thanks for the support through the build and to both you and @Corsairfoxfouruncle for having such a great GB. Rob
  13. Hi all, So these were started for the Corsair GB, I didn’t get them finished before it ended which was very frustrating. But life got in the way, as I’m sure it has been for most of you at the moment , it’s been a bit confusing what with the pandemic! I was furloughed so plenty of work was done on these and my two heavy bombers. I was then called back in to work at short notice, after 1 day I was put up for redundancy, then there was a full re structure, I wasn’t made redundant but another manager was and then the kids went back to school which has its own challenges. Work has been pretty intense but I have a job so I’m happy! I managed to get a few days off so got these three finished, they are not perfect, I had issues with spray paint in the build and the weathering hasn’t turned out how I would have liked. But I’ve learnt a lot, especially about mixing paints and mixing enough so you don’t end up with big differences (see canopy frames for more details!) but also just how to make the colours I’m looking for. Anyway, the GB was excellent and a big thank you to @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @modelling minion for hosting it! if you want to see the build thread it’s below on to the pictures! RNZAF Guadalcanal 1944 1/72 Revell (not a great kit, over engineered but the one piece upper cowl is good) brush painted with tamiya (colours mixed by me) white from a spray can. weathering with pastels and tamiya weather pallet. RNZAF ‘Kathleen’, Iwakuni, Japan 1946. tamiya 1/72 (best kit out the three, not without its little issue, but overall it’s a great build) brush painted same as above and weathering the same, think I went too far with the fading which was inspired by pictures of these aircraft. Centre line tank and rocket stubs added as per reference shots. finally USMC, K99 1944 academy 1/72 (an ok kit, short on detail but and easy build, engine is pants though) again brush painted with tamiya mixed by myself and then weathered with pastels and tamiya pallet. Wheels a bit wonky and then a family photo comments and criticism welcome, thanks for looking. Rob
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