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  1. Hi IJNfan. Thank you for your comments. Interesting point! Hi Stef. That’s very kind of you to say! Thank you. Hi Vytautas. Thank you for your comments. You are a star!! Thank you for mentioning the shine on the edges. Definitely not too late. When I realised - once I’d got home and had tea…..out came the Humbrol Gunmetal acrylic paint and a fine brush and this is the result: I had to take the photos under electric light but hopefully you can see the result? Thank you again for mentioning this. Thank you LM. Kind regards, Stix
  2. Hi all. Thank you very much for all your comments. I'm sorry I haven't been updating this very often but general day to day stuff is still getting in the way a lot. Last weekend I did manage to get a bit more done. First job was finishing off a bit more weathering on the lower hull sides......before hiding it all away for good! Then I added some subtle base weathering to the wheels, sprokets and idlers before attaching them to the hull and fitting the tracks. This was the result at the end of play on Saturday: I know some people don't like them, but I was quite pleased that Tamiya have started using Link & Length tracks in their 1/35 kits. Always thought they were great in their 1/48 kits. I'm happy with how they turned out on this build. On Sunday I did start the weathering on the rest of the hull but didn't have an opportunity to take any photographs. Hopefully, next weekend, I'll get the base weathering sorted on the rest of the parts and be able to start some detailed assembly and weathering. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  3. WOW!! Very impressive paintwork and weathering! Kind regards, Stix
  4. Great to see more lovely progress Roger! Kind regards, Stix
  5. Hi Stef. Great idea for a project! I will be following with interest. I've go a couple of Stugs in the stash so I will be taking notes! Kind regards, Stix
  6. Hi Wayne. That certainly looks very impressive in its coat of paint and with the marking on! Lovely job! Kind regards, Stix
  7. Another interesting update Bertie. Your project looks to be progressing rather well! I do like what you are doing with the figure. Kind regards, Stix
  8. Looks like you are still making great progress Darryl. Your paintwork looks very impressive. Kind regards, Stix
  9. Wow!! Three days and it's pretty much finished! And looking rather excellent too! Kind regards, Stix
  10. Hi John. Lovely work on the turret and its details. Very fine modelling as always. Kind regards, Stix
  11. Hi Rob. Very interesting idea for a project. Kind regards, Stix
  12. Hi Grahame. Great to have you taking part again. I have added you to the list in the first post. Kind regards, Stix
  13. Hi bull-nut. That sounds like a very interesting project. I have added you and your project to the list in the first post. Kind regards, Stix
  14. Hi Rob. I am very sorry for the very slow reply. Great ideas for a build. I have added it to the list in the first post. Kind regards, Stix
  15. Hi Mig Eater. I am very sorry for the very slow reply. That looks to be a very interesting project. I hope you find the time to join us and build it! I have added you to the list in the first post anyway. Kind regards, Stix
  16. Hi MD. I am really sorry for the very slow reply. You can certainly join us with that kit! Excellent choice. I have added you and your kit to the list in my first post. Kind regards, Stix
  17. Hi Nigel. Hope you are well. That's a beautiful looking Meteor!! Very nicely done!! Kind regards, Stix
  18. Thank you Rob. Too kind! As mentioned above, this is what I have been doing recently. First off I decided to do the weathering on the areas which will be behind the tracks and wheels. First I stippled on some very, very thinned Humbrol Dark Earth before stippling on some very, very thinned Humbrol Desert Yellow. Once dry, I applied some Vallejo Mud and Grass texture, using a cocktail stick, before using a fine pointed brush to create some streaks and runs with very thinned Anthracite, Light Rust and Light Grey. I also applied some Citadel Nuln Oil. Most of this won't be seen eventually: I have also been doing some work on the tracks - more weathering: - before cutting them from the sprues and tidying them up where the sprue gates were. Then, as I usually like to do, I glued the necessary number of individual links to idlers and drive sprockets. Finally, on these I added the top runs onto the sprockets: The sprockets and idlers themselves will be weathered later. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  19. Thank you Ed!! Hi Vytautas. Thank you for your comments and your question. On this model I applied the decals using water but, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I do cut the clear film away, right to the printed design, to avoid any silvering under the clear backing film. If I'm putting decals over raised or recessed details, I use Humbrol's Decalfix, which usually does the trick. On the turret the only raised detail was a bolt head but the decal actually split the instant I tried to settle it down, so the bit over the area of the raised bolt head is matt white paint. Hi LM - please see my reply to V above. Hi Pawel. Thank you for stopping by. You are too kind as always. Yes, I still make stuff in 1/48 but try the odd bit of 1/35th as well. Thank you Longbow.........I just wish I could find more time in a day!! I'll hopefully post an update soon. I have done a bit more, just not a lot. Kind regards, Stix
  20. Thank you Cesar. Appearances can be deceptive, though! It may look quick but I can assure you it isn't! I'm struggling for time to work on this at the moment, although I have got a bit more done. Hi LM. I quite understand the reasoning behing the question but it's just something that I've done for years. Wherever I can, I assemble stuff which I think I will be able to hold safely and brush paint and then add further parts to it/them later. Because I paint with brushes, I like to leave other parts on the sprues for painting and, sometimes, base weathering, so I have something to hold on to while I apply the paint and weathering. I originally tried the idea of using things like cocktail sticks and Blutack and so on, but the Blutack covered more of the plastic than a sprue joint piece and it also didn't hold the parts as well while I painted....too much wobbling! As I use acrylic paints, I have never had any issues with gluing painted surfaces together although, in some cases, I do scrape away some of the paint if necessary. I mostly use Revell Contacta and Tamiya Extra Thin glues....and they seem to melt through the acrylic paint just fine. Though I do use glues very sparingly. I usually try to only leave parts on the sprues where I think I'll be able to cut the part away easily and clean up well after, and repaint the area easily too. All the track on on my tanks, where they are the link & length type, have been done in this way without any problems.......so far!! You will, hopefully, be able to see the tracks starting to be assembled in the post below in a bit. As I said to Cesar, above, appearances can be very deceptive John. It's taking quite a while to make and it's only on page 1 because I'm findling it difficult to find time to post on here too! Thank you, as always, for your positive comments. Kind regards, Stix
  21. Hi Pawel. Great to see you here with a new project. Kind regards, Stix
  22. Hi Simon. Great to see this one finished too. Fantastic job!! Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  23. Wow! I seriously don't know how you have the patience with all those small details inside. Fantastic modelling! Kind regards, Stix
  24. Hi Darryl. It's a shame some of the smaller stuff is letting the kit down but your modelling skills certainly aren't!! It really does look superb! Kind regards, Stix
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