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  1. Another fine collection of RAF aircraft. They're all beautifully finished, but I really like the Dove whatif.
  2. That's a fine tribute Paul. It's great to see a collection of beautifully made and finished aeroplanes from one RAF squadron and all on proper camouflage . Well done Paul.
  3. Very well done to this young lady, who ended her flight with a textbook landing in front of the world's press. That is a supreme achievement for someone so young. I'll bet her parents are so proud of her. Flying that distance and navigating on her own is a really impressive achievement. Way back in my flying days, muggins here managed get lost on a straight line on misty day between Newcastle airport and Berwick upon Tweed and found myself in and out of patchy sea fret at 3000 ft in a Military Control Zone directly above RAF Boulmer, who were less than pleased, but very helpful all the same.
  4. I've always had a soft for the Jet Provost, but thought it far too gentile to carry any form of warpaint, definitely a case of a "sheep in wolf's clothing". That said, you've done a fine job with this lovely little aeroplane. Well done.
  5. There's some very neat work going on here Patrol. It's looking better with each update.
  6. Great work Chris. If mine turns out to be half as good as yours, I'll be a happy bunny.
  7. Absolutely first class. If my memory serves me, the Treble One scheme was the markings that came with the first Airfix Lightning I built, back in nineteen hundred and frozen stiff, albeit in 1/72 scale. I must have missed the news saying that English Electric had reopened their production line. What a fine collection of Lightnings, absolutely superb. Thank you for sharing them with us all. Chris.
  8. Absolutely stunning. I'm in seventh heaven seeing all these Lightnings go by.
  9. That's a fine finish you've achieved on this beautiful 56 Sqn aircraft.
  10. This is certainly a Lightning lovers paradise. Beautiful built and finished.
  11. It's always great to see the Lightning in its natural element i.e. going vertical. I love the 74 Sqn Tiger livery.
  12. The old Flat Iron looks very smart in that colour scheme. A great model indeed.
  13. Very smart paint job you've applied to this Lightning, its looks superb.
  14. With your brilliant photography, it's hard to believe that this is a model. Well done.
  15. Some great releases there together with some interesting oldies. Highlights for me so far, the stunning 1/24 Spitfire Mk IXc, the 1/48 Buccaneer, Spitfire Mk XVIII, and the lovely looking Anson. Of the Vintage releases, the Bassett, the Beaver, the Whirlwind, the Victor and the new tooling of the Meteor F8. Well done Airfix, hats off to you. Now, I'll need to get in touch with Boris and Rishi to negotiate a reasonable increase in my pension!!
  16. Now we just need to be patient. Next year a new 1/24 Hurricane followed by a 1/24 Lancaster and then a 1/24 Dakota. Then we'll have a fine tribute to the BBMF. Well, a man can dream, can't he???? I think I need the screens now please Nurse.
  17. Thank you Airfix, there goes my New Year resolution to sell off the remainder of my 1/48 and 1/32 scale stash and stick to 1/72! What the hell, there's always next year. It looks far too tempting to ignore.
  18. Damned right we do. I'm building up courage to place a small order SH's NF12s and NF14's together with some of selection of Valom's finest in the shape of a Valetta C Mk1, a T Mk3, a DH91 Albatross a DH 95 Flamingo, a SA Twin Pin and an HP Harrow.. My dilemma, do I place four smaller orders and suffer four separate rocket displays, from the Mistress of the Blue Horizon, or do I place the order in one go and face the equivalent of the Sidney Harbour Bridge's New Year's Eve firework display? Now, am I a man or a mouse?............. er......would someone please pass me the Stilton?
  19. Oh Tony, you've done it again. SWMBO has just simmered down after your escapades with Airfix's new Mosquito, which caused a couple of deliveries from Postman Pat to wend their way onto my To Do pile. Now I've got to plan another supply drop of Arma's new comestibles! Seriously though, this Mustang is well up to your usual very high standards. Chris.
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