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    Womens Euro's

    I thoroughly agree. I stopped watching football a long time ago. Rugby Union has always been my game of choice. I got so fed up with football and the theatrical performances resulting from the so called men. Seeing a grown man going down as if he's been shot after the lightest of tackles makes me sick. Last night's game was played in a fine spirit and the spicy tackles were just an accepted part of the game and it was a real breath of fresh air. It was a great example of how the game should be played. Occasionally, just for fun, I search YouTube for compilations of rugby tackles compared to those in football, they certainly make an interesting comparison. Well done to the Lionesses, they thoroughly deserve the adulation they have received. They are a fine example to all the young girls who's dream is to play professional football. Chris, a very proud Englishman.
  2. Fantastic photos Frank. Your Sopwith Camel is superb, thanks for sharing them.
  3. A fine collection of Mitchell's finest. Out of the collection, I particularly like your Seafire, but it's a close run thing.
  4. Sadly missed indeed. I still listen to it when it's broadcast with Jack Dee in the chair. He's good, but he's not Humph.
  5. Talking Pictures, channel 82, are currently showing the comedy series "Get Some In", a sitcom about a bunch of National Service recruits in the RAF. It still raised a smile.
  6. Animal Magic, now there's a blast from the past. Johnny Morris had such an affinity with all creatures and was always a pleasure to watch. I miss Johnny Morris. I miss my childhood.
  7. You've done a superb job with this Rob. A great build and a lovely finish. Well done.
  8. You've done an outstanding job with this Dermot. This is a real stunner. There's something rather appealing about current range of Japanese military aircraft and their colourful approach to camouflage and markings. They're certainly not afraid of applying colour to them, especially the anniversary schmes. I'm looking seriously into the possibility of converting one of these Sword kits into a Dominie of the RAF. Chris.
  9. I had a brief online conversation a few weeks ago with Didier from Mach 2 and I suggested the Hastings as a future subject. He didn't rule it out, but said it may be a possibility in a year or so. Fingers crossed
  10. I'll be following this with interest Neil, as I to have a great interest in the gap numbered aircraft. I see what you mean about the stubby wing form. Good luck with this project.
  11. My thoughts for 2023: 1/72 Scale Republic P47 Thunderbolt - new tool, to accompany their recent P40 and P51D Gloster Meteor T7 De Havilland Venom - any mark Consolidated B24 Liberator - new tool Avro Lincoln Avro Anson C19 Handley Page Hastings Westland Whirlwind Helicopters - any marks - new tool Bristol Belvedere HC1 - production variant - new tool A man can dream, can't he?
  12. A good day indeed Pete. Good luck with your test flight tomorrow Chris.
  13. That's a superb Atlas. It's always great to see a well built and finished vacuform kit. Well done.
  14. I once read in a model magazine that modelling is holding history in your hands. This is a perfect example of that John and why we pursue this wonderful hobby of ours. It's a fine tribute to your father's skill and bravery as a pilot, but being able to reference his log book, puts this into the something special category. Thank you for sharing it with us. Chris.
  15. One at a time Steve, one at a time . That's been my mantra since retirement, mind you, I'm only human and have my polystyrene weaknesses .
  16. You seem to have done your own critique on the Gnat. As others have said, a good solid base coat is the best way to obtain a good final finish. Just remember to build the coats up in light layers and allow plenty of time in between coats. In the case of yellow, matt white would be a good starting point. The best thing to remember is that everyone here has been in the same situation regarding hand painting. Don't class mistakes as failures, they are simply learning points. Just tackle these things one at a time and with an open mind and your skill levels and overall enjoyment will blossom. How do I know?........I know because I've been there. Best of luck with your next project. Chris.
  17. I haven't been to the museum myself, but it's always been on my bucket list. If the aircraft you intend model is the prototype W4050, you will need to determine at what stage of its life you wish your model to represent. As it stands, it represents a later stage of its life with the later stage Merlins, hence the chin intakes. At the time of the first flight, W4050 had the fully faired early Merlins. Good luck with your project. Chris.
  18. That's a fine looking Sea Hornet Keith. Both the build and the finish are superb. I also like the subtle weathering you've applied to it. I do miss the Dynavector range, as they had a number of really nice kits in their range. I built a few of them and I thoroughly enjoyed them all, although the Westland Wyvern was my favourite.
  19. Now that is seriously impressive Tom. I've thoroughly enjoyed following the progress of this mega build. I can't wait to see what you start next.
  20. cngaero

    Face palm

    Bring back Raymond Baxter.
  21. Hi Steve, Just a thought, but have you considered clear PVA? I didn't know that it even existed until the Mistress of the Blue Horizon picked one up from Asda recently by mistake. I needed some for a diorama I'm in the middle of. It seems to work ok, but I can't vouch for its longevity. Chris.
  22. It looks to me as if you have made excellent use of the available reference materials and produced a very impressive replica of the Vickers Vimy Commercial. You have done an excellent job of reproducing the interior and I really like your homemade assembly jig. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Chris.
  23. You're tackling this from the wrong angle. Given my build rate, I should have enough kits in my stash to last me until I'm 187. By the way, it's a big thumbs up from me for the Allouette II
  24. Very nice indeed. There's only one thing better than a great looking Spitfire and that's two great looking Spitfires. I like the idea displaying the first and the last. It gives a good visual comparison of how the Spitfire developed. Chris.
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