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  1. My point, really. This is not a new tool - by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. Could be worse though. Revells P-51D is an abomination.
  3. On their website they've changed it to the original 1/24th artwork.
  4. Not that I would buy it anyway, but £97!!! Are they serious?
  5. This is great news. But didn't Special Hobby produce a Hudson kit a few years ago which was, by all accounts, a pretty difficult build? I suspected, wrongly as it turned out, that Airfix was going to announce a Hudson in 1/72 which would certainly complement their Beaufort and Blenheim so, as that didn't come to pass, a new tool Hudson from Special Hobby is very welcome news. Of equally good news (actually even better news from my point of view) is the affirmation of the first two-stage Merlin Mosquito kit. Hopefully there will be both fighter and bomber/PR variants so I can offload the Airfix ones I bought.
  6. Likewise. A very disappointing reveal. Hopefully the Tempest won't be full of errors, like the Mosquito is.
  7. I forgot about the launch today. Didn't miss much. Only one kit for the 1/72 modeller and I have a stack of unbuilt Special Hobby/Xtrakit ones. All pretty underwhelming as far as I'm concerned although I'll probably get a couple of their ancient Whirlwinds. A pity they didn't opt for the Vixen or Javelin as there are no readily available decent kits of those types in 1/72. Oh well, maybe next year....
  8. New kits of the Lanc in 144th and 148th to go with thier 1/72nd?
  9. Are you talking 1/72? It would have to be pretty much a completely different kit. The Mosquito XVIII had single stage Merlins and the flat screen canopy, not mentioning the nose etc. Plus it would need new bomb doors (not a bad thing as they are completely wrong anyway!) so there would be many differences which the current moulding couldn't really accomodate. I would imagine the same issues would exist with their 1/48th kit.
  10. A really superb looking Wellington. I knew the Matchbox kit still held up pretty well but the additional work you put in has transformed it. The kit seems to be becoming quite rare now. I've being prowling around ebay etc looking for it, or the Revell re-release, in order to build a Coastal Command Mk.XIV. Matchbox were quite clever with how they engineered some of their kits so that different versions could be built.
  11. Very nice indeed. Despite the infamy of the cancellation of the TSR2 I can't help thinking that the P.1121 had better development and export potential, being a tactical fighter which might have been able to compete with the mighty F4 and Mirage III, and, thus its cancellation was an even bigger blow to the UK aircraft industry.
  12. That looks excellent. A great conversion and I think you've got the pink spot on. I used the Xtracolour PRU Pink on mine ( AZ kit) but I think it is much too pink, like a cupcake! Yours looks much more convincing.
  13. A really nice looking Spit with a great paint job. I'm afraid I can't help you as to which one EE727 would have been fitted with but, unfortunately, neither of the spinners in the kit are very accurate anyway. The DH one is too blunt and the Rotol too long. The Rotol one is easier to fix by the use of judicious sanding. The blades aren't too accurate either. To me the DH ones look too thick and the Rotols too narrow.
  14. Agreed. The Whitley looks very nice (mine's still in its box) and the Wellington (ditto) looks superb so it's not like Airfix can't make a kit without LIDAR scanning and, instead, do proper research. I think that's what has got under my skin with the Mossie. The mistakes are such howlers it's hard to imagine how they could have happened. It's the one kit I wanted the most but they dropped the ball on this one and, to a lesser extent with the Vulcan and the Spitfire VC, when I know Airfix are better than that. Of course, at the end of the day, they are just model kits and 'nobody died' but I was very disappointed with the kit I had anticipated probably more than any other in recent years. Anyway, onward and upward. I can't really think of too many types they might be releasing this year but I'd imagine they will be non-British as they seem to have covered most British types from WW2, either with modern or classic moulds, and a considerable number of subjects from the Cold War era. WW1 seems to have been a bit of a flash in the pan and I don't think between the wars types would be seen as particularly good earners. Maybe a new P-47 or P-38? In the 'proper' scale of course. I still think a 1/24th Me262 would be a triumph for Airfix, even though it's not a kit I would buy.
  15. And made a mess of it, alas. I think they have become just a little to reliant on LIDAR scans.
  16. Bearing in mind their RAF and USAAF bomber support sets and that, apparently, all three V-Bombers will be available next year it will be interesting to see whether a V-Bomber support set is on the cards.
  17. An Me262 I reckon would be a fantastically successful release for Airfix in 1/24th. They could even release it as a 'Dogfight Double' with their Mosquito. Imagine the size of THAT box.
  18. Let's hope not, unless they correct all the errors first.
  19. Valom has released kits of the Brigand TF.1, B.1 and T.4 as well as the Buckingham and Buckmaster, all still readily availabe. FLY have produced a kit of the Whitley MkI-II which is also still available.
  20. Thank you for letting me know. I missed this sad news at the time. I am very sorry to hear that Mel has passed away.
  21. I have been trying to find S and M's website recently but it seems to have vanished. Is the company still trading?
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