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  1. Beautiful. A very interesting take on the Dakota. I really like these second-line and support types for some reason.
  2. A beautiful pair of Mossies, Tony, which has inspired me to build my two after my initial 'OMG they're going straight on to Ebay' reaction when I opened the box. I particulalrly like the 14 Squadron aircraft which its colourful markings. A curate's egg of a kit if ever there was one but clearly can be built in to a nice looking model. I do think that the spar re-enforcers are overdone on the kit so, when I get round to it, I'll sand them back a bit.
  3. An amazing model. That's a beautiful paint finish you've achieved. I didn't know that the FAA had ever been issued with the night-fighter variant.
  4. A truly outstanding model which is quite hard to believe is based on the 1/72 Airfix kit. The rivets you have added are some amazing work. Excellent paintwork even down to the two different sheens on the spinner.
  5. Thats' putting it mildly. It seems the revolution has run out of steam.
  6. Is there any chance you'll be producing an open bomb bay doors option?
  7. Just to add to the mix is the fact that OS was the code for 279 Squadron and, briefly, 349 (Belgian) Squadron while QS was the code for 192 and 620 Squadrons. I could be wrong about this but it doesn't appear the either OS or QS were ever officially 3 sqdn RAAF's codes.
  8. Perfect for anyone who wants to build a 1/72 RAF Museum Cosford. It's funny how they accurately copied the inaccurate bomb bay doors but inaccurately copied the accurate tail wheel.
  9. In the scheme of things this is one of Airfix's lesser errors with this kit. One has to wonder whether any research was done other than relying on the LIDAR images.
  10. Whats' intersting about this particular aircraft is that it is often portrayed in artwork as wearing the codes OS+A whereas a photo I have seen of it clearly shows it should be QS+A. Looks like Arma got it right which, judging by the incredible quality of their kits, doesn't surprise me.
  11. I'm pretty sure those markings are for 3 Sqn RAAF so almost certainly yes. The squadron operated the Hurricane for a short period in 1941 before re-equipping with Tomahawks. They also changed their squadron codes to CV. Prior to their Hurricanes they had flown Gladiators and used the codes NW.
  12. Mine came in a plastic resealable bag with just a single piece of A5 paper with a side profile pic and instructions on the back. The tooling looks really nice but very fiddly, particularly the upper wing assembly. I was never able to find any decals for the Dolphin so I expect I'll await the arrival of this new kit from KP.
  13. Yay! Looking forward to this one. Hopefully there'll be multiple decal options so I can also build my decal-less CMK kit I've had loitering in the draw for more than decade.
  14. Defintely up for one of these. I really hope it comes to pass.
  15. A terrific looking Tempest, Roman. You've brought out all the power and magesty of the real thing. I'm definitely going to have to have a couple of these. I'm looking forward to the Mk II and, hopefully, Mk VI as well.
  16. A very nice build of this curate's egg of a kit. The paint finish is great and It think this is a very interesting and attractive scheme. You did a great job rectifying the, in my view, huge error with the rear bomb bay fairing. For me the issues of the kit have made it a very disappointing release from Airfix and I think I will be putting the two I bought on ebay. Pity, as I was going to be buying at least four. Those oversized wing spars and bomb bay doors etc are just too much of an effort to correct. I'll be building the Tamiya kit with after-market sets, I think.
  17. I wonder if the boxing will actually contain a TT.5.
  18. I have similar issues with the word 'artisan', particularly when applied to bread, beer and any other consumables.
  19. Nothing a confidentiality clause couldn't sort out.
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