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  1. Shouldn't that be the other way round? The X was pressurised but the XI wasn't.
  2. Me too. I didn't like the Sword kit. Bad fit and weird plastic that didn't react well to cement. A series of Griffon Spits and maybe Seafires would be awesome.
  3. I suppose it could, yes. I wonder whether they would have to pay royalties to Yakovlev. I don't think they'll want to do that at the moment. Anyway, I'm holding out for a Sea Fury or Spitfire XIV of, maybe, a Seafire FR.47.
  4. Joy of joys. A Seafire XVII did an impromptu aerobatic display right over my village. What a beautiful sound that Griffon makes.
  5. I don't think it will be anything Russian. I believe Arma said they are not going to be producing anything bearing red stars anytime soon, due to what is currently happening to Poland's eastern neighbour.
  6. That looks terrific. A great paint job and weathering and I particularly like the delineation between the metal and fabric wing sections.
  7. I haven't built a model of a tank since sometime in the early 80s but THIS might seriously tempt me back.
  8. BTW, I thought I'd take this opportunity to express my opinion that KP's box artist, Carlos Alonso, is producing artwork which I believe young people refer to as "Bangin'"!
  9. I know, right? KP and AZ are releasing my kind of subjects at an alarming rate. Will I never be rid of Stash Mountain!?
  10. I wondered about the deeper red and the all-red undersides. I've never seen a Bulldog in such a scheme but I'm happy to be shown otherwise. I suppose, as the kit hasn't been released yet, KP might correct these errors.
  11. On a more cheerful note AZ are also re-releasing their Spitfire IX in the markings of Rhodesian ace Johnny Plagis.
  12. Wow. Interesting choice of markings. Heydrich was a monster, as the boxing says. You only have to watch 'Conspiracy' or, in my opinion, the far better 1984 German language film Der Wannseekonferenz (which is on You Tube btw) to get an idea of how this man operated. Still, I hadn't realised he had been an operational pilot attached to the Luftwaffe, albeit pretty disastrously.
  13. Thanks. Don't mind paying for postage. It's when the shipping company sticks you one for additional import duty and VAT that gets me.
  14. Definitely one for me. The civil boxing is my choice.
  15. Had a look in said book and, I'm sorry to say, there isn't picture Of Carey's Tempest after all. There's only a pic of him sat in the cockpit.
  16. Sorry. Haven't had a chance to take a look at my book yet. Life got in the way.
  17. I've got a book at home with a photo so I'll take butchers later.
  18. Incredible. This isn't modelling. This is art.
  19. For the sort of price being asked one could reasonably expect the resin transparencies to at least be transparent.
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