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  1. Beautiful. My favourite scheme on a Lightning excellently rendered.
  2. Is this the 1/72 or 1/48 kit? P.s. would have looked good in 245 sqd markings.
  3. Looks like a really great kit with plenty of options. Good to see Airfix in form again. Wish it was C.19 in 1/72 though.
  4. Fab news. A stash queue jumper if ever I've seen one. Well done Arma. The only question is who's aircraft I'm going to build, Dickie Cork's or Bill Bruen's? Oh well, I'll just have to get a couple ( at least).
  5. Their FW190A/F-8 was pretty good too if I recall correctly.
  6. True, but you need to wear gloves so the rivets don't wear your fingerprints out.
  7. I think the finished kit looks like someone has sat on it.
  8. Just so long as Valom doesn't have wing to fuselage joints as truly horrible as the Special Hobby Pembroke or have the same wing tip arrangements I will be very happy.
  9. Oh no. Your comment combined with me literally only an hour ago reading about 'Winkle' Brown's extremely close call in the type (no fault of either him or the aircraft but rather that of an errant piece of driftwood) I'm just going to HAVE to have one.
  10. Unfortunately the guy at Hendon wasn't able to help. I think the two shops are pretty separate entities these days. In the end I was able to change my card details on a different device.
  11. I think mine needed a bit of filler here and there but went together reasonably well apart from the aforementioned canopy. It was a bit of a departure for AZ, although they did do the MB.5 as well. I missed out on that one though. I don't think there has been any follow-up experimentals from them since. Hopefully Xtrakit might rectify that if their kit sells well, which is another excuse for me to buy it, of course.
  12. A beautiful model and finish. There is something very 'Gerry Anderson' about Soviet types of this era.
  13. I spoke to the Hendon shop not long ago because I couldn't get through to the main shop (I had a Q about my account coz I couldn't change my card details on line) and a polite but very frustrated chap at the other end of the line said that the main shop doesn't answer the phone. Seems he'd received quite a lot of calls about this.
  14. The AZ SR.53 is quite a nice kit and still available in what-if boxings. I had a slight issue with fitting the canopy which I never quite resolved to my satisfaction. It would be great if Xtrakit expanded their range in to more experimentals though, seeing as most post-War British operational types are, more or less, catered for. The Bristol 188 was pretty spectacular after all. Anyway it's good to see Xtrakit back in business. I think I bought all their original releases bar the Hunter T.7 and Sea Harrier FA.2; several of the Meteor F.8s in fact.
  15. Yes. I believe the aircraft got 'zapped' by 325 sqd somewhere.
  16. This one wrong footed me, that's for sure. I wasn't quite sure what I thought about this last night having had several White Russians while on holiday and there being no kit available of a Venom NF.3 but, having slept on it I think I'm going to have to have one (stash reduction policy not withstanding) being as my build theme is British and Commonwealth aviation (in a vain attempt to keep the stash within manageable limits) with the odd Mirage III and century series fighter thrown in. I am slowly building up an 'experimentals hanger' which, as it happens, includes my only other Saunders Roe kit to date, that being AZ's SR.53. I wonder whether Xtrakit will produce further experimental or prototype kits. After the apparent demise of Olimp I for one would be welcome such a development.
  17. I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't appear to include the Vokes filter. A real shame since the vast majority of VCs operated in Middle and Far East. This rather limits the colour options so I doubt I'll be getting any.
  18. I'm hoping there will be a release of this kit with parts and markings to convert it to the two operated by Martin Baker.
  19. Lovely box art. One of these would contrast nicely with the all blue mk.7 1/2. Sans weathering, mind you.
  20. If it is to be two separate boxing it would be nice if one of them was an earlier 'pen knib' version. Lots of squadron options.
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