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  1. vh-bob

    MiG-21MF 1/72 Eduard

    Libor, I may be wrong but I thought the 3 antennas on the nose were for the "Odd Rods" IFF System. Very nice build any way. Trev (vh-bob)
  2. vh-bob

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    I am a bit surprised at the attitude of some of the obviously well heeled modellers who are "not worried about the cost increase" as my original point, before the news of our government's piratical policy broke, was that kit prices in my opinion were already too dear and rising fast. This is born out ,at least in this country where inflation and wage increases are both at an all time low so how come each new Airfix release, for example is a dollar or so dearer than the last. We certainly do not need "Big Brother" getting his sticky fingers deeper in to our pockets than he already does. In light of this, news of Mikro Mir producing the colossal Kalannin K-7 was immediately tempered with the knowledge that I most likely wont be able to afford the bloody thing tax or no tax to say nothing of the postage. Trev. (vh-bob)
  3. vh-bob

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Remember this Australian government were the ones who as I have witnessed, ( and God knows how many other times ) flew a government minister to Adelaide from Canberra on a Bombardier Challenger, then returned empty to the nation's capital so the crew could sleep in their own beds only to return the next day empty once more to pick up their distinguished passenger and return him to "work". It's no wonder that they need to resort to "Ebeneezer Scrooge" tactics to support their extravagant lifestyle. Enough politics, but in all seriousness this will curtail my purchases if it comes to pass. Trev. vh-bob
  4. vh-bob

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    I have commented on this subject previously and after a lifetime in the hobby , find the current situation disappointing. The initial buzz from the announcement of a new kit is now negated by the realization that I probably wont be able to afford it any way. As a yard stick, the A-Model Dh Dove, a type that many collections could stand a couple of examples, sells in Adelaide for A$ 60.00 and the Airfix SEAC Dakota, again a type to be built in quantity is around the A$ 100.00 mark. Unfortunately in this country there has been a culture of "How much can we get for this" irrespective of what it cost them. When this attitude is also applied to paint, masking tape, cement and decals etc, the hobby becomes something for the well heeled. Once upon a time , buying overseas was the answer but with world prices rising and the ridiculous cost of postage nowadays to where it can exceed the price of the kit, kills off that option. I cannot deny that the average quality of kits has never been higher, but the manufacturers could help here by not packaging them in huge boxes of mainly air which when ordered from Hannants etc. brings the warning "Cannot be shipped by normal post". Trev. (vh-bob)
  5. Did not any one notice that the star under the starboard wing is upside down ?. Sorry Trev, vh-bob
  6. I love the CA-18 Mustang VH-AUB I remember seeing her in Melbourne a lifetime ago. She was highly polished and in immaculate condition even then before the Warbird movement got started and she is still on the register today and based in Scone NSW.. The book "Southern Cross Mustangs is an invaluable source for information on Aussie civil Mustangs having many 1/72 scale drawings of these subjects. I modelled VH-FCB by coping her markings on to decal paper from the book and being just silver with black lettering found it to be an easy task. Well Done, Trev. (vh-bob)
  7. A beautiful job with the MIG-15 UTI and a great choice of markings. It's odd how these Hobby Boss kits are often criticised for inaccuracy and lack of detail while the fact that the Airfix version is much oversized seems to go un noticed. Let's have some more of these great little kits on these pages. Well Done, Trev. (vh-bob)
  8. You have done a great job on this despite the quality of the basic kit. I have a Carvair stalled at a late stage due to Problems with the Mach II DC-4 kit it is based on. I should have saved up the $100.00 and bought the Revell one. Well done, Trev.
  9. This scheme is still one of the great challenges and you have done it well. I didn't notice the wheel problem. Great Work, Trev. (vh-bob)
  10. vh-bob

    Ryan NYP-2 (1.72 RS Models)

    Another great build. I have this kit and while I think I have a reasonable idea of aviation history I had not seen this version and was afraid that it was a "what if". Well done, Trev (vh-bob)
  11. Nicely done, a very neat job on what is quite a small model. Love the gold trim , how did the decals perform ?. Trev. (vh-bob)
  12. vh-bob

    1:72 Fujimi MiG-21bis Kampuchea

    I agree with Mario, you have certainly hunted out some of the more obscure users of former Soviet aircraft. Well Done, Trev.
  13. A beautiful job Tony. I once had a flight in one and was allowed to "steer" for a while. Magnificent. If you come up with enough information to build a third, please do , I would love to see it. Well Done, Trev.
  14. Magnificent as usual Faud. Well Done , Trev
  15. Ryan, another nice chopper build and yet another "different" camouflage scheme. Well Done Trev.