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  1. A very nice build indeed, I would be happy to achieve this standard Trev. (vh-bob)
  2. Very nice, pity it's on a stand. Well done, Trev (vh-bob)
  3. Moa, thanks for the information, the photos were interesting. It just shows you can never do enough research. Trev. (vh-bo b)
  4. A lovely build of one of my favourite aircraft. I don't want to be a rivet counter but you missed one small but very necessary item , the spar mod that spans the underside of the centre section and just projects outboard of each nacelle. It consists of two steel straps clamped above and below the main spar and is covered by a rather ugly sheet metal fairing The purpose is to enable the pilot to get on the ground should the spar fail in flight. All flying D18Ss have this fitted and can be seen on many of the pics on Airliners.com. Your work has inspired me to have a go at a civil beech but I'm
  5. Beautifully done, but no matter how good is the paint job I'm not convinced that the weathering is not a bit over done. I am convinced that the line between art and realism is blurring but that is just my opinion. Well done Trev. (vh.;bob)
  6. A truly lovely build but why are people so often amazed that a 1/72nd scale model can look this good even though it isn't 1/48th, after all the larger scale doesn't guarantee a better model. Well Done, Trev (vh-bob)
  7. Paul . Love the scheme, pity about the decals not being available. I have done several Aussie civil ones from the 1960s. Roo decals do the bright red VH-AUB.
  8. Rob ,Good to see a civil C-46, I have an Everts Air Fuel one thanks to DrawDecals Trev (vh-bob)
  9. Yes, I agree with the thoughts expressed by the others, it would be better to install some components at a later stage, but it go's further than this. What about more positive attachment of pylons ,tanks and weaponry ?. Surely in the 21st century designers could provide decent push in tabs or something for these items than the awful two tiny pips and two tiny holes to mount a centreline tank and its pylon etc , with a bit of thought something like this could plug in after painting. Also how many of us have broken off butt joined wheel doors on multiple occasions at a late stage of painting ?.
  10. Ryan, it must have felt strange to you, applying the stars and bars to a model. Well Done , Trev (vh-bob)
  11. In 2015 I sat in Howards seat in this magnificent bird at the Evergreen Museum looking out at the distant wing tip and remembering as a 7 year old seeing it make an appearance in an old Ma and Pa Kettle Film as they watched their newfangled TV set. You have done a much maligned subject justice. Great work indeed. Trev.
  12. Bruno, nice to see one built by the modeller to the best of his ability and not relying on bags of resin, etched brass and aftermarket decals etc. . Well done. Trev.
  13. Libor, I may be wrong but I thought the 3 antennas on the nose were for the "Odd Rods" IFF System. Very nice build any way. Trev (vh-bob)
  14. Did not any one notice that the star under the starboard wing is upside down ?. Sorry Trev, vh-bob
  15. I love the CA-18 Mustang VH-AUB I remember seeing her in Melbourne a lifetime ago. She was highly polished and in immaculate condition even then before the Warbird movement got started and she is still on the register today and based in Scone NSW.. The book "Southern Cross Mustangs is an invaluable source for information on Aussie civil Mustangs having many 1/72 scale drawings of these subjects. I modelled VH-FCB by coping her markings on to decal paper from the book and being just silver with black lettering found it to be an easy task. Well Done, Trev. (vh-bob)
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