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  1. Hi Paul, unfortunately instructions simply say "Eastern Front 1945", no specific unit is mentioned. cheers
  2. Greetings from Italy. Just finished the Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) Henschel Hs 129, a nice and enjoyable kit. The built is basically OOB. I just cut away control surfaces and flaps plus a bit of Aftermarket using Eduard internals and seatbelts. Instead of the usual Tamiya colours, this time I decided to go for Gunze and I have to say they are excellent stuff. Enjoy pictures and please feel free to comment. Cheers Andy
  3. Greetings from Italy. I took a week off around Easter and to properly relax I decided to build a nice Spitfire in 1/48 scale. The Airfix kit is really very nice and I enjoyed every minute of this job. I made it basically OOB except for Eduard cockpit details set and seat-belts. As usual I painted with airbrush using a mix of Tamiya and Gunze acrylics. Weathering is a mix of oil wash and pastels covered with a thin layer of Gunze spray matt finishing. I would say I'm pretty happy with this one. Enjoy pictures and comments are always welcome. Cheers Andy
  4. Hello fellow modelers, I've just finished the Special Hobby Reggiane Re 2000 in 1/48 scale. Re 2000 was probably the best performing fighter of the Italian "0" series but for some reasons Regia Aeronautica preferred the Macchi MC 202 and the Fiat G.50. Also the name "Falco" (Hawk) was never officially accepted in Italy also because this was already the name given to the Fiat CR42 biplane. Only a squadron in Italy was equipped with this first series of Re 2000, all the others went to Sweden and Hungary. The kit is not too bad, with just all the typical issues of Special Hobby kits. I've built it basically OOB just adding Eduard seat-belts and few other scratch-built details. For painting I've used Tamiya acrylics for lower surfaces and LifeColor acrylics for the upper surfaces (good ones but not as Tamiya). Enjoy pictures and please feel free to give your comments and feedback. Cheers Andy
  5. Hello fellow modelers, I've just finished the 1/48 NakajimaJ1N-S "Gekko" (Moonlight) Japanese night-fighter. I found this kit one day at my local model shop and I bought it just because it was not a common subject. The built has been really nice and enjoyable like almost all Tamiya kits. Painting is a bit less exciting because it is just overall IJN green (apart motor cowlings) but at the end I'm quite happy with the outcome. Enjoy pictures and as usual comments and feedback are more than welcome. Cheers Andy
  6. You're right! I've just realized now that I posted this in the wrong forum... I'm really sorry, I'm afraid I'm getting old. I would be grateful if moderators can move my post in the right forum.
  7. One of my friends is passionate about airplanes, especially WWII warbirds, but unfortunately he is not a modeller, so he asked me to build for him a Mustang for him. We choose the nice Airfix 1/48 kit and I built it OOB with just few scratchbuilt details in the cockpit. I'm quite happy with result even if not perfect. Hope he will like it anyway.... Enjoy pictures and welcome to any comment. Cheers Andy
  8. Hello everybody, in parallel with the IAR 80 recently posted, I managed to finish also this 1946 "what if". It has been nice to imagine something that could be and never happened. The Ta 183 Academy kit is quite basic but not too bad. I made some slight improvement to cockpit and landing gear bays plus cut away flaps, elevators and rudder to have a more realistic effect. I've painted the model with a late war eastern front typical scheme and some fantasy using Gunze acrylics and Tamiya spray finishing. Not perfect but another funny kit . Enjoy pictures and feel free to comment. Cheers Andy
  9. Hello fellow modellers, here you are my last built. It's the easy and relaxing IAR 80 1/48 Hobby Boss kit. Maybe not super accurate but to me good enough to have fun. I built it OOB with just some additional details in the cockpit and slight modifications to lower flaps and elevators. Painting done as usual with Tamiya acrylics and spray finishing. Enjoy the pictures and any comment is more than welcome. Cheers, Andy
  10. Hello fellow modellers, Here you are my Spitfile Vb trop, reproducing one of those given to Italian Co-belligerant air force in 1943-44. The kit is the excellent Airfix Spitifre mkV b recently re-issued. I just used the parts for the tropical version that are still on sprues instead of the standard ones. I've also used Tauro Model decal sheet that includes options to make Spifires, Macchi 205 and Airacobras all in italian colours. To paint the model this time I used Lifecolors Acrylics instead of my usual Tamiya and I have to say that they are not bad at all. Finishing has been done as usual with Tamiya spray followed by oil wash and pastel weathering. Enjoy pictures and please feel free to comment. Cheers. Andy
  11. Hi Mark, thanks for your nice comments. No it is not a nigh fighter. The upper surfaces are actually dark green with lower ones light gray-blue (sky gray) as per the Regia Aeronautica standard camouflage for continental based airplanes. Unfortunately I took pictures with my phone and quality of colours is not the best. Cheers Andy
  12. Dear fellow modellers, greetings from Italy. Here you are, just finished, my Special Hobby Re 2005 Sagittario. The kit is a bit tricky like all Special Hobby ones but a lot better compared to others from the same brand. This airplane has a beatufil design, one of my favourites, and it'a pity that there is only one camouflage applicable and very few decals options... unfortunately to few of them entered in service and for a very short time. The model is basically OOB. I've just added Eduard seatbelts, scrhatched some internal details and cut the control surfaces on the taill and glued in a different position. As ususal I airbrush painted it with Tamiya acrilycs and Tamiya spray finishing. Then just a light weathering with oil wash and pastels. Here you are the pictures, enjoy them and any comment is more than welcome. Cheers Andy
  13. Dear all, Greetings from Italy. Finally, after two years of forced stop I'm back to modelling. A new start in a new home, with much more space to build and show my airplanes (with wife blessing of course). This kit is the very nice Tamiya P-47 M, 63rd FS, 65th FG, 8th AF, England 1945 built practically OOB just with some little extra scratchbuilt details on the engine and in the cockpit. To paint it I used Tamya primer, Tamiya acrylics (with airbrush) and Tamiya spray finishing just with a slight homemade oil wash for weathering. Not 100% perfect but I would say a decent re-start. Enjoy pictures and please feel free to comment. Any suggestion to improve is more than welcome. Cheers, Andy
  14. Dear fellow modellers, here you are few pictures of my last built: OOB Tamiya Meteor F.1. It has been quite e relaxing job and I didn't want to make many upgrades apart few details in the cockpit, on the engine, in the landing gear bays and tail control surfaces in deflected position. Painting and finishing as usual is done with Tamiya stuff applied with airbrush/spray can. Enjoy pictures even if I know they are not the best quality.... I think sooner or later I have to convince myself to by a decent camera. Any comment or suggestion for improvements is welcome. Cheers Andy
  15. Hello fellow modellers, Last summer I had a chance to buy my firs Airfix kit since more that 25years and I have to say I have been positively impressed. Really nothing to do with the old stuff I used to buy when I was a boy. The Defiant kit is nicely detailed and quite easy to build even if the turret requires a bit of patience. As usual for me it is an OOB with just little additional details like belts, some wiring etc. Paint has been done using airbrush and Tamiya acrylics with Tamiya spray cans for finishing. Any comment or suggestion is always welcome. Enjoy pictures. Cheers, Andy
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