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  1. @Plastic_parts I've got two of these 757's in work and can happily state they go together very nicely indeed. There's next to no sink marks on the ones I've got and no warped parts either. Eng
  2. Thats absolutely first class Russ, what really caught my eye was the reflection of the fuselage markings in the glossy top surface of the wing, a great touch. The front canopy section with its distinctive sections is really nicely done too. Beautiful build in every way! Eng
  3. eng

    Flybe Q400

    Thats absolutely stunning, really miss seeing these in and out of Glasgow. Eng
  4. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=zvezda Decal options now announced too:- 1. RAF, ZH872, 2. French AF, 3. Italian AF, 4. RAAF, 5. USAF (Ramstein Anniversary aircraft with invasion stripes) Thanks again to @Stephen for the heads up. Eng
  5. Box art for the C-130J in 1/72 released on Facebook today - https://www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/photos/a.119782984791181/3633885043380940/ Thanks to @Stephen for the heads up on this, I'm sure alot of BM'ers will be after one of these. Eng
  6. Very nice, love the clean finish and choice of markings. Beautiful work Eng
  7. That is absolutely beautiful, you've absolutely nailed that. I've got 2 of theses in work and the same markings (going for G-CPET). Its a beautiful kit and having started a Minicraft kit, years ago this is streaks ahead of it. The Minicraft kit is confined to the scrapper now. I was lucky enough to maintain and fly on the BA 757's for a good few years so I've long awaited a decent kit and seeing your build proves Zvezda have produced a great starting point. Looking forward to seeing more of these. Beautiful work. Eng
  8. Absolutely stunning! Those markings look incredible. G
  9. Lovely work. Beautifully painted and finished. G
  10. Hannants now have a 1/72 Xtradecal sheet for the walkway lines that will cover the early and late colour schemes and also a sheet of markings for the H/K version with a couple of GW1 options and an overall green stretched ‘K’. Hopefully Zvezda are still aiming to release a long fuselage ‘J’ soon. This would allow a fair few options by cross-kitting the ‘H’ and ‘J’. Eng
  11. Beautiful Eagle Shaun, I built exactly the same jet last year with this kit and agree with you on how good the GWH kit is to build, your build is absolutely superb. I've not had a go at the E yet. Love the final shot with all jets together, very nice. Eng
  12. I've got two of these well under way now and they've been nice and straightforward so far, with excellent fit. One little thing that I've noticed is that when the wing assembly is mated up to the fuselage, it generally fits like a glove, however you may have a small step with the lower belly part protruding at its forward edge, back edge or both. I've found that with the wing section offered into place some gentle pressure on the fuselage sides just in front of the wing leading edge is enough to make the step disappear. Gently clamping this and gluing the front edge only and living it to dry before doing the same at the back edge should sort out the issue. If you try cutting away material from the centre section between the wings then you just end up with the upper wing halves sitting too high. Loving these so far, and will update this if I come across any other gotcha's. Eng
  13. G-BPEE and PEC were based at Glasgow for about 18 months and ran a Glasgow-New York-Boston return flight 5 days a week. A Service Check was carried out on a Wed and Sat at the BA hangar at Glasgow, the bay closest to the blast fence still has the cut-out in the roofline at the front to accommodate the tall fin on the 757. I'll definitely be in the market for a set of these, they look lovely. Eng
  14. G-CPEO was definitely in the "Whale Rider" scheme on delivery on July '97. I was coming to the end of my apprenticeship and working on the line at Terminal 1, we did the daily check on CPEO the night before its first revenue flight.... talk about new car smell, this jet was stunning. Just wish I'd had a decent camera back then. Eng
  15. Morning all, Anyone found an issue with the Main landing gear leg (Part 21) having the upper part of the drag stay (diagonal part), and the horizontal piece joining this to the main strut, either broken or short shot? I had 4 kits delivered yesterday and all of them had this part damaged. It’s not un-fixable using some brass rod or stretched sprue, and plasticard. I’ll post a few pics later but curious to see if this is a common issue or I’ve just been unlucky. Eng
  16. Oh that is beautiful! The Beau is a superb looking machine and you've done it justice here. Eng
  17. Thank you very much indeed for adding to your post, superb pics of all the detail. This is one kit I'm really, really looking forward to, I absolutely love the 757 and it looks like Zvezda have come up with the goods here. The shape looks spot on, with the best will in the world I couldn't bring myself to finish the Minicraft kit I had many years ago its that bad. This will be going straight onto the bench on arrival. Thanks again for the extra pics, Rgds Grae
  18. Excellent review, I've a few of these on order and am kinda hoping they arrive before my next set of days off! I've already picked up some nice FDcal sheets for the RNZAF scheme and BA's Chelsea Rose livery, and the lovely 26Decals BA Negus livery. Fingers crossed for plenty more nice schemes to come. Any chance of some pics of the sprue with the gear parts? Rgds, Eng
  19. Wow, that beautiful, and a nice unusual choice. The 3D engine looks superb. I've got one of these on the bench just now but going for a regular build with aftermarket decals. Love your work here. Eng
  20. Thats absolutely beautiful, those engines are a work of art. Eng
  21. OOOOHHH! That does look lovely, certainly got the lines of a 757, the cockpit area looks lovely. Cant wait for these to hit the shops. Eng
  22. Dave that is spectacular! That first photo is very convincingly realistic. I love the look of the seat harness and weathering around the cockpit sills. The overall finish is flawless, beautifully shaded and weathered. Whats the long item that hangs down aft of the RH MLG? Beautiful work. Grae
  23. That's a beautifully finished build the paint and weathering are exquisite! I love the hi-viz tail's contrast to the battered greys of the airframe. Between this build and the book I'm reading just now called "Angles of Attack - An A-6 Intruder pilots war" I'm very tempted to dig out my HB 1/48 A-6E TRAM. Lovely work. Eng
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