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  1. just saw this, count me in please
  2. Trumpeter 1/48 F-106B Michigan ANG
  3. calling this one finished
  4. thanks guys means a lot
  5. I found it to be quite difficult, but that's because I suffered a stroke in Novemberand I'm having to use one arm to build with
  6. after the decals dry a few more bits and it will be finished
  7. wings and fuselage together
  8. Started the build today and have been working on the cockpit a few touch ups and it will be finished
  9. Kit arrived today and here are the pics, sorry they are not very good. Sorry guys don't remember how to post the pis=cs since my second stroke. Figured it out
  10. I'm in with the trumpeter f-106B of the Michigan ANG. I'll post the pics as soon as the kit arrives
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