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  1. Glad this is back on the production floor. You have waaay more patience than me. If it had been me, a hammer would have been involved by now. Trevor
  2. This is a close-up of the well known photo of BE500 LK*A of 87 Squadron. Obviously a repaint once in service. Note the Dark Green under the canopy. It must have been repainted when the canopy was closed. Note also that only the base of the aerial has had an application of Night. Trevor
  3. Well this is embarrassing https://www.stratford-herald.com/news/amp/when-the-runway-runs-out-9274426/ The adjoining road is going to be closed for a while. Trevor
  4. @Creepy PeteThanks! Looking at its history, it’s been there since November last year and did a test flight the other day, so you’re probably right. Trevor
  5. Idly looking to see what’s out there and spotted this oddity Any ideas? Big meeting in Brussels maybe? Trevor
  6. Just found this and am already impressed. I’m ‘sure’ I have a photo of the one that was on display in Vienna from 1980. Give me a while and I’ll have a rummage…….
  7. I’m imagining a week in a lay-by in Snowdonia. It’s raining stair rods and the bottled gas has just run out….. Trevor
  8. This has cropped up several times this morning I’m using an iPhone SE if that’s relevant. It shows the threads below. Trevor
  9. Just a quick update. More filler and sanding! Another waft with Halfords and I may then actually get some camo on. Trevor
  10. Didn’t it have a Dutch option? Trevor
  11. Wandering the interwebby again and I came across this picture of a pranged Hurricane IIA. https://pin.it/5MwN4cF What is that on the rudder- black and yellow stripes? Trevor
  12. Just caught up with this. Love it. Drove many a Transit in my youth - even managed to dislocate the gearstick on one. Fun times. Trevor
  13. I’m cobbling together a MK.III in its last form As a non operational type it should have yellow undersides. Hard to make out, but would it also have its serial underneath too? Trevor
  14. Well, I waved the Halfords primer over Frankie and friend and came up with this Frankie and friend family photo Generally ok. Some joins and trenches to attend to, but otherwise I’m pleased. Frankie looks less of a ‘bitza’ now too In particular I need to revisit the cowling join line across the top of the nose. Obviously, my scribing wasn’t deep enough. Some trenches in the wing top haven’t quite disappeared so will need more filler. Onwards and upwards! Trevor
  15. Instead of a coffee machine, an electric kettle https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hamilton-Beach-Electric-Kettle-1-Liter-Capacity-Stainless-Steel-and-Black-Model-40901/224144476?athbdg=L1200 and a box of teabags Trevor
  16. I’ve been dreading this bit. Masking the canopy in 1/72 scale. I had looked at the instructions on the KP kit and thought “ok then, let’s practice with the professionally produced masking”. Tweezers, pins and Anglo Saxon all came in useful. Although I’m making the Eduard IX with the cockpit hatch open, I used the closed version as a temporary masking plug. Held in place with PVA, it’s an excellent fit by the way. I decided not to put the lid on, so the cockpit is blanked off with kabuki tape. At least 30 minutes (it seemed longer) and I had this……. I’ve even done the teeny tiny slivers for the top of the canopy. Armed with the knowledge of what I was up to, I tried mocking up something similar for Franky. Easy bit first, I used the edging for the canopy that I didn’t use on the IX and then filled in the rest, again with kabuki tape. The rear transparency was no hassle. But then there was the windscreen. Yike! After several false starts, I came up with this: and no, the eyebrow transparency were left off, as I am not that much of a masochist. Obviously not as neat as the ‘proper’ masks, it’s not too bad. My intention is that following painting, I can neaten it up a bit with the tip of a cocktail stick (maybe). This is where I am up to now. I haven’t even touched the Vc yet. My can only take so much macro work these days (thinks, I have a Blenheim I in the wings, I’ll deffo get a professional mask set for that beastie). Rattlecan of primer next Thanks for looking. Trevor the half-blind ps I have now concluded that canopy masking is tedium incarnate.
  17. Good luck with the Eduard Spit. I have the Profi Pack version and some of that etch scares me (canopy grab handles in multi part brass in 1/72-are they having a larf!?) Read the instructions and use Tamiya extra thin sparingly. Filler should be minimal. Cheers Trevor
  18. Yay @zebra wants a 1/48 Balliol. That’s three guaranteed sales for Airfix - almost at break even! Trevor
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