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  1. Just a thought (with absolutely no evidence to back it up with), in theory would it be possible for a MK.I to go into a major repair, be broken down into its major sections and be re-assembled with the back end and serial of a MK.III and so changing mark? Trevor
  2. That is mentioned in the original Lancaster at War book. As for differences in the engine itself I don’t know about the bolt on bits, but the rocker covers on RR engines had “Rolls Royce” on them and the Packard units were blank. Trevor
  3. Spotted this a few weeks ago. Made me smile Trevor
  4. I’m cobbling together Spitfire III N9237 in 1/72 in its final configuration. One thing I’ve just noticed is that all the photos I’ve seen, appear to have been shot using ortho film and show the uppers in a uniform colour. I’m fairly safe in assuming Dark Green/Dark Earth uppers. What I can’t figure though is whether it has an A or B scheme. Anyone with a clue? TIA Trevor
  5. How are they going to shoehorn Tom Cruise’s P-51 into the plot? Max Junior seeing it tonight at a charity showing. We’ll be seeing it soon Trevor
  6. Came across this the other day Wonderful Trevor
  7. Many thanks for that. I picked the kit because I’ve never done an ICM kit before and for that price - well why not?! I’m aware of the ‘interesting’ fit issues with this kit and did a dry run. I don’t intend to mount the engine, so will have to insert blanks inside to attach the exhausts. May well still insert the bulkhead for rigidity and have sussed that it won’t bulge the nose. Thanks for the 30 thou card tip. I will now stare long and hard at sideways views of the cowling. Trevor
  8. Quick question. I bagged an ICM XVI for £11. Lots of dry fitting to see what the problems will be. However, the cowl top sideways on has a smooth downwards slope to the spinner. I thought it should have the bulged top at the front because of the Packard Merlin? Trevor
  9. Love it! There is a Sub Reddit called r/oddlyterrifying. I think this would fit in quite nicely! Trevor
  10. That is a beautifully built Mossie. The scheme just suits it too. Also impressed with your figure painting skill As you’ve done the Tamiya and HK B.IV’s, that just leaves the Revell one to do I’m working may way through that one….. Trevor
  11. Beautiful Brick! I have the RN S.2A waiting in the wings. Trevor
  12. I keep looking at this video to see if it helps Trevor
  13. @Sturmovik thanks for that. Must admit I’ve not seen anyone else mention this ‘problem’ with the Eduard example. There was no contrivance on my part and it just fell together that way. Trevor
  14. Progress. Ive got the bit between my teeth on this one now and it seems to have overtaken the Eduard IX on my assembly line. My aim today was to get her on her legs. For the purposes of engendering a mild sense of anticipation to the narrative, I won’t for now tell you for now whether this was achieved or not. Don’t scroll to the end! First task for the day was to separate the two radiators from their moulding blocks. To be honest, resin isn’t normally my medium of choice, but these parts looked simple enough to cut my teeth on. A few strokes with a razor saw and I was able to get a clean break. One thing I hadn’t noticed previously was that the radiator faces were patterned. That was a bonus. Some trimming is necessary as the parts are designed for the Airfix IX. By careful reference to the relative positions on the Eduard offering, I was able to place the Pavla offerings in the right place. I ran thin cyano glue to secure them in place. Ok, not 100% correct, because there is no hollow in the wing surface but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t! and with added nose intake As you can see the join is by no means seamless A bit more cyano and Tipp Ex to fill the gaps and after a gentle rub down of the join, all should be well. So now I have an A wing with later mark matching radiators! Looking a bit like a Battle of Britain film McHaddie Spit at the moment. You can see in the above picture that the Pavla exhausts have also been added. Here is the before and after trimming session. More cyano needed here. There is a seam running down each exhaust, but these were meant to be there, being representations of the weld seam, so they remained unmodded. I know you’re all dying to know, so yes main gear was attached. I’ve now started on the revised upper cowl line, but no pix yet. Trevor
  15. Very nice indeed. Never seen this scheme before Trevor
  16. Thanks. I was wondering if either were right! The III looks too shallow and the IX too deep. I’d be interested to see other completed IX’s for comparison. Trevor
  17. Hello again. I suppose over the Easter break everyone has had ‘jobs’ to do. Mine (I was told) was to sort out the garage and make room. Fair enough, I have old half built models and boxes with empty sprues that I never quite got around to throwing away. So I spent a couple of hours culling and this morning the Council recyclers took away the excess…. One result was that it kick-started my modelling mojo again and so I unearthed the Frankenspit project. However before I continue working on Franky, I’m also introducing the parallel Eduard IX build, as some of its spares will end up here. There was something I noticed and made me wonder That’s a massive difference in dihedral. Which one (if either) is right? One thing I needed to do before adding the rudder and tailplane was to look at the tailwheel, as the III had a retractable assembly. A bit of cutting around got me this. The Eduard sprues have a spare retractable tailwheel and doors which will find their way here, once I’ve bodged an anchoring point for the wheel. Now before you wonder, yes there is a problem with the photos. For some reason there are ‘error’ and ‘forbidden messages cropping up. Hopefully the links will still work, albeit manually. I’m off to the admin area with a hammer to see if I can get the pix to work….. Trevor Edit - I posted elsewhere with one of the photos and it worked! I came back here and re embedded the photos and now it works!! Weird
  18. Hmm, my Flickr is playing up too, to the extent that my whole post won’t load. Testing 1 2 3….. But is now working! Odd Trevor
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