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  1. Max Headroom


    Y chromosomes? Trevor
  2. Max Headroom


    There is no letter ‘J’ in the traditional Welsh alphabet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh_orthography So where do all the Jones’ come from? Trevor
  3. “Moving forward across the piece”. That one belongs in Room 101 Trevor (and another hater of starting a sentence with “So..”)
  4. You left off the Balliol. So many marking options…… Trevor
  5. Dave Grohl, having a cardiovascular workout Trevor
  6. Max Headroom

    Covid Jab

    That was her day job (celling??) but she was also a volunteer with St.John’s Ambulance so already had training in giving injections. You realise that in a situation like this there is a wide pool of volunteers that step up to help others on a crisis. Trevor
  7. Max Headroom

    Covid Jab

    I forgot to say that this third jab was the first administered by a nurse. Number 1 was a fireman and number 2 a cellist (just as well she wasn’t a percussionist!) Trevor
  8. Max Headroom

    Covid Jab

    Had my booster yesterday. No sore arm and no after effects either unlike some I know who had 24 hour flu symptoms. Trevor the brave boy
  9. I assume the Canberra is still a no then? Trevor
  10. Allie never (to our knowledge) did it in her youth, but seems to have started in the last 12 months. Trevor
  11. I have recently discovered that this is called a ‘blep’ Trevor
  12. That’s a nostalgia blast In my memory they were always white. Trevor
  13. The Duxford one whilst in TT marking is minus its towing attachment in the bomb bay Trevor
  14. With literally hours to go, Paramount has pulled the rug on Netflix showing season 4 outside the US/Canada and the world will have to wait until 2022 for Paramount + to be launched (no doubt a paid for subscription service). Fuming. Trevor
  15. Got one! The world needs more Balliols……… Trevor
  16. I like that. A lot. Obviously I’ve never seen one in real life (wrong part of the planet!) but would build one Trevor
  17. Not really ‘my thing’ but a sensible, commercially based decision to fill the coffers for other types. Trevor
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