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  1. This leaves the field clear for Tamiya to concentrate on the Hurricane I…….. Trevor
  2. Don’t think so. They were only in use for about 18 months and were replaced by Mosquitoes before going to Indo China Trevor
  3. To be honest, I have been concentrating on my Mosquito build. However, I was going to use this as a companion “whilst things set/dried”. I had time last weekend but Flickr has thrown a strop. At the moment I can’t upload photos! So a build thread at the moment would be like a juggling act on radio… I can still access my account and download existing photos but that’s not much use….. I’m in contact with the Flickr team and at some point will do a data dump Trevor
  4. I apologise for the tardiness in finding this thread. Trevor
  5. Troubles continue. I’ve given Flickr support my IOS update status and also the for the app. At their suggestion I also successfully uploaded a picture from my pc (never uploaded from a pc before!) yep that works too (apols if the pic above is someone’s copyright - I’ll remove it if asked) We’ll see what transpires. Trevor
  6. @Alan P I do have a laptop and I can access Flick that way - it’s just that the mobile is so much easier. Been trying Google Photos for hours and not yet succeed in embedding a link. Time to contact Support again.. Trevor
  7. Hi @Avereda I’ve always used the first option ie the square with upwards pointing arrow. Didn’t know about the other and can’t see it on my phone. I press the icon then scroll until I get to the Flickr option and press and then the magic happens….. Trevor
  8. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I can’t find an app for the iPhone. In desperation I’ve downloaded Google Photos and am trying to find a way to copy links…… Trevor
  9. @Mike thanks, just tried that but it hasn’t worked. I switch off my phone at night anyway (long press of the button on the right hand side and swipe right) but that’s not worked. If all else fails, I’ll need to get another app. Maybe even back to Photobucket and pay for It this time Trevor
  10. I have a problem, quite a serious problem. I’ve been modelling this afternoon. Finished the cockpit painting and had got as far as sticking the instrument panel to one half. However, without being able to actually show you what I’m doing, it’s rather like juggling on the radio. So for now I’ll just have to plug away in the dark, hoping this irritation can be sorted and then do one big data dump. In the meantime, if anyone has any bright ideas, you know where I am……. Trevor
  11. I’m in a bit of a quandary. I exclusively use my iPhone SE for taking photos of my builds. At present these are stored on Flickr. So far so good. I recently started seeing warnings that my 1000 free photo limit was near. Checking via my pc I saw that I was just over 900. Ho hum, bite the bullet and go pro I suppose. Just before parting with my money though, I discovered that I can’t upload any more photos. I can access my account and even download photos already there. However, when I go to my photos on the phone, press the upload icon and select the photo, the upload page briefly appears and then closes. I tried logging out and then back in and even uninstalling the app and reloading it, but it makes no difference. The loading page will show and immediately shut off! I’ve reported it to Flickr, but so far their background tinkering hasn’t done anything. So what to do? Anyone with the same problem or clues as to what to do? Trevor
  12. This isn’t modelling - this is engineering! Trevor the impressed
  13. Fantastic work. I’m sure the end result will be spectacular. No pressure. Trevor
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