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  1. Very nice job on a quite old kit. Real masterpiece!
  2. Very interesting subject and the story behind it! Nice built and great finish!
  3. T-28 was the main soviet medium tank of the pre-WWII era. It has no bright victories to speak of, but gained some success during the Soviet-Finland war. It is mainly known for been the only production 3-turret tank with more than 500 units built. Very nice Trumpeter kit. I used NO putty at all. Painted with Vallejo acrylics (4BO main color). The only addition was the photoetched gunsight for the anti-aircraft machine-gun on the main turret. And I made lens for the headlights from scratch. Next Trumpeter T-28 kit (this time with conical main turret) waits to be assembled.
  4. Great Albatross Libor! I had this kit and I can hardly believe that you managed to make such a beauty out of it!
  5. Very nice digital camo here! Awesome neat work!
  6. Very nice! Clear build and impressive chipping and weathering. And as for the invasion stripes: she had to be without them before they were painted on!
  7. This mistake is reproduced on almost all widely spread drawings. And it did not affect the very nice impression of your great work. And I suppose that Tamiya's researchers were just a bit lazy studying the Il-2.
  8. Very nice build and paintwork with superb weathering! Tamiya's Il-2 is really a great kit, but even Tamiya did not avoid a common mistake by placing the shell ejection holes centrally symmetrically relative to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Vya-23 guns had not option of left or right side ammo feed. One can see the real placement of them on the photo below. The only 1/72nd Il-2 kits I am aware of where this feature is properly rendered are those from Academy.
  9. Great job! Nice to see MiG under proper management
  10. I have to make mine. I'm sure I can't get a similar result. But at least I now have something to look on.
  11. WOW! Very nice! I can hardly believe this is only 1/72nd!
  12. Hawker Hurricane from Arma Hobby is easily the best Hurricane kit in the scale. And you've made easily the best model from this kit. Very well done, Libor!
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