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  1. I've got the Sabrekits Hs.126 today. It's wingspan is 20,2 cm and length is approx. 15,3 cm (I can not be completely sure in this measurement because I estimated the unassembled parts). But the fuselage parts are pretty similar in shape with these of old Italery kit which I have in my stash for decades. So I think that though Sabrekits kit lacks some fine detailing of Brengun's product it is much more precise in dimensions. I feel like the Sabrekits developed their Hs.126 while keeping an eye on the Airfix of Italery kit (or both).
  2. Great Uhu, Libor! And fantastic paint job!
  3. Very nice model! You've done great chipping and weathering work and the result is really impressive!
  4. Absolutely fantastic work! I can hardly believe that's only 1/72nd!
  5. Very good work! This kit is not easy to assemble and you did a great job with it!
  6. Looks really like heavy metal. Well done!
  7. No words! I wish I had hands like yours!
  8. WOW! I couldn't even imagine that 10 pfennigs of 1917 are THAT BIG! Amazing work!
  9. She is perfect! And very nice collection of Vietnam war era aircraft.
  10. I can hardly believe it's only 1/72nd! Excellent work, Libor!
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