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  1. Finished a few days ago I've used original Revell GR.4 boxing with some goodies from Eduard, Aires, Quickboost and myself - Eduard PE sets - interier, exterier, gearbays - Eduard brassin seats - Eduard brassin Paveway II bombs and Sidewinders - Eduard BOZ and SkyShadow pods - Eduard decals - Aires cockpit - AIR4800 IDS early modified to GR.1 - Aires exhaust - Quickboost canon barels - Reskit wheels - selfdesigned 3D printed outer wing pylons, fuselage pylons, landing lights a crew ladder - selfdesigned mission marks decal and modifi
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  4. My weekend project - great fun to build except the cloak... that do not want to fit properly I 'did not use any of kit's decals. All bits and pieces are hand painted. Thanks for looking Alexandr
  5. Just finished today my first ever Star Wars buid. Hope you like it A.
  6. Hi, here is my recent build - Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 as flown by Hptm. Moelders of JG53 in 1940... Kit is Tamiya and it's amazing ! Decals is a mix of Tamiya, Eduard and Microscale A few PE details added in cockpit, the rest is straight OOB... ´Enjoy S.
  7. Hi, Slow but steady progress As I received some constructive comments regarding antenna mast as I decided to make it over. Still not the perfect one but a bit closer to the real thing - I think My attempt to depict binocular periscope ... ... and it's mount inside the vehicle Thats all for now. I am heading to sunny Croatia for next two weeks so more progress sometime in late September. Alexandr
  8. A very small progress. Radio wired and headphones added. Also antena mount modified and covered. More to come
  9. Hi, a couple of years ago I've created a 3D model to convert Tamiya SdKfz 250/3 to 253 command vehicle. It was printed by Shapeways and turn out quite well I think... Now it's time to use it. Here is a few progress images. I'm using various plastic sheets and pieces together with some Hauler PE. Some interior changes typical to 253... A teaser Kit radio modified a bit ... More interior changes... S.
  10. Thank you guys a lot for your kind comments. I'm pleased you like it A.
  11. Are you sure it's the first kit ??? Very nice, great job ! Congrats...
  12. Hi Andy, Thanks for nice comment I did not have the possibility to "touch" the Special Hobby (SH) kit yet, but from the pictures I've seen the kits are totaly different. First of all, Stransky kit is completely new construction from the ground up and it is based on standard serial production Bücker Bü-181. The Stransky's model has more details in cockpit and also has the possibility to pose cockpit doors open - SH kit has only closed cockpit canopy. There is also more detailing on engine cowling, landing gear etc. Surface details on Stransky's kit is also of very good quality showing st
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