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  1. eng

    1/72 Academy F15C

    I can’t comment on its accuracy in terms of fixtures and fittings but I’d have no hesitation in recommending the GWH option, a flawless build, and it sure looks every inch an Eagle. Eng
  2. Gorgeous build, absolutely stunning finish. Eng
  3. Having seen the F.3's at Leuchars many times over the years this is a superb rendition of the machine. The weathering is very nicely executed and just right. I've yet to build the Revell F.3 but I certainly won't get one that looks this good. All three kits together look stunning! Great work. Eng
  4. Awesome! The base is very effective in conveying a speeding jet at low level. Very nice indeed. Eng
  5. A very tidy build and beautifully finished. Personally not my favourite "Special" but your efforts to recreate such a fine job have been well rewarded. Eng
  6. Beautifully finished! These are indeed big birds when finished, but as you point out absolutely beautiful kits to build. Eng
  7. Outstanding Dave! The weathering is just stunning. Rgds, Graeme
  8. Don’t forget if you’re displaying your finished jet inflight with big jugs don’t have the wings fully swept! Eng
  9. This is absolutely epic! Incredible attention to detail. Really looking forward to your progress with this. Eng
  10. I've had one arrive this week and have to say the points raised in FloryModels review YouTube are valid points, before I go any further, and cop flak for it, I'm not putting this kit down at all, these are simply some of the things I've noted. I LOVE the look of this kit, I'm a huge fan of the Tornado and had no real intention of picking one up as I have plenty Revell kits in 1/72, 1/48 and also a 1/32 GR.1 with some Flightpath goodies already, but this new offering looked to have some nice features that tipped me towards picking one up. Here's a few of my observations: It is expen
  11. eng

    1/72 Academy F15C

    I have the Academy kit and had made a tentative start on it but then a GWH F-15C MSIP II arrived and its just superb to build, not a millimetre of filler! The Academy kit is back in the box and unlikely to re-surface anytime soon. Eng
  12. Wow, that pretty spectacular! The paint finish is outstanding. Eng
  13. Outstanding, that really is beautiful, and the photography certainly does it justice too. A fantastic set of photo's, love this! Eng
  14. Anyone got there hands on one of the new GR.3's yet? I've got one on order but thought there may have been some early reviews up by now. Eng
  15. Wow, thats come up a treat, what a beauty! Very nicely painted and finished. I need to get my finger out and get on with mine, this is great inspiration. Lovely work, Eng
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