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  1. Excellent review, I've a few of these on order and am kinda hoping they arrive before my next set of days off! I've already picked up some nice FDcal sheets for the RNZAF scheme and BA's Chelsea Rose livery, and the lovely 26Decals BA Negus livery. Fingers crossed for plenty more nice schemes to come. Any chance of some pics of the sprue with the gear parts? Rgds, Eng
  2. Wow, that beautiful, and a nice unusual choice. The 3D engine looks superb. I've got one of these on the bench just now but going for a regular build with aftermarket decals. Love your work here. Eng
  3. Thats absolutely beautiful, those engines are a work of art. Eng
  4. OOOOHHH! That does look lovely, certainly got the lines of a 757, the cockpit area looks lovely. Cant wait for these to hit the shops. Eng
  5. Dave that is spectacular! That first photo is very convincingly realistic. I love the look of the seat harness and weathering around the cockpit sills. The overall finish is flawless, beautifully shaded and weathered. Whats the long item that hangs down aft of the RH MLG? Beautiful work. Grae
  6. That's a beautifully finished build the paint and weathering are exquisite! I love the hi-viz tail's contrast to the battered greys of the airframe. Between this build and the book I'm reading just now called "Angles of Attack - An A-6 Intruder pilots war" I'm very tempted to dig out my HB 1/48 A-6E TRAM. Lovely work. Eng
  7. Good Evening one and all, just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the love for this one! Very much appreciated indeed thank you. Hi @nheather the support is a piece of 2.3mm hard steel wire polished up and carefully shaped. Its simply glued into place through the 3 layers of structure just aft of the rear fuselage bulkhead with Araldite epoxy. The other end is just pushed into an interference fit hole on the base. I must admit my display plan kind of grew with the kit and if I do another I would probably secure a nut inside the fuselage and thread the end of the rod, or use 2 pieces of square section hollow tube that telescope neatly together. @Tiger331 that must have been epic to see from an airborne platform! I remember seeing footage of the final Bucc Farewell and would have loved to have been there for that. I have 2 fond memories of the Bucc, the first a mass airfield attack during the 1986 Lossie where at one point there were Bucc's beating up the airfield at very low level from every direction you looked, and then the last one I saw airborne was the RAE machine. A group of us were on a school activities week and were sea fishing out of Portpatrick in SW Scotland, being the only boat for miles around I'm 100% sure the Bucc crew saw us before they shot past a few hundred metres off the bow but low enough to be kicking up some spray! Yes the Bucc was some bit of kit. Thanks again for all the kind comments, a wrap-round camo bird will be the next one, and a Gulf War machine with some nice nose art at some point too. Cheers, Eng
  8. Evening one and all, Thought I'd share a few pics of my recently completed new tool Airfix Bucc S.2B. The Bucc is an old favourite of mine, having lived in NE Scotland as a youngster for most of the 80's these were a common sight blasting around the countryside at low level, and a regular visitor at Aberdeen on practise diversions, our school conveniently right under the flightpath! I couldn't wait for the Airfix new tool to be released and have another couple of these to produce yet. Built out of the box except for the addition of a resin CBLS practise bomb dispenser. A stunning kit, lovely decals, 2 great marking options, plenty scope for aftermarket extra's but it really doesn't need much to produce a nice build. I built this from the outset with the intention of putting it on a base and showing it gear up doing what the Bucc does best - low level! I did some maths and have displayed the aircraft at a scale 25-30ft off the top of the base. To fly a jet at this height at 500kts over a featureless North Sea must have been a phenomenal experience and demand utmost concentration. And so, on with the pics..... Hope you like this one, all comments welcome, good and bad. Rgds, Eng
  9. Anyone know if there's any update on a release date for the C-130J? Rather looking forward to this one. Eng
  10. Love that shot in your first batch of the Herc with the 3 MV-22's circling round in the background, but all of these are just superb. Superb work. Eng
  11. Thats pretty spectacular and very different indeed, love this a lot. Superb build. Eng
  12. Absolutely outstanding Al. Thats a spectacular conversion, requiring a heck of a lot of extra work and you've certainly pulled this one out of the bag. The finish is superb and as someone mentioned earlier with a sky background and editing out the support, this would indeed pass for the real deal. A build to be proud of indeed. Nice one! Rgds, Eng
  13. Wow, thats superb! The Viggen really suits that camo and the load-out is perfect. Excellent job Eng
  14. Mine arrived from the Big H today and its a fine looking kit, I'm no expert on the Mirage family but this kit, for 1/72, is packed with detail. I had already purchased the EA version of the Mirage III a few weeks ago and when I saw the quality of that kit the 2000 was too tempting. Colour option 2 for me, that French machine in the sand/tan looks lovely. Eng
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