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  1. Thats beautiful, love the way you've done the over-painted squadron badge on the tail. Very nicely turned out SHar. Eng
  2. Wow! Thats beautiful, what a stunning paint scheme, very eye-catching and I love the heat staining on the rear fuselage too. Eng
  3. Thats an incredible build and display. The open bomb bay jumps out in particular, very nicely detailed. Beautifully painted and weathered too. Eng
  4. WOWWWW! Thats absolutely stunning, I honestly had to do a second look at that first pic as I thought it was a photo of the real thing for comparison. Beautifully finished and the colours are spot-on. Lovely work, Eng
  5. Just had a Mildenhall based CV-22 pop into Glasgow for the weekend! Arrived about 1750 and due to operate out of here Sat/Sun. Makes a nice change from the shorthaul Airbus that's the mainstay around here. Eng
  6. Beautiful build, I remember these being regular Glasgow visitors in the 90's. I had a very quick look onboard one once when I worked for Alpha Flt Catering, bit of an eye-opener compared to the likes of the 737/757's at the time. Was crossing the swing bridge at Renfrew once and saw one on finals, when I pointed it out to my wife her immediate response was, "Is that on fire?"!! Yep they were definitely not good for the planet! Lovely work, Eng
  7. You wouldn't go far wrong with the new tool Academy kit if you're not bothered for dropped flaps/slats and the option of open speed brakes. Its a beaut of a kit, goes together very nicely. The Quickboost inlets are worth the few quid extra. Eng
  8. Think Caracal may have a 1/144 decal sheet avail Eng
  9. There's definitely pic's out there with Brit Harrier's loaded with Maverick training rounds. Don't know if they've ever been used in anger but they have been carried. Eng Beautiful build of Trumpy's 1/32nd kit, very nice indeed. Eng
  10. Outstanding efforts, nowt wrong with either of those! Two of my fave airliners and loved working on both of those when BA still had them. Eng
  11. Glasgow's biggest regular is the Emirate B777-300ER, occasionally we get a -200LR, with a daily service. Hopefully the A380 may make a return but I still prefer the sleeker lines of the B777. I've a Revell 777 in the stash with Emirates decals for a future build at some point. Here's a couple of recent shots including the 50th Special scheme. Hope you enjoy these! Eng
  12. In my opinion the nicest of the all the retro schemes created for the BA100 celebrations. A night shot of G-EUPJ parked at Glasgow back in Nov 2020 Eng
  13. Was looking back through some photo's recently and realised I haven't shared many of my photo's on BritModeller so I hope these may be of interest. Back at the end of Feb last year Glasgow was fortunate to see some AH-64 action with a pair stopping for fuel, with one subsequently going tech for a couple of days. Better still, on 5 March last year with very few commercial movements due to the pandemic the airport acted as a nighttime FOB for some Chinooks, Apaches and 2 supporting Herc's with field refuelling equipment. A freezing night but many of the local photographers stayed out til around 2am when everything eventually headed back to Leuchars. Hope you enjoy these, plenty more aviation pic's to share from Glasgow, Prestwick and some from Lakenheath. Eng
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