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  1. Mine arrived from the Big H today and its a fine looking kit, I'm no expert on the Mirage family but this kit, for 1/72, is packed with detail. I had already purchased the EA version of the Mirage III a few weeks ago and when I saw the quality of that kit the 2000 was too tempting. Colour option 2 for me, that French machine in the sand/tan looks lovely. Eng
  2. Wow, thats a spectacular Herc. Beautifully weathered paint scheme, love the tail markings and the little touch like the shield decal on the forward steps just make it unique. Eng
  3. With the GWH kit in work and loving what they have done, I took the plunge and ordered the Academy kit from a certain online auction site yesterday afternoon. Hopefully this will arrive within the next fortnight as I’m looking forward to seeing how it stacks up against both Academy’s B-1B which I finished recently (see Ready For Inspection thread), as this is a beautiful kit, and GWH’s kit. Academy have definitely lost on panel line finesse but gain back in the engine and weaponry stakes. I much prefer Academy’s approach to the cockpit glazing, and including canopy masks in this sc
  4. That is a very beautiful Phantom! Eng
  5. Thats absolutely stunning, you should be rightly pleased with that one. The photo's look fantastic too, love the head on shot in the hangar. I decided to butcher my Sword kit and use the front fuselage and fin and combine these with the Airfix GR.7/9 kit to get a T-bird, its a long way off being finished but seemed like a good idea at the time. Excellent work, thanks for sharing. Eng
  6. Wow, looking at the sprue layout above more of that plastic goes in the bin than into the finished kit! I do like GWH kits though, the F-15C and E are superb. Eng
  7. Looks nice, I've currently got the GWH kit on the bench and the breakdown is similar. Academy's engines are far superior though. the GWH kit doesn't have any exhaust detail at all. I'll probably pick up an Academy kit when its released as they are a manageable size in this scale. Eng
  8. I did say it was Tamiya paints I used earlier but I think the overall colour was Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color H305 (FS36118) but I added a couple of drops of white for scale effect. It was pre-shaded with Tamiya Rubber Black and I used a further lightened main colour to pick out a few panels to break up the plain finish, you can see this on the shot taken from the tail end. Thanks you all for the kind comments, the only thing I should have paid a bit more attention to is the long seam either side of the nose, its not too noticeable but could have done with a little bit more work.
  9. Evening all, Recently completed Academy's new tool 1/144 B-1B, a truly superb rendition of this impressive bomber. The kits almost a snap fit build with beautiful surface detailing, lovely decals, canopy masks and the finished article looks every inch a B-1B. Finished straight from the box with Tamiya and Vallejo paints. If you're limited for space this is a beautiful way to still have a B-1 in the collection. GWH's 1/144 B-52H's up next on the bench. All co
  10. Thats fantastic Al, what a stunning finish you've achieved on that. The lenses on the turret look epic and the weathering gives it a very realistic "used" look. I've read lots of good reviews on this kit and as you say its tremendous value for money. Lovely work! Eng
  11. Absolutely stunning work, love this!! Eng
  12. Wow, that superb! You've done a cracking job of that F.3. The hangar backdrop is very effective and certainly in the pics has a 3D look to it. Eng
  13. eng

    1/72 Academy F15C

    I can’t comment on its accuracy in terms of fixtures and fittings but I’d have no hesitation in recommending the GWH option, a flawless build, and it sure looks every inch an Eagle. Eng
  14. Gorgeous build, absolutely stunning finish. Eng
  15. Having seen the F.3's at Leuchars many times over the years this is a superb rendition of the machine. The weathering is very nicely executed and just right. I've yet to build the Revell F.3 but I certainly won't get one that looks this good. All three kits together look stunning! Great work. Eng
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