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  1. Model Alliance sheet MA-48130 has a grey twin tub Jag from 54 Sqn on it, "GT" if I remember correctly. Eng
  2. It will be the Zvezda kit, they've re-boxed a lot of Zvezda stuff in the past. Eng
  3. This is incredible!! Will defo be watching the progress of this and the figures/dio. Love it Eng
  4. Nice work! Ive one of these to do and have 26 Decals for the UK Gov VIP jet. Very nice finish, TAP's current livery is rather nice. Eng
  5. eng

    F-14A+/B info please

    Hi Pappy, There's loads of discussion threads and photo's across various websites if you google your queries but to answer your questions, see below:- Q.1 - The glove vanes were locked out on A's and B's when they were eventually disabled, so you could leave the outline of these and just paint over the area. I'm not 100% certain but believe the gaps around them were probably filled with aerodynamic sealant. Q.2 - The strips should be present on your F-14B canopy, all versions had these and I believe they were lightning conductor strips. Both the fwd and aft canopy sections have them fitted and they cover approx 2/3rds of each section from the aft edge forwards. Google search for canopy images, there's stacks of pic's available. Rgds, Eng
  6. Thats a mighty impressive build! Superb work, Eng
  7. That wiring is just superb Ray, the revised colour looks good too. Couldn't agree more about the book, those guys put themselves in the line of fire every time they went out! The early incident where he took a 23mm that cracked the spar was unreal, proves the machine was built to take a hit. Eng
  8. Duncan B - Its a fantastic kit, I've picked up both versions as I've been a fan of the Bronco since I was a youngster. I'd go as far as to say this is kit of the year for 2021, and surpassing the Tamiya Phantom as its such an under-produced type. The surface detail is superb too, if you take your time with he boom's the tapered lower panels can be fitted leaving no visible join and therefore eliminating the need to sand off any of the nice raised rivet detail. Ray_W - Loving your work on this so far, incredible! If you haven't read it yet there's a fantastic book called "Da Nang Diary" by Tom Yarborough who was an OV-10 pilot with the 20th TASS. I'm about a 3rd of the way through the book and its a superb, cant put it down. Its a great insight into the OV-10 Op's and FAC Op's in general. One interesting thing following your comment about adding a gear lever to the cockpit on the kit is that the gear could only be lowered from the rear cockpit but not raised, this could only be done by the front seater. Can't help but think that OV-10 pilots must have had unusual shaped legs to operate those rudder pedals, they seem oddly positioned, with the throttle box sections in the way somewhat. I'd love to sit in one to see if its as awkward as it looks. Will be following your build with interest as I've caved and started mine this week one our Xmas break. Eng
  9. Thats fantastic! Looks like a well used Spit but not too overdone. Weathering is the deal breaker by this point in the build. I've learnt the hard way, but the best advice I could give is as soon as you think you've done enough stop and walk away from it. Come back to it several hours, or a day later and have another look, its easy too add more but not so easy to take it off again!! Loads of good reference pics and knowing the subject helps too Eng
  10. Wow that was a quick build! Last I looked you were dealing with the legs and primer! Absolutely outstanding work as always, what a lovely finish. This ones too big for me but very impressive to see one put together already, you've set a very high bar for those that follow. Eng
  11. For many, many days.... I'd have more than a couple of 1/32 Jag's if someone did the honours. After picking up a couple of Italeri's 1/32 Tornado's I'd be quite happy if they could produce a Jag to the same standard. Eng
  12. The 3 parts along the top row from the left made me think Seaking as well. Eng
  13. Oh my, that is just beautiful!! Exactly how I remember these. You've achieved a lovely clean finish on this one and your decals look incredible. Great inspiration to be cracking on with my series of BA builds. Thanks for producing this sheet, it was always going to be an absolute "must have" for me Eng
  14. That is a stunning presentation, love the fact the lapel badges follow the profile of the leading edge. Very nice indeed. Eng
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