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  1. Outstanding work! The Fujimi kit is still an superb base kit for RAF Phantoms. Love these Eng
  2. Managed to get my hands on one of these last month with exactly the same idea in mind as yourself - a nice dirty TPS scheme. This is a super build and great inspiration, lovely job. Eng
  3. eng

    Best F-35A kits?

    I know you specified just the A, but if its as good as the new B version then the Academy kit in 1/72 would be my choice. The value for money over the Hasegawa kit is significant and in my opinion the surface detail is better too. Eng
  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a stunning build, those engine nacelles are beautifully reproduced. Love the overall finish, the AA window decals are fantastic, and leading edges just superb. I flew on this jet to Miami in 1985 as a 10 year old kid, my first long haul trip and my first flight on a 747. Sadly as someone else pointed out this jet was the one destroyed at Kuwait during the Gulf conflict. Interestingly the wing gear from the aircraft was recovered and both sets are in BA's Waterside HQ at Heathrow spaced the correct distance apart to give visitors the idea of the size of the aircraft. Beautiful, Eng
  5. Thats a very, very nice F-14! Superb painting and weathering, the decals look painted on. absolutely nailed it I'd say. Love it. Eng
  6. Thats brilliant! And yes I'd agree that its a very, very brave thing to have done I had a text whilst at work the other day from my lovely wife saying "Theres another big package just arrived here for you" (Note the use of the word 'another'!!). So on getting home I scuttled upstairs with said package and checked the contents, finding a Hobby Boss 1/48 F-14B as expected. Later in the evening whilst at the bench my wife came in and saw the not exactly small box and the conversation kinda went like this:- Mrs Eng - "Was that what was in your parcel?", (well you can't disguise that size of box) Me - "Yes" (The next question is always my favourite) Mrs Eng - "So...how many of those do you have already?" (Now feeling a bit brave.....) Me - "Ah, just the one more!....Oh, and a Hobby Boss 'A' version, this Tamiya 'A' (points to last weeks arrival), and another Tamiya 'D' like that (points to completed VF-31 Tamiya D on the shelf)" (Now expecting a s**t storm to erupt I quickly continued....) Me - "...The thing is I've a build plan for all of these, and they are all slightly different. You see the aircraft evolved from the 'A' model with TF-30 engines and the smaller chin pod, this one (Tamiya A) will be a late model 'A', the 'A+' or 'B' featured more powerful and reliable F110 engines.... blah, blah, blah" (I turn to continue my explanation.... Mrs Eng now vacating the room...) Mrs S - "Whatever..." Lived to spend another day at the bench! Eng
  7. Thats gorgeous, always had a soft spot for the P-3 and have this kit in my stash but never built it. This is beautiful, love the crisp shiny metallic area's round the inlets and the dropped flaps and open weapons bay make a huge difference. Eng
  8. Nice scheme, a bit more unusual but beautifully executed. The weathering is perfect. Lovely work, Eng
  9. Beautifully shaded and weathered and a superb choice of markings Eng
  10. This is the second absolutely stunning 737 build I've seen here this morning! Love it and that Tartan tail is very close to my own family tartan. Beautiful build Eng
  11. That is absolutely stunning! The DACO 737's are stunning on their own but with all the additional work you've done to this you've created a masterpiece. Outstanding work, sublime details and a beautiful 737! Eng
  12. Thank you very much indeed for producing these decals in 1/72 scale, they are absolutely beautiful and performed flawlessly. I'm really pleased with how this turned out and am glad to finally have a Lakenheath Eagle in my collection. Eng
  13. Thanks Mike, I never had any issue with the front canopy other than needing a tiny swipe of filler to blend in the join. I have got another one of these and two Strike Eagles so will be interesting to see if there's any issue with any of these. I've never built the Hasegawa kit but I did have one in the stash for a while. I'd say the GWH kit is far more refined, and fits together with minimal effort and only a smear of filler. The panel lines and detail of the GWH kit is exactly what you'd expect of a modern kit from the Far East, sharp and crisp. I'd build this kit over and over again, its beautifully engineered for a 1/72 offering. Thank you to everyone who's commented kindly on this one Eng
  14. Beautiful build, not an aircraft I'm fond of, but this is stunning. Eng
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