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  1. Good Afternoon, I can help you out here! Can you please DM me some contact details please. Eng
  2. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/kh/kit_kh_50006.shtml Quick review up here for anyone who's interested in the Pave Hawk Eng
  3. Any sign of a release date for the HH-60G? Could still be tempted by one of these but seems to have all gone quiet. Eng
  4. Morning folks, Very strangely, and totally out of the blue I received an envelope this morning containing a hand written letter from Martin Garrett apologising for the delay in sending decals I had ordered a long while back, and that this had been due to ongoing family health issues. The letter was very polite and sincere, and the decals were included. Eng
  5. Looking at the pics above and the photo in the previous comment of the Saudi jet, I would say those guards could be fitted with the probe in the deployed position. We use FOD/Run guards when carrying out runs on the A319/320/321 at work, but ours are basically large wheeled cages that sit round the front of the inlet, the back edge of the cage has a cutout that the nose of the inlet sits inside and there's a clearance of about 6-9 inches around this to allow for the aircraft shaking around during the runs. Eng
  6. In terms of what happens next to the aircraft there will be a very thorough clean up and a whole raft of inspections and checks carried out to the engines and airframe a laid out in Chapter 5 of the aircraft maintenance manual. Its not impossible for birds to pass clean through an engine and leave absolutely no trace of damage whatsoever, I've seen this more than once, but something the size of gulls are at minimum have bent a few fan blades if not worse. If the bird has gone through the core of the engine and not just down the bypass duct then there will be a requirement for horoscope inspections to check the various stages of LP and HP compressor. Again the AMM will lay down very specific and clear limits for quantity of blades damaged and size of damage. Oh and as has been pointed out already the smell that disassembled gulls leave in a hot engine is something that will turn the strongest of stomach's! Eng
  7. Not experienced this personally but looks like the Tamiya Thinners may have reacted with the Klear I personally only ever use Humbrol Acrylic rattle cans for the final varnish coats, I know that doesn't help here but might be worth trying next time round. Don't bin the kit though. Rub it back and have another go at it, I've got a couple of spare Revell GR.1 decals sheets if you want one. Eng
  8. eng

    Airfix 2020

    1/48 RAF Puma please 1/72 new tool Tornado GR.1/4 and F.3 - they'll all be in museums so plenty material to LIDAR Eng
  9. Beautiful collection, thats a lot of rotor blades!!! Eng
  10. Thats absolutely outstanding, defo one of the best schemes ever applied to a Hawk. Love the base, the ground equipment and the crew. 1st class work. Eng
  11. Absolutely outstanding build, weathering looks spot on. Eng
  12. Is it just a re-box of the Dragon/Panda kit? Eng
  13. Only other thing I’d recommend with the Revell kit is to shorten the nose oleo/shock absorber slightly otherwise the jet sits slightly too nose high. Eng
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