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  1. eng

    Airfix 2020

    1/48 RAF Puma please 1/72 new tool Tornado GR.1/4 and F.3 - they'll all be in museums so plenty material to LIDAR Eng
  2. eng

    New shelf time ?

    Beautiful collection, thats a lot of rotor blades!!! Eng
  3. Thats absolutely outstanding, defo one of the best schemes ever applied to a Hawk. Love the base, the ground equipment and the crew. 1st class work. Eng
  4. eng

    1/32 Revell GR4 Tornado

    Absolutely outstanding build, weathering looks spot on. Eng
  5. Should have read the full thread
  6. Is it just a re-box of the Dragon/Panda kit? Eng
  7. eng

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    Only other thing I’d recommend with the Revell kit is to shorten the nose oleo/shock absorber slightly otherwise the jet sits slightly too nose high. Eng
  8. eng

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    If you choose to build your kit with gear down and on the ground, don’t forget that the wings need to be displayed in the forward unswept position! Eng
  9. Stunning, both jets are absolutely superb! I agree about the intakes, the only area that lets the kit down a bit, but you’ve done a beautiful job of the painting and finishing of the ones on your F.3. Will miss these when they no longer grace our skies. Eng
  10. Wow what an awesome collection, everyone of them absolutely stunning.... and not a Jolly Roger in sight
  11. REALLY like this, it's absolutely beautiful, fantastic attention to detail. Eng
  12. First post I've opened tonight on BM and totally blown away by this build! I've flown on a few but probably worked, or at least set foot on, nearly every BA 767 in my 24 years with the company, I changed fuel filters on NWZ prior to its first revenue flight, and NWF split my head open when the fan cowl hold open rod dropped down as the cowl was opened!. With the exception of the sadly departed 757, these beauties are without doubt favourites of mine, the aircraft carries off the company livery perfectly and is just a good looking jet, they're lovely to fly on as well. I'm not looking forward to the day when these no longer pass through Glasgow and are eventually never seen again, nothing else looks "just right". Your build is absolutely stunning, beautifully finished and captures the fine lines of the jet "just right". A tremendous nod to this great aeroplane and a great piece of modelling, can't say more than that. I've a Revell kit part built as a SAS aircraft and the Zvezda kit with decals for a BA bird..... which I'm now rather inspired to build. Fantastic, Rgds, Eng
  13. Outstanding collection and I hope they survive intact, great effort on the Hobby Boss F.3 as this has a fair few issues. Brilliant work. Eng
  14. eng

    SA-3 Viking

    Beautiful! An early USN favourite of mine, this is a stunning example. Eng