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    No.3 Squadron, RAF Coningsby 2005/6 Finished her of today ">http:// ">http://
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    Hi all, another Monogram classic @ £4.99 and classic aircraft... F-105G 'Thunderchief' Built straight from the box apart from adding new decals and fitting a couple of Aires seats. Paints used Xtracolour Gloss Enamels. Brian.
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    Bf 109E-7 W.Nr Unbekannt (tail number is not known), the pilot - Franz Elles 2./JG27 The set is very good. Assembly – is a pleasure. But I bought to this gorgeous set - the new cab and alloy wheels from “Aires”, landing flaps from “Quickbust” and the turned barrels from the Polish “Aber”. Antenna cable – is a nylon thread. Painted: Top basic is the Humbrol 63 Sand, stain Tamiya 58, bottom Humbrol 65. Rapid identification band is Akan. Color RLM 78/79/80. Weathering - Tamiya. Washing - MIG. Lacquers - Futura, Tikurilla. References: 1. Wydawnictwo_Militaria_105_Messerschmitt_Bf-109_in_Color 2. Aces of the Luftwaffe, Pilots Bf109 on the eastern front (air war number 9) 3. Betriebs und Rüstanleitung Me 109 (manual) 4. Flugzeug Profile 46 - Messerschmitt Bf 109 E Varianten 5. Scale Aircraft Modelling Colours Combat Colours 1 Bf 109E 6. Squadron - Aircraft # 1044 Messerschmitt Bf-109 (Part1) 7. Squadron - Aircraft # 1044 Messerschmitt Bf-109 (Part2) 8. Me-109E_walkaround_photos_by_Dean_Large 9. Aero_Detail_01_Bf-109E 10. AJ-Press - Monografie lotnicze. # 042 Messerschmitt Bf109 11. Bf-109 B-E Colour files 12. Walkaround Messerschmitt Bf 109E Modelart
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    Just been going through my 2012 airshow photo collection and thought people might like to see some. Stunning paint job on the Belgian F-16 from the Duxford spring show. French Navy Rafale arrives at Yeovilton Sea King and Apache from the role demo at Yeovilton Korean Black Eagles team at RIAT 6 sqn Typhoon taking off from Farnborough Super Hornet at Farnborough in an amazing blue sky! MV-22 Osprey lands at farnborough The Reds return to Bournemouth A couple of beauties at Flying legends Thanks for looking! There's more if anybodies interested.
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    Picked one of these up at Modelzone last week. Well what a disappointment! I've been modelling for damn near 55 years and Airfix still can't get it right! Invisible turbine front is invisible, huge panel lines clearly visible through the magnifier, nose wheel bulge in the floor is all wrong. I spent hours shaking it and shouting at it but to no avail. It flatly refused to build and paint itself into a perfect replica exact in every detail. It was with a sigh of resignation that I accepted that I was going to have to employ the modelling skills gathered from many years of passion for my hobby. Well to cut a not very long story short, a few sessions at the bench, it's finished and I have to admit it looks like just like a T11! Who'd have thought? Chill guys. It's just a model and it's just a hobby. Nobody died!
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    After my visit at Świdwin Air Base last year: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.p...c=71614&hl= I decided to build our Su-22M4 in new NATO-called camouflage. My choice was plane no 3816. I used plenty of aftermarkets for this old KP kit: -Aires cockpit, -CiroModels wheel bays -Quickboost landing reflectors, airscopes and exhaust cover -Part PE sets -Aerobonus UB-32 launchers and Ch-25 missiles from Trumpeter's Su-24 kit. Decals made by my colleauge. I really like this plane .
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    Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234935940-the-kh80119-mig-25pdpds/ CAD drawings from the future 1/48th MiG-25PD/PDS "Foxbat-E" - ref KH80119 Release expected in May 2013. V.P.
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    Hi well finished this two year build. Its a full hull with made up base. I only completed it when I got a wood deck and PE fret upgrade, before that it was in storage. Some pictures. This ship depicts its years the near end of hostilities with the Japanese . Added some figures.
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    Hello everybody, Here is my last finished model. It's a very very tiny model for 1/72. It's my 8th UAV in my collection (Predator, Reaper, Gnat750, Global Hawk, X47B, Firescout, AS-1 Kennel) !! This very tiny UAV is operated by the US Army and US Marines Corps almost everywhere USA is involved in war. THe main task of this vehicule is scouting, tracking, target acquisition ans battle damage assessment. The plane is launched from a pneumatic catapult and lands with the help of a hook and rope brake which makes it akin to aircraft operating from aircraft carriers. It wa built in number around 2000. It is the successor to the RQ-2 Pioneer of the same manufacturer. The production began in 2002 with the RQ-7A. In 2004 appeared the B version which has a greater wingspan (4,3m), an increased amount of fuel to allow for 6 hour flight. The RQ-7 has been used in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Aircraft made a total of 37.000 missions. This model kit is engineered as weel as the Firescout, with 3D conception and printing. It's a very tiny model kit. Quite easy to do, except for the eyes !! Fitting is very good (but not as good as the Firescout which was exceptionnal). All the details are made with photoetch. All the building can be seen there : http://maquette72.free.fr/articles/2012_98_rq7/index98_pap.php Please tell me what you think about it. Alain.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to share this quick build of mine, had two days with very little timetabled work at uni, so thought I would catch up on some long needed modelling Very annoyed I left my Klear at home, but that can come later. Decalsol is also needed due to some silvering being evident. This is a very nice kit though! Any comments or criticisms are welcomed! Thanks, James
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    Awesome photos mate, love the chippie especially cheers Simon
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    Would this be limited to 'modern' F1 or could it possibly include Grand Prix cars from before the Ecclestone dynasty. In truth, I have had zero interest in F1 since the late 80's but do have quite a stash of GP cars from the early 70's back to the 30's. Regards, Steve.
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    Hi bill, sorry just caught up. The superglue is Boston power easy gel, won't use anything else now. Great progress Usually go to arrogance after the race for the same reason, very chilled and historic place
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    i absolutely love this aircraft, one of my all time favourites, the EE Lightning, chose to go with the F.6 the later version, also went with the low-vis grey and red, as the last 2 i built in 1/72 were silver, just for something different, finished in RAF markings for No.5 Sqn at Binbrook, Lincolnshire, England (late 1980's) Enjoy!
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    MotoGp? Is that the sport that you have circuits with no kerbs, huge run off areas, gravel traps and other such pansy features? Try Isle of Man TT...now ,that's REALLY where it's at! Mike EDIT: Sorry, OT, delete if necessary
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    Got a couple on the go at the moment, the Trumpeter Seafang, which will be done as VB895, not VB885 as given in the transfers, which was actually a Sunderland. And the AIrfix FR46 Seafire. Gone with Eric 'Winkle' Browns assertion that they were actually camouflaged not solid EDSG. Think it looks nicer anyway TBH; Seafire has an Aeroclub contra prop.
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    i answer to time frame. we hope to have it to Distributors this May Glen
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    Nice pics Heading to yeovilton and legends this year. RIAT was my first proper show last year so bulding on that . My mission is to get to at least one per year from now on. Waddington provisionally marked for next yr but will see how I feel after yeovilton and legends
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    Welcome back to the fold IR. You appear to have a very "dynamic" approach to your post-editing, one that is most pleasing I would say. Those are some belters! I agree with Martin they could easily pass for box art. The pics of the Fury (?) and Frankie are just superb. Great job and thanks for sharing them. If you ever feel like divulging a few of your post processing tips I'm all ears.
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    Those are great piccies. Easily as good as some I've seen in top end warbirds-type calendars. Would you mind saying what sort of kit you use? cheers, Jason
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    Here are the modified patterns for my proposed new Canberra B2/6 conversion for the Airfix Canberra B(I).8. I plan to use the kit nose glazing or I may mould the other two noses in the picture in clear plastic with one the bomber nose and the other doubling as an early PR or T.4. Note the nose contours of the Canberra are the same unless the nose has a radical change (T.11). There are a few other bits. The nosewheel bay in the picture is the Airfix one which will be used from the kit slightly modified. The break chosen is the frame at which allCanberra special noses are fitted ie T.17,T.19 etc. John
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    Thanks chaps, yes Kev thankfully everything's being put into storage...it would be a tragedy if it were all sold off !! Bill, Les kindly offered his services straight away and I'm very grateful that he did. The detail photo's that he's sent me are unavailable anywhere that I've looked ! The matter of the props has been cleared up, according to Les the standard production Overstrand had two twin bladed props fitted back to back though due to vibration four bladed ones were also fitted to some machines which although going some way to addressing the problem didn't completely cure it. It would be some time until the navigator could drink his port and bitter lemon without spilling it all over his map books !! Something that did come up though was the fact that only the Overstrand can be built accurately from the kit as the Sidestrand's tail plane and wing ribbing was quite different and would require new parts...(just as well I went for the Overstrand then) !!
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    A very simple description is: On Ejection seats the PSP is attached to the pilots harness by two quick release(QR) boxes and a static line connection. there are also two "sticker straps" which clip into spring loaded clips on the seat pan to secure it in the pan. on ejection the drogue chutes stabilise the seat. When this has happened the drogue line connection to the seat is released, at the same time the straps holding the pilot in the seat are released. the "pull" of the drogue chute is then transferred to the parachute pack. this secondary "pull" tips the pilot out of the seat complete with PSP (the sticker straps just pop out) and the parachute deploys, the seat falls away. the pilot then releases the two QR connections to drop the PSP. He remains connected to it by the static line. So it will hit the ground or sea first . in water he releases his parachute and all he has to do is to reel in the static line to find the PSP and deploy the dingy. obviously on land and in the dark this static line ensures he is not seperated from his survival pack Selwyn
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    Agreed, but it would be nice to have one that is VC-10 shaped.
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    Problem with these both are resin, and the Magna one is just a rip off of the Airways vacform kit even has the same faults
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    Loving this build! Always liked the 111, I just love the shape of the nose of it, with no cockpit/canopy sticking out at the top of the airframe. You're doing excellent work too, lots of detail, can't wait to see it all come together... J.
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    Is that altitude ranging from 3' on the table to 6' flying round my head with accompanying merlin noises?
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    It actually sort of looks like a quite nice job. Maybe you should experiment with different sorts of acrylics as different sorts seem to suit different people.
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    Just to answer Your Pickiness, young Julian, but as I recall they were painted Aluminium inside but to hell with it - it's a damn good model - in fact it's even better than that. Dennis
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    I seem to have chosen a bad time to start this build as I 'm busy with renovating the house we've recently acquired. However I did manage to get the cockpit started thanks to a very kind gentleman by the name of Les Whitehouse from the Boulton Paul Heritage Project in Wolverhampton, (well not for long as they are moving at the mo), who sent me heaps of information on the Overstrand including detailed factory drawings of the cockpit layout and gun turret details, rigging diagram, engine nacelles, etc ! Excellent and reliable information straight from the horses mouth. Unfortunately I can't show it here as it's copyrighted to Les and he's asked me to respect that, which of course I will but this should make the build a heck of a lot easier !! Both cockpit side walls done, (only the stuff that can be seen, (sort of !) The scratch built cockpit tub and controls, all that's used from the kit is the top of the control wheel. And the parts in situ, Next I'll be painting the parts and fitting extra detail, belts, instruments, wiring, etc, then start on the 'mid upper' area Cheers now, Melchie...
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    Thank you, John and Mish! John, it is indeed the Vickers S gun I was thinking of (was it based on the Bofors 40mm by chance?). I do remember the 3D-Kits conversion set now. I'll have to check whether the Soviets used the Mk.IID's or Mk.IV's (maybe both). Regards, Jason
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    If by Bofors gun you are referring to the Vickers S guns, these are freely available as after-market sets. 3D-Kits do a set in plastic, and I think Pavla do a Hurricane upgrade set that includes them. Mk IIDs and Mk IVs both used 40mm cannon. John.
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    It is very bigggggger, i spend all my money to build it..
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    Amazing job. Both of them are great.
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    Very nice shots, those F-15's look great.
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    http://www.a2zeemodels.co.uk/westland-lynx-has-23-conversion-for-airfix-lynx-hma-8-kit-6040-p.asp There ya go, sailorboy!
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    HMS Malta 1/700 resin kit by IHP http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=150530
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    Thanks for the comments! I only build for my pleasure and no-one else. My wife wouldn't know any different, and none of my family would - so it doesn't really matter what finish it gets, I don't spend 6 months building a cockpit or interior that no-one will see, or spend a year building a model for a competition in such a way that you can only see the inside with a dentists mirror. No - I build simply for my pleasure - if I like the look of something I have built, then that is the only opinion that counts. The only reason I posted this particular kit on here, is that I had not seen any in the night fighter variant - bombers yes - fighters no - so I thought that people may enjoy seeing it. Clearly, I was wrong to a certain extent. If the only comments people can make, are negative, and ridicule them about ignoring research (which again, I don't bother with - I build out of the box and limit aftermarket to photo-etch and masking) then I will simply stop posting, and keep all my builds to myself. I have only been back in the game for about 18 months and thankfully have quite a thick skin. Other people may just stop altogether because of comments. Encourage don't discourage. My final comments are these, the finish is for a reason. Due to limited funds, I cant go out and buy several airbrushes, one for fine work, one for coarse work or one that would cover a large area easily. This is a massive kit, and the only aerosols I could find from modelzone or Hobbycraft (my ONLY local hobby shops) was satin black - there was NO matt black available. And this photo shows what happened the last time I followed "advice" on gloss or matt finishes.
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    That Belgian Viper again lighting up the Duxford spring show Pave hawk arriving at Yeovilton Royal Marines Lynx at Yeovilton Crazy looking Sikorski S-38 at Flying Legends Polish Mig-29 at RIAT A Korean Black Eagle T-50 passes over Totterdown at RIAT Yet another super bug pic from Farnborough And to finish off, the two fantastic Jubilee schemes And the Hawk Thanks again for taking the time to look and for all the kind comments!
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    Here's a few more. The magnificent Meteor T.7 at Duxford spring show The Vulcan arrives at RIAT Gripen at RIAT YAK-130 Mitten at Farnborough Dramatic take off by the Super Hornet at Farnborough 787 at farnborough Black Cats Lynx at Bournemouth P-47 SNAFU debuts at Flying Legends That gorgeous Spitfire again at Legends Thanks for looking (again!)
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    Cheers Bill! Aye mate, there are some of us that still use em ya know! Would hate the blokes from that movie "Fahrenheit 541" to come knocking on the door and burning them all though so keep it under your hat. I don't want to be accused of been a dissident! Ahh Martin, Elegant! That word crops up again! Can't help Visualizing me making me models poncing about like Rudolf Nureyev spinning round and leaping about the den after gluing every part to the model! Not a pretty image!
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    I cut open the door and did my own paint and decal job on a Monogram 1/48 Piper Cherokee and was very please with how it turned out. It really stands out amongst all the military stuff. Try experimenting with colour schemes, it can make quite a difference.
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    Stuart, MAGNIFICENT Lightning... She looks COOL,! Wicked build... Looks IMPRESSIVE...
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    The fuselage sides have a slight line up problem, probably why Eduard made these hatches to cover them.. Drilled some holes and covered them with mesh.. slimelights on the side are present but labelled 150 iso 17.. Eduard made two similar slimelights, but that's wrong. Crossdelta is shaped differently, so.. out with the side cutters.. still stuff missing.. slimelights, antenna base, missing exhaust (not one boxing has them strangely enough), antenna, covert lights and another base for a nav light..
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    there is quite a lot to see inside the exhausts, so out with the filler.. left is Italeri's, right the HB.. pretty much interchangeable..which do you think looks better? real thing.. pit so far, not yet finished..
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