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  1. Which sort was it Tom, the yellow filler stuff, grey or white? I may have some in the garage that perhaps I can post (as part of a vital shopping trip, of course, and carefully dipped in alcohol before, during and after packing naturally). After all, your beautiful models help keeps us all sane whilst we're in detention...
  2. I knew these things were small but was nearly apoplectic when I glanced down at the cutting mat on my desk and saw the size of the grid. Once I'd cleared up the coffee I spilled I noticed the hold & fold and eventually figured out that your mat must have larger dividing lines than mine, Crisp. Phew. Amazing micro-surgery nevertheless - even if it is 5x as large as I first imagined. You got me looking a folding tools on ebay, @Ex-FAAWAFU.
  3. Are we back on the subject of Massimo's R's again? @CedB 'll be happy...
  4. On the subject of cables, check out this stuff. Thin as you like and you just solder through the insulation to join it. Particularly useful for contra-rotating prop projects, though not worth unduly rushing a Herc for.
  5. The styrene bending expert is probably Manfred ( @roma847) so it's probably worth checking out his Shuttle Diorama if you have a week or so to spare. Bending proper begins when he builds the water suppression system and involves balsa, pins, a hot air gun, fear*, surprise*, ruthless efficiency*, fanatical devotion to the Pope* and other such unfathomable attributes. He seems to be able to bend any diameter rod in any plane with micron level accuracy so there may be some tips in there. If the tubes are half as good as the engine so far, you'll be fine. *these may be part of Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition rather than having anything to do with bending.
  6. Coming on nicely. I like the boot wear on the cockpit floor, but I do have to say I think the throttle may be a little long for scale.
  7. No pics in Post#52 for me Peter. I think the issue may be that you are using a source that requires viewers to be authenticated (logged in) to view. When you create them, you are almost certainly logged in, so they look fine to you. However, when we anonymous BM users draw the page, it doesn't see authentication from us and therefore withholds the pictures. As ever, Google says, "no." To use BM and post pictures, you need public access to pictures. I won't recommend Photobucket (because I'm still breathing) but this sort of provider can give you what is required. Hopefully others will chip in with suggestions of providers who don't try to hold their customers to ransom.
  8. Really enjoying this Jeroen. If you get a moment (when you're done, perhaps) check out this build by the ridiculously talented @caterhamnut. Obviously it's easy for him working at 1:12 scale <cough/> but he does manage to cram a fair bit of detail into his engines. Anyways, keep up the great work at 1:32. It's brilliant.
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