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  1. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    I agree, plan b it is then!
  2. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    So some progress made, all the major wood bits have a wood finish! So now it's time to start the painting and weathering! First the chipping fluid: This is a section of deck at the stern in front of the Flag locker and I have to say I don't like it, it's far too heavy and the wood is just too in your face. for this method to look right (to me anyway) I've got the underlying wood colour wrong! Time to rethink and try some thing else. After a bit of head scratching I decided to see what could be achieved by carefully sanding back the top coat: This is what I got. I have to say this is much closer to my original vision of what I wanted to achieve. The paint is wearing, revealing the wood below! What do you think?
  3. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Well, it was made of wood! The sheets of marine ply are an assumption on my part! The hull was 2 layers of planks laid in different ways but no mention of the deck!
  4. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Once the 'wood graining' is complete I added a coat of Vallejo Orange Clear to give a more treated look to the timber! But not everything is made of wood so.... Next up will be a coat of varnish to seal before a coat of chipping fluid.
  5. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Glad to have you tag along. This is a voyage of discovery for me, it's a long way from WW2 wingy things!
  6. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    OK so the deck and deck houses have now recieved a nice coat of Vallejo Tan Earth to represent the base wood colour. I've used a slightly darker colour than my usual Deck Tan as I'm trying to represent a treated ply. So it's on to painting on the wood grain in Burnt Umber. This is meticulous work and takes considerable time with a fine brush........... OK I'm not fooling you am I? You're right, it's a stencil! Mind you, this is still going to take a while, but you should now be trigging the master plan!
  7. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Thanks Rob, so am I!
  8. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    So a little bit of costruction tonight with the major deck houses completed. Next will be painting the wood, steel, brass, etc to look like, would you believe, wood, steel, brass, etc!
  9. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Start with the important part, the stand! Nice bit of high density foam on the rails to stop it from scratching her delicate bottom once painted!
  10. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

  11. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    No, I'll have to give that some thought and think about options. I don't want to end up having to modify things because a specific boat was equipped differently even to the extent that PT596 might not be accurately represented. I'm just going to enjoy myself!
  12. Derek A

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    So am !!
  13. So I thought it may be interesting to record my journey building only my second boat, the first being Revell's 1/72 U boat Type VIIc. Whilst I'm pleased with how this turned out the Elco 80 presents a specific challenge for me, it's made of wood! If you wear the paint away that's what you should see, wood. The bigger scale also really appeals and my hope is to produce a much more subtle weathering effect than my usual efforts. Mr U Boat got me some of the way there so let see what I can do with this one. I have a plan of attack that I hope will work but more on that as I progress. So here's the kit: I also have the Eduard PE set for this kit which should add some additional interest, not to mention some Anglo Saxon! I'd better hide the swear box now!
  14. Derek A

    Delivering Monty's Tank

    Thank you Steve, the Merit M19 is a lovely, if not somewhat fiddly, model to build.
  15. This is my completed Diorama 'Delivering Monty's Tank. It is the Merit M19 Diamond T Tank Transporter and the Tamiya M£ Grant tank. The Driver and camel are M&B figures. I Hope yo like it!