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  1. Thank you. I went with the kit parts. Where necessary Molotow Liquid Chrome was used to 'touch up'.
  2. My mate had a monkey bike and a HD Electraglide back in the 70's, he was thinking of strapping the Monkey Bike on the back of the Harley incase it broke down!
  3. A truly fun build, Tamiya at their best!
  4. I really enjoyed this build, a nice kit!
  5. My interpretation of Tamiya's epic 1/6th scale Harley, the ancient decals were quite a problem with some having to be airbrushed!
  6. Thank you Johnny, it took a mere five months, but I am retired!
  7. The diorama is my interpretation of a WW2 German Panzer Field Maintenance Unit based on the Takom Kit of the Strabokran 16 ton mobile crane and late production Panther tank. The 'set dressing' is a mixture of scratch built and kit parts from both Tamiya and MiniArt with the figures provided by Tamiya and M&B. I hope you like it.
  8. War is hell! I wondered about putting in the representation of a dead soldier but decided it does reflect reality. I have tried to do it in a sympathetic way though, I'm not one for gore! Thanks fellas, appreciated!
  9. This is my diorama of a first aid station. It utilises the Dragon SD.Kfz.7 Maultier ambulance, the Miniart Village Street and various figure sets from M&B all in 1/35. The village was damaged in 1940 and the war returns in 1944 as the Germans are driven out of Northern Europe! Hope you like it!
  10. Saw it in a pound shop and couldn't resist!
  11. This PE is really fiddly, a mate suggested that good model lighting helps. I'm not convinced!
  12. I used to have Lightroom & Photoshop as licensed individual products and to make sure they stayed relevant I was updating them every couple of years. I know use the subscription photographer package and I now get both with every update as and when it happens for just under a tenner a month! (£9.98) This is about what the biennial updates for both was costing me anyway so I'm quite happy with it. Lightroom is a great tool for post production processing of RAW images whilst Photoshop allows a more artistic approach! Hope this helps.
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