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  1. Thank you Johnny, it took a mere five months, but I am retired!
  2. The diorama is my interpretation of a WW2 German Panzer Field Maintenance Unit based on the Takom Kit of the Strabokran 16 ton mobile crane and late production Panther tank. The 'set dressing' is a mixture of scratch built and kit parts from both Tamiya and MiniArt with the figures provided by Tamiya and M&B. I hope you like it.
  3. War is hell! I wondered about putting in the representation of a dead soldier but decided it does reflect reality. I have tried to do it in a sympathetic way though, I'm not one for gore! Thanks fellas, appreciated!
  4. This is my diorama of a first aid station. It utilises the Dragon SD.Kfz.7 Maultier ambulance, the Miniart Village Street and various figure sets from M&B all in 1/35. The village was damaged in 1940 and the war returns in 1944 as the Germans are driven out of Northern Europe! Hope you like it!
  5. Saw it in a pound shop and couldn't resist!
  6. This PE is really fiddly, a mate suggested that good model lighting helps. I'm not convinced!
  7. I used to have Lightroom & Photoshop as licensed individual products and to make sure they stayed relevant I was updating them every couple of years. I know use the subscription photographer package and I now get both with every update as and when it happens for just under a tenner a month! (£9.98) This is about what the biennial updates for both was costing me anyway so I'm quite happy with it. Lightroom is a great tool for post production processing of RAW images whilst Photoshop allows a more artistic approach! Hope this helps.
  8. Thank you, I have found the glue very useful!
  9. I wouldn't dream of suggesting that the jewelry glue is the b all and end all, you won't win a war with only one weapon, but it is certainly a useful tool in the box for PE or where you don't want the glue to 'flow', ie on moving parts. As for the missing detail of deck plates, I'm not even tempted to try and fix that one. I don't have the time or inclination to do the necessary research, at 65 life is too short! Interesting though, and when you think about it, quite logical.
  10. One other thing on the use of Jewelry Glue, if you think something needs to be held with superglue for, say, strength, then a couple of small dots of jewelry glue to hold and position and then apply the superglue. Much easier!
  11. They are RB Productions stencils http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_117&products_id=369. They are quite good but difficult if not impossible in a confined space!
  12. Great pictures, thank you! I haven't quite given up on my plans to show a little wood grain in badly worn areas but it's no longer the priority!
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