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  1. The irony being the MiGs were not bare metal but aluminium power suspended in clear lacquer.
  2. BAE Systems Hawk 100 Series 1:72 Airfix The Hawk 100 is the next generation Hawk following on from the original Hawker Siddeley Hawk. The new hawk has more advanced avionics, the provisions for more weapons, all contained in a redesigned fuselage with a new wing. The Hawk 115 (CT-155) was ordered by the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Hawk 127 by the Royal Australian Air Force, and the Hawk 128 (or T.2) by the Royal Air Force. The Kit This is a re-issue of Airfix's 2008 new tool with extra parts to reflect the Hawk 100. The kit
  3. Interesting article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/jDOe2y9Tbo/boeing-737-max?fbclid=IwAR1dUOr-wthWDUChw5AuNwtktk4KHRDoqtE63_anHy8eoo2Y-_mGy6igltI
  4. 2021 is looking busy but Im sure I can do this one Julien
  5. Im sure I can be tempted. I still have this one to build at some point
  6. Sounds like a true gent. Every toy store probably had someone like him back in the day. Sadly missed from todays retail world in most places. I recall living in Hong Kong (My dad was in the Army there) the local hobby shop sold mainly kits from Japan and was the size of a small bedroom but packed high with stuff. The elderly Chinese gent who ran it spoke virtually no English but would always take time to point out new stuff, let you look in the boxes etc, and point out the slightly older kits which were more in budget.
  7. TBH I dont think they need to, so from their point of view why do it
  8. Italy & Greece were places I would never ship to due to the unreliable postal service there. That being said I recently ordered a couple of items from Italy with no problems. RM is still your best bet a couriers are more expensive
  9. The only thing you could use those Matra pods for is displaying in front of the aircraft.
  10. Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I "WWII Service" 1:72 Special Hobby (72429) The Se Otter was developed by Supermarine from its famous predecessor the Walrus. As a longer range Sea Plane the main difference is the arrangement of the engine from the pusher as seen on the Walrus to the more conventional puller. The Sea Otter was the last Sea Plane to be designed by Supermarine, and the last biplane to enter service with the RAF & FAA. Despite the prototype flying in 1938 it was not ordered until 1942 with only 292 of the nearly 700 ordered being produced before the end
  11. Mirage III EA/EBR (72063) 1:72 ModelSvit Sacré bleu! If you have not heard of the Mirage III where have you been? The Mirage III is one of the most recognisable aircraft to emerge from the Dassault Aviation stable in post war France. The Mirage III grew out of French government studies for a light weight all weather interceptor able to reach 18,000 meter in altitude in Six minutes and able to reach mach 1.3 in level flight. The tail less delta combined the wing with an area ruled fuselage to achieve its speed. The Mirage IIIC would remain in French service from 19
  12. USAF Aggressors Blue Colors Paint Set (A.MIG-7235) AMMO of Mig Jiménez The USAF operates Aggressor Squadrons to train pilots in air to air combat. Often the aircraft used are painted in schemes that resemble Soviet/Russian aircraft. This six-paint set arrives in a clear clamshell box with a card header with some colour use suggestions on the rear. Inside are four bottles each containing 17ml of paint that is dispensed by a dropper that is found under the yellow screw-top cap. Inside each bottle is a little stirring ball that rattles when agitated.
  13. Precision Scraper Revell (39083) We all need tools in modelling for various things, generally for scraping we use the back or front of a knife blade, and while that works sometimes it is not the best. Tool makers have come forward with solutions to this and now Revell bring us their version. The scraper is made from high carbon steel the head is about an inch long and tapers to a point. The blade is substantial about 3mm at the handle end, but this also tapers down to the point. The scraper is very sharp and looks like it will keep its edge very well (so sharp I
  14. Miles M.9 Master Mk.I (48033) 1:48 Dora Wings via Albion Alloys The M.9 Master was a conventional low wing monoplane two seat trainer produced by Miles Aircraft Ltd for the RAF and FAA. The Air Ministry had produced specification T.6/36 in the mid 1930s for a new trainer. This was won by the DH.30 Don, however this aircraft in the end proved unsuitable. The RAF was forced to look elsewhere and Miles developed the Master from its earlier proposed trainer the Kestrel. The Air Ministry ordered 500 for the training role. The master used initially a Rolls Royce Kestre
  15. Additional Su-24 pictures added today https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235023332-sukhoi-su-24-fencer/ Julien
  16. Pictures thanks to Tiger331 taken at the Estonian Aviation Museum.
  17. Zvezda KV-2, wanted one of these ever since I built the tamyia one when I was about 14
  18. Thx I have the Hasegawa ones, just looking for something a bit better
  19. Yes, that is why they were removed
  20. Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer "US Marines Dive Bomber" (SH72303) 1:72 Special Hobby In 1939 Brewster was selected by the US Navy to develop a larger scout/bomber aircraft based on their Brewster SBN aircraft. The new aircraft shared the design platform but had a much higher rated engine. The aircraft was a conventional single-engined, mid-winged monoplane layout with two fixed forward firing 50 cal guns in the fuselage, and two 30 cal guns in each of the wings. The aircraft was supposed to have a rear enclosed turret although this was replaced by a flexible twin 30 c
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