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  1. I was lucky to see a test shot of this and it looks really good. Suspect Airfix will do what they did with the 1/48 kit and release the PR.9 in a later boxing Julien
  2. Julien


    Just heard operation went well this morning Frank is now in the ICU, probably for a few days now until he can go on a ward. Looking good for his heart, brain scan results still inconclusive!
  3. Julien


    Frank was due under the knife this morning, im waiting to hear how he got on.
  4. Cheers, cant see that being easy to find.
  5. Hi, Does anyone do a kit or conversion in 1/48 for one of the aircraft fitted with floats? Thx
  6. I just bought this, (easy to find on Amazon) please pass on my thanks to your friend for the work he has obviously put into this, im looking forward to reading it properly as ive just flicked through it to date. Excellent! Julien
  7. @canberra kid Very nice, any chance you can make your picture uploads a bit small as at 4032 x 3024 they are a bit large Cheers JUlien
  8. They said it was correct. I see very feint lines there but TBH they will polish out.
  9. I was hoping for Academy after their excellent 1/72 kits
  10. I have this and it will need the back end of a kit. I used the back end of a Hasegawa kit to add to the front end of a RHVP kits as the back fuselage was not right on the RHVP. I reprofiled the nose some what but did not change the front screen. I must say the work paid off with the final look and even Tom Winel (not sure I spelt that correctly) over onARC said it came out well to his eyes. The esoteric nose job conversion mentioned is no good as it’s basically a cone where as the early nose is a cone with flattened sides. For my F-8C I basically filled the kit nose with miliput and then re-profiled it. Muroc do make good conversions if you can get them. I have a Mainrack and C&H recce conversion in 1/48, neither of them are great and getting decals is an issues, tho Caracl are intending to do a set I see. Either way we need a good kit in both 72 and 48.
  11. The Tan could fade considerably as well, repainted splitter plate.
  12. Thx Ben, does it say when they started putting the guns in?
  13. Hi, Is there a list of aircraft reconfigured for the 20mm? Thx
  14. Having stood next to the one at Yeovil you dont realise how big it is!
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