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  1. FANTASTIQUE ! AMAZING detailed workmanship from you Jörgen. Brilliant stuff from you.
  2. Pascal, Just catching up from a while back. EXQUISITE and very finely intricate workmanship. Just one of MY favorite classic Ferraris. Your Engine is PHENOMENAL As is the whole build. Reminds ME of seeing one in the Enzo Ferrari museum in Italy earlier this year. Your model looks exactly like the one I saw.
  3. Nice background to your build.Nice. It is coming along splendidly and you are doing a grand job on it. You are doing a great job Hendre. I drive to work on way to Huddersfield (when not gallivanting in Rutland like today) and see a bright shiny Yellow Camper van.. almost like your build. Next tine I pass it gonna have a look how old it is(registration number).
  4. So Fnick, WE (friend and I) are impressed by your Jaguar E-Type model . build . Your workmanship is very neat and methodical and well it is just the BEST looking CLASSIC car you have chosen to build. will follow to see the end results ! Keep up the EXCELLENT work. AND I AM SAT IN ONE EXACTLY like the one in Colin's photo with exact same wheels(same design) NOW as I type this. MY friends car ... not MINE.
  5. SUPERB collection from you Sean. Just SO beautifully done.
  6. OUTSTANDING model. You did a fantastic job. It looks PERFECT from here .
  7. That is one SPLENDID looking vehicle. How AMAZING it looks in the bright orange color. :STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS model Sir.
  8. Kershys, Very bright and most RESPLENDENT looking car model you gave constructed. I have driven one of them and they do fly on the roads
  9. Hello Kershys, What a STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS model you have gotten there. Super duper work.
  10. Ratch, To say your vehicle model is only approximately 10-13 cm (or approximately 4 to 5 inches) you have skilfully done an ASTOUNDING job on it. You must have been very astute about its details in this scale too. Looks AWESOME.
  11. You rightly deserve MY admiration as it is done Magnificently. Very Skilful indeed Sir. I love the weathering which is superb.
  12. BEAUTIFUL . Very well done and looking mighty IMPRESSIVE.
  13. GORGEOUS.. Very well finished and SPLENDID job.
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