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    Constant Battle with BM...

    Yes it ONLY happens on this forum. When I use desktop Pc,I pad,Cell phone with desktop version or mobile version and IF I Choose to use a smiley icon and try and submit it afterwards it FREEZES. I tried without submitting without smiley and it still freezes from time to time. It started around August 2018. I just thought that in the past when BM kept GOING "DOWN"..ergo crashing .I automatically assumed it was that reason... as WE are all aware tyat BM DID USE TO CRASH quite frequently... I still get wait or close option and many times just trying to go the BM page I get that other message in a white box that says sonething lik page cannot be opened... I can't remember the exact wording because I pay no attention and simply switch off and stop trying to get online to BM... Anyway having read the FAQs many times before so thank you Mike. I regularly clean out cookies and history etc from MY so called gadets... You know what I WILL JUST HAVE TO BE MORE EXTRA PATIENT. but reading above comments I see one or two have had similar experiences.. Thanking You all. Really appreciated. HOUSTON.

    Constant Battle with BM...

    Oh thank you for clarifying .. I did that.. switch it off and go away on duty and hours later I still have to wait. I think the problem lies in when I try using a smiley so if I just write normal maybe it may stop it.. So it's 15.93 hrs as j post this... so without a smiley I betcha it posts instantly. Yep... no smiley... instant success. Try a smiley and and one holds breath... lol. Just be ME.... lolol....but gentlemen thank you for your helpful input.

    Constant Battle with BM...

    I don't understand your post Sir. But thank you. I tried answering you and it took ages to submit ....

    Constant Battle with BM...

    Ok thanks... that's a goid idea. Will move it. DID IT AGAIN ... Arrrgggghhhhhh.

    Constant Battle with BM...

    Every time I log into BM and attempt/try to submit a comment after writing out the comments I get THWARTED !!! BY WHAT you ask ? well just as I try to submit the comnent/post the message that I keep getting is... "THE PAGE HAS BECOME UNRESPONSIVE.YOU CAN EITHER WAIT FOR IT TO BECOME RESPONSIVE OR CLOSE IT". THEN you get a choice "WAIT " or "CLOSE". I choose Wait thinking it will be at the mist 1-2 minutes.... I have WAITED ALL DAY for it to be blooming RESPONSIVE; SO much so that I think oh Darn it... and walk away.... and so you cannot log out either. so the next day you come back and think that THAT super build you were drooling over and were trying to post comment ON needs to be completed.... and STILL you can't when you return and hit the reply button... Your post is still there but you CANNOT SUBMIT it and so the BM wait or close cycle begins again... What's going on.... I tried it on I pad.. cell phone... laptops... etc etc... BM thwarts MY attempts to submit... IS ANYONE having this unresponsive message because Boy I tell you , it's a constant thing of late. (I am surprised I have managed to write this far without being told it's UNRESPONSIVE ! WAIT.... I HAVE yet to submit. So it may be uncooperative then... so why this constant disruption... please do something. thanking you.. HOUSTON (WE still have a problem)....

    4-F “Fearless Fosdick Frank Forsyth”

    Dennis... SUPERB Build and all 3 models are OUTSTANDING and GORGEOUS..

    Polikarpov I-16 "Rata"

  8. Dermot.. EXQUISITE models. simply OUTSTANDING workmanship ..

    ESCI 1/72 M48A Patton

    WOW... OUTSTANDING... STUNNING and simply SUPER build. KUDOS

    Greetings from Alberta, Canada, , Britmodeller!

    Hello Starseeker. nice to have you on board. have fun.

    Greetings from Italy

    Ciao Rodolfo. have a great enjoyable time on the forums. I look forward to your models..past..present and future ones. HOUSTON.
  12. Jonathan, EXQUISITE,STUNNING and very sharply focused photographs .. I THINK you NEED to get out more to these kinds of shows and use your talents more to IMPRESS the likes of ME who is useless at moving targets. those are EXCEPTIONAL photos and LOVED them ALL.. thank you.

    On the RIAT bandwagon

    WOW.... those are SUPER photos. Thank you.

    RAF100 Flypast over East Anglia

    9Alpha Delta 210.. OUTSTANDING photography. STUNNING shots indeed yes The Tornado formation is SUPERB to see.. maybe the one out of formation wanted to be THE LEADER SO he was just misbehaving.. good photos..Thank you very much.