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  1. Si2, SUPER start. Its looking AWESOME. NEAT work.
  2. EXCEPTIONAL and quality workmanship. .Your Diorama/Vignette is SUPERBLY done Angelo.
  3. Well That Is one STUNNING build and the whole vignetter is IMPRESSIVE.. Gorgeous ... KUDOS.
  4. transall vaillant . Nice to have you on board and your ships looks AWESOME. . And I look forward to youf build. Seeing how you built your ships with intricate rigging I do not think you will hsve any problems with your Whitley Mk V. SUPER start. and your written English (and spoken too no doubt) is Perfect. don't worry about that. keep up the
  5. Hello Peter, Wonderful to see you commence another Epic build. Having followed your Tigercat build, I know this one will be absolutely STUPENDOUS! SUPERB start Peter. Comfy hammock found! and following with much enthusiasm!
  6. AND This is its product details: Product Code: A12001V 1:24 Scale Plastic Kit Skill Level: 3 Flying Hours: 4 Dimensions (mm): L468 x W381 Number of Parts: 156 Requires Painting: Yes Glue & Paints Included: No Weight: 2.50 KG The immortal Spitfire was the most famous fighter of theSecond World War and one of the greatest warplanes of all time. When the Battle of Britain began in the summer of 1940 there were nineteen squadrons of Spitfires in action. The two Spitfires for which markings are supplied represent different moments of the
  7. Airfix 1:24 Supermarine Spitfire MK.Ia Model Kit - Airfix from Jumblies Models UK https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/plastic-kits-c3/aviation-kits-c4/airfix-1-24-supermarine-spitfire-mk-ia-model-kit-p16976/s17336?cid=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvsHAk-y47AIVh7PtCh1Pdwc6EAQYAiABEgL2NfD_BwE
  8. EXQUISITE work. You worked hard on this project and it shows in the development of it.
  9. SUPER photo. Thank you. and hello and . Hope you are keeping safe from the fires that are raging through California and Arizona. stay well and safe.
  10. Des, Another fine and STUNNING collection of photos from you. I had to go to Leuchars as part of MY duty in December 2013 and spent quite some time looking and going around these GORGEOUS Jets. But unlike you I did not have MY camera with ME as I was on Official duty. Thank you for sharing these ASTOUNDING colorful photos of the Tornados. Oh MY, I can still hear their thundrous roar. You made MY day Des.
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