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  1. SUPERB photographs . and IMPRESSIVE photography. Thank You for sharing your Joy. HOUSTON.
  2. Alpha Delta 210. Just SO STUNNING & GORGEOUS collection of SPECTACULAR Photographs. AWESOME BEAUTIFUL aircrafts. Thank You.
  3. OMG... that is just So 3 Dimensional looking scheme if ever there was one. It looks most IMPRESSIVE. thank you for the photos. Appreciate your efforts.
  4. Be still MY beating Heart. Just GORGEOUS photos. Thank you.
  5. MAGNIFICENT photos .. Absolutely STUNNING. thank you for sharing your joy with us.
  6. Jon... oh yeah...STUNNING photos on your Flickr site and great YouTube videos too. Thank you muchly.
  7. Jon.. OUTSTANDING photography. SUPERB collection of Photographs from RAF Coningsby. Thank you for sharing. Joy to see them.
  8. IMPECCABLE looking Chipmunk. Very RESPLENDENT! Bravo Derek.
  9. Oh WOW !! Really SUPERB model. GORGEOUS Tiger Moth Build.
  10. There. OUTSTANDING and STUNNING MODELS. on photography too. KUDOS.
  11. STUNNING build. Your Tucano is AWESOME. they are SO agile in the air.. I have had the opportunity (years ago) to sit on in one at North Yorkshire air force base. You did a super job.
  12. SUPER build. DINAH is lovely. IMPRESSIVE looking model. KUDOS....
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