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  1. I have a sheet for white vulcans (all squadrons covered) with two sets of stencils that I'd sell. Drop me a pm if you'd like it.
  2. Lovely build! I'd like to build one of these as my grandfather learned parachuting in the airborne artillery at Ringway and they used these at the time. I believe they used to jump out of a hole in the bottom and risked breaking their noses every time!
  3. its old adhesive. I let the decal come right off the paper when soaking them and flood the area with water when applying. whatever you do get rid of the residue with water before putting the gloss coat over the top.
  4. I'd he in for this one, probably an FAA t.4.
  5. I have the modeldecal sheet with the French alpha jets on, they're in the old grern/grey camp with nmf undersides. pm me if you want to trade something for them.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll make a start on the AV-8A and report back
  7. Thanks for all the info guys Just one thing though, which are the alternator inlets on the top of the fuselage?
  8. A very worthy addition to the gb gallery! She came out very nice indeed
  9. I've not seen one of these built yet, nice job!
  10. I use one and I love it. I've never used any other compressors, so its difficult to make comparisons but its quiet enough to use at my kitchen table, the pressure adjustment is fine enough and the moisture trap seems to work well.
  11. Col. - thanks for that, I see it now in that thread. Selwyn - Bugger! harriers are really complicated aren't they!
  12. Sorry guys, yet another harrier based what's the difference thread! I fancy building the new Airfix GR.1 as a USMC AV-8A. Apart from the prominent antenna on the top, what will I have to alter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks Phil, I promise I'm back on the job now! Sleep seems like a distant memory now!
  14. Great job so far Bill! It'll be good to see such a well built Airfix Bucc
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