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  1. I'm guessing a lot may be to do with the compressor/airbrush but mainly, the pressure gauge you are using. What may be a 10PSI on one gauge might not necessarily be on another. A lot of people will say trial and error is your best bet, maybe that's what you have found Mike D.
  2. Looks very much like this fridge compressor: Taken from this thread: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=9710 From the problems you describe, it sounds seized and I doubt whether it's salvageable, good luck though Mike D.
  3. AngloSaxon


    Ebay is where I get mine from: 1-Litre-IPA-ISOPROPYL-ALCOHOL-ISOPROPANOL-LIQUID Watertight-Screw-Cap Mike D.
  4. Great looking model and very nicely done. Mike D.
  5. Great looking Tiger, OZ. Mike D.
  6. Can't see me Russian out to buy a figure of him. Mike D.
  7. Great looking build. Like others that have posted, I spent many times in the back of one of those, and even more time humping G1098 stuff in and out of them! Mike D.
  8. If you do go the analogue route, I would recommend considering paying the slight extra for a glycerin filled gauge. The glycerin dampens any potential vibrations and helps give a much clearer reading as well as helping to reduce the wear on the internal mechanicals of the gauge, making it last longer. Mike D.
  9. I watch the show but I can't help feeling it has lost some of it's original charm. Now there seems to be no end of money to throw at the cars and the gadgets and gizmos in the workshop would put many a main dealer to shame. Still enjoy it though. Mike D.
  10. Great story, and great to see it flying again. Is it just me though that thinks it looks more like a model, than some of the models on here? Mike D.
  11. So, a hetzer did a Panther Seriously though, Mike D.
  12. Don't be so hasty in dismissing the Neo; the parts are good quality Taiwanese which are assembled in China. It seems to get good reviews and also has a 5 year faulty parts and workmanship warranty. It has been reviewed on these very forums : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/75767-neo-for-iwata-airbrush/ Mike D.
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