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  1. Lovely work as usual Chris mate. Such detail in so small a scale, cheers. foxy.
  2. Very nice work on the shading and like the ban'ter too lol. Foxy.
  3. Well Kev. in answer to your question of what I am building next!!!Hmmmmm. Well have the Caldicraft HMSchooner Pickel on the bench, this is a wood come brass ship, but still have the Connie to start, this is more in keeping for this site. But not yet lol, to much else on at the mo. Frank.
  4. Nice work Kev, sorry for not being around. But other thing's more Important to tend too. Like your very nice etching work lol. Foxy.
  5. That's some nice work on the Pavement work matey. foxy
  6. Wow, how you have moved on Kev. That's Impressive stuff matey. Nice work. foxy
  7. Nice work Rob and the dodge will add some more detail to a very detailed Diorama indeed. Great work matey. foxy
  8. Well she is coming together nicely, 'and what great detail you are adding'. I assume you will be leaving parts off, or at least able to remove so all that detail can be seen later. (unlike me lol) Great stuff Kev mate. foxy
  9. Well that's coming on a treat Kev mate. Like the hatch idea on the engine, more Idea's please, did mine engine hatchs closed, yours is much better, also like the paint job over all. Those seats look comfortable but were not in the real thing, noisy and death traps from fumes. Cheers foxy.
  10. Well i was thinking of Iron Ingots to save when we need them,' maybe now'. So much Navy gone. Oops', getting depressed. Nice work FAAWAFU. Foxy
  11. Well its well on target, so have fun with your WW1 Tank. PS, There really nice kits. Looking forward to seeing this completed. foxy
  12. It would not hurt to drill out the Internal seat of ease windows. foxy.
  13. Hi Kev_1962. I used the scalewarship one's for my build. They do make a difference and some I must admit are very fine, but the shrouds are a nice touch and so are the hammock netting, but best to solder them. Did a build here but deleted it as my photo's were getting to bulky. Since learnt that I could have had more space for nothing,Durrrrrr. Will be taking a seat on this one too. foxy
  14. Nice for one day's work!!!,(joke). Fantastic bit of modeling Micha. foxy
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