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  1. Wow! I haven't been on here in more than 3 years! I am liking this one Murray, especially that it has a 4 tone scheme. Have just stolen a few pictures for the next update.
  2. Thank you very much everyone. took a lot of scratch building but I got there in the end. now for a simple kit.
  3. My Bf109Z-1 conversion from two Zvezda Bf109F-2 kits Below is the link to the full build video on Youtube http://youtu.be/7s3jCNMnAiE
  4. The crew are excellent. looking at getting one of these on ebay.
  5. At the end of last year when I got back into modelling I bought an airbrush and compressor. I tested it and then dried it and put it away for a week or two until my new bench was ready. Then we decided to move. The short story is, I now do not have the space to use it (4 people in a 2 bedroom bungalow does not make for lots of hobby space) So, in that it will.be stored for at least a year, is there anything I should do to it? Shoot some sort of lubricant through it and leave it like that? What about the compressor and tank? Thank you for any tips on keeping it in hood condition.
  6. Your not wrong, having put most of it together the wing roots and cowling have more gaps that Shane McGowan's teeth. A bit of filler will deal with it though.
  7. Added some plasticard so at least it has wheel wells instead of being able to see all the way through the wing and out of the cockpit Couple of holes for the retracting cables
  8. Fuz now closed up eith internals as well as belts done. I know the belts are nothing like actual i-16 belts but I'm happy with the look of it. Afterall I'm only after the 'feel' of it rather than sweating myself to get it perfect. And it's infinatly better than the nothing the kit comes with. Enough of the inside can be seen to give it some interest
  9. Yes I ACTUALLY did something, at this rate it might be finished by christmas. So I made the cockpit floor and rear bulkhead, stuck the resin seat on it and added a very quickly made control column and pedals. The pedals are a mess but will be so deep down in the cockpit it doesn’t worry me. I also build a cockpit door to be in the down position. The camera seems to have lightened everything a little too much and it looks darker in real life. As always criticisms welcome. And yes, something unfortunate has happened to the tail
  10. Sorry I have to disagree, having experienced both up close I must say that the F15 gives me shivvers more than the 14. It looks . . . . . . . . . . angryer, somehow, I think maybe iths the shape of the wings
  11. I like this, I really like the odd models, prototypes, captured or just a rare colour scheme. Great work
  12. £2!!! you lucky sod. as for the cockpit. the cardboard isnt thick enough to produce the raised details unless doubled over (as with the small detail at the back on the first picture) and you can hardly see that the yellow cables actualy are raised, so it will need doubleing. It proved the concept though and I have lots more details to add to the actual one I will use. Good luck with yours.
  13. does anyone know of somwhere you can get 'plans' to scratch a Starfury?
  14. First practice at a cardboard cockpit. Scrappy because I used scissors and prittstick, not a knife and decnt glue
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