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  1. Picture of latest Trumpeter announcement is 1959 configuration of HMS Belfast in 1/700th,would love this in 1/350 ,we are never happy.
  2. WOW to take a model and change is so much and the level of detail ,just blow away ,its one ship I would buy if there was a kit ,not brave enough to do what you are going .Keep the photos coming.
  3. Try the 1/700 H class battleship by Very Fire ,l bought the kit plus an etching kit that comes with a wooden deck .The tug comes from combrig.The last picture is the H class hull beside a Bismarck class to show how much larger the H class would have been if it had been built .The 16in guns ended as coastal battery on the Norwegian coast.
  4. Great to see someone building something different,I have built their Dutch cruiser from the 1950's De Ruyter built and have the Dutch destroyer 1/350-02 B-Fighter – Hr.Ms. Friesland to build.Check out Naval models ,a small tip, email then before ordering anything for a price it always comes back a bit cheaper,their email.
  5. Great build ,wish this model got retooled ,its an old kit ,first released in 1979 and reboxed by Revell in 2012 ,needs updating now .First is the hanger which I didn't realise ,too low and too much space between the rear funnel and the hanger were the seacat launchers go, I built my Tiger as a what-if ,that she had been recommissioned after the Falkland's War 1982 and then some years later, back dated her built before the BOX was fitted .This was helped by shapeways 3D parts and the photo etching from Peter Hall. If what to go mad there is the superb 3D parts from Micromaster ,I have bought many parts and just excellent ,never been had to pay import tax either ! Link for rear superstructure https://www.shapeways.com/product/5NUH6FZ78/hms-lion-aft-super-structure-1-700-scale?optionId=43682687&li=shops Link for replacements turrets and other bits https://www.shapeways.com/product/RTAQWQX3Z/hms-lion-detail-kit-1-700-scale-for-matchbox-rev?optionId=41854406&li=shops Photo etching https://www.atlanticmodels.net/photo-etched details/1-700 scale.html Link for 6in turret from micromaster https://micromaster.co.nz/collections/royal-navy-weapons/products/1-700-royal-navy-6-50-15-2cm-qf-mk-n5
  6. More pictures of HMS Ajax,1/700 Flyhawk ,found on Ebay,two versions.Standard kit and one with P.E. Also link to Scalemates Very interesting. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/flyhawk-model-fh1110-hms-ajax-1939--1343454
  7. Hi Chewbacca It was your build that got me going to build my Jaguar(it was my first kit from Atlantic models many years ago and should have built it then) ,which is now finished and with the extras bits ,that you highlighted ,hope my picture will help you to finish your Puma.All guns and ships boats are from Micromaster or Black Cat Models ,figures are B.C.M. .they are US sailors ,but at that scale hard to tell. PS the green deck does not look so bright ,just my camera. Also I always take something to build on holiday ,even if a different model,just to keep me going. Chris
  8. Looking good ,that will be some diorama when finished, yes miss the Navy Days,would have be great to have a camera with today's technology or phone to take pictures back then.I have finished my "Jag"if anyone is going to Telford next weekend ,she will be on display.
  9. Superb fun build,you have done an excellent job ,on that devil of the sea ,only thing that scared Churchill,during the war.
  10. Check Micromaster they do then,I have then in 1/350 and they are mind blowing. Link to site,first yes its in New Zealand the P&P bit high however its worth plus never been caught by tax when coming into the UK ,order at least 6 times now. https://micromaster.co.nz/collections/royal-navy-weapons/products/1-600-royal-navy-4-5-45-11-4cm-rp41-mkvi-gun
  11. Superb work,love what you have done, I have just started my Puma ,thinking BOB ,wrong after seeing yours build ,emailed Peter Hall for extra bits already.Notice the walkway,Aerial bases and the set of Corvus chaff launchers so far.I have the Micromasters main turrets,(highly recommend) ,ships boats and signal lights already.
  12. Hi Stuart I know why,it came to me, one of the kits must have blast bags ,it's the Tamiya Repulse kit c ,so you cut just the barrel off and drill a hole and fit the shorter barrel ,that why they sell 2 types ;Here is a picture stole of the net.
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