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  1. I have stolen this from another build ,but you can see from these pictures ,how much work has to be done and how good this model of Lifeline is.
  2. Hi Thanks for the information . Still no further forward with my aircraft,have started to build HMS Hermes from WW2, I have the harriers and Seakings ,just need to start then.
  3. First thing these are horrible kits to work with and you have done a cracking job,plus the sea is very realistic,I'm a bit behind you with my Illustrious in the time period (my is 1990's when Seadart was still fitted with the Goalkeeper) and still have to start the aircraft for my one,I have one small comment ,hope you don't mind, Royal Navy never flew the Union Jack at sea ,only when in harbour or at anchor. Thanks for sharing.Also where did you did your 3D crane from ? Chris
  4. Hi Mike Didn't realise you had answered this ,which cranes do you need photos on .found this ,it's the tractors I really need .Thanks
  5. Superb work ,love the detail ,you helped me make my mind which ship to do next .HMS Hermes,thanks for sharing .
  6. Flight Deck vehicles for British Aircraft carriers, the only ones we could buy were produced by White Ensign models which are no longer available, with the many more U.K. carriers now on the market,could someone please make something. Lucky the tractors style did not change much from the 1950,s right up modern times. Could one the manufactures produce a universal set in 1/700. Carriers they would go with Colossus Class Ark Royal & Eagle Invincible Class Hermes Class Ocean Class Queen Elizabeth class 2020 Fearless and Intrepid Assault Landing ships What If carriers HMS Mal
  7. I have just received the photo etching from Scalewarships for Mary Rose ,plus found a very helpful build by Jim Baumann on ModelWarships.com. Here is the link http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/misc/sail/MaryRose-400-jb/index.htm
  8. Very different and very good,thanks for sharing,excellent piece of work .
  9. Good to see this kit built ,superb ,like the sea display, does so well together.finishes it off perfectly.
  10. WOW ,superb work,everything just looks so right.thanks for sharing.
  11. Good looking model ,excellent sea display also ,The nuclear submarine of its day.One of my favorite photos is Dreadnought passing HMS Victory and only a 101 yrs between them.
  12. Looks superb,look forward to seeing it for real.
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