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  1. Bigblueboy do a 1/700 resin Kryten turret with barrel ,4 in a pack ,this was the best price ,I found.Here is the link,I have ordered numerous times,if facted l have this on order and had no problems. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bigblueboy-PE-resin-1-700-HMS-Mk8-4-5-114MM-55-Cal-Gun-75026/173894288042
  2. Hello hello then 1/700 Police here, will be watching to see that this gets finished,jumping from 1/200 to 1/700 must take some adjusting.
  3. Now for something totally different,built by the greatest builder Isambard Kingdom Brunel ,1/700 SS Great Eastern produce by Combrig,no release date yet.
  4. I would buy the wood deck for Prince Eugen ,can find then on eBay and sovereignhobbies
  5. I think every word as been used to describe this fantastic model,thanks for sharing. If you are a Game of Thrones fan ,King of the North goes to your ship.
  6. I built one 2 yrs ,yes how Airfix got it so wrong,even to the point they called their model HMS Devonshire should have been Kent,because as you mention the rear mast, is in the wrong position for Devonshire.Again they got the position of B turret to the forward structure,the gap is too big.I didn't change the aft deck left as it was, too far forward on the build to change that.That German site ,is a must to check, I found it after starting the build. I also bought the 3D parts from Shapeways.Have bought you the 1/600 etching set from Atlantic models http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_alphacontent&section=11&category=210&Itemid=59 My build ,hope you don't mind showing.
  7. Nearly finished,just crew to fit and scuttles to colour on the port side,very boring.
  8. One of my favourite ships,what we could have done to our Darings, my dad served on Diana.l have this kit ,it might motive me to build my one.
  9. These are the instructions for the foremast construction and lucky I did take some photos while building this mast
  10. Sorry read that totally wrong ,I have put one to see ,let me know if bigger enough.
  11. Hope your boss (Mrs Bootneck) gets well soon,here are the photo's I found on the net,F.B. and other places I can't remember, there are a lot of photos on F.B. in the Ark Royal groups,hope they help.
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