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  1. Correct, Intrepid never got the Phalanx fitted ,reading her history is it was not for the Falklands war she would gone to the scrapyard much much sooner.Thanks for the other information ,good thing about ships in service armament they would take items off and on depending what the ship was going.
  2. Another carrier on its way, HMS Argus in WW1 and WW2 version from AJM Models should be out next year.
  3. Thanks ,yes it's hard to spot from the photos to get it correct,I have chosen some time after the Falklands (this matches the main mast) were if I'm right still had seacat on the bow deck ,a couple of single bofors on the bridge wings with the Chaff and were the other seacats that were on the rear of the bridge works these had been replaced by Gambo 20mm cannons.I have Neil McCart book that's been an great help and my side kick from are models shows as lent his book HMS Intrepid,which was very handy, I didn't like the P.E. from L'Arsenal for both masts and that help me steal from other etchin
  4. Forgot to add the original part for the flight deck.
  5. How many of us get side tracked and end up building something else,well I started cleaning up 1/700 Chieftains tanks and the Stalwarts . These were bought from Starling Models and they do them 1/350 as well.Stole this of Wiki ,it describes it the Stalwart perfectly . The Stalwart, formally classified by the British Army as Truck, High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC), 5 Ton, 6 x 6, Alvis/Stalwart and informally known by servicemen as the Stolly, is a highly mobile amphibious military truck built by Alvis that served with the British Army from 1966 until 1992. I'm doing Intrepid
  6. That's HMS Nelson finished,did finish it some ago and have moved on to finishing another project which was halted for Nelson and it's almost finished, so I always start another ship to overlap the one that's about finished so I don't rush it.Probably can see HMS Intrepid in background,started that because I was painting Stalwarts,as you do, get side track (these were the main vehicle that was used in the 70'80 to be used to refuel our tanks on exercise,they could go anywhere) and they needed transport so dug out Intrepid ,they were probably never were on these ships.got Chieftains as well.
  7. Hi Yes heard of then ,they are new on the market,and their quality is excellent . Here my H class ,the small tug is Combrig.
  8. Since we are talking about damage I drop HMS Ark Royal only a couple of inches,but she turned turtle.2 hours later all fixed .
  9. Photos of angled deck Invincible carrier I called HMS Eagle .
  10. Hi Jeff I,m keeping the name Nelson.mainly to catch folk out at models show always get good comments with my G3 battlecruiser,H class german battleship and an Invincible class carrier with an angle deck,yes that one always catch everyone out.I have added the railings today,getter closer to finish her.
  11. That's the 20mm fitted and have placed were the other ships boats will go.Still have the railings and the crew to fit and also the White Ensign,I put both Nelsons together to show the difference between the two of them.
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