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  1. What an awesome paintjob! I want to build this one as well (the other camo pattern) and I find myself having trouble finding the right colors. I have seen your notes on the drawing but still find it hard to know which is which. can you help me? I would prefer FS numbers if you have them.. All the best for 2021. sid
  2. Hi Anthony, Wolfpack pit and Royale Resin are a drop dead fit. Olimp is just a little off compared to Hasegawa, size wise. Wolfpack probe is some work to blend in as are the sides of the Rhino intakes. Quickboost ECSs don't fit and take time. Brassin is a bit fiddly with all those fins. Hope this helps you! Sid
  3. Hasegawa 1/48 EA-18G Growler with Furball and Hobbydecal decals, Rhino intakes, Olimp Exhausts, Wolfpack cockpit and refueling probe, Quickboost ECS exhausts, Royal Resin Wheels, Brassin HARMs and AMRAAMs and some Eduard PE.
  4. I love the weathering of the OD! Really nice. Sid
  5. That must be of the best looking Harriers I have ever seen! Amazing finish and love the bright covers in the intakes! Sid
  6. It's indeed a dark yellow Kevlar (automotive) decal with a thin misting of Mr.Paint Olive Drab on top. I deliberately wanted to show some kind of structure through the paint and a grimy look. Also the decal is still visible (left side) to further give a fiberglass and not uniform look. Thanks for liking it gentlemen! Sid
  7. A 1/48 scale Eduard's rendition of the Airfix E.E. Lightning. Both Airfix and the Eduard kit 1134 can also be made as a F.3. Since the Eduard kit has greyish PE for the cockpit you better build a F.3. Also the lack of good panels for any Aden gun tipped the scale towards a F.3. Together with Cutting Edge decals 48076, Dmold intake ring, Q-M-T wheels and a Master-in-Miniature pitot tube resulted in this. Some different Alclad2 and Mr. Color paints, which were a closer matched red with the decals than the Mr.Paint version. If you build this kit, beware of the cable ducts being in the wrong position. They should be some 1,5 cm more aft than instructed. I got it wrong and discovered it too late.
  8. Yesterday I discovered the same problem with the cable ducts whilst decalling.. they are indeed too far forward, by an estimated 1,5 cm! That's about what they are too long on the forward part of the fuselage and lacking in the rear. The drawings in the rear of the DACO book are right (after all) but one can hardly see/figure it on the pictures inside the book. It might be a manual problem, what if you reverse front/aft side of the cable ducts? You might be able to check if you have one more in the stash. It looks to me like this is a problem for all versions with the cable ducting installed. Also, I think, the cable duct should be straight as a razor instead of slightly curved like on the model.
  9. Sincerely inspirational. Makes me want to build one myself! And I am not into Russian aircraft.. or Polish.. Well done! Sid
  10. Fabulous Flanker! What a lovely paintjob and perfectly build. Sid
  11. Hasegawa 09738 Kit with kit decals. Used the left side Q from the Eduard kit since that has the black outline around it. SBS Model Prop Vector Wheelbay Brassin Wheels (except for the nose wheel, which will not fit in the kit part) Black Box cockpit Master in Miniatures .303 guns and pitot from a P-40 Rexx exhausts Got rid of the wheel doors since they were not on it And used a Tamiya P-51D fuel tank Paints from Mr.Color range Hope you like it. I do. And it was a quick build for me, only two months!
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