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  1. Coming up 2 years ago now, we had the catalytic converter nicked off our hybrid car, which was parked on our driveway at about 8pm one evening.... just caught them as they finished!!!!! Called the police, and no one came out about it, nothing, not a single contact from them at all. We even had neighbours CCTV as well of it!
  2. I asked the same question a couple of years ago; they seem to have got rid of the webpage (costs?) and the sig secretary does not do FB!!! This was the response from Alfie Bass (one of the IPMS Exec members) at the time on FB: "Alfie Bass The SIG is still in existence, but Nick doesn't do FB. Contact is via the SIG list on the IPMS (UK) network page." The contact page from IPMS UK (Just ignore the website link!!!) https://ipmsuk.org/directory/harrier-sig/
  3. Is this a discussion about the Anson, or about scales in general? If it has moved on to scales in general, then I believe it does not belong in this section, and should now be in the general chat area. @Mike what would be your view? This discussion seems to have long left the original topic, and has nothing to do with the original question!
  4. My understanding is that whirlybird have actually closed, however, their Facebook page is still open, and does show a picture of the generic conversion sets. Here's the link to the page https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100063772080662
  5. Frome isn't too bad. I've generally used it as a stopping off point travelling to and from Devon (and as an excuse to visit the shop....) but be warned the hill leading to Frome model shop is an absolute killer!!! As others have said it's a pretty decent shop for all sorts, kits, paints, glues etc. Not been in for a couple of years, as not had the chance, but hope to the next time we are down that way. There are a decent amount of cafes as well.
  6. I'm thankful that I'm switched on with this sort of thing. The number I've had through purportedly from TV licences, or from banks, etc. is unbelievable. Even the number of txt messages is staggering these days "your parcel is due for delivery please pay £x.xx via the link to allow the delivery to continue" Sadly so many people fall for them still, despite the amount of publicity that they are given to say that these sort of emails, and texts are scams!😞
  7. Where in the west are you headed? I appreciate that you have said Bristol, Bath, Frome, but that's is still a large segment of the West Country!
  8. Seconded... have used that technique myself and does work. However, I have had some stubborn decals that have taken several attempts to be removed, and has required stronger sellotape in the end. Still didn't lift the paint as it had enough time to cure properly before I attempted to remove the decals. If you have used any gloss varnish before the decals, your paint should be safe enough anyway (hopefully...😇)
  9. It's not... OP has obviously mis-posted! I'll ask the mods to move to WWII a/c discussions.
  10. To make up for the lack of any kits at Elvington, we decided (well I persuaded the wife to drive me...) to pop over to Malton, and visit The World Wide Shopping Mall. It's a great place to visit. I would would say a great selection of kits, but also quite a lot of other stuff as well, massive Lego section as well as toys, puzzles, and household. For my part, picked up the reissued Airfix Seafire XVII, and for a good price (£29.99 instead of RRP £39.99) Ban-Dai 1/72 X-Wing. All in all a good days haul and visits.
  11. A number of people have stated that the Yorkshire air museum was good place to pick up kits. Currently visiting, and not a single kit in evidence in the museum shop. So sadly seems that things have changed in the last couple of years. The museum itself is a good place to visit with a number of great airframes and exhibits, but no kits to buy!😞
  12. I have a wonderful SWMBO who not only encourages my hobby, but also buys stuff for me as well... I woke up this morning to receive the following two items: Eduard 1/48 Dual Combo Limited Edition Boxing Red Tails P-51D Mustang Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature No 14 - Ju-87 Stuka And later today She is treating me to a trip to the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington whilst we are on our little holiday on the wrong side of the Pennines (😉).
  13. On holiday at the moment for a week, but in the "Devils County"..... Yorkshire!!!😇 (Being from the correct side of the Pennines originally, Lancashire! Which of course is Gods own County) Had to pop into Monks Bar Model shop in York! Nice selection of kits, and bits and bobs. Had wanted to pick up the latest Sea Fury release from Airfix, but they had sold it earlier in the day 😔, so consoled myself with the latest boxing of the 1/72 Buccaneer - Gulf War version. Why not?
  14. Tamiya never attend, they are represented by their UK distribution agents, The Hobby co,who also represent Italeri, zevezda, and a few others.
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