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  1. treker_ed

    Model Shops UK

    @Avgas I asked mike about it some time ago - every so often they have a cull of old chat messages. They clog up the system otherwise, and sadly this was one of the casualties of the culling! (I was using it to look for shops and needed it for an address - couldn't find it and messaged mike)
  2. treker_ed

    Model Shops UK

    Here's another: The Model Shop 230 Wellingborough Road Northampton NN1 4EJ Great selection of kits. I managed to track down a kit that I'd been after for quite a while in there, one that everywhere else had been out of stock for a couple of years. (@Mike could we have this thread as a pinned post possibly? This could be a good resource especially at the moment!)
  3. This has been my lock down WIP... Not really had much mojo for modelling really - so i decided for a complete clear out and change round - this is end result. New desk, and drawer unit from Ikea. New shelf, also from Ikea. New lamp off Amazon New storage units off @Andy G @ EBMA Finally put into frames and up on the wall, two Eduard prints that I've had for a few years. All in all - way too much money spent - but... has definitely given me a boost - two models finished this week that have been sat around for far too long (one started just before lock down and completely ran out of steam and passion to complete it!) The other, startyed as a mojo boost, just after getting the new desk sorted to get the modelling juices flowing again. (and a close up of the planes) (But not too close - don't want any flaws to be seen now do I....)
  4. So I have 2 x 36 ml paint drawers, 2 x 36ml paint stands, 1 x 9 drawer unit, 1 x tool stand . @Andy G all arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you very much! Already in the process of being built And now completed (11/07/2020)
  5. I placed my order about 1pm on the day that the club relaunched - I thought I had a problem in that when I got to the payment page, it didn't respond when I clicked on the appropriate button - and seemed to hang saying processing. However... I received a confirmation email within an hour or so, and the payment showed as pending in my bank account - so all well and good. Friday just gone (03/07/2020) I received an email advising that delivery of my Hornby Hobbies parcel would be on Monday 06/07 by DPD. Well today this little lot arrived And it would seem that I was one of the lucky first 1000 new members as I have received the book! (mind you, lucky the kit is still in one piece, DPD did a Hermes and chucked it over a 7ft fence onto a concrete path as we didn't respond to the doorbell quickly enough - within 10 seconds!!!!!!! Both of us upstairs working at the time)
  6. I started with a reclaimed office desk (which was 3rd hand when I got it about 3 years ago), before that i was using an extremely old kitchen table. I have just redone my modelling area - which happens to be in my dedicated man cave... This is the space I started with. I was looking for some 2nd hand furniture, but none available in the area I live. Contacted a few stores, and all said the same thing - sold out at the start of lockdown to people setting up offices due to working from home! Now no option but to buy new! This is what I went with. Ikea desktop, legs & drawer unit. The top white unit I already had from my computer desk - but had decided it was taking up too much space, so was repurposed for the modelling desk (this is mid set-up) This is where we are now - still a little bit of work to do, a couple of shelves to be put up, and have decided to get some of the EBMA drawer units and paint racks from @Andy G at some point in the next 6 months or so (money permitting) - or Telford permitting(!). They will replace or be in addition to the white Ikea unit. The desk is 2m in length so have plenty of working space (and I wonder how long that will last.....). But this is what I have gone with as a setup having been forced due to damage to the old desk to update my workspace.
  7. If the paint is the same stuff that was in the new style flip top lids, the paint was quite good. I'd started buying it again, just before the lockdown - but only in small amounts and only in those specific colours supplied in the new style bottles. But.... brushes well, and more importantly, seemed to spray well also!
  8. @Andy G Apparently 613 (City Of Manchester) Sqn had an Army Co-operation role, and the Panda was the insignia of the 9th Armoured brigade. They were tasked with the job of working out how to use the new mustang in the tactical reconnaissance role. Hence the Panda! This is not from personal knowledge, just a quick 5 minute google! (Believe it or not, not based in Manchester, but on the wrong side of the Pennines in Doncaster or even at RAF Ouston in Northumberland!)
  9. Joined as soon as I saw the email in my inbox. Hopefully was one of the early ones as well... Now I'll try and get the use out of the flying hours I've accumulated, as it now goes up series 9 kits, there are a few I've got my eyes on that will do very nicely indeed (especially just for the cost of postage!)
  10. Back in the Late 80's, I went to one of the Air shows at RAF Mildenhall (in fact one of my first...) organised when I was a member of 80 Sqn ATC (Bolton). It must have been in 1989, as I was definitely 18 at the time, I was one of the eldest Cadets there, but legally old enough to be drinking. The reason I remember so well, it was the first time that I tried Budweiser, not the stuff that you could buy in British shops, but imported American Bud..... It was the most awful tasting swill I had ever tried! I took a couple of swigs from the bottle and threw the rest away it was that bad! Mind you, to make up for that, we had parked the mini bus we had hired, near the end of the runway, when it came the turn of the Blackbird to take off (full power take off....) the power of the engines, managed to set off all the car alarms, all you could hear for ages was the shrill noises of alarms going off!!! What a wonderful sound that aircraft made as it got airborne. I have adored the SR-71 ever since!
  11. 3 X 1/48 Masking for Eduard Tempest Mk V 2 x 1/24 for Airfix 1/24 Typhoon 1 x 1/72 for Airfix 1/72 Typhoon And all credit to TopNotch - this was the second lot sent out. The first lot went missing in the post, and they sent out a second batch last week (Friday 19/06/2020) and they arrived this morning. Communication was really great, and they sent them out without any prompting. Would really use them again. I have used these types of masks before for a previous project, and they worked really well, so have no hesitation in using them again!
  12. Yep - got mine last week, no problems this month... Had to chase up Model Airplane International from ADH (Doolittle Media) though this time round. Paid for on release (as per the website) nearly 3 weeks before it was received!
  13. I use empty 10ml Tamiya paint bottles. (you can also buy them empty (eg from here but I use Tamiya anyway so have a supply https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/10ml-paint-mixing-jar-tamiya-81044) I tend to put my thinner in first then add the paint(s) that I want to make up a full bottle. For measuring, I use syringes, 5ml which I have been buying at shows - but they are reusable so 10 or so will last a very long time! (again example on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Terumo-Disposable-Syringe-Pack-100/dp/B004U9FLS8). I find these much easier to use than using pipettes, and a lot more accurate. And you can store the paint you've mixed up as well, if you need to use the same colour on several kits!
  14. As far as I'm aware, the only way is to sand back in the offending area, and reapply the clear coat
  15. I think it's happening..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-53011774
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