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  1. It's an exclusive brand new series to Yesterday. Has not been shown on any of the terrestrial channels before.
  2. ****Several hours later.......**** @F7F3p According to the AMW article May 2021, the author discussed the colour with aa member of the Harrier SIG, and they came up with an overall colour of possibly FS36375 Light Compass Ghost Grey being the closest match. They also suggest that there may even be a two tone scheme on these late stage Indian FRS 51's, but was impossible to tell from the photos that he had available. The tan coloured nose cone was mixed from two paints - MRP 244 Tan & MRP 38 white, and stated that it was not a perfect match, but apparently there was a lot of variation between jets, so no need for 100% accuracy on that front. Hope this info helps.
  3. Airfix model world did a conversion of a kinetic. FRS.1 to FRS.51 a couple of months ago with that scheme. I'll dig out the info in the morning and see what they said for the paint scheme.
  4. This is the F-82B "Betty-Jo" in the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton, Ohio. No Radar pod as you can see. However, I have no idea if that means F-82G could fly without the radar pod, all I know is that this one is displayed without one!
  5. Turns out the reason for the huge increase in insurance for the one car is we are now classed (by this one insurance company) as risky drivers... This is despite the fact that neither incident is actually our fault. The first in Feb, we had our catalytic converter stolen off the car, whilst parked on our driveway! They classed us at fault as the police did not have anyone in custody that evening! The second is because some unknown person hit the rear of our car and drove off. Thus leaving us with the repair bill. Neither of which are legitimately our fault. We have now found much better insurance at under £750 for both of our cars, fully comp! The other company have been told where to stick their quote!
  6. My grump - Insurance renewals! Just had ours through for our Hybrid which is currently in the garage undergoing repairs! So, about 2 months ago, we discovered that some kind soul had hit us, and driven off (only found out after the fact and we believe after we had got home from the holiday when it happened). Got it confirmed by the local dealer, and they quoted £1900 + for the repairs. Had to go through the insurance to get it repaired. Ongoing issue with them as it seems that they have only given a partial okay for the repairs, but didn't bother to tell us that... They only told us that they had given the go-ahead to get the repairs done! Been in the garage since 10/09/21 and STILL waiting for the full okay to get the repairs done! Anyway, last night the wife received an email from the insurance company for the renewal.............. £1700 + £3000 excess cover - Last year we paid just over £400 for the year for that car! I think we will be telling them where they can shove that quote and it wont be in a polite place! We've been doing some checks already, and we can get fully comp for the two cars we have for about £700! which is still less than half of what we've been quoted for the single car. (Forgot to mention, part of the reason for the high cost of repairs is that the car had been in a previous accident before we purchased it, and had not been repaired correctly! We are having to bare the brunt and cost of that! We were not told of any previous repair work or accidents when buying the car, and if we had known about the accident, we would not have bought it!)
  7. That's right - same fuselage different inserts - my 3 kits - 2 x1a & 1 x 1b, are buried at the bottom of my cupboard where I keep my stash, so not easy to get at to check. I knew no bubble canopy, and did look at the review to double check the sprues, but couldn't immediately see the inserts. @supersonic No - not all the same parts - different fuselage inserts and other parts, plus the canopy -
  8. @hopkp Just downloaded the instructions from the revell site - and yes they do tell you to do exactly the same as for the "E" kit. Does not look like the have done any alterations to the kit at all other than to provide parts for the 2 seater "F"!
  9. As far as I can remember the car door does not include the parts for the bubble top variant. I have both to build and from what I remember there are different sprues for those parts. It certainly does not include the bubble top canopy on the clear sprue - only the two different types of canopy needed for the car door type.
  10. BS681C:113 Deep Saxe Blue. Never heard of it had to look it up! Sort of a deep turquoise colour. What about Vallejo 70.966 matt turquoise. Not quite as dark maybe but according to Hobby Colour Converter it's about 97%match
  11. @TIGER HOBBIESLIMITED Before I place an order, can I double check that you have Zoukei-Mura Concept Note IX (Phantom F-4J/S) in stock? Many Thanks John (ignore - just spotted the quantity on the web page! Doh)
  12. This is a definite shift to green rather than being a blue green. The previous bottles I had, were probably 5 or 6 years old, and they finally gave up the ghost earlier this year. Those bottles were most definitely on the Blue side of the spectrum (and consistent in colour). I painted several F6F Hellcats (Eduard & Hobby Boss), Bearcats, F9F Panther, and a few others with the bottles, and they are most definitely blue with absolutely no hint of green. In fact, due to the fact that the majority are using a black primer, they are a very dark blue! I bought a couple from Hobbycraft (which is the nearest stockist to where I live) in about May time. These bottles heading into the green spectrum, with so little blue as to be invisible to the naked eye! Just to confirm, I am using the Tamiya Acrylic paints not enamel.
  13. I've been using Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue for some time to represent GSB or Sea Blue for WW2 US Navy tricolour cam or the single colour GSB, and also post war GSB (I modulate using either Grey, matt black, or gloss black primer - using light coats of paints does actually have quite an effect on the outcome of the blueness of the upper coats!) Anyway, it would seem that in their infinite wisdom, Tamiya have seen fit to change the formulation of the paint and it now seems to have more of a green hue to it instead of a blueness about it. Has anyone else noticed this? I have just purchased replacement pots that seemed to be of the correct shade when opened in the shop, but when sprayed out, still has the green tinge to it instead of the blue! I cannot get access to any other brands in the local area, other than Revell or Tamiya, so am stuck with a useless "Sea Blue" that is not blue! The jar was thoroughly mixed beforehand and was a brand new jar - unopened before being used. (Please note - health reasons cannot use enamels or lacquers - acrylics only. Also on a very limited budget so cannot be placing any orders for paints at the, moment, I need to work with what I have!)
  14. BBC Reporting that John Challis who played Boycie in Only Fools and horses has passed away aged 79! No more shall we hear the nasely tones of Marleene! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58617114
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