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  1. Sadly, due to our ex directory number being sold by the company who fitted our solar panels (who then went and put themselves into voluntary liquidation!) we have had to change our phone number! At one point was receiving 2 or 3 calls a day from companies claiming to be the new warranty holders or this that and other solar energy. Got fed up with the abuse when requesting to stop calling and to remove our details under the GDPR regulations!
  2. treker_ed

    Coastal kit bases

    Have you tried their facebook page to contact them? They were at Cosford in April so definitely still trading at that point in time. I've just tried their website and does take a very long time to load (I'm personally on a very fast fibre to the home connection so it's not at my end!) However, it does look like a new website so they may be having some teething problems with it - I bought a base from the about 18 months ago and it's completely different looking! Hope that helps a little bit! regards
  3. 3. Football Fixtures out late June/ early July, we can not have a show when Dons at home on Saturday or Sunday This pretty much dictates the dates of the show, which as WarthogMKL has stated, nothing can be decided until after the fixtures list come out in late June early July so at the moment there's not really much point in anyone discussing dates until we have that information in our possession. The club AGM is in just over 3 weeks, at that point the show will be discussed further. I'm sure the organising committee will already be in the process of dissecting and analysing what worked and what didn't and taking forward any and all comments and suggestions that they have received. As a relatively new club member I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and thought the Arena was a HUGE step up on Stantonbury Campus of previous years (having attended as a punter only for the last 7 or 8 years!). Hats off to the OT for the massive effort put in in the months leading up to the show, and ALL the club members that turned up on the Saturday and Sunday to help with set-up and pack-down. First time I attended a show where I was the other side of the table!
  4. There's about 3500 spaces in the stadium area, with easy access from the stadium to Asda, Ikea, and the MK:One shopping area and all the restaurants. No need to be parking in Asda at all. Banners are going up on Friday evening advertising to the general public that there is a Model show happening on Sunday, so hopefully get a few extra bodies from the shoppers in and around the area!
  5. Model Aircraft Monthly is no longer published by by SAMI, it has been sold off and is an independent publication now. Hence why on the front cover you no longer have the "genuine SAMI publication" logo. (I have other sources confirming the information directly)
  6. Had a quick look at the instructions, first time I have ever seen instructions that actually tell you to remove flash from parts on a brand new tooling! And not only that, you need to file down parts to ensure they fit correctly as well, and also increase the size of a notch by 2mm (all this is in the instructions and annotated by revell) I appreciate their honesty, but surely this should not be in a modern tooling (just very surprised to see these guidelines to the modeller in the build instructions) ?
  7. Did anyone notice in the new for 2019 announcements - a fillet-less P-51D? https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/north-american-p51-d-mustang-filletless-tails-1-48.html
  8. @depressed lemur been looking all over for those sort of wooden drawer things. Could I ask, where did you get them from, and how much were they? Really could do with getting some to try and get the modelling space organised a lot better than it is at the moment. Thanks John (aka Treker_ed)
  9. According to the Airfix website, it's slated for a May 2019 release. And yes, I'll be getting one, once I've saved enough pennies, and I've got around to the two typhoons in the stash......
  10. Is there a problem with the search function? Just tried to do a search query in "chat" and results only went back as far as December 2017. I even tried a custom date range 02/10/2000 to 02/10/2018 and still only came back with results going back to 2017! Now just tried a search in "WWII - Aircraft" and this went back correctly to 2007. So anyone any ideas what's going on in chat? (mind you the chat history seems to have disappeared only has 13 pages in there - I was looking for the thread that had been in there on Model shops round the country) Thanks John
  11. In the latest Info Eduard - they comment that the Mustang project is proceeding and "entering the mould production phase" So definitely not a project that has been dropped.
  12. Latest workbench - schemes have changed! No longer have the schemes as originally planned, but now have: XE597/A - 63 Squadron - CO's aircraft specially marked for Battle of Britain display 1958 XF509/73 - 4 FTS , Anglesey Wales. 1968 N-209 - 324 Sqn - Royal Dutch Air Force 1964. The comment from workbench for the change " In some cases, the development team can come across certain issues with the originally intended scheme options which necessitate a change, or simply find a scheme which they feel would be more appealing to modellers" link: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/amphibious-workhorse-of-the-fleet
  13. You know - after the Milton Keynes concrete cows...…… EVERYONE knows about the MK Concrete cows!!!! OK, ok, It's also known as Arena MK, but that is where we are having ModelKraft 2019
  14. Hi All We have a little bit of news regarding next years ModelKraft. So as announced, it's going to be in the Cow Shed at MK Stadium, well, on the next club night, Wednesday 22/08/18, we are going to be meeting at the Cow Shed @ 6:30pm for a sneak peak at the arena to see what we have to play with. If there are any members of the BM massive around in MK on that date, and would like to join us, you are welcome to do so. hope to see some of you there. John
  15. treker_ed

    Color help

    If you think it's too light - you could always use a black primer which would darken the overlying paint... I did that recently using Tamiya XF-17, and if I didn't know otherwise, I would have said it was almost black in colour, but it definitely blue, just a very, very dark glossy blue! Cant post any pics as not at home at the moment. regards
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