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  1. Vallejo Acrylics are a type of polyurethane based acrylic paint - they don't react very nicely to other thinners and turn into a gloopy mess (found that out the hard way using their primers!!!!!). I used to used Revell, and managed to thin them using Tamiya X20A and also Ultimate Modelling Product Thinners. No problem at all using these to thin Revell. BUT..... do not use Tamiya to thin Vallejo. Tamiya paint and thinner is an alcohol (or such) based paint and thinner and will react badly with the Vallejo paint. As the post above says - ideally use Vallejo thinner or cleaner with Vallejo paints.
  2. SAM publications ceased trading as the previous owner SOLD up and retired, they sold the magazine to MA publications. I was a subscriber at the time, and received details both in the post and via email. I also received confirmation of this in other ways offline. So has nothing with which you are suggesting.
  3. People who stand outside to take their phone calls and have their phone so loud, you can hear the person on the other end of the call! Not only that, the person making the call talks so loudly, you can hear them as well! Diagonally opposite where we live (at the rear of our property) there seems to be two houses that has two young(ish) couples - I would say mid to late 20's or very early 30's. One of the two couples seems to take great delight in letting everyone else know what there personal business is when on the phone as they come outside, and make sure that their mobile phones are turned up as high as possible, out onto speaker phone, and then talk at the top of their voice so that everyone can hear their conversations! And for those in the UK, a bit like the old Dom Jolly sketch when he would have the ridiculously large prop phone in places like the train, or restaurant etc, and would shout at the top of his voice "I'm on the phone!" It's extremely disturbing, and not very nice to hear your personal business being conducted at the top of your voice in the garden at 9:30 in the morning!
  4. There are an abundance of weird and wonderful place names in the UK. It would seem our ancestors had a definite way with words! Place names that translate into literally like "the place in the crook of the river" or "settlement on the brow of the hill" we have a rich and varied history of place names. However, they can be a little, shall we say, eye opening in this day and age - thankfully the British sense of humour (and history) seems to hold sway and keeps them in place for future generations to have a few giggles! (the following have been borrowed from https://anglotopia.net/ultimate-list-of-funny-british-place-names/) Back Passage, London Mincing Lane, London Mudchute, London Percy Passage, London Swallow Passage, London Trump Street, London Cumming Street, London Cock Hill, London Titley Close, London Cockbush Avenue, London Cock Lane, Tutts Clump, Berkshire, UK Golden Balls, Oxfordshire Hooker Road, Norwich Moisty Lane, Staffordshire I think we have one of the most wonderful and varied histories of place names. From Saxon, Roman, Celtic, Viking, Norman and everything in-between, such a rich and diverse history.
  5. This is probably one of the best explanations of the shipping situation and rise of costs from a trader I've seen: Along with this earlier post:
  6. Nothing to do with that. The manufactures put software/devices in the car to cheat on tests. They have had to pay massive fines over this. You may not like diesels, but modern diesals are actually quite clean, and extremely fuel efficient compared to petrol. They claims are due to the owners being lied to about the actual emissions produced by the cars, due to the "cheat" devices/software car producers installed. I had a VW Passat estate.during the period of time this is covered by, but have NOT taken part in any claim, but would qualify. I don't agree wit the claims, but diesals, especially car engines, are not as polluting as you think. We currently pay £30 per year on our car tax for our Hyundai I40 DIESAL estate, but something in the region of £140 for our supposedly cleaner and greener HYBRID Toyota Auris. Car tax is based on emissions, so which is cleaner?
  7. treker_ed

    Ultimate Primer

    The only difference is that it's been rebadged or rebottled. It's still the same primer (as far as I have been able to ascertain from reading information on'tinternet!
  8. They seem to be running both types sided by side - so it could be that they could move over to the dropper type with all the colours eventually. I've seen the other style of bottles on sale still in other model shops quite recently whilst on holiday in the UK. They maybe seeing how they sell before moving the rest over!
  9. Regularly travel down to Plymouth, and off the A38 there used to be a farm shop that always made me smile - sadly they have changed their name in the last 18 months or so. But they used to be called .... The Well Hung Meat Company!
  10. And for the moment it's sadly only going to get worse. Container and shipping prices are literally through the roof at the moment. From what I have been reading, they seem to have increased, in some cases, almost 300% since last year. In one case I read, last year a company was paying around £3-£5000 per container, this year they expect to pay a minimum of £15000 per container. Those costs have to be passed on. Some imports may not even be worth stocking due to the costs of shipping let alone any other costs involved. Cost of crude oil per barrel is at an 8 year high. A report on the BBC was quoting the AA and RAC, both organisations are stating that the current cost of fuel in the UK is at the highest seen since 2013. The cost of crude oil at the moment is at $70 per barrel. As the plastic modellers use is a hydrocarbon based product, we are at the mercy of the base cost of the raw materials - they go up, the cost of our hobby goes up. Add into the mix the shipping costs and sadly you have a perfect storm! Companies cannot continue to absorb the significant increases in costs of all these items, they must pass on the costs to stay afloat.
  11. How about this.... Milton Keynes Crematorium is in an area called Crownhill. The residential area of Crownhill is named after famous people - Mercury Drive, Munroe Avenue, Hudson Avenue, Hendrix Drive, Orbison Court.... Has anyone spotted the common thread about the names yet? Yep - All the road names are named after famous people that are dead.... Great bit of town planning that put the crematorium next to an estate of dead movie stars!
  12. Thought I'd open it up a bit more to include products as well - I'm sure there are a few out there... Read once that the NOVA didn't sell very well in Mexico when GM/Vauxhall tried to launch it in that country. Why? Well NO VA means no go in Spanish. A little bit of research would have helped me thinks.....
  13. From what I've heard and read, the thinners from Colourcoats (Sovereign Hobbies) are supposed to be very good, and naphtha based. The owner is @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies and will tell you a bit more about it. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/colourcoats-thinners/products/colourcoats-thinners?variant=32997897994324
  14. So glad this is giving everyone a bit of a lift and a giggle.
  15. This was taken in France in 2012 when I was on Holiday in Normanday for a week or so in and around St Malo with the wife and her parents. We just happened to be driving round and saw this... All together now.. I like big buts and I cannot lie........
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