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  1. From the blog A final look at the new Mosquito B.XVI kit at initial test frame build stage. We do have to stress that these images show the model whilst it is still very much in development and some aspects of its design have already been the subject of some modification. Nevertheless, they do show that this beautiful model is advancing nicely towards its scheduled late summer release. Hints that this is only a test shot and not a final production kit, so any "wrongness" may just be down to other parts not being available at the time that this test shot was put together
  2. What annoys me are Estate agents that send through letters or flyers asking if you're interested in selling your property just because they have been successful in selling other properties in the area! Just had one through this morning asking if we want to sell because they have sold a property on an adjoining road. Wish they would get lost, we are not interested in selling, and have no intention of selling at this present time. Really does wind me up - especially when this must be the fourth or fifth this year alone so far! We have decided to be on the closed electoral register to
  3. Technically it's a 4 tone scheme, and has been discussed on BM quite a few times. Jamie from Sovereign paints describes it very well in one of his posts:: And to confirm - always better to paint light to dark - easier to cover light paint with dark rather than the other way round!
  4. First thing before starting is to remove the "do not use" parts and put them to one side, so that you do not get yourself confused as to which parts you will be using . I do this for all the kits I build if there is a parts list that either lists or shows which parts are not for use... Unless I'm using the kit as a basis for something different. I recently built a Hobby Boss BAe Hawk 100 series and converted it into more of an RAF T.2, some of the parts identified as not for use, were actually of use in that version! Eduard kits are sometimes known for being on the mor
  5. I have both boxing's, and the MK V does not have the costal command items. These are a separate sprue.
  6. Just had a call from a UK based Sky customer service agent. Problem resolved. Have now been upgraded to Sky Ultra HD service FOC for 18 months. So instead of an extra £4pm on top of my bill, we are getting the UHD add on for nothing until November 2022. Doesn't seem a lot, but it's a saving of £72 over the 18 months! Thank you. (Asked the wife if I get the £72 for hobby stuff, sadly the answer was a definite NO you do not! )
  7. @John Tapsell in complete agreement with you there. The "suggested for you" most of the time are so far off the mark as to be laughable, and some of the adverts as well! One day last week, I kept a track of all the ads, and suggestions that I closed during an 8 hour period, close to 240 over the 8 hours! I just wish there was a setting to tell them "to get lost I'm not interested in all this crap that you are trying to sell me - I'm not interested!" But of course, that's how they make their money supposedly by "not" selling your details to advertising companies!
  8. Lots of little storage boxes for all my damn USB cable floating round my damn drawers! Of course, every time you buy another gadget, they always come with another damn USB cable until they look like they've been breeding and you have hundreds of the ruddy things! All nicely tidied away now into my boxes, and one for the chargers as well (also got some for the wife so she can do the same with all her cables and chargers!) Also some slight larger ones (A5 size) for all my masking and PE sets that I have separated out into various kit makers. So one box for Airfix, one fo
  9. I think the site has been completely down for a little while. Using Edge Chromium and all i was getting was an "unable to resolve that dns" message. That is usually an indication that the site was down or that the hosting service was not refreshing properly so that the rest of the internet couldn't recognise the background DNS address. Seems to be ok at the moment though
  10. treker_ed

    Covid Jab

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57049639 Even Vlad is getting in on the jab! (Must admit, even reading the headline made me giggle just a little bit!)
  11. treker_ed


    @jeff72 This topic is discussed at great length in the FAQ section of the site
  12. Cant help - but you might get a better response posting in the Modern Military section of the Aviation section. Mods can move the post for you.
  13. nope - you pay extra according to the website - but as I said above, we stated to them that the whole reason we were upgrading to sky Q was for the UHD channels, and we haven't got them. So not happy at all. Update: So went along to the shopping centre stand where we arranged our upgrade, after talking to them for about 10 minutes, and showing them what they had written down, it turns out all they would do is ........ Nothing! As the person we spoke to is not in until Monday they wont deal with it until then. This is despite the fact that the person I spoke to today, was the other
  14. Signed up to Sky Q for the UHD service as we recently had to change our TV due to our old one failing. New TV is 4K UHD so we thought why not use it's capabilities and upgrade our existing Sky service. Popped along to our local shopping centre once we were allowed to after 12th April to chat to the Sky sales agents in there, and discussed why we wanted to upgrade, and we were told that the UHD part was included, and that there was no extra charge, and so our bill would not increase! Great - we signed up. Fast forward to Yesterday and get it all installed, only to find that the UHD part i
  15. 5 1/2 years ago (Dec 2015) we had solar panel installed by a company called Clean Green Home Energy, just before government of the time changed the subsidies and payment scheme that homeowners could get. It was assumed that 50% of any energy generated would be fed back into the grid, and you get a payment from your energy supplier based on KWh generated. These changed (if I remember) in the Jan of 2016. Anyway, due to the withdrawal of the installation grants from Government to supplier, it increasingly became less profitable for companies to install, and the company we purchased from, decided
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