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  1. I sleep in my loft...... My house is a standard semi-detached, however, it was built from the get-go with a loft conversion by the developers for the main bedroom. So no chance of having the opportunity to be able to have anything as esoteric as models for loft insulation! When we moved in, I was able to snag a cupboard in the bedroom that was going spare as my stash store. It's not that big, there's only about 200 kits (or less) in there. But... There are a number of 1/24 & 1/32 Airfix & Revell kits, so some very large boxes, which are taking up quite a lot of room, Without them, I would probably be able to get a lot more in there. Temperature wise though... It's like a damn oven at night in the summer, and a bloomin fridge in the winter!
  2. Final update on this one: Delivery date changed again to the 19th August so it more or less looks like this particular laptop is definitely not going to be delivered to the retailers any time soon! Have spent the last few days looking at reviews, and technical specs for dozens of gaming laptops. I had a budget in mind that I was working to, but sadly, I've had to go somewhat over that budget to get a laptop that has enough grunt to be able to play the games I have that they don't end up looking like a slideshow! Should be delivered in the next couple of days. https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/model/NH.QBREK.003
  3. All hail king @Mike. All hail the omniscient one!
  4. I think if it had been a short shot part, our illustrious leader @Mike, would have said something in the review! As nothing was said, I'm inclined to go along with @AntPhillips assertion that the part has been rotated slightly that just gives this impression. Will be ordering mine at the end of the month when I have a few more pennies in the bank account!
  5. Have you contacted Airfix to report the problem? At present, there do not seem to have been many other reports. I'm sure if you report it, they would be able to replace the offending sprue.
  6. Update 08/08/2022 - I've had to cancel the order - item was on back order with an original eta of 01/08/2022. Sadly this was delayed until 08/08/2022, and has now been delayed again until 12/08/2022. With no realistic due accurate due date I've had to take the decision to cancel the order. Shame really as for the money, I was getting a really decent, and high specced gaming laptop! Now got to start the search again - may have to go with my second place machine instead!
  7. Not modelling related - but a significant purchase none-the-less! For more years than I care to admit to, my other main past-time is PC-Gaming, playing everything from strategy games to FPS to RPG's - this has been exclusively on desktop systems that I have built myself over the years. My latest rig was built just over 2 years ago, literally just before the first main Covid lockdown and is a fairly beefy rig and allows me to play pretty much all games at max fidelity and resolution. One massive drawback... When we go on holiday I need to keep myself busy and fairly well occupied but can't exactly lug a massive tower-system, duel monitors, surround sound system etc around in the car with us!!! I know going away is about getting away from it all, but... It's not a case of having a shot attention span or anything like that - I have a brain that needs constant stimulation, and constant feeding to keep it "nourished". Whether that be reading, or doing something etc. I find that I can get bored very easily on holiday Still getting used to the fact that this part of me is autism related! I've always need to keep "busy" and now I know why that is! To that end, I've been trying to save up for a mid range gaming laptop. One that will allow me to still play the games in my various digital libraries (Steam, Origin, Uplay etc) but would also allow me to play them at some sort of reasonable level of graphics with a decent spec. After lots of searching, checking reviews etc, managed to tie one down that was also on a special offer from one of my favourite retailers (been using this company for all my components for nearly 30 years!). https://www.scan.co.uk/products/156-msi-gf66-katana-12ug-404uk-fhd-240hz-i7-12700h-16gb-ddr4-1tb-nvme-8gb-rtx-3070-win11-home Basic gist - just as good as my desktop system, (slightly less storage) but in a portable package! Normally retails around the £1300(ish) mark, but reduced to under £1100 at the moment. More than I wanted to pay, but for such a decent gaming laptop, a pretty good price! (Being a typical geek, I'm already looking at how to upgrade the built in storage!) (I should add that I do have a cheap laptop already, good enough for basic stuff, got from wifes place of work when they updated their laptops... It's just not up to playing any games! But I will strip it of any spare parts before being got rid of though!)
  8. Those are pretty good ratios to start with, and are about what I would use. Even within the same brand (mainly a Tamiya user myself) some paints are thicker in consistency than others, and some thinner, so I adjust accordingly, more or less thinner as required. I usually have my airbrush somewhere around 15-20psi. I would also agree with using the manufacturers own brand of thinner. Might seem a bit pricier, but it's been formulated specifically to work with that paint! So you shouldn't (!) have too many issues (Famous last words....)
  9. Sadly, due to a medical condition, that is one thing I cannot do! I am Lactose intolerant, and so cannot drink normal milk! I have to have lactose free milk, which is really quite expensive in comparison. Arla introduced it, and theirs is £1.65 per 1 litre carton, Sainsburys, Asda & Tesco (do not know about other supermarket chains) also do their own versions, at around £1.25 per 1Ltr carton. In comparison, Tesco Whole milk 2Ltr bottle is £1.70 which works out to £0.85 per ltr. I am using 3 or 4 cartons per week! Other than swapping to a plant based alternative (again unable to due to medical issues) there is nothing I personally can do to reduce expenditure in this area! We have recently switched to an Electric Vehicle! No VED (car tax), car insurance has greatly reduced also, no more buying fuel (we had two cars - have also sold one as 2nd car no longer needed), so fuel bill gone from over £100 pm to £0 (apart from the odd bit of holiday charging). Ah, but what about the cost of using your electric at home for charging I hear you ask.... Well, just under 7 years ago, we had Solar panels fitted, and so we can have an EV charger fitted that will utilise the PV panels, and re-direct any excess power being generated from the panels, into charging the car, essentially free energy. Yes, there will be days when we will have low surplus energy, and yes, that will cost us a little extra, but no where near what we were paying in petrol & Diesel costs. In total we reckon that we will be saving in excess of £1500 a year (possibly even more) in doing the switch, and that will be just in fuel costs and insurance.
  10. In Milton Keynes, we can put all tetra-pak cartons in the general recycling, along with empty aerosols, food packaging and quite a few other things that a lot of other councils don't seem to recycle as standard, which (currently...) gets collected every week. On that basis, MK has one of the best recycling schemes in the country... Or would be, except we regularly see the waste operatives (as we are supposed to call them nowadays) chucking the recycling bags into the back of the bin wagon, on the same side as the general waste! (our bin wagons have multiple compartments - two at the rear and one at the side. one is supposedly for recycling, the other is for general waste. The side is for glass. ON a few occasions, I have challenged them about them chucking our recycling in with the waste, and they have become aggressive and told me to mind my own business as I don't know what I'm talking about, and that they (in 1 second or so) can tell if a bag has been "contaminated" and cannot be recycled!!!)
  11. Same here! Primarily Tamiya, with some Revell, Vallejo, Humbrol (all acrylics) and K-Color for metallic paints.
  12. With respect, this is supposed to be a discussion on the upcoming Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer, not a debate about the economy of modelling, or anything else! Can we stick to the original topic please? Anything else, please take into the relevant chat areas. I am personally looking forward to the release, to go alongside it's 1/72nd scale sibling!
  13. Hawker Fury (1930's biplane) Hawker Fury / Sea Fury (Late 1940's Monoplane Fighter)
  14. I should also add that I'm allowed to say that by permission of the household manager... Also known as SWMBO!!!
  15. @Mr T I am also responsible for all messing arrangements in my household (and mess in the household) so those words do not appear until I decide the hour!
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