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  1. treker_ed

    Telford 2019

    Floor plans are out for anyone that's interested! https://ipmsuk.org/ipms-scale-modelworld/scale-modelworld-floor-plan/?fbclid=IwAR3WJCm1rr2iq_cHT9oYPTcJivgjAEaFNMhD-OsSwConTyuY00l-QZdwZuQ
  2. This is a regular thing that has happened with my TOMTOM go 5000. It's a pain, but it is actually easy to sort out - difficult to explain but easy to sort. Goolge search "TOMTOM update corrupted maps" with your model version and you should find the instructions to reset the device, and allow you to reinstall the maps. I've done it a number of times over the last few years - Nowadays with the size of the internal maps, also have a micro-SD card installed as well!
  3. treker_ed

    Telford 2019

    I think I'm lucky..... I always go on the Sunday - it's quieter for a start. I always park in the Asda car park- 5 minute walk from the TIC and only £1 to park all day. My wife generally comes with me, and will spend a couple of hours or so there and then she might disappear off into Telford centre. However, when it comes to the food, that for us both is a massive stumbling block. We both have medical issues that can limit what we eat. I am Gluten and Lactose intolerant (with a couple of other intolerances thrown in.....) which means in all honesty I cannot in anyway shape or form eat any of the food (and have most of the drink) on offer in the TIC. No Chips, no burgers, no sausages, no pizza.... No coffees from Costa (cant even have Soya milk!) So I'm very lucky in not being able to eat in the TIC The wife has Crohns Disease which cuts out a lot of greasy, fried food - which again eliminates most of the TIC food. Off to Telford Shopping centre for us!
  4. It was still being used in the late 80's - I was a cadet 85-90 and they were still using it then!
  5. Got my subscription copy Tuesday last week, well in advance of the on sale date. Local smiths had it on sale as well from the Thursday. Been on holiday since, and all the smiths that I've been in round Dorset have it on sale. So may be localised problems with distribution.
  6. Hey Guys. Just a quick one about a new shop I found (some of you may know about it if you live in the area though....) Popped into Newbury en route to Dorset for a little holiday today (Sunday 08/09/17) and on the off chance, I thought I would do a quick search for any model shops in Newbury. Found one in the Kennet Centre, just at the bottom end of the main shopping area. Newbury Models, Kiosk 4, Kennet Centre, Newbury Berkshire newburymodels@aol.com newburymodels.co.uk Whilst I didn't buy anything, I did say I would drop a line on here to let people know about him. Only been open since May of this year, so could be worth dropping in if in the area to support a new modelling business. Cheers John (no connection to the business, just trying to drum up support for the new business!)
  7. Been covered a couple of time before, but look here for details:
  8. Something is definitely not right there - and I don't think we can blame Airfix... Taking my banks current exchange rate ($1.75 AUD to the £1.00) the current price for the Blenheim is about £58.00, converted to sterling (give or take), Hannants currently have this at £36.99, which is the same price on the Airfix website. Taking this same exchange rate into account, that would work out to $64.73 AUD. I would say a lot of that price has to be distributer and retailer markups, and internal shipping costs. Lets face it, Airfix are not going to sell it to the Australian wholesaler at the retail price, they will have a certain % to make on it as well from cost price. However..... Does seem to be rather a healthy bit of retail markup on the UK pricing, I would have to think 4 or 5 times, at least, before considering buying at those sort of prices.
  9. Pm inbound - sorry should have read further on didn't see the "we have enough info...." oops!
  10. Now sorted. @Mike Would you mind locking the thread as no longer required. Many thanks.
  11. HELP....... Sorry guys need help. In the middle of an Airfix 1/48 Mustang. Have managed to scrape through the build so far with the last scraps of a pot of Humbrol 226 (interior green) for the cockpit etc. However, according to Humbrol site, no longer available in acrylic and not in the new style/formulation. So I need to replace. Would like to try Vallejo, but need a supplier where I can physically go and buy it rather than use online as I need it urgently to finish the build. Has to be acrylic - cannot use enamel for health reasons for myself or the wife (both have asthma!). Also don't like mixing as either have to mix a large batch, and then have it sit around for a long time between appropriate builds, or, have to mix fresh batch if not mixed enough and then not getting the same shade as not matching the exact same mixing quantities again. Any ideas? Milton Keynes or surrounding areas.
  12. Now received (26/06/19) - and what a great kit. And what a blooming massive construction manual...… But I do like what they have now done in the front, and hope that they continue with it in the rest of the new releases going forward! What's that you ask? A list of all the paints being used - Humbrol number and name, in numerical order. This makes it so much easier when converting between Humbrol and another brand (eg Tamiya) no more hunting through the instructions and searching out all the paint references, 2 or 3 times to make sure you've got them all, before making a conversion chart to your favoured paint brand. Still need to convert, but the list is already there for you!
  13. Even without the review I was being tempted (since the reveal at Telford in-fact….. ). The review just cemented my decision, and one is now winging its way to me from the Airfix Warehouse!
  14. Just bought one direct from Airfix - I know I could have got one from a retailer - but in MK there are none So with free P&P makes complete sense to do so (plus 100% goes to Airfix bottom line!!!!) Now just have to wait for it to arrive! No getting this past SWMBO box is a tad too big I think
  15. Sadly, due to our ex directory number being sold by the company who fitted our solar panels (who then went and put themselves into voluntary liquidation!) we have had to change our phone number! At one point was receiving 2 or 3 calls a day from companies claiming to be the new warranty holders or this that and other solar energy. Got fed up with the abuse when requesting to stop calling and to remove our details under the GDPR regulations!
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