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  1. Hi Tony,

    long time no talk about Lynxes LOL. I was on fire on Sunday and took out my two Lynxes and when I looked at them,  I found out that there are some blank spaces in my Gulf war build. So I compiled a list of what to use/not use/tweak etc etc.

    I would like to ask you if you could look at that site and review it, if it is all OK for a Gulf war Lynx HAS.3GM. There are two steps, according to Airfix, steps 48 and 68 - I do not have the right pics of all those antenna positions etc. Can you help me with that ?

    Here is the link for the page: http://dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/has3gm_build_en.html


    Absolutely no rush here. I am working on translating my AH.1GT page to english now.


    Thanks in advance and best regards.




    EDIT: I did the AH1GT page so here it is: http://dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/ah1gt_build_en.html

  2. Does any one have  a rear view photo of a HAS Lynx with the tail folded - what do the two 'inner' tail surfaces that meet look like when folded look like?


    Patrick Martin

  3. Hi Lynx7:

    Please excuse the interruption.  I am building the Hobby Boss 1/72 Royal Navy Lynx in grey with red nose/tail.  Do you know if Tamiya match those colours , or would I have to use a different range of paints. Thanks,


  4. Hiya,


    I'm making a Qatar Police Lynx HC.28 from the 1/48 Airfix Lynx AH.7. I am using the Rotorcraft AH.1 conversion set and managed to source a Navy Lynx canopy. Apart from these easy conversion fixes, I am wondering if you're able to provide some insights on the intake section.


    I read (somewhere) that the Qatari Lynxes were fitted with uprated engines and sand filters.

    Would I be right in using the intake sand filter units from the Airfix kit, in conjunction with the standard (non-IR suppressing) exhausts?


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  5. Hi Tony. Any chance you're going to revisit the Wildcat build? Drop me a line, be good to catch up.



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