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  1. Ah, the company latrine officer's rallying cry....also, by happy accident close to my old school motto, ''eo durius impellis, eo longius ibis'' or 'the harder you push, the further you go'
  2. WOW, just WOW..........a red stripe 1926 Morris Cowley! Great stuff Martian, the Martianess must be chuffed to bits with her ever-growing collection of loofahs. As for MRP, I get mine from Mike at MJR, Wigan...great service.
  3. Darling was questioning the whereabouts of this 'article of clothing', only this morning. Unbeknown to me he took a trip, with fellow regimental pigeon fanciers, down to Poole to visit his uncle Bertie in Parkstone which ended, somewhat predictably, in a night of rank debauchery, involving buckets of homemade Cabbage and toadstool wine and the ingestion of vast quantities of white 'pick-me-up' powder and blue 'happy camper' pills. This was followed by bouts of fevered table stacking, napkin folding, safety pin arranging and some pretty violent chair arranging. At one point they managed to stagger out on a pub crawl and somewhere along the line, following several alleged break-ins, he managed to lose said dayglo garment. He would very much appreciate you returning it, poste haste (1st class) with apologies to the Martianess for any distress/over excitement it may have caused. However tempting it may be, kindly don't shoot the messenger...
  4. Highly doubtful, I had my cringe gland surgically removed years ago, now nothing surprises me ...but then again, knowing the Martianess . This doesn't surprise me Pete, Waddington, known locally as the Village of the Damned, the Dark Ages never found their way out to the A15, over here, on the east side of the city, we've moved on to more exotic fare such as sautéed Rattailed maggot and jellied earthworm, fried in gnat's blood. Baldrick can't get enough of the stuff. We're still looking for our wise woman!
  5. Indeed, her reach is far and wide her influence terrible in its countenance.... I think you may have misread what was being said, old sausage....the women throwing themselves at you were dressed in white coats, the gimp mask, handcuffs, blurglechruncheons and cattle prods were for their protection. Once they'd managed to get the straightjacket on you they could reclaim their lingerie and footwear, all while waiting for the paddy wagon to roll up. I think Napoleon XIV summed it up best...
  6. 'There's no place like home, we're not in Kansas any more, Toto'.....Baldrick tells me that, other than the incongruous name tags draped around his neck, he thinks he/she/it (insert preferred pronouns or expletives) scrubs up rather well. If I were to tell you that this was one of his more modest costumes you'd begin to see the trouble we're in. If I recall this was on his way to the BBC studios for his stint on the panel of Question Time, Marsxit with fellow crosstumier Eddie Izzard and a somewhat perplexed Nigel Farage.
  7. My thoughts too Tony, thought I'd seen that somewhere before, The inspiration is obviously a result of the melding of his twin obsessions of gasbag modelling and deeply routed personal habits....an unholy alliance, even for a Martian...hold up, I'll get Gag Halfront on the line, he needs the money. (public domain image, not Lady M, sadly)
  8. Thanks guys, Hi Kev, all good here thanks, hope it's the same for you. The kit has a few odd moments but overall, pretty accurate and streets ahead of anything else. I agree, 1/72 would be nice but I'll happily take a few of these in braille scale for now. Look forward to catching up at a show or two, be good to chat.
  9. Maximus nervi! quid cruentum maxillam.........et noli oblivisci omnes hypercaustae in imperialibus Mars Never have guessed, old sausage...how on Mars do you manage to shoehorn a spray booth/cardboard box into your TARDIS?
  10. I had a feeling in my water that 'pronouncements' were being uttered in my ever-increasing absences, however now that I'm back, albeit temporarily, from the Land of my Fathers, I am aghast see the extent of the libelousness reigned upon me. Darling is incommunicado with my people who will be in touch with your people who, no doubt, will be back in touch with my people, (rinse and repeat). Now there's a prime example. Dr Hubert Quack-Melchett, MD, GP, tree surgeon and part-time Mallard strangler has no place telling you such things, he should stick to his chosen profession of bird bothering in Hyde Park (the less said about that the better, suffice to say that most of the charges have since been dropped)...
  11. Superb Steve, lovely result. Great to see you into 3D printing now, another tool in the arsenal, bravo sir…
  12. No problem James, depends entirely on what you fancy doing, the Fantastic Plastic Arnold Clark only has 5 pieces! Fantastic Plastic Models (Bear in mind it’s a US site so shipping will make these fairly expensive). If you can find them, Testor’s Roswell UFO and Area 51 styrene kits and the Atlantis Adamski saucers are good fun builds. I’m away on holiday at the moment but will look for you when I get back at the weekend. Melchie
  13. They come from a mixture of casting companies including Creative Cast Parts, Ravenstar Studios, Anigrand Craftworks etc to a high standard, usually with few parts making assembly straightforward plus many are designed by the talented pattern designer, Scott Lowther. I’ve built a few and found them pretty straightforward to build as long as you’re used to the usual quirks of resin modelling. I prefer resin as a medium myself plus the subject matter is varied and interesting.
  14. As our resident Martian says, it depends on what you consider a UFO, something TV/movie based or a supposed eye-witness account sighting. As TomTom mentions, along with the Atlantis kits there are several Haunebu saucers out there, mostly based on the Haunebu II concept. Squadron produce one in 1/72 as does Revell/Hand in Head/Wave Corporation 1/72 (more a rehashed Adamski based model than a Haunebu, the Squadron kit is far better), Anigrand 1/144, resin and Pegasus 1/144). Anigrand include a Haunebu I with the II as an extra. Polar Lights do the Forbidden Planet C-75D Space Cruiser in 1/72 and 1/72. Lindberg/Testors did the 1/48th Roswell craft and Monogram/Tsukuda/Atlantis (originally Aurora) UFO from ‘The Invaders’ TV show, still available. Pegasus also released an Area-51 UFO. Fantastic Plastic have the Kenneth Arnold UFO (first UFO) and the UFO saucer from ‘The Thing’ movie. The site has many interesting designs, but they’re not cheap. If you have a 3D printer there are many designs available, many being free.
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