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  1. I don't know about sad, more a blessed relief, means I can come off the medication, forget about adding anything else and actually get on with building the bliddy thing. The only innards I'll concentrate on now will be the nav/bomb aimers position, cockpit and ventral cupola. How's MSFS?
  2. So true, particularly if you can find an unattended and empty metal dustbin to belt out a decent 4/4, with a pair of makeshift sticks fashioned from unwanted rebars . At a pinch a traffic cone makes for an excellent megaphone/trumpet, lending your tonsils a certain Lemmy-like '50 a day' resonance...ask me how I know.
  3. Ah, the Ginter series, excellent material, I have a fair collection gracing the bookcase within spitting distance . Like you, I don't need any more encouragement to add detail that'll never be seen by man or beast. Well, yes, head banging as a driver isn't necessarily the best idea when careering down a darkened back road in winter, at 3am. Also, quite frankly, the birdies didn't always appreciate us screaming Motorhead, UFO, Thin Lizzy or Deep Purple lyrics at them, full decibel, for some reason. Mind you, Hendrix and Pink Floyd could could also be heard at times of qui
  4. Actually, I thought I'd play this to ease things along...... the incomparable Lambrettavespascoota, perfect listening while giving Rosie a damn good thrashing... Ah Devo, now your talking, great memories of buying 'Are We Not Men' when working in London in 1978...and subjecting my compatriots to it on continuous loop on my car 'stereo'. This was the point at which their suspicions were confirmed, there was indeed a problem with the nut holding the steering wheel... No coincidence that my favourite track was 'Uncontrollable Urge' Enjoy the PBY-4
  5. Thanks chaps appreciated, hopefully, I'll be able to finish the interior soon and zip the thing up. I've then got all the lovely riveting to look forward to...oh, the joy. Thanks Cees, now, that would be telling... Strewth, I've been demoted! I'll have to have words with the mem about this...
  6. Thought it was about time I posted a few images of what's happening with my Hampden, can't let Neil carry all the weight, (and there's a fair bit of it). Progress has been slow, due to other projects taking precedence, modelling and 'real life', including the removal and replacement of a new kitchen here at Melchett Towers, all at the rabid insistence of the Memsahib, (under threat of death and/or cessation of my 'Wensleydale with cranberries' ration, affirmative action was needed). Not far off finishing the interior now, just a bit more work on the nose area including window fram
  7. This is great to see, looking at this, most options can be built including A, B, PD, U/UD, K, KD/KPD and with a bit of work, the R/RD series. Even includes both nozzle styles for the early Dobrynin VD-7M and later RD-7M2 engines. Bit baffled as to what the KDM was though, the destructions seem to give 'KDM' labels for the Kh-22 missile (K/KD/KPD) and rear SSEP fairing, applicable to the some KDs and KPDs. Hopefully someone will come to the rescue with decals and include a few of the more colourful Afghanistan veterans along with some Libyan and Iraqi Tu-22Bs.
  8. Looking through references, it would appear that, during her three years as the Olympus 301 testbed, she flew with a combination of engine configurations, including the installation of two and then three 301s before finally having all four fitted. Also in 1960 XH577 trialled two Olympus 21A test engines which were fitted in the left engine bays after which a combination of 21As and 301s were flown. While testing, the aircraft had a close encounter with a garage at the end of the Filton runway when landing midway down the runway, in poor weather and rapidly running out of space, the combination
  9. That’s a very Interesting image, never seen it before, definitely shows two 301 style cans on one side and 201s on the other. As it was the engine trials B2 it looks like they tried a variety of combinations throughout the trials phase. Good find.
  10. Info on XH577 is sketchy, however two books I have to hand are, Modern Combat Aircraft 11, V-Bombers, by Robert Jackson, page 59 ''In May 1961, Vulcan B2 XH577 flew from Patchway with two 17,000lb st Olympus 201 engines in the inboard nacelles and two 20,000lb st Olympus 301s outboard'' and The Vulcan Story 1952-2002, by Tim Laming, page 221 ''11/XH577: Completed 13.5.60 Olympus 201/301 engines. To Bristol Siddeley for engine trials 21.6.60. Fitted with Mk.301 engines in outer nacelles, later fitted with four 301's. First B2 with enlarged intakes.'' I'll have a look through the many other ref
  11. Not quite right Adam. XH577 flew with 301s in the outer nacelles and 201s in the inners. The power differential would have been problematic if 301s were fitted to one wing only, it's all about balance. Once the engine tests were complete, 577 was fitted with 301s.
  12. Glad you like them mate, more stuff to follow. I know what you mean about the thing rolling about, a royal pain when it came to adding the interior details........luckily a big blob of White Tack hammered to the bench top came to the rescue. Good luck with the PET sheets, I'm sure you'll sort it out in true Woody fashion.
  13. Me too...I've also been told to keep well clear of the kitchen (probably best for all concerned, my plum duff looks like a molehill decorated with rabbit....etc).
  14. Printing clear parts is new to me too, Loren. Although I've been 3D printing for a time now there's going to be a fair bit of experimentation ahead. Transparent resin is a different animal to my usual ABS-like water washable grey, tweaking settings as we speak. If all else fails it'll have be clear resin casting, ovens, pressure vessels and all...
  15. Nothing wrong with a big old Clydesdale thrashing away between yer legs!
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