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  1. Thanks guys, very kind of you all, just glad you approve. Thanks spiton...just seen your Airfix Devastator, great job on the old thing, always nice to see these old kits bought kicking and screaming into the modern era...
  2. No, no, no that's not my Speckled Jim! that's Reconnaissance Reg of 74 squadron, hero of Beauvois, shot down over the Hun lines by no less than Ze Red Baron and his travelling circus and held prisoner in Holzminden. When they tried to pump him thoroughly for information regarding the 'Grand Plan', he told them in no uncertain terms, to 'get stuffed', they took him at his word...
  3. I thought it was 'So long and thanks for all the fish' or maybe I'm thinking of someone else. I wont go into the Croydon library incident here, suffice to say that Darling, stalwart that he is, was sent down to the docks in the old Town, wearing a pink basque and gold lamé tutu in an attempt to curry favour with any passing matelots in order to pay the fine, nasty business all round. Come to think of it that was four months ago and he still hasn't got back! Mind you, the book was hardly a riveting read, a load of old cobblers actually...
  4. A few relevant comments here Jason. Look at comment #6 Airfix Me-262 v Revell v Hasegawa
  5. I thought I'd picked up something rather nasty.... I'd like to say it is the consequence of years of square-bashing while out in the murderous heat of the Punjab but truth is I got Darling to stuff a couple of copies of King and Country down my plus-fours in case the Martianess took it upon herself to issue me with a sound thrashing while I was undergoing my fitting.... Worryingly he seemed to enjoy the task a little too much spending more time than was necessary, 'flower arranging' as he put it...
  6. Thanks Mike, I totally agree, the Revell nacelles are a lot more detailed, I've no idea why Airfix omitted the characteristic nacelle vents. I was sorely tempted to use one from the Revell kit to match the CMK resin and then attach them both to the Airfix wings but then the build would have become a bigger conversion job. Same goes for the wheels. Still, the Airfix kit's a decent enough basis for a nicely detailed rendition of the 262, although after you've shelled out the extra cash for the resin and PE it all becomes a bit expensive.
  7. Many thanks fellas, that's very kind of you all. Understandable, you'd better add Interpol, Stazi, Mossad and Moustache Hammock Internationale to that list....oh and Croydon library. As for what unspeakable acts the nobs on Richmond Hill committed among the Betula Pendulas back in the day, well....no comment M'lud except to say it wasn't me and I wasn't there...
  8. Now that's more like it, enough of this plastic fiddling nonsense, lets have at the real stuff...I shall bag a ticket to your part of the world post haste Marshal, on anything that doesn't have 'Max' in its moniker...leave some for me! Yes, the reserves have fallen to a dangerously low, low...I have a cunning plan which will swing into action just as soon as the Mem's toddled off shoplifting/shopping. Thanks FF, appreciated.
  9. Thanks chaps, appreciated as ever. Nor do I Pete, what with keeping the country pile going, culling the local peasantry and blasting the odd pheasant into the hereafter... Suitable emoluments will find their way to you for the happy juice. Sorry it's only three barrels this week, had to cut back due to a three pronged attack orchestrated by the family proctologist, the local constabulary and the memsahib, blast them...
  10. Hi all, another new-release Airfix test shot, this one built for last months issue of Airfix Model World magazine. This time, a bit of a tiddler in the form of the newly released 1/72nd Me-262A-2a 'Sturmvogel', the third version of the iconic aircraft released by the company. The aircraft chosen here was actually an Me-262A-1a, fitted with wing mounted wooden racks of R4M 'Orkan' stabilised, unguided rockets. It's a rather nice little kit, although it suffers from fairly deep panel lines and is a tad basic in areas such as the engine nacelles, undercarriage bays and cockpit. For the price point though it certainly does the job and looks the part when finished. AMW provided a few aftermarket bits and bobs with the kit, in the form of Eduard's interior PE set, CMK 's resin wheels and partly exposed starboard engine and nacelle, (designed for the Revell kit) and these added a lot to the finished model. The resin nacelle needed a fair bit of reworking as it was a lot more finely detailed than the Airfix parts as well as being slightly smaller, (particularly regarding the intake cowling and Jumo bullet), so in the end I only used the exposed forward engine section grafted between the kit intake cowling and nacelle and scratch built the opened rear nacelle wing bulkhead with lightening holes. The decals proved a little problematic in that the rear blue/red waistband didn't really fit the fuselage contours even after a liberal coating of setting solution was applied. In the end I decided to airbrush the band colours which was pretty straightforward. Swastikas were added from the spares box as none are provided. All in all, good fun with no real build issues, except the engine nacelle to upper wing fit which was sorted out in minutes. Not a subject I'd normally tackle to be honest, but I'm really glad I did... Hope you like it and thanks for looking. Melchie
  11. All the above and a lot more. I also enjoyed the Doo Dahs, much undervalued in my opinion (My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies and The Intro and Outro to name but three little gems) ....a sad end to a much underrated and highly talented eccentric. Do I remember stink bombs? Back in Tom Brown's school days, we had an extremely well stocked chemistry lab so my best friend Russ, (who later became a leading expert on polymer sciences) and I concocted all manner of 'nasty niffs' with potions pinched from said lab. These little 'parcels of pleasure' usually consisted of ammonium sulfide and butyric acid, which stank to high heaven. Got our knuckles more than once but always managed to squeeze out of it somehow. We also had fun with magnesium, sodium hydroxide and a beaker full of water but that's another story. I always thought he'd end up either as a talented chemist or incarcerated, deemed a menace to society...thankfully, he chose the former. Naturally, I egged him on, (excuse the pun). Not quite the same as military service Crisp but having left the sharp end of the acute emergency services after 30 years and talking with friends who work in the 'civilian' sector, I have to agree...
  12. Whoever said research was a dying art...well, Planet apparently. Still, all the more fun for us. Having done research for a few manufacturers now I can tell you it's not rocket science. I agree with Moa that many seem to rely heavily on drawings (often inaccurate) rather than sift through abundant photographic evidence and first hand knowledge. If you think Dujin are bad Stuart have a go at an early Unicraft kit. Ultimately, very satisfying to produce something approaching the subject matter from a pile of builders rubble.
  13. Just my cup of tea, looking forward to the big fight. I trust you’ll give the dear thing a sporting chance though I suspect there won’t be much of the original resin left by the cessation of hostilities. Though I’ve built many resins I’ve never attempted a Planet kit.(although I did nearly acquire a Ju-390V-1 a few years ago). As for judging this year, you do realise that putting us three in the same room is a recipe for disaster, Martian has a highly active digestive tract (several in fact) and John’s, well, incorrigible. Naturally I shall perform my duties with the due diligence and solemnity appropriate to the occasion and will limber up for the event by downing a few slugs of home brewed Shredded Sporran followed by a cold shower and a vigorous towelling down...
  14. He certainly does Pete, as well as Bob Calvert's Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters (mostly Hawkwind members, with Brian Eno and Arthur Brown)...but if you want a real treat listen to Sir Henry at Rawlinson End....home of Sir Henry, Mrs E and Old Scrotum. First heard it courtesy of John Peel, back in the early seventies and have been listening to it ever since...accounts for a lot really! Not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it. Sorry for the drift hendie, back to the Venom...
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