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  1. Sorry, I meant a copy, based on the Airfix moulds, and a rough one at that, seems it was reissued by Astra Models in 1994 and again by Aerodrom in 2001.
  2. There was indeed, I have one, it was produced by Ursus, reboxed in Poland...definitely the Airfix moulds.
  3. Great choice, eclectic subject, I was umming and ahhing over the Planet kit a few years back so this is most welcome.....duly ordered.
  4. Great result, lovely paint job. The ResKit parts really help elevate the kit, especially that pesky windshield. I picked up exactly the same aftermarket (plus the Black Dog sets) a while back, for a proposed RAF F-111K. Looking at this reminds me to get on and finish the thing....
  5. Yes, belated salutations Terry, looks like you had a good time with the tribe. I got that same comment from the occupant of the luggage compartment when one of my hapless colleagues lifted the wing and I shouted 'take up slack'..........set the tone for the following flight! I recognize that 1000 yard stare....mine usually kicks in when I spot my Wet Nelly nearing the table....(I see the unmarked Penderyn Brecon Five Black is disappearing at a rate of knots, good man).
  6. So true Steve, his way of ensuring we didn't repeat it when we were finally allowed to drive the things around on our own was to suddenly apply a good amount of left foot on short finals...in an open cockpit that certainly woke you up. I think it must have sunk in, because after that (in the TX.3) he asked me if I had my hand on the blasted stick or not! Good lord, Terry didn't mention anything about that in the SIG rules, Bill... always read the small print....maybe wise to take my tin hat.
  7. Funnily enough this was mooted by Darling during a recent regimental conference on pre-Raphaelite table stacking and chair arranging and its effects on modern trench warfare. As a means of identifying the enemies positions, he suggested strapping Baldrick to a small luminous weather balloon, painting a bullseye on his posterior and letting him go somewhere over the Somme frontline....oddly, we still haven't heard back from him. Great job on the gliders, love the T31, brings back ATC memories of floating/wobbling around the skies of Henlow, in our T-21s and Cadet TX.3s back in the early seventies. I can still hear my instructor, Bryan, yelling at me to 'stop stirring the custard, lad!' (or derivation of).
  8. Lovely job Rob, interesting scheme and support boats makes for a great vignette, the base sets it off to perfection.
  9. Good to see you had a blast over the summer months Terry, looks like the entourage enjoyed themselves too. Nice work on the Firebees, they'll certainly add a further splash of colour to the table, come SMW. What a bunch of reprobates, (worse even than our Bomber Command SIG mob and that's saying something)....not sure how the table will fair under the weight of CCs binbag stash of rocket fuel, the mere presence of Martian and his appendages and my big feathery hat, probably the first and last time we'll be invited! Great to hear Dennis is waving the flag for the SIG, good man. On our recent visit to Newark, Martian was drooling all over their Jindivik (a disgusting sight and not for the faint of heart) so I think we know where that's headed. I have my selection up and running, (Amodel's Yak-25RV-1 Mandrake unmanned target drone with fancy markings) which I may post here, depending on time as Melchett Towers currently resembles the Somme, complete with water filled shell craters and shell-shocked troops with re-roofing, garden and driveway work underway simultaneously......and I'm having to keep the chaps in check (no easy thing as keeping them away from the winery is a major issue). I'm glad you enjoyed Old Buckenham's ambience, Jim's done a great job on the museum and is a mine of information.... a few of us intend to return with more goodies for him in the future. Now, as Steve points out, that is blind optimism....have you been at the Bismuth again Terry?
  10. He hasn't been feeling himself for quite some time....just ask Baldrick. That would explain all the snuffling and oinking noises when I can be bothered to visit the men at the front....just assumed it was that inveterate jotter blotter Darling, sniggering at the ranks again.
  11. No need CC, just insert a few Ced-like 'phnrr, phnrrs' , it amounts to the same.... Funnily enough Baldrick mentioned coming across a Zob, down at the docks of a stormy night in Poole....
  12. By the looks of this, a piece of screwed up aluminium foil and chewing gum should do the job.... Martian, I hope, for the sake of accuracy, you're going to reproduce the cockpit seen in the clip provided by LeBaron?
  13. Good progress my old Martian, your diploma in gasbagology, beckons. I've got one of these johnnies hiding in the stash so know how fiddly they are. Nice work on the frames but quite frankly I'm shocked you didn't pare the strips down to 0.4mm,
  14. You're speaking in tongues again CC...what's going on old chum? The Firefly was a bit of a beast, not quite as bestial as the Barracuda, but darn close. Be interesting to see how you progress with these...will follow at a safe distance....just in case, tin hat on.
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