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  1. They were basically six standard Harrow II bombers, (pretty well obsolete at the time) used by No. 420 Flight RAF, in 1940/41 during Operation 'Mutton', to tow Long Aerial Mines (LAM) into the path of enemy bombers. Great description of their use linked here Harrow and LAM use
  2. They are basically the same, here are some clearer images...These photographs seem to have been taken at the same time as the other one, (April 1945), I think Graham's right and the lightened effect on the nose may well be sunlight. The motto reads 'Mairzy Doats Uber Deutschland'
  3. I have a feeling it could well be this aircraft. Interesting to see the spats removed.
  4. Thanks Mike, I'll be down to Hannants for the first of my bi-annual wallet emptying 'cash and carry' trips in January so will pick one up then, unless I can persuade the editor of AMW to let me build one for him first... Agree about pricing. There's one particular trader who appears at SMW every year and manages to sell Valom, Karaya and Roden kits at very low prices, unsurprisingly I tend to make an early beeline for him every time. This year among a few others, I picked up a Roden C-5 for £50, which, while still overpriced for what you get is over 50% cheaper than RRP. Unfortunately he didn't have a twin pin but his Harrows and Sparrows were around £28.
  5. Thanks Altcar, I'll don my steel helmet, just in case. You should have no major problems with the kit , however, Paul is right, the weakest part of the kit is definitely those undercarriage struts. I replaced all mine with Contrail airfoil strut into which I drilled 1mm holes and fitted 1mm steel pins which then located into similar holes drilled into the fuselage mounting points. Even then the assembled legs and sponsons must be aligned perfectly to ensure the correct stance of the old bus (I used slow setting CA). Regarding the clear parts it's a good idea to polish and then dunk the clear parts in either Klear or, my preferred choice, AK Gauzy Shine Enhancer. When it comes to the large white underwing serials, I decided, rather than risk any silvering of the large carrier film against the Night Black undersides, to use Montex's excellent Harrow masks and spray them on instead, I did the same with the fuselage ones. Hope this helps.
  6. They need a bit of work, but to me, that's the fun of it, plus Vaclav chooses some wonderfully esoteric subjects to get your teeth into. I've built quite a few now and enjoyed every one of them. No more difficult than other short run kits out there, in my opinion and the moulding quality keeps improving too...looking forward to getting hold of the Twin Pin at some point and just hope the Valletta comes to fruition.
  7. Ha, I had exactly the same giddy feeling....I thought, 'this just can't be as bad as everyone says it is'...bu,t I was wrong...it's far worse! From opening the box, to comparing to the excellent drawings that John (Adams) has given me, to quietly closing the lid and shoving it to the back of the stash cupboard probably took all of five minutes. However I relented and pressed on like a good little general. To give you a quick idea, except for the two vertical tail fins there isn't one piece of the kit that hasn't been altered, replaced, binned, reshaped and sworn at so far...and it isn't even near priming. Developing 'influencing skills' eh...now that gives me an idea. Good Lord, how on Earth would I pay for the vast quantities of single-malt and chocolate hobnobs we consume here?.....as for knowing someone who could cast them, well, I don't know what you mean The reworked FM prop looks good, do them all, cut em off then chuck them on the Tamiya Beau hubs...job done, it's that easy...
  8. Must agree about the props, they look great, even if they'll cause the Halibag to fly backwards...I was thinking about casting some of my own for my FM but that, of course, hardly helps you right now... Sorry to thread drift a tad but this is one of the many problems with the Hampden, drastic surgery is required, you'll be pleased to know there's plenty more to deal with after sorting this lot out.
  9. Apols for not commenting sooner mate, your timely email reminded me to catch up with this one It's coming along beautifully, as we all knew it would and I must agree, the Beau engines make a huge difference to the look of the wings. Given all the errors with the kit, you're bringing the thing kicking and screaming into the 21st century, no easy task...Once you've finished it and when the time comes, I'll nick all your (and Cees's) ideas for mine, we could do with a few more on the table. Then you can look forward to the Hampden...which, unbelievably, is even worse!
  10. Good Lord man...are you serious? why, it was only the greatest come-back in sporting history when the English flower arranging team soundly beat Australia by 12 sore bottoms to 1! Ah I remember it like it was yesterday, Bumfluff and Sticky had been out for a duck and the Gubber had snitched a parcel sausage-end and gone goose-over-stumps frog-side. Although, thinking about it, the late bus may well have had something to do with it...
  11. Ah, now I can help you there, I'll put you on to Lieutenant George, he has more than a passing interest in the latter. It's got us through many a narrow squeak, just look at Mboto Gorge, Dunkirk and Headingly ,'81.
  12. By Jupiter's sainted trousers, I wondered where me frock, Snap-On tool set and work bench had gone! I'm afraid Leonard, the regimental Happy-Clappy monkey went on a lad's weekend break to the backstreets of Hamburg many moons ago and never came back....now, I know why
  13. This is assuming the Treblefleghoobel managed to haul itself up there without flow-excited acoustic resonance from the ramjets causing a gratuitous and instant TEF (Total Existence Failure) of the airframe, not to mention the severe nausea affecting the psychoactive drugs needed to get little Wernher strapped into the thing in the first place. I have a sneaking suspicion that the something in 'one last chance to shoot something' would probably be itself...
  14. (In finest North Yorkshire accent) 'I thought he were a prize fighter from Kirkby-Overblow, near Harragit like', shows how much I know.... Not sure if landing the contraption was of major concern really, I think the pilot was supposed to 'eject' (jump out at speed) once the 'mission' was over and after the rotors had been violently released from the fuselage via explosive bolts. This is assuming, of course that they didn't strike said fuselage at near-sonic speed and reduce the contrivance and it's driver into their various component parts. I'm also guessing that 95% of the fuel will have been used up on take off, stabilizing and getting the thing to climb in some semblance of a vertical trajectory in order to gain enough height to give the suicidally inclined pilot, hapless ground crew and local wildlife a sporting chance at survival (the remaining 5% used to get six feet nearer to the target). Dangerous business, all this flying Luft'46 fantasy, daft thingymabobs malarky... Those enginey bits look rather natty Martian...
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