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  1. Coming along in leaps and bounds -d-. I don't remember having an issue with the fit of the windscreen but it was some time ago and the memory is fading fast. I like the idea of the home-made white with a hint of yellow/green primer, co-incidentally, I'm doing something similar to my 1/24th version. How did the Super Clear turn out? General Meaning
  2. Great choice Ced, always liked the look of this awkward beast, reminds me of the memsahib. Always fun to knock these ancient Frog kits together, rather wish someone would release a new one at some point, 1/24th would be nice, (if a little unlikely). Look forward to progress.
  3. I see CC is talking in tongues again....Bletchley Park has been notified, men in white suits on standby...
  4. There's a good article on the kit, here on my favourite rocketry site, Ninfinger. It includes a useful guide for super-detailing the thing...right up Martian's alley. http://www.ninfinger.org/models/dwgemini/gemini_b.html
  5. They are......always on standby, fully armed and ready for immediate deployment to the front (or rear, depending on the prevailing wind).
  6. Didn't the aerospike atop the tube house an attitude sensor as well Kevin. Your Battle box is upside down Martian....I'm surprised at you, kindly sort it out.
  7. Thanks the Gods I haven't had to venture further north than Scampton in the past couple of years and even that was an ordeal. It can't have got any worse.....can it? Ah, in that case, maybe I was just lucky. Sorry to hear about the escape tower escaping. That damn carpet monster, I'm convinced it's a portal to an evil black hole that maliciously spits the parts back after you've spent hours scratch building them. In finest Yosemite Sam style...''Where I acome from, that there's fightin' talk''... Armstrong Whitworth canonettes at the ready.
  8. Oh bravo Martian, nice to see you back at the bench with a long tubular object in your capable hands. Regarding the Atlas I haven't heard anyone mention the issues you speak of, sounds like you were just unlucky. I'm going to foil mine, (probably quite prophetic) as those things were super shiny. If you want horrific, and I know you do, try Fantastic Plastic's M.O.L....Fyffes has nothing on it, all over the gaff...still, a lot of fun though, in an odd, Mach 2 kind of way. Be a good chap and pen me in for the annual Veteran Spaceship Run from Planet Wibble to the Earth and back, f
  9. Good news old fruit, good to catch up with you the other day. Sorry to hear about the Jerry tub receiving a sound thrashing from those Parcel Farce jonnies. If they were daft enough to write 'Fragile' or 'Handle with care' on the thing then you can bet it was used to explain Phil Bennett's conversion taking prowess in the 1974 Lions 'Battle of Boet Erasmus' test-match/bloodbath. Frightful stuff, but we know you will prevail. Remote course, good grief, I have this vision of plonking yourself in front of your desktop for a wallet emptying chat with Gag Halfront....and ending up couns
  10. Good lord, that put up a bit of a fight but percyveerance (and every filler known to man) certainly paid off, looking good. Now for the beak. Onwards and sideways...
  11. You certainly do!....I need one of these for the Victory garden, damn moles (furry critters, not Jerry morse-tappers). Interesting concept, looks like an unholy hybrid of a 1950 ATCO lawn mower and a heavily armed, pre-war bread bin. Lovely job.
  12. Neat work David, the mods are working well. Have a Happy Christmas and stay safe.
  13. Perfect, remember the parasol and table cloth...I'll throw in a couple of kegs of Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran, to get the party started...
  14. This is great news CC, looking forward to seeing what Pierre does with this, good progress so far, thanks for posting. A lovely pair of garden chairs there.
  15. Thanks Peter, funnily enough we recently 3D printed a set of wheels (all eight) for the kit and I acquired the KV Models masking set. It's definitely on the to-do list for next year so please keep an eye out. There are several excellent builds of this kit out there, (especially on the Russian sites I frequent) which is good news, especially as the big Amonsters often gets trashed as virtually 'unbuildable' by certain review sites who seem happier shaking a box and out comes yet another Fockeschmitt-Me-190-G whatever. It's certainly a challenge but if your OK with that then these are great subj
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