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  1. Wellll!....and what's this Penguin business? a cold-weather replacement for Speckled Jim perchance.....Piebald Pete, Stippled Steve.....Variegated Vladimir?
  2. You've obviously spent far too long north of Gretna Green Martian and picked up one or two of their national traits. Next, you'll be roamin' in the gloamin' wandering around the Trossachs with nowt on but your shredded sporran and a big silly grin, shouting 'wibble' at anyone who'll listen... Seems perfectly reasonable to me, about time a bit of sanity prevailed around here....baaah
  3. Now, if Elon Musk would hurry up and develop a trans-dimensional warp drive and pop back with his SpaceX team to 1946 I'm sure he could sort out a few of the shortcomings of the design. I hope this will be followed up with more wonderfully insane ideas from the period...how about an IM 1/48th Heinkel Lerch II? Heinkel Lerche II
  4. This I very much doubt Martian, even Gag Halfront has reimbursed me and gone into therapy...It looks rather like Catpain Amurica (and Fantastic Plastic) pinched the idea some time ago but with a slight modification, and I think they had the right idea...get over/somewhere relatively near the target, open the canopy ...and jump out...seems by far and away the safest option. Wow, now that's what I like to hear....that is the kind of relentless optimism against all the odds that made us Brits the Guava nicking Empire we became...Hoorah.
  5. Just caught up with this lot Bill...I don't know what the hell's going on but it ain't half an interesting approach to ritualistic, nay institutionalised, sado-masochism....a subject dear to my heart, literally, a riveting read.
  6. Seconded, must have some Suid-Afrikaanse, the original livery SP's looked superb in this scheme. SAA 747SP
  7. Great looking kit, nice to see Aoshima going in this direction, hopefully, more along the same lines in the future...UF-XS or Harbin SH-5 would be very welcome...
  8. Looks impressive and one will certainly be making its way here. It's a big kit and the reasonable price point makes the C-5's high cost seem even more questionable. (three and a bit of these for one Galaxy ) Well, I've built several now and so far, personally speaking, I don't have any complaints, taking into consideration their limited-run nature.
  9. Lummy, two of them...like buses. This looks very interesting, should make for an impressive kit in this scale. Plenty of diorama options.
  10. Well, the Japanese springs to mind....they were rather keen on one-way trips to oblivion!
  11. Wonderful, great to see an IM SP in this scale at last. The coolest looking 'jumbo' of all...good job EE, I can put the saw away now...
  12. Yes, another contraption I rather fancy the look of. Here's a (poor) shot of the 1/72nd Huma kit I built many, many moons ago, (before the invention of the airbrush evidently) and remember enjoying it. I seem to recall having most of the wonderfully esoteric Huma kits at the time. Of course it's ridiculous but then that's the fun of it. If the thing had ever managed to get itself into the air then the noise would definitely have been an issue, not only for the general populace but also the suicidally inclined pilot who may well have succumbed to the nauseating effects of having three ramjets swirling around him at a fair rate of knots, (never mind the effects of acoustic fatigue on the rest of the airframe). You would have heard this thing coming over a considerable distance...I hate to think what may have happened had one of the ramjets been slightly out of sync with its neighbours on lift-off/landing. +
  13. I thought the Washingborough mob had nicked most of that, still, this is, of course, an unavoidable side-effect of living within spitting distance of what Victorian England's leading art critic and general know-it-all, John Ruskin described as the cathedral of Lincoln being ''out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have."....Of course, he hadn't seen my post-apocalyptic outhouse at that point, but he's on the right lines...The close proximity of Waddington's AWACS and Airseekers may also have some influence on the situation and the fact that M Towers is situated directly beneath the approach is purely coincidental!
  14. I'd definitely be interested in the 1/48th version...you could really go to town on that, quite a beast.
  15. I don't think any of us do CC....'flageolets', sounds like the sort of unsavoury behaviour Darling and Baldrick would indulge in... Well, if she cares to go all operatic about it, how about a crack at Wagner's Ring?...possibly Leitmotif 22, Donner (und Blitzen), the God of Thunder? I can well imagine you in the role...
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