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  1. Earth calling CC, Earth calling CC.....the staff at Bletchley are working double shifts right now to decipher this lot....results will be posted soon...
  2. Good result Crisp, they look most convincing...they're definitely finer than the Archer offerings. I think that convinces me to go down the same route.
  3. Blast, I’ve been rumbled! No corner of the Empire is safe....guards, guards. Thanks my friend, methinks I’ll have to keep on my toes from here on in.
  4. Yes, very sad CC, especially as he was such a highly experienced display pilot (and, at the time, the 'Flying Legends' display co-ordinator). For anyone interested, here's the accident report. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5422fff1ed915d1371000a61/dft_avsafety_pdf_501731.pdf
  5. Thanks chaps, glad you like it, Bernd, just get one, you won't regret it.
  6. Thanks chaps, Terry, the site is well worth a visit, as I'm sure, is the museum. Like you I've never really had a look at the P-38 before this but I do remember seeing excellent flying displays at Biggin and Duxford many moons ago. From what I understand the aircraft was a mixture of vices and virtues and had mixed success in different arenas. We had big problems with it due to British fuel not working well through exhaust driven turbo-supercharged engines while in the Pacific, North Africa and Southern Europe it performed extremely well. By all accounts it certainly took some flying.
  7. Thanks Stew, remember to use a nice anti-hemorrhoid cushion, that seat doesn't look too user friendly . The cockpit is about wrapped up now so here it is in situ. One important thing to remember before gluing it into place is to paint the inner sills of the fuselage, easily overlooked and would be a pain to mask later.
  8. MikroMir just keep surprising us. Often tempted with the Anigrand job, despite its issues but this would really hit the mark. If we’re talking wish lists, I agree an F-108 would be very welcome (having just finishing Anigrand’s version) but I’d really like to see the elegant Convair XB-46. Keep them coming MikroMir...
  9. Great progress Crisp, coming along nicely. I’ve noticed a few folks have opted to just rivet those inner wing areas and for good reason. To be honest looking at images there doesn’t seem to be a great preponderance of visible rivet detail over the rest of the airframe, especially with the Olive drab finish. Thanks for donating your services as a test mule, greatly appreciated.
  10. I haven't tried the HGW rivets yet Crisp, they seem to get a mixed response from what I've read, not too sure how they'll react to all the chipping and weathering to come but there's only one way to find out. I've used Archer's rivets before (mainly on the 1/24th Buccaneer where they worked perfectly and looked good, given the scale, dead easy to apply). I've got several HGW review sample sets to play with before using them here, in anger. I read your method for applying them in the Sea King thread, excellent info and results. Still unsure whether to go down the rivetting tool or wet transfer
  11. My thoughts exactly...I spent 20 minutes looking for rivets while sitting in the imperial throne room, before realising, with rising horror, just what I was actually staring at. You leave my goblins out of it, even the memsahib could not conjure up the necessary cojoners to attempt that, full NBC suit or not.
  12. Oh good lord, the bar's definitely open, they're all pouring in.....guard, guard, bolt all the doors, hammer large pieces of crooked wood against the windows etc. Darling will be on the door ready to relieve you of your valuables, just leave him a small tip and he might even return them. What, the promise or you behaving? remember CC.....'futility is resistant'. Cheese cubes sound lovely though, I'll fetch the pineapple, cocktail sticks and little paper brollies. Budgie smuggling, now that takes me back. Baldrick does indeed have his own version,
  13. Good lord, no pressure...let battle commence.....as Lt George famously said 'Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war' or was it 'Whoops Mrs Miggins, you're sitting on my artichokes'.....always get them mixed up..
  14. Thanks chaps As long as all your papers are in order you should be OK...just watch out for those pesky Norfolk Broads, they'll rob you blind! Thanks Steve, yes an amazing site, very useful info including some inspirational images for creating Vignettes (haven't ruled that out yet). You tuck in my old friend, I'm sick of mopping up after Darling's spillages (natural and unnatural). You're not alone here Bill, this isn't usually my 'bag' either...if it isn't held together with string, Bomber Command related, floating on the
  15. Your more than welcome for a tour of our porch and I'll have a word with the memsahib about you borrowing some of her Women's Auxiliary outfits...what size are you? that way you can contribute something substantial to the war effort, flog a few war bonds and boost their flagging morals, at the same time. Until then I can arrange a night out at the Lyceum Ballroom.....how about 'The Old Lady shows her ruddy great Medals' by J.M. Barrie, starring our very own thespian from the trenches, Baldrick, or might that be a tad too racy?
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