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  1. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Must admit to a certain affection for the old Airfix kits, I keep meaning to get hold of the original Scharnhorst and detailing the heck out of it...I like the look of the original bow shape along with fond memories of building the thing back in the sixties as an overly excitable schoolboy. Look forward to seeing what you do with the Atlantic Models. The photography is pretty straightforward really. Of course, there's an initial outlay for the gear but it's already more than paid for itself with the magazine work, to be honest. I had acquired the camera well beforehand and of course, you can buy cheaper gear but this set up works for me. I use a Nikon D7200 DSLR with a 60mm Nikon AF-S ED and 40mm AF-S DX macros and a Nikon 50mm 1.2G prime. For lighting, a couple of 360-watt studio strobes slaved to the camera via remote triggers fired through softboxes with reflector brollies. The background card is just standard A5 Ice White and Electric Blue photo card. I know this setup isn't cheap but it's well worth the outlay if you want to do this sort of work, (I use it for many other things as well). Jamie's right, work from the reel, I attach one end to a piece of plastic card on the bench top using a piece of Tamiya tape and then feed out the line to a few cms longer than I need and cut. The Uschi rigging line is extremely fine, in the case of the 'superfine' it's almost hair thin and very elastic. There's hardly any tension involved really and unless the yardarm isn't attached properly (and yes, this has happened) everything 'should' be OK. You really need three hands but I hold the line with one set of tweezers and stretch it slightly beyond the point where you want it fixed, apply a tiny drop of CA to a point on the yardarm, (never directly to the line, or it will 'fizzle', even the fumes can cause this so it's a good idea to blow over it gently first), lay the stretched line over it then carefully pull the end a bit further and cut with microscissors...it will automatically spring back into the CA on the yardarm leaving no excess hanging off. Sounds more complicated than it is to perform. It's OK until friends or family see you sat there with optivisor on, 3X magnification, LED lights on, hands waving everywhere, cursing and looking for all the world like a demonic Doc Emmet Brown from Back to the Future...
  2. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Thanks Ray, appreciated. Like most things in life with a bit of practice, rigging isn't nearly the 'Black Art' some would have you believe. Just have a plan and stick to it, start from the inside and work out. The most useful tools for the job I find are Uschi's 'Superfine' rigging line, a quality Head Loupe LED magnifier, desk mounted hobby lamp with daylight tube, a Flexi-file CA applicator tool, 20-second cure CA and a bit of patience...then off you go. As I say, plenty more to come in a variety of subjects.
  3. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Thanks Phil, I'm sure they will, then again maybe Mr Airfix will oblige...
  4. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Well the offer's still there Crusty, just let Darling know via carrier pigeon, Saturday at the latest. I'm sorry but the infamous 'Passchendaele 246 a side cricket match incident' will not be so easily forgotten, not sure how you got away with it....all out for 246 balls, not one of the blighters left standing! Thanks Pat, the Mitchell's a beauty but this one takes it even further, you won't be disappointed. As I think I mentioned earlier I'm busy building another Welly for the Airfix stand at Telford at the moment and will post the build in WIP for anyone interested once the kit is officially released. Cheers
  5. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    All very true Chewy, That's simply not a good enough reason not to include what is, after all, a very popular side of the hobby in the magazine. The sheer number of excellent maritime kits coming through now is a testament to how seriously the manufacturers take the subject...so to my mind (and the current editors), more space should and will be devoted to the subject. You will definitely be seeing a wider range of ship models featured by us in future...my 'to do' pile is growing by the month! Well, it's having an effect, though in fairness Chris has wanted to include more ship builds for quite some time. Malcolm is busy writing many of the article pieces to accompany the kit builds as you know, his knowledge is extensive and he has access to a lot of archive information (not only ships but also aviation of course). Fortunately, we also now have several folks who either flew, sailed, designed or built the real things writing detailed articles to accompany the builds, adding true expertise and hopefully bringing the subject alive, rather than just page after page of random models. All this is hopefully heading in the direction of the 'good old days' of modelling magazines when they were full of interesting and informative articles, written by experts and including those wonderful exploded view drawings! Hi Geoff, thanks again, you're spot on...these models are amazing value when you consider what's included in the box. Many of the finely detailed IM parts are on a par with the finest resin pieces, not sure how they do it. Another company that springs to mind is Kajika, (a partner or subsidiary of Flyhawk) who manage to include even more goodies, wooden decks, beautifully engraved base, brass masts, etc. Although the initial outlay seems quite high it's a lot cheaper than forking out for all these sets individually. The sense of achievement gained from finishing these kits is also well worth the admission fee! Hope you're fit and well mate, saw Martin at the Coventry show and he mentioned that you were on hols with Joe...caught the weather just right...
  6. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Thanks Orion, that's very kind of you, glad you like it. Hopefully, it'll persuade others to get hold of these great kits and have fun with them. As I say they aren't cheap but in this case, you really do get what you pay for.
  7. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Thanks, The Crusty one........look Crusty, I was curious as to whether or not you were some unholy sibling of the redoubtable 'Crustydude' of the renown 'Somme Bath Incident', (amongst others) and so went off to check...then I saw your post regarding what had happened to you fella. In all sincerity, I'm really sorry to hear this and truly hope you've started to get things sorted out. It can be very messy, we have several friends who have gone through pretty much the same thing, this is where true friends support shines through. Can't imagine how you're feeling but if you want a chat just PM me...you might well end up on tranx and lose the will to live but at least you can vent what's left of yer spleen . Melchie
  8. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Rear Admiral more like....and you really don't want to see my 'dark side'... too 'orrible to contemplate!
  9. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Ah the Stipa...somebody thought it a good idea to bung the front of a Tiger Moth inside a CFM56, add wings and tail and as a final thought stick a couple of bods on top! Now I'd like to see Meng do an eggplane version of this glorious monstrosity. I have both the VVA-14 and La-200B underway but it's been touch and go building them, (I say building, it's more coalescing)...only short duration stints with recovery periods in between. You can only take so much! Sadly CC it would appear that RF has managed it again...no sign of them so far, the tracking shows them to be in the UK but of course and not surprisingly, they have no record of it...but then it's only been a month, I'll give them another 6/12 months after which I'll chuck in the towel. Tell him not to worry...luckily, yesterday at the show my fellow Bomber Command combatants stepped up to the plate and sorted out a set in lieu of Pierre's parts arriving, so all is not lost. (I've PM'd him).
  10. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Well, I had a funny feeling you both might...Pierre also seems to enjoy the rough end of the trench! Well, he was kind enough to send me his 1/48th Hampden drawings so all kinds of acts of brutality have now been committed to the FM kit!...and it's all the better for it, (less cartoon Hampden and more Hampden, Hampden.) You need to get hold of the Contrail BB vac, it'll keep you busy for a while if your eyes can take it. Rich, it was a good little show as always, nice to catch up with a few of the reprobates, maybe next year? I'll certainly be at Telford, we have a 1/48th Bomber Command VC winners display as our theme this year so it's out with the sanding sticks and on with the scratch building! I'll also have a few goodies on the Airfix Stand and Project Cancelled SIG table for anyone interested. Hopefully see you there...
  11. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    My dear CC...I almost understood half of that lot, putting it through the code breaker as we speak. Now I am in complete agreement with you, personally I'd give Darling's right arm to see these BC types in the one true, true scale but I'm afraid it doesn't look like happening any time soon, (even if HK are producing a 1/32nd Lanc, I can't see an IM 1/48th Stirling coming along anytime soon). Now an Avro Bison would be nice though along a similar drug-induced fugue I'd go for the Blackburn Blackburn...however I feel that 'what has been seen cannot be unseen' so it may well be a non-starter as it could leave many modellers severely traumatised! Jason, I too have the Joystick Bison, rather a nice little number actually with only a touch of the 'Gawdalmightys' about it... Now if only Airfix were to scale up this Wimpy!!
  12. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Thanks chaps, very kind words, It's a great little kit Davey, hope you manage to finish it...glad you got the parts via Mike as it's well worth the effort. That's great to hear, I'll pass on to the editor. He realised that far more maritime subjects were needed in the mag and I'm only too happy to oblige. We have plenty more in the works, in several scales, hopefully catering to many tastes. Naval subjects have been sadly neglected for a while but that's changing now. Cheers Chris.....it's easily 1/350th quality, just miniaturised by those clever folks at Flyhawk.
  13. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Oh, I will Marshal but it's all very confusing. A deeply confused reply neglected to mention the 16th POTUS, (awful term but not nearly as abhorrent as FLOTUS), or the aesthetically challenged Continental Town Car but they did wonder why I wanted a 1/72nd model of a medium-sized city in Nebraska!....it's an easy mistake I suppose....especially living in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.....see, the confusion is quite understandable. I hope Airfix continue the Bomber Command theme...highly unlikely, but a Virginia, Hendon and (all IM) Manchester would fit the bill!
  14. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Sounds like a (5 year) plan Zhukers.... personally, thought it had something to do with Kling-ons, but I could be wrong! Thanks Bill, it's a friendly little show with the added bonus of a lot of 1/1 scale Cold War stuff lying around for inspiration. Had fun at Elvington...glad you made it back in time for your meal! Ha, not sure about that Glenn, but I hope they do sell well... success for them means more for us in the future, which is definitely a good thing.
  15. general melchett

    New 1/72nd Airfix Vickers Wellington Mk 1C

    Just to say that I'll be taking the Wimpey to the Coventry show tomorrow, (it'll be on the Bomber Command table, of course) if anyone's going please pop over for a chat about the kit or anything BC related, (or anything really!) Cheers Melchie