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  1. Oh definitely after, usually when you realize something's gone horribly wrong with the build sequence, due to your default 'I've done this a hundred times before, instructions are for wimps' gland has malfunctioned (yet again) and you end up rummaging through the trash bin to retrieve what's left of it, frantically scraping off the soggy vegetable peelings and tomato sauce....
  2. No, he's just used his Martian powers to freeze time while he trundles about the halls looking for that lost bottle of CC's Shateau Hydrazene V2, 1944. Au contraire my dear Martian, things have now changed dramatically, it now seems that Halfront requires treatment for the PTSD he's suffered after being shown images from that day, so to help him out, I'm setting up a 'Go fund yourself' for him, poor chap, there's only so much a highly psensitive psychotic psychoanalyst from Psychosis Seven can take, after all...
  3. You leave my Tri-plane alone, if anyone's going to bash it, it'll be me...or Darling, if he's a very good boy. Look at all that Martian angst, 'who nicked me last bottle of rocket fuel? I need that, to get ome'....tentacles knotted, dukes at the ready, eye-stalks flapping impotently in the breeze...(almost certainly CC's doing)....Not sure how he made to the exit to be honest, let alone to his spaceship, the 'SS Total Insanity', (parked in the disabled bay illegally I may add) and then on to Mars via Betelgeuse, for a Vogan Vindaloo and deep-fried Bugblatter Beast of Tral.
  4. Sorry to hear about your health, hope things improves soon. I have a great deal of info on all the V-Bombers here, especially technical data so if you need anything, just ask.....and along that vein, did you get any further with the 1/48th Victor? As you know, I have your B2 on the go, although progress has been slow due to a lot of time being spent designing the crew quarters and bomb bay ready for 3D printing. A B.Mk 1 sounds a good idea and as you're considering XA893, it would be fairly easy to modify it to build the second prototype VX777, (VX770 would involve a lot more surgery due to the forward fuselage being shorter and sans bomb-aimers blister). Quite an undertaking but if anyone can do it, you can.
  5. Great news, on the shopping list...
  6. Hi Alan, hope all is well with you. Here's the best image I could find, hope it helps. It's taken from a 'Look at Life' short film called 'Thunder in Waiting Vulcan Bomber 1960'. (intake is seen at approx the 2.03min mark). Normally the duct appears as a dark slot from outside but obviously the film crew set up strong lighting in there for the tunnel rat's big scene. The curved vertical ridge on the right is the external lip of the slot which in turn runs back, to the left (the rear wall of the intake is seen behind). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43ndOGrLdk
  7. No, apart from the fin cap, lower nose radome and Doppler panel, everything else should be tan. These could weather to a fairly dark colour in time. One thing, for some reason, Airfix only scribed one of the circular under intake dielectric panels, (well, at least on the test build I had), luckily they added them as decals.
  8. I know Pete, haven't seen him in ages, maybe time to address that. The books are 'The Handley page Victor 'The History and Development of a Classic Jet Volume 1, The HP80 and the Mark 1' and Volume 2 'The Mark 2 and Comprehensive Appendices and Accident Analysis for All Marks'. Roger worked on Mk.1 and Mk.2 Victors as a crew chief, his knowledge of the aircraft is amazing.
  9. That's an original Red Steer Mk 1 tailcone WV (as comes in the kit), the panel is black, although Airfix, for some reason, have it tan. This was for the panel for the Doppler radar which was changed to a much smaller square panel later. I masked it and airbrushed it using Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black as it has a rather fetching blue/grey tint to it. Also notice that XL317 doesn't have the L Band rectangular blade aerial fitted to the rear of the ECM counterpoise panel, just the three original Red Shrimp jammer domes, this area changed several times as the countermeasures improved.
  10. Good stuff Gondor, required reading for all Vulcaneers, you'll be reeling them off before you know it. I wish more authors would go into as much depth with other subjects. Roger Brookes two volumes on the Victor are also well worth getting hold of, lots of useful info in there. Just need someone to do the same with the Valiant now.
  11. Not too sure what that's supposed to be for Dave, nothing was mounted that far out and it doesn't appear on the draft instructions. I shall try and find out.
  12. Deano, hope WV908 doesn't mind but here's a link to the pre-production test kit I built for Airfix, last March. Just to give you some idea of how it looks when finished.
  13. Sorry Dave, I misunderstood. Do you have a photo of the area you're talking about? I have build shots but none that specifically shows that. Nothing was fitted in that area so it'd be interesting to see what it might be.
  14. They seem to be drain/vent points possibly connected to the fuel system. Airfix have over overemphasised them, on mine I sanded them back.
  15. Actually, they are in the right place Bob, museum aircraft are sometimes seen with the wipers parked in different positions so look slightly different. I'd been surprised if they were wrong as the data is taken from the LIDAR scan of the subject as is on the day, hence the missing central wiper (doesn't account for the missing upper red anti-collision light though!) with parts not being available to be replaced or off the aircraft for restoration.
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