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  1. Nice to see these Air Graphics sets appearing, especially those for the cockpit, wheels and seats, all much needed.....not sure about the seamless intakes though, the way they've been moulded makes painting a breeze, (much like the Victor). The reshaped wing tips were fitted to improve the cruising range of the S.2 but apparently the RAF preferred the low-level S.1 'short' style and so several aircraft retained them (some temporarily and a few, long-term).
  2. Just caught up with this one, great stuff Crisp. Being a confirmed 1/700th 'spacesaver' kind of bloke, recently building a few floaters in this scale feels somewhat strange, (for a start, not needing 5.0 x magnification seems a bit odd as does having to clear the work bench to make room). Plenty of scope for weathering abuse on this beastie... Now, I never realized the Ark got out quite that far......pesky fog.
  3. Interesting subject Chris, must confess to never hearing of this kit either... Swiss, ah, now that would account for all the holes.....or not....ahem.
  4. Pleasure Dave, aside from a few niggles it's a sound kit and certainly offers good value for money at the moment.....like you and, I suspect many others, I'll be getting a few more, which in turn reminds me, I really must finish my 1/24th Bucc, True Geoff...thankfully. OK shameless plug here, but while I was building this and by way of inspiration, (as if I needed any!) I was offered another ride in the back seat of one of TBAGs Bucc S.2s, (this time XX894, finished in FAA colours)...perfect timing and a lot of fun. In the other aircraft was a former FAA observer who flew in both S.1 and S.2 Buccs in the late sixties/early seventies. He also rode around in Sea Vixens, Gannets and Skyraiders, a true gentleman.
  5. Dave, the mid-seventies variant Geoff mentioned was the upgraded S.2D, this initial release only covers the basic S.2, (well actually an S.2C). The main differences between the C and D being that the latter was Martel capable, (with consequent removal of a VG from each upper wing above the outer pylon attachment points) along with an upgraded FIN1063 (Ferranti Inertial Navigation) system, Blue Parrot radar and ECM upgrades. Visually, the only notable differences were the larger trapezoid mid-fuselage blade aerial and slightly modified rear tailplane RWR fairing ('bullet'). It would be pretty straightforward turning a C into a D to be honest. If you want your D carrying Martels then PJ productions released a nice, though pricey Martel/pylon combo, I'm fairly certain someone will offer them at some point and maybe include the blade aerial/tailcone, (Hi Colin, are you out there?) Other than that maybe wait for an S.2B and combine the two kits...or as Geoff suggests, rob an earlier kit. Talking of aftermarket I see ResKit have released some rather tasty wheel sets and 2in rocket pods for the Bucc.
  6. There is chaps, hope you enjoy the article...it's a great little kit, fun to build and hopefully prove to be a good seller for the company. I modified the weapons load slightly and used one of the Xtradecals sets as the kit ones weren't quite ready, (well, actually they arrived shortly after I'd finished painting so thankfully I was able to use the stencils) other than that, it's OOB. Andy
  7. Fascinating thing, looks like it escaped from the Trigan Empire. Ideal for flying the in-laws!
  8. Very interesting...looks to me like a Mitchell collided with an Il-28 and a Pe-2 hit it from behind.
  9. It was the only way to get the battles started and stopped on time...I had a busy social calendar back then, many self-aggrandizing functions to grace and deals to be struck that simply couldn't be affected by sloppy time management... Nice work on the klaxon...does it go 'Beeeeargh' as originally designed or simply yell 'Ahooogah'?
  10. The CADs look superb and set at a very reasonable price point, especially with the discount. As for future releases, wow, lots of potential there, I particularly like the idea of the X3 Stiletto, E-7A, Sentinel (local interest) and big B-47...but for me the highlight has to be a 1/48th Fiddler!
  11. Thanks Ian, for reference I used the excellent Warbird Tech Volume 27 book, which is a 'must have' for anyone modelling a Cheyenne. I added scratch pylons, XM-52 30mm cannon belly turret, (carved from resin), new XM-196 nose mounted minigun and FFAR rocket pods (from spares bin), reworked the crew members, scratch built a new cockpit interior, replaced the exhaust pipe with copper tube, new resin wheels and replaced parts of the ICS gyro rotor mechanism with plastic rod and strip. Sounds a lot but not really that bad, the kit's basically provides a sound basis.
  12. Great to see this one out again. I was given one in a rather battered box at Telford back in 2010 and built it (with a fair bit of scratch building and Anigrand decals) for the now defunct Model Aviation World magazine. Well worth getting if you're up for a bit of work and a lot cheaper than the Anigrand offering.
  13. Thank you everyone, really great to know so many of you share my interest in these Cold War beasts, it really was a golden time for aircraft design. Thanks Keith... Yes, me too...along with about 15 others... Make a note of the word Scrumtralescent Darling, I like it and want to use it more in conversation. I know, I know...I've had to physically punish our temp chef, Baldrick, (he of the Culinary Plan) several times...all to no avail sadly as he rather enjoys it and besides Alan the tortoise now walks with a permanent limp...nasty business! Thanks Jon, glad you found the article useful, look forward to seeing what you do with yours. I knew about the Xuntong Tu-2s and Il-4, should have mentioned that the Yak was the first under the Bobcat brand name. Go for it CC, I believe the HB kit has a few issues as well, no real surprises there but putting one alongside an equally dodgy Trumpy Flagon sounds a good/interesting plan
  14. Thanks guys, very kind of you all. Lothar, I find MRP lacquers fantastic to use as they have very fine pigments and flow beautifully right down to 12psi. Like Alclad they're pre-thinned but seem to cover more evenly and never form rough areas/pools that Alclad sometimes tends to do, plus they are hard wearing and buffable. For this one I used MRP-3 Super Silver as a base coat and a mix of MRP-128 Silver, 008 Duralumin, and 146 Dark Aluminium for the wing panels, 030 Steel, 081 Anodized Aluminium for the engine nacelles and fuselage underside and 147 Burnt Iron for the engine exhausts. I also mix many of these paints to form custom colours and heavily thinned versions to use as washes. Give them a try,hopefully you'll get good results... I don't really feel the need to use Alclad any more. Scimitar, yes, absolutely, the Gauzy won't affect the clear parts but the MRP will. For this one (and in fact all my models) I prefer use the excellent New Ware masking sets that includes inner glazing masks just to make sure. The MRP is sprayed at a low psi in multiple thin coats to reduce the chances of any bleed through, just a matter of taking your time and a bit of patience. Hi Ken, Not a bad idea, I'll have to try that!in fact if it's a Trumpy Flagon then we're almost ready to go as that kit has more than a few shape issues! To be honest it wouldn't be that bad a conversion looking at the parts breakdown. I think I'll probably give it a bash, so stand by your bed, (but don't hold yer breath)... Oooh, I remember that too! never got one but I do have a built but not painted Amodel jobbie lying around somewhere. I'm much keener on 1/48th for these aircraft and leave 1/72nd to the big stuff.
  15. Thanks again chaps, Hopefully, I should have one of these soon, wouldn't mind having a go at a Mascot conversion. Thanks MM, totally agree..I'd also add to that the big Mikoyan E-150/152 family, though I have serious doubts that would ever happen in 1/48th. Never mind, I'm more than happy with the 1/72nd Modelsvit offerings for the time being.
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