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  1. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Thanks chaps, very kind of you. Yes, Al, I had a lot of problems with the infernal combustion engine when it was first introduced to our part of the world...last year, kept running over the chap with the red flag! The first laser headband illuminated magnifying loop apparatus I bought from the US Army was a somewhat cumbersome affair...these later johnnies are a lot more 'user-friendly' and don't require a two-man team, diesel generator and tractor unit. John, thanks, there are quite a few more on the bench.
  2. general melchett

    1/24th Blackburn Buccaneer S2B, 208 squadron

    Thanks chaps, Tom, I'm quite fortunate in that I can pick which subjects I'd like to build as the editor knows my preferences. Funnily enough though, building the odd 'left of field' subject does get the creative juices going, (down Darling, down boy!) and it's all good practice. Being the mag's official 'floating target' builder has rekindled my childhood enjoyment of building warships, (and blowing them up with fireworks!)...in fact the only things I won't touch are cars, (just doesn't float my boat and there are amazing modellers out there who do a fantastic job on the things) and Germans glazed in honey, everything else is fair game, Sorry to hear about the Phantom, though I must admit, looking through the black bin bag full of bits the other day I share your sentiments...and that's before all the corrections needed for the thing, I hear eBay a callin! Tony, it's my own fault, I'm afraid I tend to put my hand up when certain new releases are announced early in the year and now look what happened....my late mentor and fellow wind-breaker, Sir Henry Rawlinson once told me, just before a Harrow v Eton murderball deathmatch, 'Don't ever be the first, don't ever be the last and don't ever volunteer, for anything...ever', but then again he also said 'Don't ever question the value of volunteering. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals. did I listen? MO, pills, Pilsner, sickbay, goitres and intravenous ham sandwiches...by George I've obviously been missing out! I'll send young Baldrick round with a hot mug of his home-brewed milky Cappuccino with brown stuff sprinkled on top...... that should clear you out. Yes, that's not really surprising CC, I think cheesecloth shirts and Oxford Bags were all the rage when the last progress report was posted... Keith, you beat me to it....you should never hear or see a Buccaneer...not until it's way past you.
  3. general melchett

    1/24th Blackburn Buccaneer S2B, 208 squadron

    Hello blokes!...well All I can say is that it's definitely a partial maybe! the answer is in two parts, (if you don't want to wade through answer 1 and lose the will to live then just skip to 2) 1). Tom and Bill, yes I really must apologise for the appalling lack of general buccyness going on, (or not) here. I'm hoping to restart the thing in September, the problem isn't one of motivation, it's more down to a rather large backlog of build articles for AMW which is taking up just about all my modelling time. Airfix test-shots keep arriving in a steady stream and these naturally take precedence in the magazine, (mind you even the editor, Chris, has asked me more than once when/if I was ever going to finish the thing!) A pretty poor excuse I know but once the backlog is sorted I'll tackle both the Bucc and the Tornado. I was suitably enthused at Bruntingthorpe and Elvington in May and managed to take a few photos of areas I hadn't previously had access to, so that's something.... 2). So after all that, the short answer is.......yes, I'll be restarting it soon(ish). Now along the same vein Tom, any more on the Big Toom? he says taking the deflection...
  4. general melchett

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Cheers Chris, yes you're quite right the oil cooler pipes were above the baffle, the larger hole seems due to the offset of a pipe that extended forward to the nose of the reduction gear casing on the XVIII.
  5. general melchett

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Chris, they were designed to allow air to be directed onto the cylinder heads to aid cooling, the larger single hole incorporated the oil cooler intakes. As to why some Pegasus engined aircraft didn't have them fitted. I'm guessing that the removal of the plates didn't affect dramatically affect cooling.
  6. general melchett

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Good progress Tony...Humbrol, good lord I haven't used the stuff since 1988, (it was a Friday afternoon in late August and the snow was falling particularly hard)...and now I know why!....actually that isn't quite true, I used their lovely Brunswick Green on my SBS DH-88 and it went on beautifully after being thinned 70% with Colourcoats enamel thinner, so hoist by my own petard there! Don't forget to forget the tail wheel doors...Airfix makes no mention of this, but the doors were deleted from late Mk1A's on...though I'm sure you already knew this.
  7. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Chewy, there are plenty of decent units online. Just flick through a few reviews to see what's available. I actually got mine via Ebay four years ago and except for changing a couple of modelling bulbs, they work perfectly. Thanks Al, it used to be...when carrots were in favour and driving the family jalopy not a constant avoidance tactic, but sadly, time, the odd pink gin and PC monitors have all taken their ugly toll...on a good day I can sometimes see the benchtop!
  8. general melchett

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Cheers Tony, hope the tip helps, agree the bulkheads aren't really of much use as the detailed side can't be seen! (unless you have an engine fully exposed). Hopefully, I'll get the other one finished soon, I'll post it here once done. Looking forward to seeing this one finished...
  9. general melchett

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Great progress Tony, good job on the waist gunner positions, it's a lovely little kit, isn't it? I'm just about to start sploshing paint on my second for Airfix with a third arriving soon, (well it is Bomber Command so I can't have too many). I found a few things to make life easier like shaving the bottoms off the turrets so they can be slid into place at the end of the build and leaving out the engine bulkheads to get a better fit with the nacelles. I see Eduard have the masking and detailing sets arriving soon...will have to indulge as the masking set will certainly make life easier!
  10. general melchett

    1/72 Buccaneer S2D

    Great job Stuart, looks superb in the FAA scheme....can never have enough Buccs!
  11. general melchett

    Modelling Nightmare A 1/48 Hampden

    Yes, that's exactly what I did, a length of UPVC conduit fitted to the inside of the fuselage, which eliminated several problems..sanded down the outer surface so that it was a snug fit.....good luck that man! Cees, don't really blame you, it's a lot of work, and yes the plastic does shed when sanded or damaged in any way....almost everything needs work...I think the tail wheel's OK though! Pierre asked me to post images of my Hampden in concert with his build so for anyone interested here's what I've done so far, (thanks to Pierre for scaling up the Huntley drawings), Some of the reference material used, These images hopefully show how far out the fuselage parts are. The length is good but the cockpit, dorsal and ventral turrets are all in the wrong place and needed moving, the nose glazing is too far back and needed moving forward and the tail boom too long and needed shortening, (this, in turn, affected the trailing edges of the wing roots). And yes, I'm going to scratch the bomb bay too... Here the forward fuselage is pretty much lined up, but see where the dorsal turret is! And if you line up the turret the whole nose area is out of kilter.. Once everything was worked out the fuselage was hacked up ready for reassembly And the parts laid out to check alignment... After shortening the booms by 5mm, strips of plastic card were added to reinforce the fuselage/boom joint. Once the cockpit was moved a fillet of plastic card was added, shaped and sanded into place. The dorsal turret was moved forward 5mm and the boom blended into the fuselage side. The ventral turret was reduced in height and moved back into its proper position, (the bottom still needs to be curved up slightly to meet the glazing) and the upper fuselage behind the turret needed a lot of sanding to bring it back to shape and blend with the boom. Plastic card fillets were added to the window cutouts as all the glazing needed moving forward. Once put up against the drawings things look a lot better....time to move on to the interior...
  12. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    True Graham, I was only listing Lifecolor's paint set as supplied, (though it's actually labelled as 'Eastern Approach, Early War, Set 1' for some reason).
  13. general melchett

    Modelling Nightmare A 1/48 Hampden

    My feathery hat is well and truly off CC...I'll have a look to see if I have any WIP piccies, it was started some considerable time ago. The engine parts were scratch built, using a spare Atar from somewhere, as you say suspended in mid-air. The real challenge will be achieving the highly polished aluminium finish to the pebble dash and filler surface of the thing...Darling will have to break sweat on this one! Fairweather modellers eh.....where's your spirit of adventure man, your je ne sais quoi? To be serious though, it's a tad unusual to build a model where virtually nothing fits and every single part needs serious fettling...(especially when it comes to the glazing). Even the wing roots have different depths! The fact that the kit's fuselage is dimensionally all over the place doesn't exactly help matters but a good set of drawings, a power grinder and the old 'Blitz Spirit' will see us through.
  14. general melchett

    Modelling Nightmare A 1/48 Hampden

    I'm sorry Martian but that was the agreement made with Pierre, ....it was a case of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'...(well that's the line Darling fed me anyway!) Luckily I was too hot and bothered fighting sporadic grass fires on the lawns of M Towers to take any piccies today so you were spared......... at least for now Now, you're being very unkind to these FM gems...you've obviously never tackled a Unicraft kit without the aid of an NBC suit!
  15. general melchett

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    Sorry for the late reply Chewy, been a bit busy with things. Two white cards are used, the 'background' one is just curved gently upwards from the desktop to vertical, against a wall. The top end of a second card is then placed over the bottom of the background one, (to eliminate a seam from a low angle) and the front of this card drooped down over the front of the photographic table. The strobes totally eliminate any shadows as they are all synchronized to fire simultaneously via remotes. Hope this helps a bit. Sounds a lot more complicated than it really is! Thanks FAAMAN, appreciated...