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  1. Gary, I'd avoid Tamiya for figures, definitely the wrong tool for the job, unless airbrushed for a base coat. There is an ever increasing (and baffling!) range of paints suitable for figure painting. If you like to fondle before purchase, then it might be a case of whatever your local shop has, and if you're anything like me, you'll end up buying paints compulsively! - Vallejo (Huge selection, widely available) Most of their ranges are suitable for brush painting, Vallejo Air is actually thinned to a rather good consistency for hairy stick. - AK Interactive (New '3
  2. As someone who's been doing 28mm figs for a while, and (more recently) larger scale busts, I'll venture a few thoughts. No doubt others will be along in due course as well. It's a very different skill set than aircraft modelling, so don't get discouraged if it seems baffling at first! (All the advice below assumes you'll be painting with acrylics,) Brushes: You'll be wanting a small selection of decent natural (kolinsky) sable brushes for detail painting, as well as some cheaper synthetics for base coating and less detailed work. To some extent the brand is a matter of
  3. Thanks folks. I’m enjoying busts as a nice change from smaller scales, and MMM do have some nice subjects (at reasonable prices!). On this one I think I must have spent as much time on the face as the rest combined! J.
  4. Bust of 'Pappy' Boyington, VMF-214, USMC, from Mitches Military Models. This is my first foray into painting busts, although as a warm up I'd done a couple of loose heads that I'd picked up from the MMM bargain bin at Telford. Painted with acrylics.
  5. The W.Nr of 170526 is not from the range assigned to production D-11's, according to Japo these are W.Nr. 220001-220017. Again, from Japo, the 170xxx numbers were used for 190D prototypes, known airframes as follows: 170003 - V53,V68, D-9 prototype 170923 - V55, D-11 prototype 170924 - V56, D-11 prototype 170926 - V57, D-11 prototype 170933 - V58, D-11 prototype 174024 - V54, D-9 prototype None of the above appear to have served operationally. In the list of airframes, there is a <II, W.Nr.210194 a D-9 shot down during Bodenp
  6. @BerndM No huge issues. Take your time getting the cockpit lined up properly in the fuselage, as the locating features aren't all that positive. Also, the undercarriage is thin and slightly tricky to assemble and fit once the fuselage is closed up. Other than those things it really is quite a nice kit.
  7. It's been a while, but here's one completed in the last month or so. It started as a father/son build, but got somewhat overtaken by parental perfectionism and limited interest by 50% of the workforce. (Who knew a Wildcat undercarriage would be too fiddly for a 6-year old?) Anyway, it's an F4F-4 from VF-41, USS Ranger.
  8. Thanks Cookie. Things going okay here; schools went back last week which was most welcome for all involved. Home schooling was starting to wear a bit thin! J.
  9. I think the OP is referring to the fact that the barrel doesn’t emerge from the centre of the pod, rather than the fact it’s angled inward. J.
  10. This is one of those pedantic points, so look away now if you might get triggered. OTOH, I feel in good company on BM making pedantic points, so perhaps it's the right place for it after all. First of all let me say that this is not intended as a dig at Airfix; I've merely used them as the example since the whole tolerance thing seems mainly to come up in relation to their recent offerings. As someone who masquerades as an engineer in the day job, a small part of me dies inside every time the phrase 'tight tolerances' comes up (usually these days in relation to Airfix kits not fit
  11. Excellent set of builds there Woody; nice work! J.
  12. Really nice. Love how you’ve rendered the hand painted numerals. J.
  13. Superb work. The print quality is really impressive, and your build and paint work has turned it into a great model. Sorry if I missed it, but is the spigot mortar printed as well? cheers, Jason
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