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  1. But also possibly due to the mission and training profiles that were being flown by the A-36. One might imagine ground attack and dive bombing practice to be somewhat more dangerous compared with fighter training.
  2. Really nice work. Bearing in mind that all the photos on-screen are several times actual size, you've done a great job on the face and eyes. Would you mind sharing your recipe for the flesh tones? regards, Jason
  3. JasonC

    Hawker Typhoon

    I think the OP means looking from the front - i.e. should the rails 'hang' straight down, or should they be 90 degrees to the bottom surface of the wing.
  4. The bank of exhausts on each side have 8 stacks each. So two extra exhausts make more sense, since the Centaurus had 18 cylinders.
  5. Thanks. It was a while ago, but from memory the washes were dark grey and dark brown. I rarely use black as it can be a little stark. As far as brown goes, the exact shade can make a big difference. A grimy desaturated brown usually looks better than a rich red brown against most camouflage colours.
  6. Have a look on Hobbylink Japan for chisels (and other tools). They generally carry some decent quality stuff from the likes of GSI, Tamiya, Wave, etc. https://hlj.com/search/go?ts=custom&w=chisel For tweezers, one thing that helps avoid the 'twisting' issue is to make sure the arms are sufficiently broad, and therefore have enough stiffness to keep them aligned. https://hlj.com/search/go?lbc=hobbylink&method=and&p=Q&ts=custom&uid=964234397&w=tweezers&af=selectitemtype%3atools J.
  7. Also have a look at Maketar. https://shop.maketar.com/?post_type=product&paged=14
  8. You can also see a similar effect on the Whirlwind below. Note also how soft the demarcation seems to be at the front of the port nacelle.
  9. Lovely. Like the model. Like the colours. Like the weathering! J.
  10. Another in favour of the find a photo and decide for yourself approach. One size most certainly does not fit all. The ones below are all fairly early war, yet still show significant difference in demarcation 'sharpness'. To my mind whether mats were used or not is somewhat irrelevant. What matters is the end results, and these clearly vary.
  11. Always interesting to see how different decal manufacturers interpret roundel colours. The Gloster 'bright' colours are quite jarring alongside the dull ones! I wonder if the pilots had any views as to the possible risks of flying around in a Hurri so marked? Probably had bigger things to worry about.
  12. I get the sense that the relatively poor performance of the Spitfire during it's early encounters with the Zero (i.e. Darwin) was at least partially down to tactics rather than anything fundamental with the aircraft. Lacking much previous experience against the Japanese, the Spits committed the sin of trying to dogfight the Zero. Perhaps understandably, since against German opponents the Spitfire was clearly superior in terms of turn circle. IIRC there was also an issue with maintaining the Spitfire in the difficult conditions found in Northern Australia. regards, Jason Edit: Grey Beema beat me to it.
  13. I'm under gentle but constant pressure to reduce the amount of shelf space occupied by my books. Come to think of it, not dissimilar to Chinese water torture. Another suggestion would be Martin Middlebrook's 'The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission'. J.
  14. Regarding fighter doctrine and tactics, perhaps Osprey's publication on VIII Fighter Command - 'The Long Reach'. https://ospreypublishing.com/viii-fighter-command-at-war In fact, PM your address and you can have mine.
  15. Also interesting that the planning board for the flypast (2:27) suggests that a Hornet might be involved in the proceedings. Alas no sign of it in the film.
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