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  1. JasonC

    Westland Whirlwind wing question.

    Another way of looking at it is that the Spitfire and other single-engine aircraft took exactly this approach. More power + limited ground clearance = more blades. It certainly seems to have given that airframe enough benefit to be worthwhile. Not saying there weren't other factors at play with such an installation, but I don't think that adding more blades at a fixed airscrew diameter is as bad a solution as you imply. regards, Jason
  2. JasonC

    Need advice on emphasizing panel lines

    How the weathering medium reacts with the varnish would depend of course on what it (the weathering product) contains. I assume it's an enamel based product similar to Mig or AK weathering washes. To present a contrary opinion to that above, I've used a Klear equivalent (Alclad Aqua Gloss) with no problems using such weathering products. To wipe them off you will need to use a small amount of white spirit, either on a brush or paper towel or similar. The alternative would be to use a water based weathering product such as water based artists colours or Ultimate Weathering washes. regards, Jason
  3. JasonC

    Spitfire rearming and gun muzzle patch application films

    Interesting stuff. I found the video below which shows a Spit being re-armed, in a nice high resolution. A couple of things I noted: - the cordite streaking coming back from the gun ports (which on a model would get called unrealistic!) - The appearance of the patches around the gun ports - open but very neat with no sign of torn fabric, yet with the colour of the patches clearly visible.. Lastly, am I imagining things or did I read once that during the BoB the ground crews developed a way of re-arming using only the under wing panels? No sign of that approach in these films. regards, Jason
  4. JasonC

    A question to the Mosquito experts

    As stated above, to share images you will need to upload the images to a 3rd party photo hosting site, and then post the link here. Some kind soul has posted a topic showing how to do this (with Flickr in this case): I for one would be interested in seeing your conclusions. best regards, Jason
  5. Thanks Andy. The camera really has flattened Mr. Red somewhat. There's as much shading on him as the others! The green one looks okay to me as well, but I think a whole army of them would be a little drab on the tabletop. J.
  6. So I caved and got myself the boxed set. With the new rules it seemed like a decent time to hop aboard. God knows where I'll find the time, but the plan is to get enough minis together to actually play a game at some point. Before launching into batch painting, I've painted up these three marines to help decide on chapter colours. These are actually the three from the 'easy build' boxed set. I'd welcome opinions but am currently leaning toward the blue-green scheme on the left, as it carries fewer connotations with existing GW colour schemes. PS. Colour balancing is a nightmare with red. I've had to de-saturate to get anything that looks like the real item, however it means that the green one on the right is now a bit duller than IRL. cheers, Jason
  7. JasonC

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Pure aluminium is far too soft for use in aircraft structural applications. Any aluminium you find in aircraft is most likely to be an alloy of aluminium. A notable exception is Alclad, where a very thin layer of high purity aluminium is bonded to an alloy substrate for corrosion prevention purposes. J.
  8. JasonC

    Swordfish Torpedo Questions

    And without said surfaces: TRAINING FLEET AIR ARM PILOTS IN TORPEDO DROPPING. ROYAL NAVAL AIR STATION, CRAIL.. © IWM (A 3535)IWM Non Commercial Licence Note that the above photo is captioned as being from a training station.
  9. JasonC

    Swordfish Torpedo Questions

    I don't think the MAT is what the OP was referring to. As Jure indicates, it's rather the rudders that sit aft of the cruciform fins at the rear of the torpedo. For example: ROYAL AIR FORCE: 1939-1945: COASTAL COMMAND. © IWM (CH 1854)IWM Non Commercial Licence J.
  10. JasonC

    Tank ID Help

    Type 69 I believe, which in turn is very similar to the 59 but has a different headlight arrangement amongst other things. J.
  11. JasonC

    Tank ID Help

    Going by the roadwheel spacing and headlight position, the latter looks like a Type 69: Chinese T-54/55 variant. J.
  12. Hi Guy, Thanks for your post. I've sent you a PM. regards, Jason
  13. JasonC

    1/48 Blackburn Firebrand

    Creating fuselage stations. Some were based on the available sections from plans, and I've had to eyeball some intermediate ones. And the result after lofting through the stations. Obviously a lot left to do, but it's feeling like progress! You can see in the above pic the makings of the prominent slot at the rear of the Centaurus cowl - a feature of both the Sea Fury and Firebrand installations of the engine. cheers, J.
  14. JasonC

    RAAF Beaufighter colours

    You just need to take the link itself, in this case http://s17.....etc and put {img} before it, and {/img} at the end. Note that the brackets should be square brackets (i.e. [ & ]), but I can't use them otherwise the software tries to parse it. cheers, Jason
  15. JasonC

    1/48 Blackburn Firebrand

    Played around a bit with the 'chin'. J.