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  1. Hi Fozz! Nobby here! Well I know it's been a fair while since I've been on here but I'm still kicking about! That is absolutely a fine example of modelling and I'll remember it for ever! I've built one from a mastercraft kit (the old kit from the 50's, impact I think?, but have done a lot to it to make it look like an SE. I'll put a pic up when I can remember how! Hope your keeping well mate. As it says at the end of James Bond movies. .. Nobby will return! John
  2. Well here's the pics of the finished Matchbox Sabre. I needed a diversion from the Javelin as i was getting a little bogged down and finding it hard to get myself into the den to do it. The Mojo needed some rejuvenation so i pulled this out of the stash and decided to get involved in a little group build going on over on Farcebook! Somebody gave this kit to me way back at the beginning of the ninety's and to be honest, i never thought it would get built but i really enjoyed doing it and i'm sure it will look alright in the display cabinet with the others! I didn't go too mad with detailing
  3. Brilliant seats there! I am keeping my eye on all of these Vamps!
  4. Revell 99 Aqua Acrylic gives a nice finish as i've just found out on my F-86. I'm not saying it's the holy grail when it comes to NMF but i'll definitely use it again!
  5. Looking good! Got the BF 109 G-14 from this company and like you say very respectable but even better, CHEAP! Must have been a Macchi thing with the wings maybe to offset the torque effect of the prop as they used to do it with their Schnider planes. John
  6. In between waiting for stuff to dry on the Sabre i did a little on the Javelin burners. I put some solartrim on to represent the fastener things on the sides and painted them with Metalcote polished Aluminium and polished steel. The insides got a mix of Plasticote matt black with a little silver added as a base for some weathering to represent the appearance of a used aircraft. I'll add a wash into the holes round the burner rings to give more depth. John
  7. Well, this should be the final pic of it i post here! I've run a thin wash of light grey water color into the panel lines. Took me a bit of experimenting to get what i wanted as i didn't want it to be too "in your face" especially on the fuz but i don't think it looks too bad and it actually looks better in real life than on the pics. After that i gave it a coat of my special mix of Ron Seal and Tamiya flatting agent with a flat brush to blend it all together. I call it "Ron Matt" I know it sounds improbable, especially when you open the tin and the Ronseal looks disgusting but once m
  8. Superb work my friend and full respect to you! I thought i was doing ok with my fizzy drink can metal work! Nice Jagwaar...Jag U R!
  9. This is shaping up really well! Yes...Pun intended!
  10. Looking good Bill! I can see what a mammoth task you have on your hands here so like all the folks on BM doing scratch builds you get the utmost respect! I'm trying to build up to a full scratch build eventually, not quite ready yet like but i will, but i can see from yours and the others that it needs a lot of commitment and i'm wondering if i have enough! Great stuff anyway mate! John
  11. Aye, Martin that's looking great! I thought i was the only one to suffer loss of mojo when i feel ill, so its nice to know i'm not the only one!
  12. Thanks guys! I have to say that I've really enjoyed this even though it was only a diversion from the Javelin just for a recharge.
  13. Looking good there old boy! I can already see that you're doing the old girl justice!
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