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  1. Great review of a kit that is well up to Peter's usual standard. Please note, if building the full hull version all Tribals were fitted with a five bladed screw!
  2. Wood decal wrapped frames! Gadzooks erraticus! Have you been certified or are you still working towards it? Seriously mate I can see from your pix this little baby is goin' to be something else. Keep it coming.
  3. Raptor, I've just remembered the word I was trying to think of. Weird man, truly weird!
  4. definitely looks like a moulding whoopsie doesn't it? I got mine about a month ago and the canopy was/is fine so maybe it is just an early batch that has the problem.
  5. I hope it's not too late to throw in my tenpennorth? Although I generally use an airbrush, I have found that Mr Metal Color brushes really well. It's thin enough to spray straight from the bottle. This means it brushes really well. Good coverage and no brush marks with the added bonus of being buffable up to a great shine as well, if that's what you want. Good range of colours as well!
  6. Great review Paul, I have one under construction and I agree with everything you say. No comparison with the old F1 that I built 50 years ago! It's going together without any problems at all. I have used a resin seat as although the kit seat is quite acceptable it lacks any real detail (no belts etc.) I can't really see what else might be achieved with aftermarket goodies. It's excellent straight out of the box!
  7. I too remember the old tooling, 50 years ago? I had to get the new tooling if only for old times sake. I'm also running out of places to display 1:48 aircraft. I'm not disappointed it's a lovely kit straight out of the box and is going together very well. the only thing I have changed is the seat. The kit seat is a bit basic although adequate (outstanding compared to the old one piece moulding) I'm sure adding some belts would look fine but I had a resin seat in the spares box which has saved me the bother. If you intend to display the canopy in the open position you will need to do something as the included pilot figure is a bit rubbish sitting there in his what appears to be leather helmet and goggles!!
  8. Vickers Viking - Hunting Clan Douglas DC3 - East African Airways Vickers Viscount 800 - Airwork Services De Havilland Comet 4C - East African Airways De Havilland Chipmunk - Crab Air English Electric Canberra PR9 - Crab Air Slingsby Sedbergh - ATC Kirby Cadet - ATC Cessna 182 Boeing 737 - Britannia Airways/Quantas Boeing 747 - BA/Quantas Boeing 757 - Quantas Airbus A320- BA/Lufthansa I think that's all of them!
  9. Scram! by Harry Benson is a cracking read too. Got some interesting photos as well.
  10. Super job mate. I can almost smell the boiled cabbage!
  11. Looks amazing, just how I remember her. Minus the rust! well done that man.
  12. Very nice job of this iconic warship, 'Jackie' Fisher would have been proud of you!
  13. Superb job Andrew, very impressive finish and weathering. The Buffer on the Yarmouth must have been having a baby! All that rust and not a chance of sending anyone over the side to paint it!
  14. Beautiful build and outstanding paint job on what is a hideous looking tub! Naval architects seem to have lost the plot whilst playing the stealth card. looks like a grey Ro-Ro ferry with a popgun on it! Look at the previous Daring class destroyers to see what a warship should look like, sleek aggressive and intimidating! I know, I'm an old git living in the past, rant over. Keep up the good work
  15. Picked one of these up at Modelzone last week. Well what a disappointment! I've been modelling for damn near 55 years and Airfix still can't get it right! Invisible turbine front is invisible, huge panel lines clearly visible through the magnifier, nose wheel bulge in the floor is all wrong. I spent hours shaking it and shouting at it but to no avail. It flatly refused to build and paint itself into a perfect replica exact in every detail. It was with a sigh of resignation that I accepted that I was going to have to employ the modelling skills gathered from many years of passion for my hobby. Well to cut a not very long story short, a few sessions at the bench, it's finished and I have to admit it looks like just like a T11! Who'd have thought? Chill guys. It's just a model and it's just a hobby. Nobody died!
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