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1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat.

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Here's my 1/48 Tamiya F-14A. Great kit, but I'm sure that's well known by now. I used FCM decals to do it as Tarbox 210 from VF-33 in 1986. I did use nationality markings from a Furball sheet, as FCM gives you full colour ones, which isn't right. Other aftermarket includes chin pod and gun vents from Phasehangar, tail stiffeners from Crossdelta and missile markings from TwoBobs. Painted with MRP, Tamiya, Vallejo and Alclad.










Thanks for looking.



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Thanks guys!


@Jackson Duvalier I've read somewhere that the AIM-54 noses were actually ceramic. Sometimes they would shatter when dropped accidentally, and the shards were quickly collected by the deck crew to be used as sharpening tools for knifes and such.


@binbrook87 I didn't have much trouble with the FCM decals. One of the tail markings did tear when I tried to put it in its position, but I got the pieces to match up again.

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