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  1. Lovely build! After seeing and reading this I think I might add one of these to my stash, too. Love the Pucara and even more so a fine, stress free kit and build!
  2. Despite that tricky landing gear, she is a beauty! Great result!
  3. That WIP of yours was better than some books I read. Awesome! And the result is stunning.
  4. Creative and very interesting! I bet it would look nice on an Vietnam airfield diorama next to some Skyraiders
  5. Amazing...I'm absolutely amazed. That is skill on a new level!
  6. That's one good looking Aardvark!
  7. Well it's partly made from metal, so time will tell if that's worth anything but I actually haven't looked into the construction yet so I'm just hoping for the best I'm a bit skeptical about the rubber tires, though. Maybe I'll replace the wheels with resin parts. Hope your build is going smoother now and you can still enjoy it after that bumpy start
  8. Thank you guys @HansReggelsen Looking forward to yours! I'm sure it will look splendid! @dov I watch it quite regularly, your MiG-31 is turning out mighty fine! Thanks for the tip, it'll come in handy pretty soon I'm sure. Next box on the table is HB's MiG-31M. I would have started it by now but I've got a...lets say a logistical problem
  9. Good evening folks, today I want to present my latest finished kit. It's the fantastic ICM x Revell 1:48th scale kit of the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 RBT Foxbat-B reconnaissance plane. I'll keep this one short - I had an absolute blast during the build. At the first glance it looks rather complicated although the box doesn't contain that many parts but as ICM has a few different MiG-25's on offer, the modular construction of the fuselage makes sense but as mentioned it looks strange at first because it isn't the usual top and bottom half. But the whole thing goes together nicely and because the kit is cleverly engineered, the construction leads to fewer seams and edges which need cleaning and sanding. The only thing that was a bit problematic was the gear. At least on my kit it was a bit wobbly and only became stable after the Loctite super glue dried. Also on a lot of photos the MiG-25 RBT seems to be slanted a bit to the back, which isn't the case here, the main gear struts would need to be shortened for that. The rest is absolutely fine in my opinion. That said - I'm not counting rivets Apart from adding a lot and I really mean a lot of weight into the nose and some blackout curtains onto the canopy made from wax paper, the build was strictly OOB, painted with mostly Tamiya and Vallejo paints and weathered with AMMO panel line washes, oil paints and micro chipping done with other Vallejo paints. It was also the first time I used chipping fluid. In the end everything was sealed with semi gloss Tamiya varnish as usual. P.S. this thing is large! Hope you like it Till next time!
  10. Superb! And although it is still grey like 90% of all Eagles this livery looks amazing!
  11. That looks awesome! Love the already bulky looks of the Viggen, but combined with the Phantom like nose and in USAF colors it looks absolutely spectacular!
  12. Thanks guys, I just checked out the link you provided and it looks very promising. Plus 30 pounds for almost 700 images and 69 diagrams seems very reasonable. I think this will be my go-to lecture on this topic
  13. Hello everybody, so...I had the silly idea to do something new, outside my "comfort zone" if you will and after watching several episodes of "Uncle Night Shift" on Youtube I got myself a RyeField Models Tiger I with full interior detail. I didn't get very far and quickly noticed that this is way over my head. Not necessarily because of the kit itself, which initially managed to stagger me with the amount of parts that completely filled the enormous box, but rather the painting. The instruction is a bit vaque here and there, so I'd like to ask you if you have any recommendations - websites, books, museums - that show the colors of the bits and bobs inside a Tiger I. I found a few shots but most are either black and white, bad quality/small and most seem to be taken during the restoration of the Bovington Tiger. What I'm looking for is a...let's say guide of some sorts, for the lack of a better term, that could help me with the details and also the weathering of the cockpit and turret and maybe engine compartment. Thanks in advance and sorry if that has been discussed here already. P.S. to specify it a bit - I've got the Wittmann Tiger I Early Production and I wanted to do the No. S04 in winter camo (Russia 1944)
  14. Thank you very much Unfortunately my English degraded a bit over the years, especially recently by lack of contact with English native speakers but I'm glad it's still comprehensible
  15. This thread is better than any book I read recently, seriously! I'm sitting in the office at work on this rather boring day and I read through all the pages and although I'm bit too young for the FROG era, I still have one particular memory of their kits. First and foremost I love the overly dramatic, but very inspiring box arts of yesteryear, some of which I remember - the Mustang Mk. II or the Shackleton for example. In the early 90's back in my small hometown in Poland, when I was little there was a...I think it was a pawn shop, which doesn't exist anymore and there you could buy literally everything, among other things people pawned old kits. Their display changed pretty frequently, once a week maybe, and one day they had a huge pile of kits on display. Most were domestic paper model kits like Maly Modelarz, plastic kits - early Heller, Italeri and of course Airfix, Matchbox and some FROG kits, too. Don't really remember which exact kits these were, I was like 5 - 6 years old back then, but I remembered the logos on the boxes later when I started building models. And now that I've seen some of those boxes and bags in the very first post of this thread, I had the Mustang flashing somewhere in the back of my head. Later we had a small toy shop where you could buy kits, again, mostly domestic brands - don't even know the name any more (PZW maybe) but I recently found an old Jantar Standard glider I built back in the day, these were among the very first kits I made and also the last before I moved to Germany with my parents in the mid 90's. Here my journey with this hobby begun with ...yikes...the Starfix Spitfire Thanks for the trip on memory lane!
  16. Never heard of Minibase before but if they have a Su-30 with Canards in the making, I'll definitely give that a go because this kit looks stunning and very promising and if the fitment is a lot better than Kittyhawks - Happy days! Thanks for another great review Mike!
  17. Wow man! That looks great! Beautiful plane as well!
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