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  1. Wow man! That looks great! Beautiful plane as well!
  2. This is beautiful! Love the idea and the execution
  3. Sounds like the kit is a PITA to build but the result is stunning!
  4. Brilliant build, especially those chrome parts look pristine! Also diggin' that removable roof, very cool idea for presentation, something a little bit different than the usual stuff. Love the whole subject, the Honda Jet is one of the coolest looking modern planes IMO
  5. That's rad! Love it! Also cool, they included a display stand. Makes sense with those massive rotors
  6. Absolute beast! Awesome finish. At the moment I'm kinda glad I didn't pick up this kit while searching for a nice MiG-31, it always was too rich for my blood and I'm very skeptical when it comes to hypes Also I wanted the MiG-31M badly so in the end it came down to the Hobby Boss kit, which was almost half the price of the AMK so even when it's flawed...so be it
  7. Damn! That's one great looking bird! Was thinking about getting one of these but 1/35th is a bit big for my flat But maybe Academy will scale it down one day.
  8. Damn! Your build almost makes the Javelin look good (Unpopular opinion probably but this is one of the ugliest planes ever made for me) Superb weathering and painting, love it!
  9. I'm blown away by this, especially the homemade canards and everything around them. Superb!
  10. Looks awesome! Great job on the weathering, too. Looks very convincing
  11. Oh wow, that weathering at the back looks spectacular! Awesome build overall.
  12. Thanks I would go for it, it really is not bad at all. I'm thinking about adding a late MiG-23 to my collection. The MLD with the big countermeasure dispensers looks sexy IMO
  13. Thanks, Mike! Yeah I always wondered, why Trumpeter/ HB never did a 1/72 scale MiG-23/27. They scale almost everything down. Even Zvezda isn't really touching that subject. Is the MiG-23 so unpopular? Thank you! Oh ok...so it seems to be the kit then.
  14. Hello everyone, first of all - I wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas, stay safe, stay healthy and I hope you find a great many kits under your trees Today I want to show my MiG-23MF Flogger B from Trumpeter in 1/48 I put together earlier this year. It was a highly enjoyable build, no major fitment issues, some rough spots around the intakes but it went together nicely. Even the worlds most complicated main landing gear, that's almost a separate kit in this kit. Very nice details on this kit too. Had a lot of fun building this bird. It is completely OOB, too. The only bigger "pr
  15. Oh boy, that brings back memories I pretty much started with these kits as I was like...6 or 7 years old. I had that exact Spitfire and their Bf-109 and I still remember that silver-ish plastic roughly put into a shape kinda resembling the planes written on the box, but back then I couldn't care less about such things. Today...well just the nostalgia remained Kudos what you managed to get out of this kit and even more respect for your patience!
  16. Superb result! Some of my most enjoyable builds have been Tamiyas. It amazes me every time anew how good the fit is.
  17. Yeah I encountered that exact problem while building the KH Su-34. At first I wanted to put 2 Kh-31 Kryptons and one Kh-59 under it but realized pretty soon, that there are not enough pylons/ rails for such a loadout, as both the Kh-31 and Kh-59 use the same. Worked the other way round, too. My next idea was to put 4 rocket pods under the wings, they even provide the dual pylons for such a loadout, but only two rocket pods. It's just plain annoying. This time they event went further and just charge you more for less kit and instead of putting some thought into the ordnance, they just got r
  18. Staying with the topic of your last pic - I pussied out on that paint job when I was building this exact kit Superb result, loving it!
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