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  1. I am definitely motivated to pull mine out of the stash,really great job
  2. Welcome aboard,lots of good people and good info to bechad here
  3. I know this is an old build,but very helpful to me as I am preparing to embark on this one.Looks real good,What brand paint did you use,I'm looking at Mission Models and AK Real Colors,but not sure what version to use. Thanks
  4. Welcome,there are a lot of modelers who stop and start up again.
  5. Hey really nice job,but shelf of doom usually is a really rough build,Those Tamiya P-47's are great,may I ask what happened and how you corrected it
  6. I really want a bare metal P-38 with invasion stripes,sorry don't know what version that is
  7. Tojo72


    Hello and welcome aboard
  8. Been active lately,Spruebrothers sale+ Ebay purchase
  9. Very nice,really need to get one of these.So many kits,so little time.
  10. Tojo72


    Hello and welcome aboard
  11. Does it represent any one pilots plane from the war,names,kill markings, or the like
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