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  1. Andy's taking pre-orders today for the Tiger !!! https://youtu.be/h4WKRgICv1w
  2. Beautiful work just ordered one today from Andy's Bkack Friday special. You definitely inspired me
  3. Tojo72

    Back at it

    Welcome aboard,plenty of returning modelers. Florida too hot,when I retired I moved from NJ too expensive to the western North Carolina mountains,all the seasons just not as extreme. Lots of half backs here.
  4. Very nice work,thanks for the heads-up. I have some Lulubelle decals I want to use. Also,are there any AM tracks available.
  5. I find the less the better,too much is no good,big blobs never dry. Also it does go bad in the bottle after awhile I switched to using regular Gorilla Glue with the blue cap,seems to last right to the bottle is empty,still need to use a small amount. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gorilla-Micro-Precise-6-Gram-Bonding-Clear-Multipurpose-Adhesive/1002695148
  6. Tojo72


    Welcome aboard,a lot to learn here.I tried 1/72 armor,just too small for me !!!
  7. I’m building Tamiya’s Tiran 5,it has been a great little build so far,nicely detailed,the only thing i’m replacing is the one piece tracks and the string tow cables. My question is about paint,in a lot of pictures that I see their color appears to be more of gray,I got this color from AK-Real, Sinai Gray,looks more yellow brown.Is it appropriate,there was recently a very nice feature build that I saw and it looked almost a gray color,any thoughts or suggestions. thanks
  8. Great markings and a really nice looking Eagle. I didn't realize that both the airforce and the navy had squadrons named the Grim Reapers
  9. I normally build only 1/35 or 1/48 armor,but a 1/16 Tiger catches my attention at less the $150.00.It looks impressive and I think I will give it a shot as a one off venture.
  10. Depends what your overall goal is,also your space situation,how much room do you have to display,how many builds will you produce in a year,what scale will you build. Here is my set up in my basement,I have accumulated the cases over about 20 years from different sources,the builds stretch about over the same time.My builds aren't award winning but I like looking at them and having them.
  11. Got these two for a possible project,I built the Panther 15yrs ago,ready for a redo,thought the figures looked good
  12. I can get on board with a 1/48 Skyhawk They could print money with a 1/48 F-18E/F 1/48 Mirage family
  13. Build some Dragon German armor,their Tiger and Panther families are outstanding.
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