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  1. Get a temp/humidity thermometer,that will give you your answer, should be between 45-55% humidity. I find that the dehumidifier is for the summer,I got one in my basement and it does a fantastic job,no A/C needed when its running. Generally in the winter you need a humidifier as the house heater generally dries out your sinuses.Get the gauge,usually about $10 on Amazon,that will tell you.
  2. I probably fall somewhere in the middle I utilize two benches so I can spread out a little.
  3. I never used flow improver with Model Air,but it works wonders with Model Color and Panzer Aces.I have zero dry tip when spraying.I do 10 paint 5 thinner 3 flow improver.No formula works for everyone,but this one works for me
  4. Thats good, I do that with my figures,drill a hole in the bottom of their foot
  5. Maybe a little primative,I will hold on to it by a fin or the nose with a clip,spray the whole thing,and then go back and do the nose or the fin that was covered by the clip,simple but works for me
  6. Welcome aboard,unless its a matter of finances,get one for sure its a whole new world,you won't look back.
  7. There are lotsa returning modelers,welcome aboard
  8. Great looking bird,love the markings you dont see all the time.
  9. Looks like a great kit,love the markings,really need to grab one of these
  10. Instructions for Dragon are notoriously bad,many variants in the box,bad pictures,outright wrong parts called out.
  11. Thats a sharp looking build,love the camo job.I agree it was a great little kit,I wasn't as brave and did mine in the overall gray scheme.Again nice job.
  12. I love stuff like this coming along very nicely
  13. Need to ban them, they advocate war and violence, some of them display hate symbols,and glorify outlawed organizations. Ban them Never mind
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