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  1. I use a double action Iwata Eclipse HP-CS I find it easy to use and clean. Also check out Don Wheelers site for reviews and advice. https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/
  2. Welcome aboard,lots of returning modelers finding the hobby again.
  3. I'm not a scale snob,it has more to do with my obsessive thoughts,I just can stand the thought of having mixed scales displayed together on the shelves.So I stick with 1/35 armor,1/350 Ships,and 1/48 aircraft. I do have a shelf full of 1/48 armor,but that has to be far away from the 1/35 1/72 armor and aircraft has been too small for me 1/200 ships too big 1/700 to small Just preference for me
  4. If I cheat by leaving some off,it would be the bottom of the plane sometimes.
  5. The size of the room,where the air is recirculated to are factors that determine how long the fumes stay around
  6. Tojo72

    Womens Euro's

    Looking forward to the start of football season this thursday,Raiders vs Jags
  7. Doesn't really matter to me,if an aircraft catches my eye I will build it,depends on its look from a/c to a/c
  8. You can't beat a Dragon Tiger I especially if you can find one with Magic tracks. I really enjoyed their Tunisisn Tiger,I also did Wittmans 007 They also make some nice King Tigers,in my opinion,Dragon is tops in most German armor
  9. I would like to see a nicely detailed 1/350 WWII secret German Raider like Atlantis,Pinguin,Kormoron,or Orion. A brand new up to date 1/350 SMS Emden My dad's ship in 1/350, USS Whitley (AKA-91)
  10. Beautiful job,love the markings,may need to do one of those.
  11. Pretty nice,that's an old venerable kit,a good job there.
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