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  1. Very impressive. I made the same mistake as you with the decals on the missiles, but no big deal. It's the one thing I think that wasn't very clear in the instructions, & besides, you hardly notice them with the jet in its upright display position. Top work though. Really good work on the subtle weathering. Very easy to go a bit OTT but you've nailed it!
  2. That is very impressive, I may well have to check out the magazine to see more!
  3. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. Perhaps more importantly, thank you for your detailed tutorial - I honestly don't believe I would achieved this result without your excellent guide. As others have said, your guide is far better than many of the books & magazines out there claiming to offer the same thing. I hope you're able to do another one day. As for future flankers, I'm not sure as yet. I do have a GWH MIG-29 to complete, & I have been considering the new SU-33 Minibase kit. Both will not be for some time yet! Regards,
  4. Once again I am somewhat taken aback by the amount of positive comments this has recieved so thank you! Grimdark style of painting planes, I've gotta say I like that! Where 40k & scale modelling meet. In light of that, here is a hastily taken photo of my plague marines from the shelf above taking over my aircraft hanger, which is probably about as grimdark as this particular board gets.. Re. the acrylic washes, it was a bit of an experiment, but done so as I'd had issues with enamel washes previously. I think overall I've yet to find a wash that I would use repeatedly (that and I need more practice). That's a very good tip about the flow improver though, will have to remember that. Best of luck with the rest of it. Make sure you post pics! Thank you. It took around 3 months in total, with well over 100 hours spent. It very much became a labour of love in the end, but glad that it's done
  5. Fantastic work. I think you're selling yourself short with that paint job; I would be more than happy if I got that good a finish
  6. Thanks very much for all your likes & comments I .. honestly have no idea. This was the loadout printed in the instruction manual & I just went with it. The SU-35 is a beast of a fighter if that helps. It's bigger than a F-14 (certainly in 1/48 scale at least!)
  7. y I had originally started this as a WIP thread, but after my first few posts I stumbled across Haneto's brilliant WIP thread, which is quite frankly the be-all-and-end-all of this particular model, making any of my attempts to be helpful completely worthless! But more usefully it gave me just about everything I needed to make the most out of this kit, as well as setting the standard ridiculously high... I didn't quite emulate Haneto's awe-inspiring work. Not even near in some cases. But now its complete I can appreciate it more. This is my third ever aircraft (my paint skills come from painting GW minis) and this has been my biggest project to date. Painted with acrylics (including the metal parts) from Vallejo, Citadel & Scale 75. I used the 'Russian aircraft' air paint set from Vallejo for the main base colours, although I used different colours from the set instead of the recommended 'flanker' paints, as I found them too dull and similar to one another. Weathering was done mostly via acrylic washes (the Vallejo washes are very good for manipulation with a wet brush/cloth for a good hour afterwards, despite being acrylic water based), although some enamel washes were used on the smaller parts. The exhaust and tail fins colour patina was partly done with the use of Tamiya weathering powders. Watercolour pencils were also used on various parts on the body. The 'lines' painted on the engine exhausts were done using inks (with the occasional help of a ruler!) A Molotow chrome marker was used on the brightest metal parts. I ended up using the Begemot decals with the set provided, as I had a few concerns over the GWH decals being a bit thick. Overall, this wasn't the case, and if you are considering the Begemot decals, be aware they are not a complete replacement, and you'll still need both. There is also a few errors in the Begemot decal guide, where the GWH one is by and large spot-on. The Begemot decals are generally much nicer and more detailed however. As far as the kit goes, it is great and generally fits together very well, but a few issues to watch out for; firstly consider scribing over the panel lines, as some of them are very faint and can easily be lost durng the priming and painting stages. Part of the reason why this kit looks so weathered is due to having to repeat washes where the wash just wouldn't stick in the panel lines. I also had to re-draw all the lines on the metalic parts of the rear fins, which was a hassle and why those parts may look a bit odd. Secondly, be aware that there are some very tiny parts on the main body that can easily be broken when handling it. There is a missing antenna thing from each side of the wing where they've got caught somewhere and subsequently disappeared, most likely inside the vacumn cleaner. Haneto did suggest in his thread to replace them with brass rod, but that's a bit out of my comfort zone. Next, you will need to shave off a good couple of minimetres of the main body around the insertion of the engine nozzles as that is not a good fit if left untouched. Finally, be very very careful with the landing gear assembly. I made a very annoying balls-up, but thankfully it's barely noticeable due to everything else going on with the craft. Once again this has come out more weathered than I originally intended, as I was going for a cleaner build. It's something for me to work on. My next couple of planned projects are to do a couple of scale 1/24 cars, which I am definatley not planning to weather! After that it should be an F-15e, also by GWH. Well done if you made it this far and thanks for looking. Huge shout out to Haneto for all the help and inspiration his WIP thread provided me (if you have no idea of what I'm talking about, go and look for it NOW - also to see what a SU-35 should really look like!) Any questions feel free to ask!
  8. Really like this. Just goes to show even the most simplest of plastic toys can be transformed into something great. Would love to see more! Could see this as being part of a great diorama...
  9. Spectacular job! I can imagine those decals could have been a nightmare but you pulled it off perfectly. As Bertie above just said, something to emulate!
  10. Very good spot! Yes, I was inspired by the sundowners 'logo' & ended up using a variation of it on all my orange marines. Not the easiest thing to paint on shoulder pads but there you go. Best of luck with the kit, but it sounds like you've done your research. Only things I'd add is to decide early on whether you want the front & rear hatches open or closed. If closed, get them sealed up early on as they will likely require further sanding & filling to get a decent fit. You might get one hatch to both open & close without any issues, but to achieve both you're either a master modeller or very very lucky! Also, don't forget about the rear of the craft when it comes to filling gaps. I was always under the impression much of it would be covered over, until it was fully assembled. Then again, it might fit with your DG... Yes the instructions are a joke, even the sales guy at the Forge World store admitted they "weren't the best", which going by GW standards is probably a sacking offence. If you have any other issues with it, always feel free to message me.
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