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  1. Spectacular job! I can imagine those decals could have been a nightmare but you pulled it off perfectly. As Bertie above just said, something to emulate!
  2. Very good spot! Yes, I was inspired by the sundowners 'logo' & ended up using a variation of it on all my orange marines. Not the easiest thing to paint on shoulder pads but there you go. Best of luck with the kit, but it sounds like you've done your research. Only things I'd add is to decide early on whether you want the front & rear hatches open or closed. If closed, get them sealed up early on as they will likely require further sanding & filling to get a decent fit. You might get one hatch to both open & close without any issues, but to achieve both you're either a master modeller or very very lucky! Also, don't forget about the rear of the craft when it comes to filling gaps. I was always under the impression much of it would be covered over, until it was fully assembled. Then again, it might fit with your DG... Yes the instructions are a joke, even the sales guy at the Forge World store admitted they "weren't the best", which going by GW standards is probably a sacking offence. If you have any other issues with it, always feel free to message me.
  3. Thanks for all your likes and comments The pilot's name on the side of the cockpit should be a dead giveaway! maybe less so the crudely painted helmet markings..! Admittedly my colour scheme (which all my marines are in) probably do distract from it a bit. As for the Thunderhawk, yes this kit is meant to be the smaller, more agile fighter based version of that legendary kit. You can also buy a newer, resin-only version of that beast, but as it costs serveral hundreds... I think I'll pass. I do think that GW put out a great product of mini the majority of the time. There really is nothing else out there that competes with what GW is doing. Sure, their kits often lack the build quality of say, Tamiya or Ban-Dai, but they produce around x10 times their output in variety, and do reasonably well given the sheer demand there is in GW right now, and it often appears they are struggling to keep up. I do agree with your comments about FW though. It seems the newer stuff is better quality, but quality control seems to vary so wildly overall, and is a bit of a gamble, which it really shouldn't be at those prices.
  4. Hello all, here's another finished kit I've been meaning to post up on here; the Space Marine Storm Eagle by Forge World (Games Workshop), finished this about a year ago. The largest GW kit I've done, also my first FW resin kit.. and quite possibly my last. Although a resin/plastic hybrid, many of the larger resin parts were horrible, warped out of shape and required a fair amount of work to fit. Thankfully there was a series of very good videos on YT which tackled this, and was a great help (full credit to the author, whose username I've forgot...) There were also parts that needed more filling in, especially at the rear, which in the end I passed off as battle damage. This was airbrushed with acrylics, then hand painted. I used a combination of mini-painting and scale modelling techniques, with both acrylic and enamel washes, weathering powders, and oilbrushers, along with edge highlighting just about everything, and some OSL effects. I'd painted the interior too, so it's fair to say this took me a while! In hindsight I would have done the airbrushing differently, creating more artificial shading for what is a very blocky model. It was good practice for getting back in to actual scale modelling. This is a custom paint scheme of mine, and for the larger models I like to use 80's film & TV references; the one used here should be very obvious! As always, thanks for looking!
  5. Despite the fact there is only a short time difference between these updates, this is a four week update as I'd meant to upload the previous a month ago, but failed to do so. Oh well. The next step has been the wheelbays. A very small update, as I've been out of action due to a shoulder op, but back at it now. Here are the latest pics: Once again the level of detail provided is incredible - all those cables are separate parts that need to be carefully inserted in. They are fiddly, & I did manage to accidentally break one, after placing each one on blu-tack to paint then remove. Despite that it glued back ok, and doesn't notice. The fittings here were a bit more tricky; this isn't as well engineered as a Tamiya kit, but still of a very high standard. The individual parts were hand painted, with just a simple acrylic wash (Citadel 'Nuln Oil') Although tempting to add more detail & weathering effects, these parts will never be seen once fully assembled, this log being the most attention they'll ever get. I've followed the 'official' colours listed within the instruction manual, although there is one printing error where it lists the colour of piping as being 'black green' when it should be silver - it's the only time that colour is listed! But it's not a big deal overall. Next step now will be the assembly and painting of the air intakes - a somewhat dull part that I'll be keeping very simple as it'll hardly be seen when assembled, but important as it'll need to be fitted before I can start attaching the main body.
  6. Hello all, currently working on this beast of a kit, and following a request, I thought I'd share this build log with you. Hopefully some of you may find this useful. Here are some photos of the cockpit; (Apologies for the slight blurriness of the pics, they seemed alright when I took them..) Plenty has already been said about the amount of detail in this kit, & I can only confirm this. No need for any 'detail-up' parts here! of course, the downside is there are a lot of small fiddly parts that can easily be lost. Thankfully the fit of everything has been pretty good so far. I've used a mix of Vallejo, Scale 75 & Citadel acrylic paints for this, with the main colours airbrushed on. The interior blue was a mix of about three different colours as I didn't have the exact colour I was looking for. I was looking for a blue with a bit of vibrancy that makes the cockpit and all its details stand out, as well as closely match the real thing (or from what I can best ascertain from stock photos online). The floor colour looks messy, but once the seat is applied so little will be visible I didn't bother to spend too much time on it, a lesson learnt from previous builds. Here's a couple of (blurry) photos of the cockpit with seat attached; For the weathering I used enamel washes/panel liners by AK & AMMO, with a small amount of weathering powder added around the footwells. My biggest concern is the decals - one of the biggest complaints of this kit is to do with the thickness of the decals provided, & the few added to the seat do appear more like vinyl stickers in real life. Whilst very detailed, I didn't want to attempt to add the decals of the powered up screens as I could see that going very wrong. It's also made me think about getting the aftermarket decals from Begemot for this kit, although I didn't really want to spend any more money on this. Overall I don't think this is the best cockpit I've painted, but considering how small it is, & that it'll be buried within the housing of the main body, it should work out ok. Any questions/comments, let me know!
  7. Excellent job. You've made it look easy! Despite what you say about the simplicity of the masks, you can tell you've put a lot of skill & effort into getting the model looking this good. The WIP thread was a good read too!
  8. Lovely stuff! Really impressed with this!
  9. Nice! Funny enough I've recently brought the decals for this in 1/48 scale, also for the GWH kit. If mine comes out as half as good as yours I'll be happy. Top work!
  10. Wow! I thought the 5th picture down captured it perfectly. Fantastic work all round. Well done!
  11. If you're that good at such a small scale, would love to see what you're capable of at a larger scale! Top work
  12. Damn! So many parts. OK I don't envy you on that one! Good luck with it though
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