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  1. I've planned my hypothetical "Ultimate Liberator" builds around the Hasegawa kits (because best in scale) and this intelligence makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Why does everyone botch this one feature? Maybe I'll use the cowlings from that old Revell Lib.
  2. Rakovica asked for photos of the HPM cowlings, I figured I'd post them here for general informative purposes. I've done a bit of light cleanup on these units: They aren't utter garbage, whoever prepared the masters (I'm thinking it was Ron of Ron's Resins) improved the cowl flaps from the Airfix kit. There's still a lot of cleanup to be done and I'm not convinced they're the best solution. But it is an option.
  3. It would be great box art, but the conversion is too simple to cut new moulds. Plug the wing guns, carve the nose gun trough, fix lower fuselage windows, rustle up decals, Bob's your uncle. Hasegawa even include the second seat that wasn't there after the TBF-1. You could do more to snazz it up but the basic work is... basic. I'd buy a few. A new Dauntless is also a pressing need IMHO. I've managed to accumulate a few Hasegawa SBDs and one of the Hobby 2000 reissue, and it's nice as a kit but it doesn't really satisfy current standards as a model, at least not without lots of extra work. The dive flaps were deplorable when the thing was released, twenty odd years ago now. If somebody in some eastern land unburdened with priggish western notions of "copyright" and "intellectual property" were to pantograph the Accurate Miniatures Avenger and Dauntless kits down to 1/72, I'd be a happy panda. Maybe when this Wuhan bat pox thing blows over they'll get round to it.
  4. Jackson Duvalier

    A-20G Detail

    I used this intelligence to find lots of clips and full scans available on the Tube of U. I was unfamiliar with these characters.
  5. Good question, and I don't have a direct answer for Eduard colour etch. I'd try some sort of hot lacquer thinner first; if that didn't work fairly quickly I'd try automotive brake fluid. Brake fluid has never failed me, but it takes a while to do its magic.
  6. Single piston engine you say? Must've been a bloody great big one, considering the standard pistons make a decent ashtray. Look forward to enjoying your build, Johnny.
  7. I'm arriving late to the party here, but I built a P-51D-5 using the empennage from an Academy P-51B grafted to an Academy P-51D fuselage. Very simple, very easy and clean modification, it doesn't really rise to the level of a "conversion." Saves much sanding and rescribing, at the cost of an Academy P-51B. Which isn't such a sacrifice; that kit's tail is reasonably accurate (unlike the nose, windscreen, wings...) Obscureco offer a resin re-pop of the Academy P-51B tail, costs about as much as a full Academy kit and you can't glue it with styrene cement and you won't get the quite useful cockpit bits. The Academy P-51D kit is crap, no way to sugar coat it. They did for some reason include radio gear that looks to be a good match for the very early -D models. If I had to do it again (and I plan to, I have decals for Henry Brown's Texas Hun Hunter) I'd start with the Tamiya kit.
  8. If I had an injection moulding machine I'd market an injected prop upgrade set. Imagine perhaps eight Tamiya F4U quality props on a sprue with various blade setups to accommodate your latest modelling endeavour. And correct HS logo decals printed with metallic gold ink. If any manufacturers are reading this, hint hint. The HPM nacelle fronts are obviously cast from the Airfix parts, but have the advantage of casting flaws and a price higher than one would pay for an entire Airfix B-24 kit, plus shipping fees and the wait time for the slow boat from Singapore. And you also get the added fun of using epoxy or CA instead of boring old convenient liquid cement. What's not to love? If anybody wants one or both of the sets I bought in blind and ultimately forlorn hope from HPM, hit me up.
  9. Jackson Duvalier

    A-20G Detail

    "Dottie"/"Joe Carion(?)" is an insanely modelgenic A-20. The faded, stained olive drab, the artwork, the mismatched natural metal canopy and windscreen framing, the mismatched prop boss and hub, field modified gun vents.... She'd look splendid in miniature.
  10. IMHO the Hasegawa/Hobby 2000 kit is the only way to go. I will declare with a haughty sniff that the Airfix and Academy offerings are certainly decent practice for the beginner, but not worth the time investment for we Very Serious Bona Fide Modellers. Nota bene, Hasegawa include a second seat behind the pilot which may need correcting depending on the machine you plan to model.
  11. Best luck with your build. I'm really happy a major manufacturer has tackled this rare and short lived bird. Hell, I was happy when Emhar made a kit.
  12. Delivery numbers from the factory, applied to be removed, it was a Grumman thing. Eduard's Hellcat kit range includes them as options. Dunno what kind of paint it was at 12" : 1' scale, I suspect something chalky or shoe-polishy. Monogram has always liked their gear down, even when they include stands. Starfighter makes a resin set or two for this kit. I know one for gear wells, and maybe one for cockpit?
  13. (cough) A3-J (cough) One of these days I want to backdate an RA-5C to the earliest version, hence the pedantry. You're moving right along with this build. The older one turned out well enough; what with modern technology we got now this 'un ought to be a cracker.
  14. Happy to see your new rig is working well. I've worked exclusively with my Iwata HP-C since I bought it, but there are some applications where a single action would be less nerve wracking.
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