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  1. The walkway lines imply the patience of a saint, Cookie. (polite applause)
  2. Steve, I'd missed you working on this and thought I'd stop in and egg you on. If you're thinking of doing something rash to beat an arbitrary time limit, like buying a rattle can of white enamels and blasting it at your Skyhawk... well, that's one way to learn and actually has a chance of working out well. If you do roll the hard six please post a report, won't you? If you play it safe and stick to the path you're on, one or two more brush coats of white should be fine, based your photos. How long is left on this group build anyways? I know I've got w
  3. I hope a "stretch goal" helps build your skills and confidence, Alistair. The DK decals should be the icing on the cake. Looks to be a good kit overall, I've heard good things about Dora. The seat belt etchings don't look like the Sutton harness I'd expect, more like the typical Yank pattern belts-- is that right for the Lysander?
  4. Hadn't seen this yet, Rob. Will follow as I've an Academy B-17 to do as Ye Olde Pub. Your resin work is looking good.
  5. Really enjoyable modelling going on here, Cookie. The Mark II Frankenberra is really coming together nicely. Also good to see someone else spending five years on a project. I'd like to build a Canberra some day, but given the level of involvement to get a good one I'm... daunted. My Canberra stash comprises the flawed Italeri kit and a single-place off-center cockpit jobby from the Soviet Union, presumably ex-Frog, moulded in YELLOW plastic (forgive the caps lock, but it's not merely yellow, it's YELLOW); no idea whether it's a candidate for Frankenberra-isation.
  6. As handy as printed etch can be be, I sometimes wonder who signed off on the final colours, they're simply that far off of any generally accepted benchmark for the colours they represent. Happy to see you're not afraid to splash some paint on them! The cockpit is looking good indeed.
  7. Considering the isolated location of the Aleutians, far out at the ragged end of the supply chain, my guess is that Insignia Yellow was likely the only yellow paint available. An orangey yellow could have been locally mixed using a touch of Insignia Red.
  8. I'm very impressed with your modelling, Fritag. I was stuck in a hotel during a hurricane some years back, reading your epic Hawk build from beginning to wherever I'd got to after the power went out and my laptop couldn't obtain more input; over fifty pages later as I recall. In my defence there wasn't much else to do as there wasn't enough whiskey and having a smoke was unlawful indoors and atmospherically improbable outside. The banter and camaraderie in that thread (and maybe some modelling as well) helped inspire me to sign up and contribute what I can to this hallowed forum. So, cheer
  9. There were several types of propellor used on P-47s. Hobby Boss appear to have replicated the Curtiss Asymmetric type. This post offers a good enough rundown on the topic. Congratulations on a lovely model, Massimilliano. Try a Tamiya Thunderbolt, you'll love it.
  10. I'm really enjoying your crisp paintwork, Giorgio. I concur with Biggles' thoughts above regarding matt coat on colour etch. The orange-peel texture of the printing is unsightly, so before applying a matt finish coat, give the etch a couple of coats of your favorite acrylic floor liquid. It will smooth that texture out with magical self-leveling properties. All these 453rd BG Museum builds have me yearning to hack out a Tamiya Mustang, or maybe just hack one up.
  11. Your modelling skills have greatly improved since you started posting here, Erwin. I also notice you "finding your voice" with respect to your write-ups, very commendable. I'm no expert when it comes to wiring up radials, but when possible I prefer to drill completely through any wire attachment point and apply glue in the rear, where it won't be seen. This won't work in every case of course, especially on solid resin castings. I made a super glue applicator (dubbed "The Supergluminator") by stabbing a small steel sewing needle into a glue-filled hole drilled into a bamboo chops
  12. I really like how you've done the intakes and exhausts, Bill.
  13. I admire your tenacity, Nikola. I use a fair amount of Vallejo Model Air paints, and they never seem to really cooperate while I'm spraying them. They work differently than my preferred Tamiya or Gunze acrylics, the paint drying on the tip of my needle is really annoying. But the models I paint with Vallejo always seem to look really good in the end despite the trouble it gives me in the process of painting. I have not been brave enough to try a natural metal finish with Vallejo, but I've seen some remarkable results. Seems like you're well on the way. Regarding acr
  14. It's a really cool subject, dragan. I've read some on the story, seems the Serbian AA crew really had their game together. I like your videos, I've watched a few of them.
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