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  1. It amazes me that any of that could be accomplished without unstinting female supervision. Was there even a multigender loo on that boat?
  2. Have not watched to the end but had to come back here to marvel aloud over four Vigilantes on one deck at the same time. Back to the 'tube....
  3. Haven't checked the references lately, but if I remember correctly, each of the arms bends to the right.
  4. Ed, I've followed a number of your builds and I'm always inspired in multiple ways. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Very nice model! Recently bashed one of these together as a quick build. Not as nice as Tamiya but better than Hasegawa. You've obviously done a bit extra, I'm especially curious as to your exhaust pipe and wheel well upgrades. Have you any in-progress construction photos to share?
  6. Forgot to mention the October 2018 issue of Finescale Modeler has a decent build article on the Sword P-40K that might be of use.
  7. Looks good to me! My KP Mk.Vc is more or less permanently stalled due to the $%#@ing crap kit canopy.
  8. Welcome back to the hobby! I've recently moved my stash to a new home and this kit bobbed to the surface. I also seem to have picked up a decent aftermarket set for one model, the idea being to do one OOTB* with closed canopy and one with the etched bits opened up. Will be following this build, best of luck and have fun! * Except for that rudder control horn on the port side, I can never seem to leave those alone.
  9. Looks pretty good, Londo, that distinctive blue nose is well applied. My main issues with Tamiya's Mustangs are the wheel wells and the clear bits. You can disguise the fact the wheel wells don't go back all the way to the main spar with a bit of trompe l'oeil painting or you can resort to the simple expedient of not turning the thing over. There's no way to completely avoid the visible edges on the transparencies, but attaching them with white glue darkened with some black acrylic or water-based ink will go a long way toward hiding the silvery join lines. Tamiya's stock decals are indeed heavy duty, but they are always well printed in my opinion. I've had good luck melting them into submission with Walther's Solvaset.
  10. Beautiful model! The Tamiya kit is quite nice, need to get around to building mine... gotta finish the HobbyBoss one first. (I almost hesitate to point out that you could've saved yourself much work by starting with the Academy F-84E/G kit, I built mine as am E model.)
  11. Tidy F-5! I really like how your PRU blue turned out. Echoing ArmouredSprue above, did this kit offer any untoward difficulty in your opinion? Dragon kits look so great in the box but sometimes don't go together so well.
  12. Curious about using Tamiya Spitfire instructions to build a Frog Mitchell, but it appears to be working quite well so far. Cheers!
  13. IIRC, the various map and unit citation markings Airfix provides were added after Desert Warrior returned to the States for a sprucing-up and barnstorming PR tour. I know this happened with a number of other notable USAAF ships, for instance the old Revell B-24D also had a decal for a giant nose art map of her service theatre. I'd be tempted (actually, I have been tempted, as I just took deliver of two new Airfix B-25s) to model her with just the appropriate in service markings. Maybe posed on a desert-ish diorama base?
  14. Interesting topic, Steve. After I finally got my hands on a copy of Consolidated Mess, I was filled with equal parts inspiration1 and despair2. A small taste of reference material only makes me want more, and CM is not a small taste. I feel somewhat inadequate as I only have five Liberator kits on the shelf. 1. Huzzah! Lots of information to build an accurate turret nose Liberator! 2. Aaaargh! The information indicates that no kit is accurate for anything particular... and there's still not enough information!
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