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  1. I've read quite a bit of the speculation regarding the Lou IV colour scheme, but I must say yours is the most detailed and convincing. Very enjoyable WIP.
  2. Gorgeous model, Rodrigo. I can't yet get such good results with Vallejo. There's been so much Phantom love around here lately!
  3. Good job on this one! I'm surprised Hobby Boss committed the resources to tool up an F3H, given its short life in service and consequent obscurity. But I'm not complaining!
  4. Action dioramas are hard to pull off. Smoke and waves are especially easy to get wrong. I think you've done quite a job at getting them right.
  5. Interesting this thread bobbed to the surface as I'm finishing up an Airfix AVG P-40B. It's been a protracted build for such a simple kit, with much overpainting already. Now I really must fix the wingtip roundels. Airfix had me apply them too far in. Good thing I have two sets of decals, and Airfix made panel lines that can soak up twelve layers of paint.
  6. Honestly I never checked the overall accuracy of the scribing as I was overwhelmed with all the other quirks, but there are two lines under the horizontal stabilisers that actually cross each other in a X, where they ought to run more or less parallel. It's small potatoes compared to some of the kit's other muck-ups, but a bit of a puzzler how that particular mistake was made. The assembly instructions in the 1998 boxing would have the modeller install the fins (parts 11 and 12) upside down on the wrong sides; you may wish to not do this. I'm not sure if the issue was corrected i
  7. I'd never heard of them, nor had I considered the possibility of their existence. Thank you for sharing this!
  8. Isn't the Eduard transparent sprue comprehensive for all marks? It's been a minute since that build but I seem remember there were enough bits for many a Spit on a round sprue, including alternate windscreens and canopies. If so, surely some friendly modeller near you has a leftover in the spares department.
  9. I'm presuming those were Olds 37mm guns? There was a minute there that the USAAF was mounting them up in all kinds of crazy experimental ways. My further speculation is that there was probably this one crank in a position of influence who either had an autistic fixation on that particular ordnance, or a commercial interest in promoting it (or both), and he talked about it and talked about it until it was tried in various applications not really suited to a low-velocity large-bore autocannon, just to shut him up as much as for any genuine war-rel
  10. Always a good plan. Written objectives prevent dithering and detail creep, both of which kill momentum. The Smart Boy in me wants to offer lots of suggestions, but I don't want to come across as too much of an aspie or as telling you how to build your model. I will mention that there are (how do I say this politely?) some improbabilities in the aft fuselage panel lines, which may or may not bother you. That's good to hear. (If I can't be bothered to apply a full complement of legible stencils on a 1/72 scale airplane, what business do I even have
  11. I've made some progress on a Minicraft Liberator; now and then I'll pull it out and poke at it a bit before the numerous shortcomings make me sigh and put it away again. My personal misgivings aside, they can be built up to a high standard with some grit and determination, and I look forward to following your WIP. I've a couple of the Aviaeology stencil sets squirreled away in the stash, so I'm quite eager to see how you get on with them.
  12. Well executed model of a design I'm unfamiliar with. The front is reminiscent of a MiG-15, but the exhaust and tail scream "McDonnell."
  13. That's an amazing model, and beautiful images-- with the blue background they almost look like very realistic CGI. The only "tell" is the disappearing panel lines on the right wing near the root. The colours look just right. Any chance you'd share your paint recipe?
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