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Jackson Duvalier

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  1. Jackson Duvalier

    Revell Lockheed Hudson, 1/72

    Have you compared it to the old Airfix kit?
  2. Jackson Duvalier

    Col Geo Lavin's Colorful F-84E Thunderjet 1/72

    Beautiful model! The Tamiya kit is quite nice, need to get around to building mine... gotta finish the HobbyBoss one first. (I almost hesitate to point out that you could've saved yourself much work by starting with the Academy F-84E/G kit, I built mine as am E model.)
  3. Jackson Duvalier

    1/72nd Dragon F-5 PRU Scheme August 1944

    Tidy F-5! I really like how your PRU blue turned out. Echoing ArmouredSprue above, did this kit offer any untoward difficulty in your opinion? Dragon kits look so great in the box but sometimes don't go together so well.
  4. Jackson Duvalier

    Frog's legacy,1/72 RAF Mitchell.

    Curious about using Tamiya Spitfire instructions to build a Frog Mitchell, but it appears to be working quite well so far. Cheers!
  5. Jackson Duvalier

    Pete's Airfix 1\72 B-25 Mitchell Desert Warrior

    IIRC, the various map and unit citation markings Airfix provides were added after Desert Warrior returned to the States for a sprucing-up and barnstorming PR tour. I know this happened with a number of other notable USAAF ships, for instance the old Revell B-24D also had a decal for a giant nose art map of her service theatre. I'd be tempted (actually, I have been tempted, as I just took deliver of two new Airfix B-25s) to model her with just the appropriate in service markings. Maybe posed on a desert-ish diorama base?
  6. Jackson Duvalier

    Minicraft B-24M nose on Hasegawa B-24

    Interesting topic, Steve. After I finally got my hands on a copy of Consolidated Mess, I was filled with equal parts inspiration1 and despair2. A small taste of reference material only makes me want more, and CM is not a small taste. I feel somewhat inadequate as I only have five Liberator kits on the shelf. 1. Huzzah! Lots of information to build an accurate turret nose Liberator! 2. Aaaargh! The information indicates that no kit is accurate for anything particular... and there's still not enough information!
  7. Jackson Duvalier

    Grumman F6F-3N Hellcat

    The Eduard Hellcats are amazing little kits, aren't they? So easy and fun to build, and so well detailed.
  8. Jackson Duvalier

    F-84 Thunderjet, Heller 1/72

    I've played with one of the Heller kits, a barely-started-but-already-irretrievably-botched find from a bargain bin at a model show. Aside from that it appeared to be a decent kit for its day, worthy enough of building if not prematurely crippled, and the silver plastic would theoretically leave ghost line to rescribe over if one wished to go that way. I'll periodically take it out and wonder if I can fix it before putting it away again. If you really want a nice modern-standard modeller's model of the Thunderjet I can heartily recommend Academy or Tamiya. The Heller kit is, however, just fine for building with your kid to hang from his ceiling.
  9. Jackson Duvalier

    P-61A Black Widow

    I applaud your progress and well modulated black finish! This kit looks like one of HB's better offerings. Think I might look out for one of their P-61B kits, as I've got the A model covered with Dragon's offering.
  10. Followed your WIP thread-- all the work you put in certainly paid off.
  11. Jackson Duvalier

    Sword FJ's Anyone?

    Looks good, Corvi! I picked up the FJ-2 at the same time as the -3M, but having completed only a couple NMF birds and no limited/medium run kits, I wanted to practice on the one that isn't NMF first!
  12. Jackson Duvalier

    Sword FJ's Anyone?

    I've started bashing at a Sword FJ-3M. Seems a good kit so far. A bit stalled with that antenna behind the seat. It's a pretty obvious feature even though adding it would take the build out of OOTB territory. Built up a bit of the intake and nose with sprue melted in TET to adjust the shape per available references, primarily the old "In Action," a Detail and Scale recently acquired, and the Tailhook Topics blog.
  13. Jackson Duvalier

    TBM3-E Avenger 1/48 Academy

    Well done, Pelican! The wing root weathering is superb. I've got a couple of the AM boxings from back in the day when I built in 1/48. One of the finest kits ever tooled, up there with Tamiya's Thunderbolts. Really wish some enterprising souls would pantograph the AM Avenger and Dauntless down to 1/72!
  14. Jackson Duvalier

    Special Hobby new-tool P-40's

    Great, now I have to spend more money! I'm sure this is due to my just having taken delivery of a bunch of accessories for the Hasegawa and Academy P-40Ns. You don't have to thank me.
  15. Jackson Duvalier

    Spitfire 1b - KP 1/72 and PixScan tests

    A bit late, but thanks to you and Stew for the rundown on wing attachment. I recently assembled a KP Mk Vb and about turned the air blue fitting the wing assembly!