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  1. If I want dusty tires,I will dust them with pigments,any will do,I have an assortment of Mig Pigments.Colors don't matter unless you really want to depict the vehicle in a specific setting.
  2. Pretty cool stuff.Used to love Red Dwarf. The backwards episode.
  3. Looks real good,what scale is it,who makes the figure. For me,the movie was what is was, great entertainment,I enjoyed it,didn't every about accuracy,
  4. Your in the right place,lots of knowledge to be had here
  5. Sure,extra tools road wheels,ordinance,stowage everything useful.Many have an elaborate filing system,mine are all just tossed in an old box.Oh also leftover decals,like stencils,stars,swastikas, crosses and the like.
  6. I want a 1/350 German Secret Raider,like Atlantis,Kormoron,Pinguin,whatever,in plastic.Either by Hasegawa,Dragon,or Aoshima.Would settle for Revell of Germany.
  7. I rather stick to modeling products myself,I really like Alclad Aqua Gloss or Vallejo
  8. Beautiful work,would love to examine it close up,very impressive.
  9. Pretty nice,never seen that variant before,great job on th 4Bo and the figure
  10. That is a great kit,and you did a fantastic job on that camo scheme,really love the look.
  11. Excellent job,makes me want to break out my ZM USMC version
  12. Tojo72

    Flat Coats

    I like the Alclad stuff,I think it's a really dead flat.
  13. I'm thinking that by the time you glue,prime,paint,filter,wash,,and weather,any odor on the plastic should be covered up. Also if the bags are smelly,put the parts in new plastic bags. Are you collecting boxes for artwork,if not just put the parts in another box. Anthony
  14. Nice work on the bare metal finish.
  15. Lookin good,those 1/48 make some nice builds.
  16. Tojo72

    Is Modelling Art?

    Not what I do !!! But yes,I think it is,especially when I see the work of some of the masters. But just like someone paints an amateurish picture,but hangs it in his den,he considers it his art,so my lesser models are my art.
  17. Armorama.com Missing-lynx.com FSM.com has a fairly active armor section https://forums.kitmaker.net/
  18. View from top of the Devils Courthouse on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. One of our happy places
  19. Tojo72

    Covid Jab

    I got my three shots,and I turn my head away so I don't even want a glimpse of the needle,the 2nd of the three hurt the most going in,1 and 3 were almost painless. But why do all the news reports on TV about the shots show a 2" needle going into the arm,that's enough to scare some people !!!
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