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  1. Nicely done. I was fortunate enough to see the first flight of F-16 #1 while working as an engineer at General Dynamics back in the early 1980s.
  2. The main weapon bay was actually much larger than shown in the 3-D rendering. Look at the cross-sections from FS 156.5 to FS 194 here: And cross-sections from FS 207 to FS 329.5 here: Note how the main weapon bay on each side is large enough to carry HARM and Harpoon missiles side by side. Also note how the outer one-third of the weapon bay door is hinged and folds in on the remainder of the door when deployed. In this drawing you can barely see the outlines of HARM and Harpoon missiles side by side. in the main weapons bay also look at BL 83.5 in this drawing. Note the reference to a weapon pallet that extends and retracts. Finally, in the drawing below 10 and 11 are a single door comprised of three parts. CollectAire got this detail wrong on their 1/48 resin kit years ago. So did Anigrand on their 1/72 kit. I hope Modelcollect Hobby will not make the same mistake on theirs. Mark
  3. I'm going to need to pick up the pace if I'm going to finish by 2 July 2017. I did make some progress over the weekend. The seamless intakes seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but they upset the build sequence by requiring painting of the bottom and side surfaces of the fuselage before installation.
  4. Nice work there. The camouflage looks the part. Mark
  5. Work is progressing slowly First all of the bits and pieces of the landing gear are painted and tucked away for safe keeping. Next, I've been busy painting the undersides Mark
  6. I made a visit to the Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton Ohio and few years ago and took quite a few photos of their F-111F. You can find them here: http://s191.photobucket.com/user/markturk/library/Aircraft/F-111F Miss Liberty II For the full museum tour, look here: http://s191.photobucket.com/user/markturk/library/Aircraft/USAF Museum
  7. Bill, I hope they get you cleared up and breathing right again. Your modeling is an inspiration for others. Keep up the good work. Mark
  8. I decided to start another kit to represent F-111E 68-0020 in 1986 with the "My Luck Blonde" nose art. The kit is the same Hasegawa F-111E Nose Art The aircraft being modeled. The cockpit was painted a lighter gray this time Instrument panel decals are not bad all things considered. Cockpit installed and fuselage mating started. Note that I had to use an older canopy from the spares box while the one from the kit box was "baptized" in a bath of floor polish. Sitting next to my other entry "The Chief" F-111E 68-0020 circa 1989
  9. Canopy was dipped in floor polish and allowed to dry for a week before masking. Canopy was installed and forward fuselage was joined to lower after fuslelage.
  10. Cockpit painted and installed Preparing for installation of the intakes
  11. Making slow progress The canopy has been dipped in floor wax and is off to the side drying. I painted the cockpit with Tamiya XF-54 (Dark Gull Grey) but it looks too dark to me. I'm debating whether to leave it as is or strip it and try again.
  12. There is a photo of the Durandels loaded on an F-111 in this thread on Zone Five http://zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=18938&page=2 (# 33) Mr. Vark tells a funny story about them too. (# 38) Good luck with the repairs.
  13. I put the sprue cutters to work last night.
  14. Better late than never!
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