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  1. Strangely (?) the laser printed ones for my World Tails 737s went on easily in comparison to the silk ones
  2. And this is what happens when you don't get them in exactly the right position: This time it's a Zvezda A320 and definitely 26Decals for the fin/fuselage "flag". I ended up with a nasty crease near the APU and several applications of decal softener made it rather brittle instead of flattening the crease. At some point I'll remove the offending section and try again. Mike
  3. Well it looks like we don't have a tail sitter: and there are still radome, seats, splitter plates, canopy to attach to the front - but just to be absolutely certain I've added some lead shot to the radome before fitting it. I did look back through my two previous Phantom build threads but I'd made no mention in either of them as to whether or not any weight had been added.
  4. Thanks, that's what I've done before (a pencil works just as well as the pivot) but I just fancied getting the radome on earlier this time. Ah well, tape the empennage in place etc and see which end dips - will post the result.
  5. Guess I'll get it a bit further and then try the "balance" test If you think it's within the 25% rule, then great - I'll start a thread. If not, great - I don't need to do a build thread
  6. Not really a lot to see in this photo but it's starting to look like a Phantom and the joints aren't too bad for the first pass: I can't remember if these need any nose weight// (I'm sure someone will help me here) However my main reason for posting was to pose a question to our Mod @DaveJL - Dave I have another FGR2 and an F-4J (the latter never completed during the Vietnam GB) which are both at the same stage as this one. What are your thoughts on the 25% rule (certainly less than 25% of the time to completion has been used but don't ask me to do a parts count ) for an aircraft at this stage?? Most Mods in the past have allowed the fuselage to be joined, though with divided opinion if the wings are in place but of course the way this kit is moulded it's impossible to have the fuselage without the (lower) wing. I shall certainly try anyway to finish the F-4J (if it might influence your decision it will be a 74 Sqn bird) during the time span of this GB but not sure if I could get three over the line before late November. Mike
  7. But then would it need to be posed upside down above a MiG
  8. Thanks for the comment Alex, its especially appreciated as I've long admired your airliners.
  9. Initially I was drawn to 103 BUT the livery is a very similar to my Ghostriders from the Grumman GB so I'm now going towards 100
  10. Brilliant - I've always wondered how Airbus arrived at their full version numbers. Thanks Mike
  11. Thanks The masks for both of them were made the same way - see post four in my KUTA XII thread but of course those for the two seater took a lot longer to draw because of all those straight edges. Mike
  12. The title says it all apart from the actual choice of airframe The top decal pack allows for three different aircraft but having already built a Hobbyboss kit as "101" (the middle scheme) it will either be the CAG "100" with the black fins or the retro finish grey / white "103" Mike
  13. Thanks, The single seater was built from a Hasegawa kit with no real issues. Kinetic F-16 kits do get a bit easier once you've built a few; the main issues are joints where there is an option of parts e.g. the two upper fuselage sections (not too bad as it is a relatively flat joint) but especially the three separate nose panels which allow various Blocks / Upgrades to be built (getting the two side ones in particular to align along all three edges is almost impossible). Choosing an interesting scheme helps to draw the viewer's eyes away from those areas
  14. Yes, the colour of Eduard etch rarely matches the cockpit - sometimes I try to match by mixing but these ones are so much lighter I just decided to live with them. Mike
  15. Thanks, I think with hindsight I might have used the Revell decals for fin / tail. On my A320 which is partially decalled I used the 26 version and they didn't settle down as well round the APU. I suspect that with decals that are designed to fit round a curved surface that if you don't get them in exactly the correct place, then they can be a pain!
  16. This month has been a good one for finishing kits - this my fifth one, though it was started several years ago. Built from the Revell kit with as usual Halfords Appliance White and Fiat Capri Blue as the main paints. Livery and window decals from Ray at 26Decals (judging by the lack of any activity behind the windows, this airframe must be in storage) with the stencils mostly from the kit sheet. It had lain unfinished but painted and with a few window decals in place as the filler used for the windows had sunk slightly. Rather than face stripping the paint, re-filling etc I decided to complete as is: Thanks for looking - hopefully it will be joined by an A320 & A321 soon Mike
  17. The temptation not to start was too great but in my defence the two F-16s and a Blenheim have been finished, so for a week this is the only GB I'm entering. Anyway most of the Eduard cockpit etch in place and one seat belted:
  18. This model of F-16B 92-0458 of the US Navy Fighter Weapons School was built from the Kinetic F-16A/B NSAWC Adversary boxing. Having started it possibly a year ago it had got to the assembled but unpainted stage quite quickly but the current F-16 GB provided the impetus to get it finished Aftermarket goodies include a Quinta Studios cockpit set, Eduard etched seatbelts, Aires resin exhaust and Model Master turned brass pitot and AOA sensors. Thanks to @Peter W for sending me a copy of the Fightertown decal instructions - being in colour and larger than the Kinetic diagrams they helped muchly when making a set of paint masks. The three main colours (Grey and both Blues) are from the Mr. Paint range - after an initial coat each colour was oversprayed with random lighter and darker patches using Uschi van der Rosten Trinity Splatter stencils. A final photo paired with 92-0409 built from the Eduard Ltd Ed "Top Falcons" reboxing a Hasegawa kit which was finished during KUTA XII Mike
  19. F-16B Aggressor 92-0458 in the Topgun 40th Anniversary scheme Kinetic kit and decals; Quinta Studios cockpit detail; Aires resin exhaust; Mr. Paint and Alclad The third F-16 to be finished in the last week but ineligible for the main event as it was built and waiting to be painted when this GB started. Mike
  20. Like the Wild Weasel 50th Anniversary F_16C, this one has also been finished this week. A couple more photos Pictures of this aircraft at the 2013 Meet are scarce, so the loadout is conjecture based on what other Polish aircraft usually carry at these exercises. The travel pod is almost certainly a work of fiction but it seemed a shame to waste that Tiger Head decal! On the subject of decals the Kinetic instructions are appalling; during the build stages there are some part numbers omitted and a few wrongly labelled. By contrast the Eduard limited edition reboxings have superb instructions. And as for the decal placement guides, who thought of the bright idea of depicting one of the camo greys as black in the diagrams - so many of the decal label lines just merge with that black and leave no idea of exactly where the decal should be located. Luckily I have a set of Model Maker Polish Stencil decals and could use their clear diagrams. Thanks to @Tiger331 for sending me a spare set of undercarriage legs - I think they ended up in this build rather than the Weasel or Aggressor. There's still one more Kinetic F-16 to be built and that will probably be another Polish Tiger Meet aircraft - the 2015 scheme is tempting
  21. June 2013 and F-16D 4082 of 6ELT waits at her home base of Poznan-Krzesiny to depart for the NATO Tiger Meet in Norway and after arrival at Orland, it was discovered that the vinyl overlays on the starboard side hadn't been fixed as securely as they should have been and had partially detached en route Built from a Kinetic kit with Eduard cockpit etch and Model Maker brass pitot and AOA sensors. Mr. Paint for the two main body colours and various Alclads on the Aires resin exhaust
  22. A couple more photos that aren't in the Gallery This was an enjoyable kit to build; the only real issue was the gap between the cockpit sides when first attached, which I assume is due to me getting something else not quite in line at an earlier stage. However they pulled together well and it was a relief as the masking was removed from the many cockpit panels to find no paint creep!
  23. It's late Autumn 1939 and Bristol Blenheim Mk1F of 23 Sqn waits at RAF Wittering for the crew to arrive: Built from the Airfix kit with Eduard cockpit etch and mainly finished with Mr. Paint. Unusually for me it's been finished well ahead of the GB end date! Mike
  24. F-16C 92-0920 of the 20th Fighter Wing wearing the special "Wild Weasel 50th Anniversary" scheme and ready for a flight to the firing range: Built from the Kinetic F-16DG/DJ boxing with the "C" specific parts from their Polish Tiger Meet kit Paints mainly Mr Paint with Alclad on the exhaust Decals from Two Bobs "F-16C Blk50 50 Years of YGBSM" Aires resin exhaust
  25. Just catching up on this tread, so someone else may have answered the question already but... Wheel bay back to front and yes I nearly did the same on mine. Love that digital scheme. Mike
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