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  1. FB-111A's sat nuclear alert in the continental United States at Pease and Plattsburg AFBs.
  2. Honestly, I'm not a big Raptor fan but your model is an excellent example of the highest quality work.
  3. It'll be interesting to see if they offer the early Vietnam style camouflage as part of the camouflage and markings package.
  4. Gotta love Japanese Sabres. Always clean and your model depicts that beautifully.
  5. Lovely Tigercat. I like your brush paint work.
  6. Wonderful! I presume the propellers turn the opposite direction on production examples?
  7. Definitely very nice work! I l love the looks of the SU-57.
  8. Truly excellent work!
  9. I'm confident you're right about that.
  10. Very nice shot of a beautiful airplane. I had the privilege of flying on the 727. Talk about a get up and go machine!
  11. Just plain gotta love F-111s. Thanks for the photo.
  12. I built the U-2A and remember it being simple and a nice build. You did a wonderful job on your U-2C.
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