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  1. I know we've been waiting for the B-1 for some time now. What happened to the follow-on B-52D and B-52F kits?
  2. I can't even begin to come close to the build quality you've demonstrated here. Frankly, I'm overwhelmed. Top notch work doesn't begin to do justice to what you've accomplished here.
  3. Great work. What with the Tamiya P-38 being released, you don't see many RFIs for this kit any more.
  4. I'd like to see a 1/48 Scimitar kit just because I like the looks of the airplane and always have.
  5. I was about to ask what the kit is like to build and you answered my question quite well. Many thanks.
  6. You can be proud of what you accomplished; a very nice model.
  7. If there are mistakes there, I certainly don't see 'em. Magnificent work!
  8. That is absolutely gorgeous! The twin shot Zuni pods are the same as those used on late model F-8 Crusaders? I've never seen them mounted on an F-4 so I learned something from your build.
  9. For what it's worth, let's keep right on dreaming. I say that because I'm ever amazed at what's being released these days. I've been an airplane "nut" since I was 6 years old and I'm 71 now. I see kits being produced now of airplanes I've never even heard of. And contrary to what seems to be the present thinking, there are those who are bold enough to produce kits of little known or not popular airplanes and at least some modelers see their dream come true. Never say never. You might be utterly amazed at what the next announced forthcoming release might be. My two cents worth. Someone convert that to Euros for me, please.
  10. Some of us old geezers struggle to build in 1/72 scale. I'm tickled that many can and love building in that scale. 1/48 sometimes presents problems, especially kits that have very small parts. Though I'd be pressed for space building exclusively in 1/32 scale, that scale is appealing to me more and more these days.
  11. I don't know what the kit is like to build but the end result is gorgeous! Honda is a small town about an hour west of San Antonio, Texas.
  12. That old kit can be a challenge to build without a lot of putty. You've done a magnificent job on it and can display most proudly.
  13. Very nice work in such a small scale. I had the 1/100 B-52F kit but then foolishly let it go.
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