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  1. Beautiful photos of a very impressive airplane!
  2. He did nice work on both kits. Keep encouraging him.
  3. Excellent work and a beautiful collection.
  4. Beautiful build! Great finish! I really like the cockpit.
  5. Two truly beautiful models. I'm impressed with how well you applied the white paint on the Valetta.
  6. Can I add the Comet 4 series to that list? And the VC-10 and Super VC-10?
  7. Both models are very well done. Congratulations!
  8. Which B-58 kit is that. I like the looks of it.
  9. The cockpit alone is gorgeous. I can't do that in 1/32 scale!
  10. Very impressive work! I'm impressed.
  11. I'm VERY impressed with your paint work. I don't do that well airbrushing metalics.
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