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  1. They are looking great Ray, perhaps I should have given them a chance, not to worry, plenty more still in the stash.
  2. Sorry for the delay in answering Rich, the 160 euro minimum order is to the UK now that we have left the EU, the 48ers take off the tax and it's added back on when it arrives in the UK, along with a flat rate charge to collect it by the Post Office. I've been deliberating what to do about the flipper doors, what? I hear you say, On the rear section of the forward Sparrow missile indents there was a sprung door that smoothed the airflow over the rear of the indent when there was no missile fitted or after it had been fired. (Tamiya decals 196 to 199 outline them) Most photos do not show Sparrows loaded to the forward missile stations because the centreline tank had to be jettisoned before they could be fired or as with VF-111 Sundowners, they did not carry Sparrows because of problems with getting a radar lock on a target and the missile engaging. The ZM kits have the flipper doors as an optional part if you don't want to fit forward Sparrows. My problem is: do I fit the missiles? Copy ZM and make some closed flipper doors? or just stop faffing around and just finish building it?
  3. I have decided to go the easier way and I have ordered some Eduard stencil sets on Dave's @DaveJL recommendation. After splashing out for the Quinta cockpit decals it's not time to save a bit of money now. I'm still sorting through weapon loads, I bought some of these, they looked good: But a word or two of warning, the box art is more CGI than real, the actual items are somewhat less detailed and the bomb fins are much too thick but the big drawback is that you get 2 of everything that's on the box art, it means that if you want to hang a full load onto those MERs you would need to buy 6 boxes and some sanding sticks. I've gone back to Eduard Brassin weapon sets.
  4. Monty Python and the The Holy Grail. Todays update, fill, sand, prime, repeat of the radomes, at least they don't look like colanders any more.
  5. Quite right, I have given myself a severe boll telling off and removed the whinging and moaning from my last entry.
  6. I have both the 1/72nd and 1/48th TSR.2 kits in the stash and a fair bit of AM has been collected to make them special. In regards to the anti-flash paint scheme it must be remembered that at the time of the prototype flying, the V-Bombers were in anti-flash white but not for long, once Gary Powers was shot down the high level delivery would be deemed suicidal. The V- Bombers would soon be flying low level sorties and were camouflaged green and dark grey on their sides and upper surfaces, the white undersurfaces would be painted light aircraft grey later. When WE.177 came into service, since it was carried in the bomb bay they were painted white with the appropriate warning bands and markings. It was only after they were going to be hung on the undersides of Tornado and Jaguar aircraft that they were painted dark green.
  7. Good job that I have 2 of those to use and 2 Tamiya He 219 kits to build. Not that I think either of mine will come out anywhere as good as yours.
  8. Hi Stix, while I have a load of M4 kits I only have one M3, the Takom kit I bought to build a Russian lend lease machine or as the Russian tankers called a coffin for 7 brothers! My usual problem with a GB is getting carried away and building several models and finishing none, so with only one M3 in the stash I cannot fall into that trap, can I? Please put me down for a Russian M3, no more, just one and definitely no M4's
  9. Absolutely superb, I just love the camouflage scheme, you have painted it perfectly.
  10. I think that there had been a lot of previous final tourer's that did not want to be on a Sqn and did not "Join in". I grabbed it with both hands and my teeth. The RAF would not bother to send me on a conversion course so I told my team to ignore my rank and teach me the job as one of them. Six months later I was running the weapons team out at Nellis on Red Flag, as our hotel was several miles from the Las Vegas strip the routine was for a duty Sgt and Cpl to look after everyone, issued with mobile phones (this was 2000) and vehicles, they would be on call to collect groundcrew from the strip or where ever and take them to the hotel to prevent them getting into trouble from being drunk and trying to hitch hike back, glorified taxi drivers. As a newbie I was put on this duty while all the other SNCO's had a long weekend, I was on this duty from Friday to Monday, no problem, it meant I had a vehicle at my disposal to visit model shops and I also got to know a lot of the other groundcrew. A couple of months later and I was out in Saudi Arabia for a couple of months on Op Bolton, this was the Southern no-fly zone maintained over Iraq until the second Gulf war. Most of the aircraft at Prince Sultan Airbase were American, the next Sqn up the road were F-15s and a (friendly) water fight developed between the Brits and the Yanks, they would do drive by's with those 'super soaker' water pistols and the resident Tornado Sqn had made a big, I mean 6 foot high 'big' catapult with thick rubber bands to hurl plastic bags of water over to the USAF line hut. But of course someone had to take it too far, this water fight had been going on for months when some idiot decided to put the water filled plastic bags in the freezer first, cue the lineys firing a potentially lethal ice bag at the American lines, luckily it didn't hit anyone, but it did go through the windscreen of one of their pick-ups. This resulted in the catapult being cut down and an end to the water fights.
  11. At my stage in life it's a mere hiccup, I should have done a test first, certainly not as bad as 50+ years ago, when I filled the nose of a 1/32nd Me 262 with car filler and some bolts, now that did melt, droop snoot two seater Stormbird anyone? Perhaps too smooth, looking at photos of the real thing.
  12. I had a slight set back with my old Vulcans, I had filled the lower radome sections with lead shot to prevent tail sitters, my preferred glue for this is 2 part epoxy, but could I find any in my garage, I did find some other glue that was labeled as suitable for hard plastic, wood and metal, 2 of those were being used since the Vulcan kit was a 35 year old kit, you don't get much harder plastic than that. It worked well, a bit smelly but after about 48 hours I started to notice that my radome was going a bit soft and wrinkling, the annoying thing was that later, looking for something else I found 2 packs of epoxy glue. Someone in my modelling club suggested that I "vent" the radome, I had wondered about doing this, so here is the damage, 2 vented radomes, but it is working, the plastic is becoming hard again. The chisel marks are to key the filler and test that it's going hard again. O, er, matron. While the radome regained it's hardness I attached the other kits set of wings, so now they are both full span Vulcans with the upper and lower surfaces still separate, I have found it easier to clean them up and do a bit of re-scribing like this. I now have to pick actual airframes to model, the first batch of B2's were conversions on the assembly lines from B1's and had narrower intakes. the first batch of Blue Steel carriers destined for Scampton had 200 series engines and no attachment bumps for Skybolt Missiles, they would not have those strengthening plates in front of the main undercarriage bays either. The later B2's had 301 engines and Skybolt bumps, but until they started flying low level missions the strengthening plates were not there. I have removed one set of strengthening plates but have left the Skybolt bumps on to make a XM serial aircraft. A bit more cleaning up still, then replace a few panel lines. Meanwhile on my new Vulcan kit, the intakes have been painted and the nose weight was added safely using PVA. Thanks for looking, any comments or suggestions are always welcome.
  13. I was the same Bertie, after tasting the delights of first line on a Phantom Squadron I was eager to go back. After my fitters course, three newly promoted Junior Techs were posted to Coningsby in 1979, 2 of us were ex 19(F)Sqn and the other from 92 Sqn, none of us were posted onto a squadron, it was the start of a life "behind the wire" I would spend most of my service working in bomb dumps, missile sites and with things of "mass destruction". Finally, as my last overseas tour came to an end with the closure of RAF Laarbruch, the posting officer saw me to discuss my choice of posting back to the UK. To try and keep the wife happy (an impossible task) I had asked for RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire. The posting officer thought he could put me off, the only post we could offer you at Leeming is 1st line on a Tornado F.3 Sqn, and he sat back with a smug look, waiting for me to wail about it being unfair for a last tour. He wasn't prepared for my smile and great, thanks, I'll take it! When I arrived on XI(F) Sqn, the engineering Warrant Officer asked about my F.3 experience, when I told him that I had seen some through the bomb dump fence he wasn't impressed, he was less impressed when he found out that my 1st line experience was back 20 years ago on Phantoms. Bless him, he tried his hardest to get rid of me but we were stuck with each other. Thus started my last 2 years in the RAF, back working on aircraft and on a squadron to boot. I was going to make the most of it, I went on every detachment that first year, the deal being that I would leave all my resettlement to my last year, I did QRA and everything else that came my way. They got their monies worth, there was an 8 day gap between my 2 months detachment out in Saudi to when I was climbing onto a Herc to trail out to Singapore for exercise Flying Fish and I was given a weekend duty of Orderly Sgt. My final detachment was out to Alaska in 2001, It was then time for resettlement and de-mob. I then spent another 16 years working at RAF Leeming as a MoD civilian driver, I did kick back at that, I'm not a civilian, I'm an ex-serviceman!
  14. I used a modelling saw and sanding sticks but you know the "heavy handed" reputation we armourers had.
  15. That looks superb, I agree the Kinetic F-104 is a great kit, I have several to build, really like it with the day-glo tanks.
  16. My 2 dets to Malta were to operate the Radar at the Madalena Fort in 73 and 74. I remember some of the "white bodies" going up on to the roof to sunbathe, no sun tan lotion in those days and several hours laid in the sun, as you can imagine, some very pink/red sunburnt bodies. One lad had, for some reason a wooden cross round his neck, about 4 to 5 inches long, he must have thought it looked "cool" so after falling asleep on the roof, he had a bright red chest with a white cross on it, not so "cool"
  17. The camouflage looks good on my pc Rodger, a very nice Spitfire model but one thing to note, the crowbar fitted to the door were not installed in Spitfires until after the BoB.
  18. It looks like the block I stayed in during my first EVER overseas detachment to Malta in 1973. The first night, after a few Oakleaf beers in the Naafi, never experiencing the nighttime warmth of the Med before we decided to do a "streak" across that barrack square, I remember the drainage ditches around that square that we jumped over. 20 minutes later the Orderly Sgt came to our room to give us a boll a telling off, in best RAF tradition we tried to deny it, he didn't accept this as we were newly arrived, no one else is as white as you lot was his reply. All part of the rich tapestry of life.
  19. I think you are forgetting the Gladiators that defended Malta, Faith, Hope and Charity. They were also flown by the Finnish against the Russians in WW2, I have the old Heller kit kit in the stash. I have the single seat IL-2, but it's the Accurate Miniatures 1/48th kit, so no good for this GB.
  20. Hi Bertie, count me in, I have some 1/72 single engine WW2 single seat fighters, wot about the Me 163, single rocket engine and single pilot as long as he hadn't been dissolved by the fuel.
  21. I'm glad you have found the Eduard stencils work ok Dave, I was looking to get some, Fundekals were bringing some out along with some early F-4B markings but they seem to be taking forever to be released. Anyway your Phantom is looking great, just don't rush it and spoil at this stage.
  22. I always do, just don't let it slip....oh too late!
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