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  1. Ah yes I've heard of the Dana Bell article, I will definitely give this another read. Your paintwork interpretation on his conclusion is very nice indeed and looks fantastic. I must have a go at this Revell P-51 at some point...now inspired by yours.
  2. Blimey! Brush painted.....and YELLOW! How have you done that? Incredible work all round and the rigging is exceptional. Sadly I'm not brave enough to tackle wires
  3. Superb! Similar comments to your Iraqi machine on your double build... camouflage is fabulous. Looks great in those colours. Top work
  4. That's fantastic. Interesting that you've chosen blue for the upper fuselage 'touch up' colour. Nobody still quite knows what colour this aircraft was... but i like your interpretation
  5. That's just superb! I love the 'shadow' camouflage scheme on the lower fuselage and wings. I've been looking at this kit but the thought of rigging scares me to death!
  6. Very nice indeed. I love the short nose phantoms and especially the 'guard' ones towards the end of their career. Fabulous looking Euro 1 scheme beautifully done
  7. Great modelling. Nice to see a Finish Hornet....something different to the usual US Navy and Marines..and welcome to the NATO family
  8. What a beautiful build. Trying to turn a relatively plain camouflage scheme into something interesting isn't easy but you've pulled it off with some superb paintwork and shading. A really fantastic end result of a very historical aircraft
  9. I do like the HB easy kits...great work on these so far
  10. Truly magnificent! I've been following this on and off and although I may be tempted to tackle a Swordfish now that I've discovered that Tamiya produce the PE rigging kit, I'm never going to achieve the results that you have....so may just admire from afare! Absolutely stunning work. Looks great with the black undersides too
  11. That's really nice. I love the RAF Sabres in their various squadron markings (or pre squadron markings in this case) and yours looks the business. The old Heller kit scrubs up really well, I remember building one 30 odd years ago and thought it captured the stance of the Sabre perfectly. Great job
  12. Now that's a work of art! Absolutely stunning.... especially the work on the engine. Truly stunning
  13. Wow! What an outstanding set of builds! The digital one is very unusual, I've not seen those markings media. Like somebody has asked above...how was it to build? I keep eyeing this kit up....then walking away
  14. Great result! One of the most eye catching F-4 colour schemes (although there are loads to choose from!). Can i ask what paints you used for the camo?
  15. Wonderful collection. I do like it when groups of same aircraft types are shown together side by side as it really shows the variety. It's hard to pick a favourite but as I do like unusual colour schemes...the Vb night fighter is a very eye-catching. Love the backdrop too
  16. Oh that's great to hear. A very special aircraft indeed, glad to know it's not ended up in a boneyard or scrapped for spare parts.
  17. Wow! Very impressive collection indeed. To be honest I don't know how you kept the motivation to produce 'similar' models over and over (especially in this large scale) but they do look fantastic. The work on the interior is just superb and the faded green paintwork is spot on....very realistic as per the actual aircraft. A fitting tribute to a faithful workhorse....it will be sorely missed and unless I'm not seeing a 'bigger picture' in my opinion being retired waaaay too early
  18. That's a beauty! And in 1/144 scale still quite a sizeable model i would imagine? These large USAF bombers are perfect in the smaller scale and will make a great collection. Nice work
  19. Phaboulous Phantom! I do love the worn and weathered paint finish.... very effective indeed. Also love your FG.1...stunning!
  20. What a fabulous collection! Happy times and happy memories
  21. Hi folks Another F-4 finally off the bench tonight, the venerable Hasegawa kit from the 1990s. I used the Egypt1 boxing that I picked up from a well known auction site as it contained quite a few spare decals for the spares box, but I was surprised that it had raised panel lines. I'm not so phased by raised details anymore and besides it means I can skip the tedious panel line wash process. Built completely OOB. For this particular aircraft I used aftermarket decals from 'Hi Decal' to represent an aircraft from 184th TFW Kansas ANG in European 1 camouflage. The aircraft had been flown by Brig. Gen. Robin Olds hence the mig kill markings. Paints were from Xtracrylix, Gunze and Tamiya. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking
  22. The Italeri kit is nice, I've built a couple so your mojo should bounce back
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