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  1. Wow. That looks great! I do love the experimental grey camo schemes that were applied to some of the latter USAF F-4C/D/Es. I think it looks much better than the Hill Grey II pattern that the air force eventually went with. I plan to do a 1/48th scale 'D' in this scheme at some point from the same wing. Great inspiration thanks for sharing
  2. Fabulous. Looks great and every inch i 'flick knife'. All your hard work and perserverence has paid off. Thanks for the heads up on the fit as I've got one in the stash to make one day....at least I'll be prepared now
  3. Fantastic! Absolutely love the Euro 1 camo... especially on the SP F-4s, and you've pulled it off. Cracking build
  4. You've certainly turned that one around nicely. Always nice to see 'cheaply' bought old kits finished, as some do still hold up really well if built and painted carefully. Sometimes it gives you greater satisfaction than building a more modern expensive one. I do love your paintwork...superb mottling, preshading and panel lines accents. A fantastic end result.
  5. What a beast that is!! Stunning build
  6. Yeh. There's quite a good choice of RAF post war heavies in the smaller scale if you shop around and with some conversions and resin thrown in. I think most can be modelled. Three V bombers, Herc, Argosy, Beverley, Nimrod, VC-10, Atlas, C-17, Tristar, (RC-135, and E-3D I think?, Comet, Shackleton, Britannia, Belfast as well as your Hastings. Have i missed any?
  7. Great result Tony I've been eyeing this kit up since it's release and may give it a whirl now I've seen how well yours has turned out. Yeh...the smaller scale is a bit of a shock to the system at first but once you've got your eye on they're not too bad. I think that applies to any unfamiliar scale really whether it be the varying scales in armour, aircraft or whatever. I dabble in 1/144 from time to time and it takes a model or two to get into the groove. But then when you 'up-scale' again things look huge! I think the Hastings suits this scale rather well though.
  8. That's a terrific result considering how long you've been away from the hobby. Mastering just the build ....never mind the airbrushing and weathering at your 'first' attempt is outstanding work and the main thing is you've enjoyed it. The F-14 is a great aircraft to model in any scale. I hope it's helped to take your mind off your loss. Sincere condolences. I also lost a dear loved one last year and the model making definitely helped me take my mind off things. Looking forward to your next build......
  9. Another cracker and a perfect compliment to go with your Vulcan. Just superb! Valiant next......?
  10. Fabulous work! Just a stunning piece of modelling.
  11. Incredible work there! Looks absolutely fantastic and your masking skills are to be applauded
  12. Wow! What a phantastic phantom. I remember seeing this scheme back in the 80s...but it was short lived as i recall? Welcome to the forum.... especially with finished builds of this quality. Looking forward to more of the same please
  13. Wow...that's really special. Awesome work. The weathering is spot on and looks perfect
  14. That's incredible...considering its the old Matchbox kit! It actually looks pretty accurate and even the panel lines don't look much worse than some of Airfix's recent offerings. Stunning work....i may get one myself!
  15. That's superb! I have this kit in the stash and cannot decide which finish to go for. Your 'Firebird' looks so good i may go for that. For the price this reboxed Hasegawa kit must be the bargain of the decade!
  16. Very nice work indeed. Love the gloss finish.. What did you use for this?
  17. Oh this is very sad news indeed. For anybody who has been reading Scale Aircraft Modelling from it's early days, his 'Tailpiece' articles were a true inspiration and a delight to read and especially for a model mad teenager in the 1980s like me. I read and re-read over and over again his enthralling ramblings and found a real empathy and familiarity in his style and his subject matter. Just recently i managed to obtain some old SAMs from that era and headed straight for the back pages to reminisce. The quality of his articles even now are as fresh and as relevant as ever and will live on and on. Although i never met him personally, i accidentally found myself standing next to him at Telford this year...but was too embarrassed to say 'hello'. I regret that now. Sincere condolences to his family and close friends at this very sad time. Rest in peace my modelling hero.
  18. That's fabulous! I remember when the original photo came out in the press but to see it modelled all these years later is wonderful!
  19. A stunning build! Gotta love the early C, D Phantoms....they just look so right from every angle
  20. That's really nice. A subject not seen too often. I do like the early Israeli camouflage...very eye catching and you've done a fine job. Panel lines look ok to me
  21. No worries with this one. The weathering is just perfect...nice and subtle. A great end result
  22. Looks like the Belle to me! Great job on the paint and weathering
  23. Lovely build of one of my favourite looking aircraft. The comparison with other similar era aircraft is great. I managed to finally see one fly a couple of years ago (Scandinavian Historic Flight) and noted how it seemed to share similar qualities of several other aircraft...F-100, Swift, F-86, Hunter etc. You've a fine collection of models there.
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