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  1. Thanks for sharing a great model of an iconic airliner. Living near Christchurch as a teenage "spotter" they were a common sight. BAC had a great publicity department and if sent a list of dates & times when the 1-11 was seen in the sky, would always post back a list of registrations. Mike
  2. A superb model - excellent camo and great heat stains on the engines
  3. Hi Neil Having followed your 720 thread, I'm sure this will be very informative too. What did you use to make the masters for your resin seats and engines? Mike
  4. Wow, a fantastic model - can't believe all that detail is in 1/72 scale!
  5. I'm at the final stages of smoothing off the underbelly seam but then realised that the main gear doors should be in the closed position. A bit of fettling needed to get a reasonable fit (and a length of L-shape styrene inside each bay for the doors to rest on: Now taking advantage of a warm day and very little wind to get on several thin layers of primer.
  6. Like the Tristar, this one is getting close to the point where a final prime & micromesh of the fuselage is close Once I'm 100% happy with the finish I'll prime the fuselage top and tailfin in white prior to the final paint finish
  7. The seam fettling cycle is approaching the end and it's starting to look like a Tristar I've made an attempt to modify the #2 engine - it may not be 100% accurate bit it will do me Am now working on the other two engines but think that we might be close to spraying the fuselage white and blue (and of course, wings grey)
  8. A fabulous model, your paintwork is impressive - especially the engines
  9. Just to pick up on the last two posts... On several airliners I've built there is a slight difference in spacing between 26decals windows and those from Authentic Decals. If you want to apply Authentic over 26 then try fixing them in strips of 3 or 4 at a time. Mike
  10. Great work - it's just a pity that BA were not allowed to paint the upper wings red Mike
  11. An excellent model Neil, but having followed your WIP I didn't expect anything else. I particularly like the finish on the engines and the way you achieved the blended cheatline and the homemade decals Mike
  12. Thanks Nikolay. There has been some discussion of "how good are" Eastern Express kits here. This (and the Tristar I'm currently building here) are like a lot of kits from smaller companies (or limited runs) - it's necessary to check the fit carefully and be creative when it doesn't fit! Just to complete the set of wide bodied triples, this is my DC-10 from last year's Anniversary group build. My first ever transatlantic flight was in an American Airlines DC-10-30 but I didn't find out until after this model was built, otherwise it probably wouldn't have been in Caledonian livery, Mike
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