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  1. Hope this build is still on track, an aggressor scheme is hard to beat
  2. So, the plan is to turn this into a model a model of this aircraft I've also got the Eduard single seater Ltd Edition kit, so "58" might also make an appearance to accompany "71" (and also have a standard Academy SU-27P kit which will become "711" the SU-37 "Terminator"). This won't be a quick build as I intend to return to it about once a week while other GB are in progress. The kit includes resin cockpit and PE but strangely the latter doesn't include the side panels so they will need to be painted. Digital camouflage to be done using Foxbot masks (and decals). Again I've also got their masks for "58" BUT they are identical to those for "71" despite the camo being applied differently to both airframes - anyway that stage is a long way off. Mike
  3. A pair of Revell 1/144 F-14A arrived yesterday, so the plan is to build them in flight as a wingman pair. The bags of bits
  4. Thanks for the above link Thom; I don't use oils but the method might work with other mediums. Mike
  5. Those side panels look great Roberto, I wish I could paint detail that well but I can't so usually use etch in my cockpits. Mike
  6. From personal experience the Hobbyboss kit (I've built the "D") can produce a good looking model but takes quite a lot more effort than a Tamiya 'cat (I built the "A" in the Grumman GB and am currently doing their "D"). The main issue , as has been said by others, is that the kit is designed to have lots of open doors / drooped flaps and slats etc. The doors are not the best fit when posed closed - needing filler but the flaps and front slats go on quite well (albeit the slats are fiddly to glue). I totally agree about the size with the wings extended - it takes up a lot of space on the shelf! Mike
  7. I tried the same decal on my 'cat but it looked nothing like yours; it was much greener and almost opaque, so it was removed and I went back to a light coat of clear green instead. Mike
  8. Almost ready for a coat of primer - not that I expect that to reveal any major issues. Apart from a smear of filler on the inside of one centre engine trunking the only issue has been a prominent joint between the radome halves (I don't remember this from the F-14A build). Anyway it was not a long seam so after three fill / sand sessions is now looking OK As you can see I've got a replacement canopy courtesy of Tamiya and particularly The Hobby Co. (Milton Keynes) who are their UK agents - thanks guys! Thanks also to those who responded to my "Wanted" post with offers of help. I've been playing around with a pencil on the wing sweep area as in many photos the circular wear in this area is very evident. Not sure how this effect could be painted but perhaps a silver pencil could be used? As for loadout I'm going very similar to @Ale85 2xGBU, Lantirn, 1 or 2 AIM-9 and perhaps an AIM-7 as well. I'm still looking through pictures from 2006 on the net to see if I can find one with all of that armament, though I wasn't so worried about 100% accuracy when finishing "Felix 101" a couple of years ago: Regards Mike
  9. Work on this was interrupted by starting a Tomcat but it is now primed and pre shaded. I've decided on this one to paint the camo first and then mask off for the metal to minimise the risk of the tape lifting the Alclad (I've had some issues with that on my Javelin, which is still waiting patiently to be finished) Hopefully there will be more progress to show next week. Mike
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the decals Rich, I've decided to go for the CAG bird "100" so there shouldn't be any problem as it needs the fins to be sprayed black and then the Tomcat and badges to go over the painted surface.
  11. Nice work so far; given the scale your cockpit looks excellent and I like the tip about the tyre treads. Mike
  12. That looks great John, it appears to have gone together without any problems and certainly looks like a Tomcat. Mike
  13. This is looking good, the Oregon ANG tails always look great!
  14. Nice work on this pair. Having done the early version of J-002 I have to admit that the artwork on your tail looks better. Having one unmade kit and a set of the Italian decals it's possible I might go down that route. Mike
  15. And the state of play today (there's also a box lid with most other sub-assemblies built and waiting paint). At the moment the cockpit section isn't glued in position as I may paint and decal it separately. Unfortunately I've just noticed that there is no main canopy on the clear sprue, so will have to ring The Hobby Co tomorrow to see if I can get a spare - will also post in Wanted but doubt very much that anyone will have one that is surplus to requirements.
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