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  1. Just to show that I haven't been idle - Canopy has now had seam removed; even with a 12000 micromesh pad the finish wasn't perfect but a coat of Deluxe Materials Looks Like Glass has worked wonders: Whilst giving the canopy a few days before masking it, I've been assembling a few weapons. I know "Lady Liberty" can't carry them all but I have a Revell Eagle painted and waiting for decals and loadout and another Academy Eagle that will probably appear in this GB before too long. Mike
  2. A great build, wish I could get that much done in a weekend!
  3. Eduard limited edition boxing from the STGB in 2017 (though not finished until 2018) with a somewhat assymetric loadout Mike
  4. Having been given the OK to continue this build by @Corsairfoxfouruncle (thanks Dennis) it's time to get a bit more done: This Limited Edition kit comes with some nice resin exhausts, though gluing on 15 actuator links can test one's patience! One down, one to go. Mike
  5. This build started life in the Bomber/Strike/Ground Attack GB build thread here (brief as it is). I had some issues with the intakes, so built up another fuselage but then the cockpit section wasn't a great fit to the main fuselage so it went on the shelf of shame! Anyway the troublesome joint has now been smoothed and shouldn't be very noticeable after priming; so this is where the model has got to: In the absence of a 25% rule I'm assuming this will be an acceptable entry and it will certainly comply with rule 9 Mike
  6. Great choice, you can't beat an asymmetric loadout on an Eagle. Mike
  7. You've made a great start on this kit and I'll follow with interest. It seems to take a lot of work to get that resin tub to fit - I've never tried using one and prefer to use etch. That decal sheet can be addictive; so far I've finished two FGR2 (another in primer), Mosquito, Blenheim and Tornado using it! Also a Javelin that stalled at the paint stage (masking tape pulled off some of the metallic finish) and an unstarted Lightning. The Vampire and Venom NF versions are rare and often sell for silly money but I'll keep looking. Mike
  8. Nice choice of airframe Mark; I finished the same one in KUTA 2021 (Gallery Page2) and like you based my choice on the Xtradecal 23 Sqn sheet. Photos of this as a 23 Sqn bird are rare (though there is a nice full starboard view in Patrick Martin's "British Phantoms" book (Double Ugly Vol 5)). In its later 1435 Flt guise there are a lot of photos - it must be that white tailfin. As for the fuel tanks, your suggested colours are very common though as you can see from my photos I finished one in triple grey tones, not necessarily correct for XV466 "E" but there are some photos of Falklands FGR2s with this scheme - presumably an older tank had the nose section replaced and nobody was bothered about repainting the whole tank. Mike
  9. Having built XV466 in its 23 Sqn guise (E) I have followed up the above reference many times over the last year or so to find an alternative to model as a 1435 Flt aircraft. To date I've only found one photo online of XV461 with a white tail (June 1991) and have still to find one for XV421 in that livery. Mike
  10. Hi Matt, Somehow I've missed this thread up to now but it looks to have your usual amount of useful detail on the build. For some reason I can't see the photos on my tablet but have just found that they are there when viewed on the laptop, so will re-read before leaving any comments. Mike
  11. A great model John, it might have cost rather a lot to paint the original but it's a great looking scheme. Perhaps we should petition Ray to do the similar decals for Voyager ZZ336. Mike
  12. I'll second @Skodadriver for the use of Halfords Appliance White and Fiat Capri Blue rattle cans, both produce a really smooth glossy finish - I don't find any need to use a coat of gloss varnish on these paints prior to applying decals. Personally I use Racking Grey for Boeing aircraft and for Airbuses use Holts HLGREY01 (from Wilco Motor Save). Don't be put off by the size of the kit, this build was only my second foray into the world of airliners. Unfortunately the Gallery photos were on Photobucket rather than Flickr so are no longer available. Mike
  13. A bit more progress: IFF antennas from etched bases and plastic section. Hole opened for the searchlight; it would have been simpler if I had noticed that these were a fixture of the Swiss machines before closing up the nose However on the plus side there is an unused lens on the clear sprue, which will fit on the end of a section of plastic rod after that is glued into the hole - to save masking I'll fit the lens at the end with "looks like glass". I'm not sure about the two canopy sections - there are no masks available on that well known auction site and no noticeable frame mouldings to cut masking tape along
  14. Don't know how I missed this thread but count me in: Academy Su-27P kit with Wolfpack conversion set to build the one off Su-37 "Terminator" Bort 711. I got as far as marking out the areas to remove last year, so if this GB went ahead I'd have no excuse. Mike
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