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  1. Although I didn't take any photos along the way, the basic airframe is now complete and as a partial excuse to the length of time between posts, apart from the other F-16 and Blenheim, I've also been working on this F-16 which was way over the 25% rule so isn't in this Group Build.
  2. We're now at the "fill any annoying gaps" (and don't knock off any antennae) stage: The fit of the resin exhaust ring to fuselage certainly needs some attention
  3. I have been working on the Blenheim off and on, so a recap: Firstly the canopies were masked and sprayed green (inside as well) and attached to the sides. Locating them didn't seem to be completely positive and I used some thick cyano in a couple of strategic spots but at that point there was a horrendous gap Some careful clamping (using small wooden wedges to help) and a small amount of filler and grey primer got me to this point I've decided to finish this one in the white / black underside Night Fighter scheme rather than as preserved. The only photos I can find of the actual aircraft are rather grainy black & white ones showing little detail - however this one was struck off charge with 23 Sqn in Dec 1940 at about the time the squadron changed from Night Fighter to Intruder mode so it would be logical for it to have carried the former livery. Underside finished with Mr Paint Black and White, mottled with Night and Insignia White respectively to break up the finish (though it's not very obvious in this photo). Flaps and engine cowlings also painted black / white but not in photo Some Dark Earth paint arrived this week so will start the camouflage soon, applying it thinly over a random mottling to get a worn effect (hopefully) Mike
  4. Whilst continuing to build the basic body, thoughts have also turned to the loadout: Not sure whether to go with two Harm missiles or one plus ACMI pod as above - to load two of the missiles I need to find another adaptor to use under the pylon (There's one somewhere in the model room but I can't find it at the moment). Also a Sniper pod and Harm pod to go either side of the intake. You can also see an Aires resin exhaust set which is better than the plastic in the kit, though the exhaust "petal" ring is slightly wider than the kit four part offering. The resin is meant to fit the Tamiya kit though I've used the P&W version before which is a good fit.
  5. Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-211(WL) N701FR "Otto the Owl" Built from the Zvezda 1/144 kit; no real issues in the build though compared to the Revell A319 the locators for the engines are a bit fiddly (a small groove on underside of the wing rather that a more positive slot and tab). Decals from Richard Warcup; they went on very easily and the carrier film is not obvious. Halfords Appliance White and Holts HLGrey01 as the main paints, with Tamiya and Gunze for the engines and wing leading edges. The coroguard is simply one of Richard's decals. Mike
  6. I'm now declaring this one as finished More photos in the Gallery. Mike
  7. Thanks, I'm sure yours will look great, just take time to slowly glue each etch in place (and if you're like me, forget about some of the minute handles!)
  8. Nearly two weeks down the line (and having been sidetracked by first a Blenheim and then a pair of Vipers) the engines are now finished: Tamiya X14 Sky Blue used for the rear rings, not an exact match but fairly close and if I use the same paints for any more Frontier aircraft they'll have a uniform appearance. Decals for the pylons from a Revell A319 boxing and for the engine casings from Zvezda. I now need to sit down with model and instructions and double check if there is anything else left to do. Mike
  9. and onto the first poor fit of the build The two outer sections of the intake (I1 & I2) were clamped across the lugs on the inner sections while the glue set but there is a noticeable gap along the centre (and also underneath). If the front edges are squeezed together to close the gap then the overall width is slightly less than the width of the cowl (I12) - as this seam can't be seen once it is in situ, filler will be employed. The underside seam can also be filled but will need some rescribing afterwards. I don't know if the error is mine but I've not had gaps like this when building a Kinetic P&W (narrow) intake. I need to look at the cockpit before I can join the fuselage halves as it is fouling the underside and stopping the two parts meeting properly - that will be down to me! Mike
  10. Hi Pappy I've not built a Tamiya viper (and don't have one in the stash) so can't comment on their similarity. But, knowing how some kits bear a striking resemblance to others I'm not surprised by your comment. Mike
  11. Totally agree, I've used one Quinta 48th set but did manage to buy that when Ebay was offering a big discount
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