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  1. I forgot to post last weekend, so this is where I was at then: Basic painting finished; having decided that the Mr Hobby EDSG used for my phantom last year was too dark, I've gone with Hu27 Sea Grey on this one, oversprayed with Tamiya Ocean Grey (which has a blue hue) in random areas. The variation in colour is (just about) visible in this photo but isn't so obvious under several coats of varnish The last week has seen 250+ stencils applied and only a few decals left - some more photos in the next 24h. I did originally intend to go with the "Simon's Sircus" variant but having discovered that that aircraft never got a revised "coal hole" when converted to an FAW2, I've chosen XP954 from HMS Victorious (1966). Mike
  2. Looking great Jabba, Your 72scale version appears to have more decals than my 48 version. I like the application of the "Colonial" decal over the original "Royal", I thought about doing it that way but.... Mike
  3. Time for an update.... Basic airframe now primed in white: Next step to add some pre-shading and then white and grey. Sounds easy but we'll see how it progresses.
  4. Wow, the Landor livery looks great on the 380 but as you say, it's a big bugger and won't go in my display cabinet so I won't be tempted by a "what if" livery. Mike
  5. Hi Paul, I can't help re automative paints but have a look at my MD_11 thread to see what Tamiya TS-23 looks like - check all the photos as it's appearance does depend on the lighting conditions. If you like the colour, then it goes on really well from a "rattle can" and is readily available on the ubiquitous auction site. Mike
  6. Count me in; two 1/48 F-4Js in the stash - Academy "Jolly Rogers" and Hasegawa "Liberty Bell" though the latter would probably end up as a 74 Sqn bird. Mike
  7. Having recently finished a "Nordic", I'd be in for a re-run - maybe with an airliner this time? Mike
  8. I'll join in this one when it's scheduled. Almost certainly a 1/48 Kinetic offering (or two), have decals for the Italian "Diana" (would look good alongside my Dutch version which is now ready for gloss varnish and decals) or perhaps the "Top gun Anniversary" blue aggressor two seater or a Polish one with CFTs and even a Tigger too? Mike
  9. It's taken a bit of time to get everything finished but this one is now in the gallery. Some extra pictures: and finally it looks like the US Navy sent over one of their aircraft to Red Flag 15-2 There are two more (Dutch) F-16s in the paint shop - hopefully in RFI next month
  10. It's March 2015 and RNoAF F-16 "671" waits for her next sortie at Nellis AFB whilst taking part in "Red Flag 15-2" A few more pictures in the build thread
  11. And to answer my own query, this photo shows the stencils on the underside and this one on the upper surface. Time to apply four more decals! Mike
  12. Thanks both, can't wait to get that asymmetric loadout in place. Would I be correct in thinking that the wing tip launchers should have the same stencilling as the under wing ones? Mike
  13. The fit of the wings looks good, especially for such an old tooling. Do you use micromesh sheets to wet sand the white John, if so which grade? Mike
  14. Wait no longer Rich: All decals on the aircraft, which now needs a seal of gloss varnish followed by either satin or matt. Loadout is almost complete and at the same stage but still I need to finish off the Lantirn and ALQ-131 pods (sadly have no decals for the latter but will hunt through other kits). For an alternate loadout the HARM and its HTS pod still await decals too and possibly a GBU-38 and CAT-9. That IRIS-T missile has been a pain, the resin is very brittle and I've knocked off and lost two of the rear fins. So now on to painting and attaching the exhaust and undercarriage components...... Mike
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