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  1. Your pre-shading has worked well - the tonal variations don't hit you in the face but can be seen in random places. Mike
  2. Looking good and that re-paint of the central grey section has toned in well at the finish. Mike
  3. Your "underwingy thingys" look great - I love the finish on the centre fuel tank. Mike
  4. Have finally got some gloss white paint on the underside and associated bits: Time to start thinking about masking the canopy so that the Dark Sea Grey can be painted. Mike
  5. Thanks for your comments - yes it is the Eastern Express version. Your American Airlines version looks great, whatever problems you encountered obviously got solved! Mike
  6. Am I correct in thinking that you apply the cheat line so it slightly overlaps the cockpit and then, when dry, presumably cut the cheat line to match the cockpit and lift the overlapping part with say Microset? On this aircraft I'm not sure if that would have worked - the bottom of the cheat line has to align with an obvious panel line level with the bottom of the doors. If the Authentic decal is then applied to line up with the kit moulding at the top edge of the cockpit, then there is a slight but noticeable difference in shape / gap at the bottom of the cockpit. I'm still scratching my head on this one and in the meantime have been painting wheels and the hot sections of the engines. Mike
  7. Have been steadily applying decals over the last week: If you're wondering why only the port wing leading edge is metal, I used Fantasy Printshop silver strip decals (these still need tidying up on the underside) and have yet to do the starboard side. Yes Ian, I could have used Authentic Airliners metal decals but these are a lot cheaper and I can keep that sheet intact for the Mustang group build at the end of the year! The cockpit is still causing some head scratching; the Authentic decals are slightly smaller than those from 26 and don't match the shape of the cheat line (and those in the kit are yet another slight variation). Am wondering if I might be able to use the 26 cockpit decals (black windows + silver outlines) and then discard the frames from the Authentic set. They won't quite match but did something similar on my VC-10s last year and it's not visible to the naked eye. Of course, had I chosen the final KLM MD-11 livery with the narrow cheat line the cockpit wouldn't have ben an issue! "Audrey Hepburn" was chosen as it was the first KLM MD-11 I flew on (AMS to YVR and return) and was also the aircraft on the last ever KLM MD-11 scheduled flight (from Montreal to Amsterdam) on 26 Oct 2014. Mike
  8. Hi Ian, I hadn't realised that you hadn't seen this one. The Chelsea Rose was chosen with the other two as they all had a significant amount of blue in the design, so sort of matched. Perhaps you could start on the World Tails when you've done one of every type in the Negus scheme. Thanks for the suggestion re the pencil lines - that's easy to do but for streaks I need to practise on some spare mouldings. As for what's next: Three little Airbii under construction (one of each type) - they'll probably all be in the current livery and aircraft I've actually flown on. Then there's a 747, 757, 767, 787 still sitting in their boxes - a couple of those might get a World Tail (Bauhaus 757 looks good). Oh yes, and a British Airtours 707 to decal at some point. Mike
  9. Are the side panels a decal too or painted?
  10. Your instrument panels look great - I'd struggle to paint them as well in 1/48 scale
  11. A fantastic model Lex, who cares if it didn't quite meet the deadline! A great scheme and very well finished. Note to self: you still have a 1/32 F-16 and Polish decals in the stash. Regards Mike
  12. Your post #10 crossed my reply at #11! I didn't realise at the time of choosing the registration that G-BNNL was subsequently involved in the Adam Air crash in Indonesia but did find that reference when searching for pictures of the aircraft. There were only two 737-400 that wore the Chelsea Rose livery - the other one being G-DOCG . As I had already done my first 400 as G-DOCH, and to get a little variety in the window positions, I chose G-BNNL. The two 737-200 are G-BKYB (Blue Poole) and G-BGDF (Delftblue Daybreak). Mike
  13. Thanks Dave, As I replied to Viking, I don't remember the designs but I do remember Mrs T disdainfully dropping her hanky over the tail of a publicity model for the new livery Mike
  14. The main part of the airframe is now assembled: I think that the intakes are as good as I'm ever going to get them - not entirely smooth but at least looking seamless Seams to be fettled and I need to work out how to attach the wing outer sections with the correct dihedral - they appear to be inclined too much. I've also sacrificed the " movability" of the rear stabilators to make painting of the metal section easier. Mike
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