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  1. A great model Chris and you've reminded me that the "In the Navy" GB isn't far away - I'm aiming to build my Airfix version. Mike
  2. Superb work - with all those mission markings it's a wonder it isn't a nose sitter
  3. According to Keith Gaskell's BA History, there were only two 757s in the Chelsea Rose livery; G-BIKB and G-BMRD. Both had RB211-535C engines (ref Planespotters.net) Will look forward to this being finished, both to see how you get on with the AA kit and also because I like that version of "World Tails" and have done a 737-436 in it. Mike
  4. I'm definitely joining this GB - as well as the Airfix Sea Vixen I've just realised that my Eduard Ltd Edition Su-27UB boxing has decals for Red60 of the Russian Naval Air Force. With almost four months allocated it should be possible to build both of them (well, that's the theory!) See you all next month, Mike
  5. The nose area has now been sprayed, followed by a first attempt to weather the two blue colours with lighter patches: This photo shows just how patched up the colours became!
  6. Me too! Guess it wouldn't take too much effort to scrape them out before the metallic finish goes on.
  7. That cockpit is looking great, keep the photos coming please. Mike
  8. A fantastic model and so many useful tips along the way! Mike
  9. FortyEighter


    Thanks, HL01 and Racking Grey are in my paint cupboard. I've used HU15 for my Negus aircraft but think it's a bit light for the Landor scheme - may try spraying it over a black base coat rather than grey. Will have to look for the Revell rattle cans - I've tried the small pots of their acrylics but have got poor results (probably my technique).
  10. As we all know, the subject of putty and Mustang wings is a minefield! References on t'internet do vary slightly eg one source shows the panel lines behind the gun access panels unfilled while another shows them filled. The same is true for the end cap seam but several photos appear to show this filled, so I went down that route on this model. The trick is probably to pick an aircraft for which you can't find any specific photos - then nobody can say that you are wrong! Mike
  11. Not a lot of difference since before Xmas: Outside of canopies have been sprayed black and rear section re-masked ready for the exterior colour. Still need to mask and spray the black on the inside of the main canopy - as this will be open. I've also been checking the state of play on a Hasegawa F-16B that may get a well deserved KUTA too.
  12. I think this one will probably either be 44-13317 "Donald Duck" or 44-11622 "Nooky Booky IV" but meanwhile building can progress: Wing seams filled with Vallejo Plastic Putty (and a very small amount needed for the wing / fuselage joint). Having primed my RNZAF bird, I can see that the putty on that has sunk slightly so may apply a second coat of filling to these wings.
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