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  1. Thanks for the "thumbs up", will have to see if there is any of the correct blue (HU15) left in the paint stash.
  2. Firstly a photo update: Fuselage and wings now in primer, though at this stage the wing assembly is just a press fit into the fuselage. I'm keeping them separate at the moment to ease the painting stage. Secondly those engines; I don't think I could contemplate building "Poppy" with the later RB211 (in the kit) rather than the early version that it carried. The Druz ones look superb but cost €30 inc postage and I don't know if they can currently be sent from Russia, so this will have to become a later engined version. If @Col. and @Corsairfoxfouruncle don't object I'm going to do it as in the retro Negus livery that it carried in its last month of service with BA during October 2010 - although many of BA's 757 were delivered in that livery G-CEPT wasn't so I think that qualifies as a "Special Scheme". If I then purchase a set of Braz engines I can (at some later date) build "Poppy" from a Minicraft kit that is lurking in the cupboard. Mike
  3. A start has been made: As usual the kit clear windows have been glued inside the fuselage and then filler applied to the outside; if you're not an aircraft modeller this might seem strange but it allows any windows that are in the kit moulding but not present on the actual airframe being modelled to "disappear" and eventually the remaining windows will be from decals. Zvezda include decals for an Icelandair 757 which has sharklets on the wingtips but the sprue also includes parts for the original wings as fitted to G-BIKW. Mike
  4. Thanks I had noted when buying the kit that G-BIKW had the 535C engines and the kit the 535E4 but hadn't realised how different the rear sections were - easy to see by googling some photos of BA 757s. I'll have to look into the Druz144 products but in the meantime can obviously continue with the rest of the build - I could also change the airframe and do G-CPET in the 2010 retro "Negus" scheme which it wore to mark the withdrawal of the type from service with BA. Mike
  5. At an undisclosed location the crew of F-15E 91-0311 "Lady Liberty" are about to depart on their next mission: Sorry about the grainy appearance of photos if you zoom in on them, the natural light isn't brilliant today - will try to get some better ones in the build thread later in the week. Mike
  6. I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post this request: Four F-15 spotted flying low at Craster today at 12:55 UHT. They approached from the South and then broke over the North Sea. A pair flew North again about 13:25. I can only find 91-0311 "IDAL63" via adsb exchange and nothing on FR24. Can anyone help to identify the others / suggest another tracking website. Regards Mike
  7. I think it's time to build another airliner. In the late 1990s BA painted a small number of its aircraft with a Poppy scheme to coincide with Remembrance Day; usually this had a poppy and "Pause to Remember" applied to the fuselage but G-BIKW was (as far as I know) unique as the poppy was applied to a plain white tailfin (this was after its "Ndebele" World tails had been removed but before the current "Chatham" livery was fully applied). Here is a link to the scheme So, to be built from the Zvezda kit (which has the correct Rolls Royce engines) with 26 Decals. Unlike some other Zvezda airliners this kit has no option for dropped flaps or slats, so should be a relatively quick and straightforward project. It will probably be another week or so before I get started as there are still two F-15E to finish. Mike
  8. The trouble with GB finishing dates is that sometimes other aspects of life apart from modelling get in the way
  9. This one would have failed the original GB finish but might stand a chance of getting there this week: The top surface is fully decalled and I have started the sides, though the underside still needs a coat of gloss. Exhausts, weapons and antennae are all finished and ready to fit, so just the fuel tanks to paint now. Mike
  10. Well, I wouldn't have met yesterday's original deadline: In rushing to try to get this over the line (and not noticing the two week extension) I was a bit heavy handed with the matt varnish which has left a rough finish (it's not really noticeable in the photo). Just the exhausts and a few antennae to put in place. The masking had been on the canopy a long time and the tape / masks have left some residue, so out with the T-Cut this week. Mike
  11. Hi Arthur, The Academy strut is 22mm; bottom 11mm is 1.5mm dia and top half 0.95mm dia (plus of course the small locating pin at lower end). Mike
  12. The weekend has seen the fuselage sides and upper surface decals in place: No more modelling until next weekend but hopefully the underside will get finished then, leaving two weeks for weapons and weathering. Mike
  13. Almost ready for decals - just a final coat of gloss needed One issue on both aircraft is that the canopy won't sit in the closed position which requires some tape inside the cockpit sides to avoid paint bleed (I'm going to have them open) - the brace across the centre of the canopy frame fouls the shroud for the RIO instrument panel. Looking closely at my earlier "Nowhere 2 Hide" this has the same problem but I don't remember it. I've also noticed that the decal sheet doesn't have enough of the "honeycomb" NO STEP signs but too many of the NO PUSH ones - design / layout error? Mike
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