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  1. FortyEighter

    F-14A now VF-142 Ghostriders

    The grey now sits lower on the sides
  2. FortyEighter

    F-14A now VF-142 Ghostriders

    Just to prove that there has been some progress this month, the grey upper and white lower surfaces have now been painted Despite all my efforts to match the grey / white boundary to photos (or the decal instructions above) when masking, it is obviously too high on the intakes / engine covers. So the edge of the grey has been sanded back and I'll have another go at it later this week. At the moment the cockpit section isn't glued to the rear section and the rear landing gear is also just a push fit, which makes spraying a lot easier. I've also been working on armament, engines and rear stabs (as well as the F-14D)
  3. FortyEighter

    Kirk Gresley Coaches - a step too far

    Nice to see some railway items in KUTA. A great reminder that I have a trio of Kirk Maunsell coaches (restaurant and dining cars) sitting in primer and waiting to be finished. In common with a pair of Comet Bulleid Tavern Cars, building stalled as I couldn't find a good match for the green on the Hornby / Bachmann coaches in my stock. Perhaps this GB is a good time to try again. Regards Mike
  4. FortyEighter

    F-14D Bombcat now "Felix 101" VF-31

    The cockpit interior is now finished. The front anti-glare shield didn't fit over the etch but some surgery and plasticard has given a reasonable representation. (Note to self, have just noticed that the two clear panels still need fitting to the HUD) Obviously there are still some seams to be dealt with, then it will be the inside frames of the canopies. Seats and aircrew are currently in the paint shop.
  5. FortyEighter

    F-14A now VF-142 Ghostriders

    The cockpit tub is now complete bar the protective covers on the rear anti glare shield - next stage to mask the inside of the canopies prior to painting but I don't suppose that will get done for a few days
  6. FortyEighter

    F-14D Bombcat now "Felix 101" VF-31

    Hi Hewy, Thanks. Compared to the Tamiya kit (where someone has really thought about the actual construction from the supplied sprues), this one is not as good BUT I'm sure that with a bit more work it will produce a good model. Despite Jabba's comment it isn't a struggle but just needs more care. The Hobbyboss kit is designed to have a lot of the access hatches open on the front fuselage - the fit when used in the closed position is certainly not up to Tamiya's standard. I'm going with the open flaps and slats configuration, though that means using the kit seats (and crew from the Tamiya "A") and leaving my resin seats with their nicely moulded seatbelts to one side. Who knows, there might be a Tamiya "D" in the future to use them with?? Mike
  7. FortyEighter

    F-14A Tomcat

    This is progressing nicely Jabba. I can see the attraction of 1/72 if one wants to show off several versions in different liveries (but will stay with 1/48 for modern jets).
  8. FortyEighter

    Skodadriver's 2018 Airliners

    A great selection of airliners Dave and nice variety in the display bases. Having just checked SP-LRA on "Planespotters", I can't see your error - it's probably so obvious in retrospect that it's easily overlooked! Mike
  9. FortyEighter

    2018 output

    Wow, that's a great year's output Dave!
  10. FortyEighter

    F-14D Bombcat now "Felix 101" VF-31

    Thanks! The rest of the cockpit is almost finished. I have a set of resin seats for this version but may well revert to the kit seats and model an aircraft with the crew in situ (and in a just touched down pose with flaps, slats and airbrakes all deployed). Am currently working on the wings as they are probably best painted before joining the two rear fuselage halves.
  11. FortyEighter

    F-14D Bombcat now "Felix 101" VF-31

    It's interesting building this kit at the same time as a Tamiya offering...….. The fit of the Hobbyboss parts is quite good so far BUT each part seems to have far more sprue attachment points - which often require trimming in two dimensions rather than simply along an edge. The intakes are not as well designed, joints along the top and bottom (compared to Tamiya where they are between the horiz / vertical sides and also sink marks right by the intake end: The intake ramps are designed to be deployed down, so need the piston locating lug removing on the forward section, the rear piston shortening and an inside wall from plasticard Some of the sub-assemblies. I'm not sure if the complete engine is needed but have built them to ensure correct alignment. Getting rid of those joints in the exhaust section will need some work and the rear "office" using the Eduard etch for the Tamiya "D" which just needed some minor trimming to fit
  12. FortyEighter

    F-14D Bombcat now "Felix 101" VF-31

    I've now decided that this model will be built as #101 of VF-31 "Tomcatters" with two possible sets of decals: Firstly as assigned to USS John C Stennis in 2004 or assigned to USS Theodore Roosevelt for the last ever cruise in 2005/2006 Either way, this airframe BU No 164603 has it's own place in history. It was the penultimate Tomcat built and the last to fly in US Navy service when it moved from NAS Oceana to the American Airpower Museum (Long Island) on 4 Oct 2006 Various sub structures have been built, will get some photos for an update soon.
  13. FortyEighter

    F-14A now VF-142 Ghostriders

    Hi Jabba, Thanks, unfortunately I've never seen a Tomcat in real life, so will have to make do with models!
  14. FortyEighter

    F-14A now VF-142 Ghostriders

    Hi Daniel, Sorry I can't find any decals for VF-142 on USE Eisenhower- but have only looked through those available on Hannants website.
  15. FortyEighter

    F-14A now VF-142 Ghostriders

    Work on this model has been a bit slow recently but cockpit is now finished. Etch is from Dream Model and as this aircraft will be firmly on the ground I've not used the kit decals for the various screens but have just painted them with clear green or blue Although the grey on the etch doesn't closely match any of my paints I've not worried too much - looking at the pictures in Danny Coremans' book there is quite a wide variety of shades across different aircraft. I've just got the digital version of "Detail & Scale Tomcats Part 1" which includes pictures of both 201 and 204 from Ghostriders in the livery on the Furball decal sheet above.