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  1. I shouldn't have stopped reading the individual history of XV571 at June 30 1978. At that point it went to BAe at Holme on Spalding Moor (just up the road from here but not much left of it now). Presumably it continued to carry 43 Sqn markings and tacticsl camo whilst at HoSM, was then repainted in ADV grey by April 1981 and noted as carrying special 43 Sqn markings in 1986 and eventually transferred to 111 Sqn by Sep 1991.
  2. A couple of update photos: I've needed to use a small amount of filler in a few places, especially at the base of the tailfin which was narrower than the recess that it sits in. The intake rings will need a bit of work to match the profile of the main intake tube. One of the four etched airbrake fences (a triple lamination fold) is just resting in place. Radome just taped in position to make sure it has enough liquid lead inside (it does) And an underside view to show the main wheel wells and the nice etch for the main air brake. Mike
  3. Nice work and at the same stage as mine (though my build thread needs updating). I'm pleased to see some traces of filler in exactly the same places as on my 23 Sqn - if two of us have minor issues at identical joints it's probably not totally our fault! Mike
  4. Hi Dave Good progress and a nice choice of scheme. According to Patrick Martin's Phantom book; XV571 was with 43 Sqn from 1969 to June 1978 (with a short break elsewhere in late 1972). Throughout that period it carried the tactical camo scheme and was fitted with RWR in May 1976. If you have any issues with the squadron specific decals let me know - I'm pretty sure there's the remnants of the same sheet upstairs with all the spare Phantom decals. Mike
  5. That livery and your modelling of it are stunning Mike
  6. I've decided to use the undercarriage etch; this shows a comparison of the enhanced and original wheel bays: I need to push on with the other one as that is holding up assembly of the wings. Mike
  7. Airframe is now fully decalled: and underwingy thingies ready for decals Just the tyres left to paint now, the next progress report should see it finished bar some weathering. Mike
  8. That's great, one of my Mozzie serial no / roundel decals has just split badly while trying to get it to settle. With an extra two weeks hopefully I can source a replacement. Mike
  9. I'm not sure either but will need to make a decision sometime next week - the etch of course does have finer detail than the mouldings but how much will be seen is another matter. Mike
  10. As this one will not meet today's deadline, I'm going to keep working on it in this group build. The main airframe is at the decalling stage but weapons need painting, the rear cockpit displays need to be built (this particular aircraft was a dual control model) and the geometry of the main undercarriage legs needs some thought. Mike
  11. In between trying to get other models to the finishing line, I've made a start on the Javelin and have got as far as closing up the fuselage: but have just realised that I didn't take any pictures of the cockpit before installing it - being black it's now quite hard to get a decent shot! So far the fit has been very good with some minor attention needed to the top / bottom joints. However something went wrong on the port exhaust as when fitted over the locating lugs, the two halves of the exhaust shroud (parts F2, F4) didn't line up with each other (and because of the way t
  12. I've made a start on the decals but there are still various other things to finish off, so this one will appear in KUTA very shortly.
  13. The "Silver Kings" bird is now finished and in the Gallery but I can't see it's RAF alter ego being completed in this GB (even with an extension) - the next week will be spent on trying to get my Tornado over the finishing line - so it will probably go into KUTA. Mike
  14. May I present F-4J Bu. #155755 of VF-92 "Silver Kings" as she was aboard USS Constellation from January to October 1973. Built from a Hasegawa kit with Eduard cockpit etch and resin wheels. Livery decals from Microscale and stencils from an Academy "Jolly Rogers" kit. The main paints are Halfords white primer for the underside & control surfaces and Mr Paint for the upper surface grey, Tamiya yellow for the fin and various makes of metallic paint. And having arrived at the Gallery page, I've just noticed that there has been a tw
  15. Nice choice of subject and I like the idea of a 74 Sqn theme for your builds. I was also thinking about the Airfix Frightning for this GB but decided to start the Javelin instead - I'm working on a 23 Sqn theme (to also include a Tornado F3, Mosquito and two FGR2s (that are part painted but have gone on the waiting shelf due to the number of group builds that are running at present). Will be interested to see how your conversion progresses. Mike
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