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  1. And hopefully a couple of pictures make the method clear Sides taped and pulled to the centre line wherever they naturally meet. Below is the tape for the rear curve - in this case a 10mm arc (choose radius to suit size of aircraft) And now in place The other issue is getting the front and rear sections of the demarcation line level with each other - mask front first, align another length of tape (2) on the top edge of that piece extending most of the way to the tail and then fix the rear tape to align with the bottom of the piece (2) and trim where it goes a
  2. Hi Matt Hopefully IVB will become a visitor attraction at Kemble? As for the masking; Forward of the wings I use Tamiya flexible masking tape (the white stuff) and try to pull the demarcation line level by eye - if the bits of tape from each side meet exactly on the nose then it's probably OK. At the rear end I use the ordinary tape and again pull out straight by eye to near the tail. Then I cut a curve in a wider piece of tape (either with a circle or ellipse template), position the centre of that on the underside CL and smooth the two sides o
  3. It's good that one of the heritage liveries will be preserved, any idea where it will finally end up?
  4. Count me in too please - Hobbyboss "C" and Swiss Tiger Meet decals waiting to be built. Mike
  5. Hi Dennis Count me in - there's an Academy F-16C MSIP in my stash too, would make a change from mudhens! Mike
  6. Major sub-assemblies are now built: To aid painting I decided to cut off the axles from the main legs and drill out (1.6mm) to take 1.5mm plastic rod. The nacelle seams needed a touch of filler and also some more where they meet the upper wing. A dry fit gives a good wing to fuselage joint though one of them needs a little more fettling (where it was attached to the sprue) for a perfect fit. The fit of the wing halves was excellent, again a touch of filler needed where the wing tips join. I'm not sure if the scheme in the decal instructions is correct; l
  7. Sad to watch the coverage yesterday - by coincidence the penultimate 747 to leave LHR (Ivy Bee) was the aircraft for my penultimate BA 747 flight (to Denver in February).
  8. Hi Rich No it's the same Academy SUFA boxing and a set of Techmod decals. Unfortunately the decals only have one "plain" version for a "D" but also includes Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary for a single seater. As for the Polish Tiger Meet aircraft....the idea of building a 48th version and adapting the decals to match the bits of the vinyl overlays which came off en route to the Meet appeals! Mike
  9. That reminds me that I've got the same kit in a "side stash" and the decals to produce a Polish Block 52 from it.....
  10. I didn't take long to see that you are correct Col. This build review details exactly the same issue and gives me something to aim for. In my defence I know very little about the Tornado apart from the fact that when we first moved to East Yorkshire there were frequent VERY noisy low level flypasts as they went on training missions! Mike
  11. A double update as both aircraft are now at more or less the same point. First the Hasegawa This one will be built with the closed canopy as I want to keep the sectional sprue for an RAF Fugger2. So far very little filler has been used - I must be getting better with each Revegawa Phantom I build! Although the flaps can be posed on the RAF version, the wing is a one piece moulding in this offering. And the Academy version: A few fit issues with some small gaps, particularly on the port fuselage to nosecone joint where the underside was a tad shorter on th
  12. A couple of shots of the cockpit and yes I (now) know that it's the wrong shade of green - I used Alclad WWII US cockpit green. When everything has had a wash it won't look quite so bright!
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