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  1. FANTASTIC WORK ! Attention to the tiny details and painting job, really a masterpiece !! SouthViper from Brazil
  2. Beautiful model, Congratulations !! I always think what was going on that period for the military allowing such colorfull war aircraft ? Perfect ! SouthViper from Brazil
  3. I would like to thank you all that answered my ask. In fact I have ordered from Hannants the new Reskit resin set for Tornado. Thanks. SouthViper from Brazil.
  4. Beautiful work, Congratulations, If you could show some macro pics of the cockpits capsule details, landing gears bays and exhausts it would be very enjoyable . SouthViper from Brazil.
  5. Hi, firstly , My sincere condolences for Queen Elizabeth II. I wish to make the Revell Tornado exhausts and I think doing they from metal sheet would be great. I bought several sets for Tornadoes and do not found any... What is going on in this World? Hope can anybody to help me ? Thank you all SouthViper from Brazil.
  6. How beautiful aircraft is the MacDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle, including She is from a great moment in Histoty, The F-15A looks like a bride , clean, pure, ellegant in clothes and very very sensual ! Southviper from Brazil
  7. Oh yes, I really liked this Tomcat A, congratulations Southviper from Brazil
  8. https://www.facebook.com/100028301168193/posts/pfbid0agfDfvL5jPia4ZpMryhBEJdQSFrf4UerxEtSR9NSfS4FcFdgBnyivFuLB35Bkrtql/
  9. the forward fuselage around the cockpit appears to be "broken" at two very distinct points towards the radome or nose. maybe Revell already fixed this bug in later GR-5 or F-3 versions? THANK YOU SouthViper from Brazil
  10. Very beautiful model of the Tonka ...
  11. Well... I really love the Panavia MRCA Tornado !!! I understand for sure some secret aspects of the aircraft mainly military aircraft and respective projects, so if that manufacturer says its aircraft is under sonic, bad armed, weak, I believe, since I am not even an specialist or spy. Well, in this way of thinking, I would dare to ask here for declassified pictures of the Tornado's MRCA cockpits and other detais useful ito building an accurate Panavia MRCA Tornado. Thank you all SouthViper from Brazil
  12. Wow ! What a beautiful model Really impressive and fine !!!!! SouthViper from Brazil
  13. Congratulations for this very well done kit. I really like the personality, the way she looks, the mood of the B-26k very futuristic is some ways. SouthViper from Brazil
  14. Fantastic work, what pleasure to follow this F-86 topic, and thank you for sharing tips and photos. SouthViper from Brazil
  15. Very fine building, Fortunately I live a few kilometers away from a P-47D, from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) that fought in Italy, in the Second World War, preserved in the "Expeditionary Museum". SouthViper from Brazil
  16. Very beautiful model, I have the 1.48 Tamiya Vb, I'll try to turn it into a Float plane and I will adapt pontoons too. Congratulations SouthViper from Brazil
  17. Very informative , thank you SouthViper from Brazil
  18. Beautiful plane and camouflage too, liked the scheme to fool the Italian artilery SouthViper from Brazil
  19. Well, simple...human evolution and ingenuity. Any thing more to be write here will be unfair against some human people. SouthViper from Brazil
  20. Firstly, sorry if this question would not be here, please feel free to remove it to adequate place. Returning from decades without modelling anything, just biting my nails... I saw several of my old kit's boxes being attacked by what looks like aliens, perhaps some kind of paper deterioration or mold. I am affraid these aliens could attack photo etched , resins or even plastic parts, even after such long long time alone in the cave man... I would like to conserve or renew those boxes, cleaning all of them withou destroying illustrations. Any tip or information will be very welcome. Thank you all SouthViper from Brazil
  21. Lawyers are lowyers ... few are rational... I think they are criminally prosecuting God to this day for having created more than one bunny on this Planet.
  22. I think it happens more ordinary than many think, I have an old YF-16, XFJ-2 and XP-84 awaiting some bravery from me to start over where I left off.... SouthViper from Brazil
  23. Very sensible subject , but then again, that attack is an historic moment in time. Ask for the IDF if they tell you the real identyties of the Pilots that attacked (under Government laws) the Osirack nuke plant ... SouthViper from Brazil
  24. May be the real markings of the Hunters attacking the Presidential Palace would lead to the then Pilot (and family) that made that attack , and for sure this knowledgement would lead to a human hunting for revenge due politics ideological . This danger makes this History fact even more intriguing and thought-provoking . SouthViper from Brazil
  25. Beautiful work, the Phabulous Phantom II F-4C is Beautiful too. SouthViper from Brazil
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