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  1. Very nice Jean. I dont think I've seen that checkerboard scheme before. Did it come with the kit or is it aftermarket. Pete
  2. Great looking Halifax. The yellow on all the leading edges makes it look just that bit different. Pete
  3. Cracking job. I love this aeroplane and have toyed with making this kit, I always baulk at the thought of doing the rigging though. Pete
  4. You have made a fantastic job of this very poor kitand I totally agree with all you have said about it. As you will have noticed the probes on the nose and other small aerials were not even included in the kit. (ex RV kit mouldings minus the photo etch). And yesyesyes, Oh the spine! Very well done again on persevereing with it. I've taken the liberty of putting the link to mine in here so you can read what I thought of the kit if you would like to. Pete
  5. Cracking looking Lightning. Those early schemes with bright colours everywhere are just what a Lightning needs. The 21F is pretty too. Pete
  6. Very neat and tidy. You mention burnt umber for the undersides wash, is that oil paint as well, I notice you weathered with oils. If so what do you thin the oils with to make a wash? Having seen the results here I think I will have a go with them Pete
  7. Interesting and colourful scheme for the old kit. Very nice result. Pete
  8. Very nice in the USAF overall pale grey scheme. Also I didnt realize there were 2 bladed props on Trojans. Looking forward to that. In my younger days I spent some time watching what was flying around Mildenhall, there was usually an EC to be seen somewhere. Pete
  9. Brilliant! I'm assuming the wood parts are in fact wood? Pete
  10. Great looking Salamander. Superb painting skills. I wish I could replicate the smooth finish you so regularly acheive. Pete
  11. Two great looking 109's. I always like to see different schemes so the Romanian one really caught my eye. Very nice. Pete
  12. Beautiful looking F1C, the Moroccan scheme is so attractive. You have made a little gem. Pete
  13. Excellent job with the different shades of metal paint and the weathering. Pete
  14. Hi, it appeared on e bay just before Christmas and much to my surprise I won the bidding. Like you I'd been after it for some time, I just happened to look on e bay at the right moment. keep looking and good luck!
  15. Thank you all for the kind comments and likes. Many thanks Miguel, Its always nice to have a comment from the home turf of the subject model. Thank you. My sentiments precisely. I enjoy flicking through these pages for exactly the same reason, there is always something to learn. For me, especially in era's I dont usually model.
  16. Great looking 12 Sqn jet. Took me straight back to my first posting (Honington) where there was line upon line of the iconic beauties. Pete
  17. Hello all, here’s the first one finished from the shed this year, the Special Hobby (Ex MPM) boxing of the HA-220 Super Saeta. Following the end of WW2 Willi Messerschmitt emigrated from Germany, eventually settling in Francoist Spain where he was employed at the Hispano Aviacion works. There he played a major part in the design of the Saeta HA-200 trainer which was the basis of the HA-220 close support aircraft. This variant had uprated engines, pylons for external stores, gun pods and where the rear seat used to be an extra fuel tank. Although only in service for 10 years with the Spanish Airforce the HA-220 saw active service during the Polisario uprisings in the Western Sahara. The type was retired from service in 1981. The kit differs from the original MPM kit in that it has extra resin and photo etch parts along with an injection moulded canopy. The plastic parts are still short run style and were re scribed as the engraved lines were almost non-existent. Also due to a poor moulding I had to replace the strake on the nose with plastic card. I made the aerials and probes under the nose from scratch and shortened the overly long U/C legs. It’s finished with Xtracolor enamels and varnishes with a little weathering and panel lining. The decals were excellent. I enjoyed making this little aeroplane, its about the size of a JP, and I am pleased with the way it turned out. So onto the pictures. Hope you like it, thanks for looking. Pete
  18. Gotta love a Bronco! Excellent as always Russ. I think they look the bees knees in USAF colours. Pete
  19. Beautiful! The panel lining, the wear and patena on the metalwork, even the markings are faded. Love it. The East German one is a cracker as well. Pete
  20. Excellent work. From the photos it looks like you are putting decals onto a matt/semi surface. Or is it gloss? If it is not gloss how are you overcoming silvering of the decals? Pete
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