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  1. Beautifully finished 110. The lighter shade of colours looks the part and the weathering is just the right amount. Lovely. Pete
  2. Very nice indeed, The model really captures the look of the B52 perfectly. I can appreciate the time and effort taken in producing this biggy, it couldnt have been easy with those long wings. Did you have to reinforce the wing joints? also I dont think I would have the patience to do all those bombs in 1/144 (in fact any scale!). Pete
  3. Really impressive Yak John. a great portrayal of a proper workhorse of an aeroplane. Ive never used oils for weathering, how do you apply them? and do they have to be thinned with turps. I use enamals so would there be more chance of an adverse reaction? Apologies for the inquisition, the result you've achieved has me intrigued. Pete
  4. Beautifully turned out Yak with scratch enhancements that have really raised the standard of the build to new heights. I thought this and the two Japanese aircraft you have posted were 1 /48th when I first looked, great skills indeed in 1/72. Incidently Ive been thinking about having a go at some Japanese aircraft and I think you have inspired me to do a few. Maybe a Pete from Pete.
  5. Great job! Are your splodges done freehand or with a mask held away from the surface? they are very good. Pete
  6. The faded/blended overall hue you have achieved with the colours is fantastic. On the bottom lip of the right intake there appears to be an indent which is not on the left side. Is that how the lip is on that side of the aircraft? If so do you know what is its function is? Pete
  7. Very nice. Looks much more interesting in silver, white and orange in my opinion, shame they went green. Pete
  8. Very skillful work with the digital camo Martin . Thats a great looking Fencer, Pete
  9. Very nice looking Su, I dont think Ive seen one in Iranian colours before. From what era is that? Pete
  10. Looks awesome in French Naval markings. Beautifully finished model, the panel lining and streaking is very well done. Pete
  11. Phwouar!! just love it. Thats a belter of a Foxbat Shaun. Pete
  12. Beautiful little Connie, This could almost push me into making a civillian aircraft model! Almost. Pete
  13. Well I think it looks great, and I don't think you've gone overboard with the weathering powder at all. Very nice result from your bargain buy. Pete
  14. Now that's a cracker of a Mustang. Great painting skills and a brilliant looking scheme for it. So unusual to see one in Indonesian colours. Pete
  15. Wow ,what a fantastic livery . That's a little beauty, all the more impressive because you made the decals yourself. Pete
  16. Very nice Yak-9K. The lightly applied patchy white is just the right density allowing the green to show through. It really looks the part. Pete
  17. Thank you, Yes, If I remember correctly the aircraft was on exercise in Malta and the sharks mouth and eyes appeared magically overnight! I did find a black and white photo of it on the internet but haven't kept it. Its probably still out there somewhere. I also don't think the adornment stayed on the aircraft very long. The decals came from this sheet. Model Alliance MA72176: Nimrod MR.1/2P/R.1/AEW.3 Found it
  18. Thanks very much. It was the colour that drew me to make this version rather than the older grey one without radar or an SD version from India. P.S did you hit the i key instead of the o in the second line .
  19. Cheers Steve, yeah! I think you are right, the top hat doesnt do much for the May's looks. Thanks Zac. I used to have the Hasegawa Orion and from what I remember the May seems about the same size, maybe a bit longer. Very similar designs though. Thank you, I was surprised too when I placed it next to the Nimrod, as you say its quite petite. I havnt got a P-3 any more to compare it with, but I think its around the same size. I was thinking of building another P-3 in Thai colours as I briefly got to work on one some years ago. Thanks Jason. The chunk on top is part of the Elint system I believe ( I prefer the guest room idea though) Theres some info here if you fancy a read. https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/ilyushin-il-38n-maritime-patrol-aircraft/ Many thanks.
  20. Thanks Markus. Even with all that weight in the nose the model is so finely balanced virtually all the weight is taken by the main wheels. I was worried that when I put the aerials on the rear fuselage it might tip the balance and make it a tail sitter. Thank you very much. There is very little weathering applied because its representing a nice new paint job. There's a bit of exhaust staining down the engines but it doesn't really show up in the photos. Cheers Simon. I did have to jab myself with a cattle prod a couple of times to spur me on. You're very kind, Thank you.
  21. Hello all. I’ve been beavering away with this one for the past six months in the WIP area and its now finished. If you would like to check out the build here is the link. As per usual the Amonster kit comes with the fuselage and main wings moulded in glass fibre, the rest in (short run) plastic. The model has a scratch-built Novella housing as the kit offering was the wrong size and shape. The windscreen wipers are from an Ace etch fret. The decals are from Begemot sheets other than the flags which I made, and the colour is home mixed. The model weighs in at a hefty 485 grams, most of it in the front end to stop it being a tail sitter. I’ve included a couple of pics with my Nimrod for size comparison. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking. Pete
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