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  1. Lovely example of a Magister. Great detail. Im assuming its photoetch from the kit supporting the canopies.? Pete
  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Great build and what an attractive scheme! Pete
  3. You have made a fabulous job of the old classic with all that extra added detail. Although, I feel I should point out that I think you have portrayed a dangerous flight safety hazard in the form of potential pilot distraction! That set of Flight Reference Cards is highly irregular. Pete
  4. That colour scheme is just wicked! Evrything about the build and painwork is so precise. Just beautiful. Pete
  5. Fabulous job. You cant beat that colour blue for a Su-22. Really nice subtle work with the faded areas and the panel lining. Pete
  6. Lovely job with the Bison Werner, you've stoked my interest in this beast again. Im a great fan of the very large Amodel kits and have always wanted to build one of these in 1/72. I think I can feel a house move coming on with more model storage facilities Pete
  7. I keep coming back to this, I've made the SB2 twice but this ICM kit loks to be very nice indeed and you really have made a cracking job of it.
  8. I agree, the two seater is by far the more attractive aircraft. Thanks Mike . I did have to apply some gentle persuasion to get them working again though Strange! Incidently I came across your thread about how to make a Peruvian 17/20 which was very informative. I had also wondered about xkitting the Mistercraft ( nose) and modelsvit varients, but I think it will have to be a reresentation of one rather than wholly accurate if I do go ahead. What a head scratcher!
  9. Yes, I was sorely depressed when I discovered the error on the decal placement instructions. I dont know of any other air force that has their single roundal insignia on different wings on different aircraft types within the fleet!! I think it must have been an error when they were delivered.
  10. Thanks Ray. The kit is from Heller and was marketed as High Tech Concept. It includes white metal seats and a fret of photo etch. The seats are pretty good but the etch is very thin, almost like stiff foil. It was from the 1990 tooling.
  11. Hello all, just finished this one after a long period of mojo loss. The kit showed its age, the mouldings were quite basic and not the best fit but with filler and sanding it came together in the end quite well. The metal frets were very bendy compared to modern offerings, which are more sturdy and easier to use so I didn’t use all the parts. It’s finished with Xtracolor paints and varnishes with the decals coming from Hi-Decal. Once finished I think I discovered a mistake on the decal sheet but it was too late to fix it on the model. Hope you like it Pete I think after looking at photos of the real aircraft the wing markings are transposed. The roundal should be on the right. However the Peruvian Su-20 and Su-25 both have them on the left!? Thanks for looking, Pete.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOO! dont bin it , thats a nicely built and painted little eurocopter. Have a go at this. Pete
  13. Thats turned out a little beauty. . How were the printscale decals? there is a little silvering evident, were they a bit reluctant to settle down? Pete
  14. The aluminium finish is superb, as is the build. And the Swiss markings really lift the one colour scheme and make it pop. Pete
  15. That they are. A fine build and a spectacular group photo. Pete
  16. Very striking scheme, very nice indeed. Great build Ralph. Pete
  17. I think thats pretty damn good for a first attempt after such a long time away from the hobby. I use very thin invisible thread for aerial wires stuck in place with super glue. stick one end using a tiny amount of glue applied with a cocktail stick. After 30 secs pull the thread taught over the other point and add a little glue with the cocktail stick. Trim off any excess with a new scalpel blade. Have a practise between two points on something else before committing to a model. Pete
  18. Very nice. We dont see many Danish Air Force aircraft so this makes a refreshing change. Great build. Pete
  19. I think this aircraft looks really good in the green camo with the orange triangles. Lets face it, it needs all the help it can get as its not the most aesthetically pleasing aircraft on the block. Just my cup of tea though, super work. Pete
  20. Lovely precise build with a superb paint finish. A pleasure to peruse your work. Pete
  21. Super Stormovic, looks perfect on that base. Pete
  22. Fantastic paintwork and weathering, excellent build. Pete
  23. Great Betty! I wouldnt have guessed its an old mould, it looks so clean and crisp. Fabulous build. Pete
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