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  1. Excellent job. That has to be one of the best schemes I've seen for this aircraft. Great freehand skills with the painting. Cheers Pete
  2. Great job, the colour scheme and panel lining is beautifully executed. Nice touch with the helmets! Cheers Pete
  3. Thanks guys for you kind words. Great, looking forward to seeing it on this site. I would recommend getting the external NH Detail set as well because the smaller kit parts (aerials, etc.) are pretty thick! Totally agree. A good part of my stash is made up of Amodel kits because I couldn't resist the uniqueness of the subjects. This early Amodel kit is a very poor fit. The engine halves were the worst parts being different sizes and misshapen. The inside of the nacelles is square shaped rather than round when joined together, so the round compressor/turbine kit parts were cut down and used as backing for the etch parts, but even these had to be cut to fit inside. There is a lot of plastic shimming at the wing roots and nacelle/wing joints along with a lot of filler. Lots of sanding! The top of the engines at the rear were built up with plastic card to be flush with the wing and to get rid of the enormous joint lines. Lots of sanding! The nose and wing probes were replaced by stretched spru. I rebuilt the outriggers. As mentioned before the small parts were from NH Detail and the ACE Russian aerial etch fret. All the interior parts were hewn to fit and only then were the etch parts fitted. You cant see most of this interior detail anyway. But don't let me put you off!! Thanks Ryan, I like your recent Russian builds, especially the MiG 21'S.
  4. Started during lockdown here is my Yak 28PP. I used the NH Detail interior and exterior set (most of it anyway), other than that its from the box. The colour scheme was sprayed using Xtracolour enamels. Blutac worms were used to make soft edges between colours. The stars are from Begamot, all the other decals are from the kit. it was sealed using a mix of Xtra varnishes and weathered with Tamiya powders.. It’s far from the best fitting kit in the world, but with a fair amount of work and tons of patience, in the end you can get a passable representation of a Yak 28. Hope you like it. Cheers Pete Thanks for looking
  5. I didn't realize the VVS used the Mitchell, very interesting. Smashing job Roman, beautiful build and finish. Cheers Pete
  6. The teeth on the recce pod are great. Impressive build and a Polish regiment finish always suits a MiG 21. Very well done, I'm looking forward to seeing the MF. Cheers Pete
  7. Brilliant work Jon. I love all the bracing structure detail on the booms. Great paint finish as well, looks pretty smooth to me! Cheers Pete
  8. Excellent job. the detailing on the strakes and small round panels is spot on really bringing the model to life. Amazing size difference in comparison to the Thud. Cheers Pete
  9. I had exactly the same thoughts. Dad used to take me to the displays at Coltishall (Lightnings then). The reds would be there with their Gnats. Great build Richard, Cheers Pete
  10. Fantastic weathering techniques, the entire package is beautifully done and really captures the look of the 25. The back end looks really sharp. I've just finished the ICM kit and found the jet pipes and surrounding area a bit woolly detail wise. Did you enhance the jet pipes at all? they look really good compared to the offerings in my kit. Bit of info, to save painting the sealant Begamot have just released a decal sheet of pink sealant. Not sure if its in the shops yet. Cheers Pete
  11. Great model. Great tribute to someone who fought in a conflict where our forces involvement is to often forgotten. Your modelling skills are far from limited as demonstrated by this build. Lovely job.
  12. That's a great paint finish. Fantastic mottling.
  13. I didn't know Finland used this type and found the background information on its use very interesting. The model is beautifully made and well done on the scratch items they are superbly done. Fabulous skills in every aspect of the build.. Cheers Pete
  14. That's a lovely job Roger. The detailing in the cockpit and rear gunners position is very well done.
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