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  1. Great looking Viggen Nick.. I think they look the bees knees in the grey scheme with the big orange numbers. Pete
  2. Very nice indeed . The extra work you have put into the build has produced a little gem. I was lucky enough to get to work on these a few years back in Kingsville, Texas. As a result of the visit I've got a couple of kits of the gate guards in my stash to make. Pete
  3. Spectacular result Steve. I would have been hitting the eyedrops bottle hard after that one! . What's the base colour? Is that pale grey or white? Pete
  4. Very nice outcome. Your panel lining and dirty streaking technique is very effective. What method do you use if you don't mind me asking? Pete
  5. Excellent work, good to see a Heinkel in Hungarian colours. I have to say I think smoking that close to a fuel drum must contravene health and safety regulations! Pete
  6. Just a bit further on. The engine parts were assembled and superglued to the wing, again without the U/C units. These will all be added after the main parts are together and the filled areas sanded down. The ailerons and wing tips have also been added, Where the rear engine cowlings extend beyond the trailing edge there was a large joint to be filled. I used plastic card cut to conform to the required shape rather than using filler, this saves too much detail from being sanded away.
  7. Cracking result. Ive been considering getting one of these, after seeing yours I think I will indulge. Pete
  8. Considering the angst it generated during the build that's a mighty fine result. Looks great in North Korean markings. Pete
  9. That's a great looking Lightning.. The finish is exceptional in the way you have replicated the slightly blotchy appearance on the metal panels that Lightnings seem to have. Pete
  10. Very nice. I must get one of these, you've inspired me Shaun. Pete
  11. Great job in raising this model up a notch or ten. Pete
  12. Great brush skills, very nice build of an attractive little aircraft. Pete
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