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  1. Excellent. There's some serious FUG work going on there! You must have had eyes like after fitting them Pete
  2. Thanks. Yes agreed. I would like to do a 47 Sioux, but in 1/72 I think the boom needs to be etch, or scratch made out of metal rod. If you are looking for one, LF Models make the Ranger in 1/48 and Italeri and Esoteric make the Sioux in 1/48th. Pete
  3. One of my favourite Luftwaffe aircraft that you dont see much , so very pleased to see it and what a belter of a little replica it is. Superb job Bob. Pete
  4. Very nice indeed. Well done with the home printed SA parts and the decals. It looks very good with lo viz markings. Pete
  5. Excellent work. The almost imperceptible staining/wear under the cockpit and on the occasional panel is beatifully done. Pete
  6. Hello all. Finished last week this little kit took quite a lot of work to get together. The parts are moulded in soft grey plastic, all needing to be scraped and sanded to ensure a good fit. There is also a fair amount of etch to deal with, so the aged eyes and fingers had their work cut out for this one! The aircraft is the executive version of the Bell 47 and according to the LF instructions had the distinction of being the first helicopter to carry a President of the United States. It was used by many civil and military users, and I think it was the star of a TV show called Whirlybirds which I watched on a black and white TV many moons ago. The model is out of the (small) box other than the balances atop the rotor head which I made from old bits of etch and brass rod. I used Xtracolor enamels throughout and It’s finished as a Chilean Naval version from 1966. It was great fun to do, hope you like it. Most of the parts are inside, never to be seen again! Thanks for having a look. Pete
  7. What a striking colour scheme for the P-39! A beautifully made and painted model Cris. Pete (My profile picture is the VC10 on which I was part of the crew when in Santiago for FIDAE 2002. I loved Santiago)
  8. Very well done. The snake makes a nice change from the usual sharks mouth you regularly see on aircraft. Pete
  9. Thank you Yes they are a bit difficult to come by these days. I nearly went for the Belgian example as the all white scheme looks very smart. Would like to see your two if you can find the pics. Pete
  10. Fabulous model. An inspiring build Neil, just goes to show what can be done with the older moulds when in the hands of an experienced and skilled modeller. Pete
  11. Thats a great Hind. The splinter scheme with Macedonian markings looks superb. Pete
  12. Thank you. Indeed, there is much pain to be had! Prepare to fettle!! (while humming 'we will overcome').
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