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  1. I just love a UM and this is an absolute beauty Martin. The Mali scheme is a real show stopper. Cheers Pete
  2. Fabulous job. Flawless build and finish. Pete
  3. Lovely job on this one Russ. The simple scheme with the white on the tail is a stunner. Pete
  4. Excellent job . The wooden effect is very convincing. Is it wood? Pete
  5. Fab job on the splinter. The very thought of doing it puts me into a cold sweat. The temp white markings make it all the more interesting as well. Great skills all round. Pete
  6. Beautifully done. What theatre of operations would this scheme apply to? I'm wondering Italy? Clever use of the oil drum, there must be a bit of engine maintenance to be done. Pete
  7. I like the nice little modification to make it a bit different. Very nicely done. The wing area is something else! must have been a precursor to the U2, or was it really that inefficient in producing lift? Pete
  8. For a straight out of the box that's a cracking result. The colours seem just right to me but I'm no Luftwaffe expert and the canopy looks fine as well. How do you achieve such good spirals on the bosses? Pete
  9. Great Job Dmitry.. Ive got one of these in my stash which I also plan to do in the overall grey scheme, If it turns out half as good as this one I'll be well pleased. Pete
  10. Excellent René. The enhancements have have really raised the game, especially the starter truck. What a great display you have created. Pete
  11. Love it to bits. I've always had a fondness for the F111 from sitting in Mother in laws garden and watching them on approach to Lakenheath. Really good looking in this scheme. Very well done Angelo. Pete
  12. They look so good together, a real couple of beauties. For me 2019 has the edge with the darker finish. Cheers Pete
  13. Absolutely stunning result Thant. The hyd pipes in the engine and U/C bays are a great addition and the overall extra detailing you've applied is out of this world. Absolute cracker, your skills are Masterful. Cheers Pete
  14. Nice one Roman. This was one of the first kits I made and I remember it went together well compared to some other manufactures. Your enhancements have produced a little beauty. The temporary snow camo has worked a treat. how on earth did you come up with that method? Cheers Pete
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