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  1. All of them are superbly done but I love FAE 901, the slightly ungainly nose makes it look more buisnesslike in my view. Pete
  2. Well I think you have very definately done it justice. Thats a beautiful model of a beautiful aeroplane. Pete
  3. Astonishing!. I agree with what others have said in that perhaps this is one of the directions the hobby will take in the future. Maybe in the same way that it is possible to buy a paper plan for a R/C ship, it will be possible in the future to buy a model aircraft CAD plan/program for a home 3D printer. Back to the present, I'm now looking forward to the next Sea Vixen springing forth from the biscuit tin. Pete
  4. Very nice, we don't often get to see a 2 blader. The splinter camo is interesting in that it is very 'splintery' (technical term). It seems a more exagerated design than later marks of aircraft had. Pete
  5. Thats a little gem. I really must get one of these to do, I'm thoroughly inspired, thank you. Pete
  6. Thanks evryone for the kind comments Thanks Mike. Yes the brakes are pretty unique. The ones on the side look like they would disrupt the airflow over the elevators when deployed! Im assuming all was well with the concept though as the aircraft went on serving for a creditable number of years. While on the subject of speed brakes, on the VC10 there were 'spoidbrakes' on the wings. These could also be controlled via one of the control yolks left and right movement (when mechanically connected in an emergency) to independently lift the brakes on one wing or the other to provide turning in the event of complete aileron failure!! (unlikely as there were 4 ailerons). Never heard of it being used and I dont know if the idea was incorporated on other large jets. Good design idea though. Thanks. Without a doubt the cockpit etch set was the best I've ever used.
  7. Yes agreed with the above, especially the Egyption scheme you have chosen to do. Thats a very fine Fitter, well worth the effort you had to put in. The weathing is superbly done . Pete
  8. Ive been sitting for a good few minutes enjoying the pictures of this beautifully made Vulcan. Very very nice indeed Matt. Pete
  9. Thanks Joachim. Yes you're right, I just plain forgot about the pitot. (Ill do it the next time I have the right paint open ). I think the photo I used for the guide to the underside might be of the historic flight aircraft. That appears to have the tank painted wheras photos of earlier in service aircraft have in general a metallic finish to the tanks. (https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.airliners.net%2Fphoto%2FSweden-Air-Force%2FSaab-J32E-Lansen%2F299201&psig=AOvVaw3zLTAkA1htCKISFiVjcHQ8&ust=1634887282666000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAgQjRxqFwoTCICD87b82vMCFQAAAAAdAAAAABB8)
  10. Hello all, here is the latest from the shed., It’s the old Heller SAAB Lansen kit with extra cockpit detail, belly fuel tank and airbrakes from Maestro Models. The markings came from Moose Republic sheet 72002 from which I chose to do the J32 E from around 1994. I did a little rework on the kit parts before I started in the form of rubbing down the raised detail and then re scribing new panel lines. I also reshaped the gun ports (ish) and cut out the slots where the airbrakes go. Construction was straight forward after that other than bending and gluing the etch airbrakes and making a few blade aerials. It’s finished with Humbrol enamels and Xtracolor varnishes. I used Tamiya powders to try to give the effect of slightly faded paintwork as some of the pictures I have seen of these aircraft showed the paint finish ranging from very faded to pristine. It was great fun building a Lansen and revisiting much earlier modeling times via the Heller kit, which I did'nt think was too bad at all for an oldie. Anyway probably not the most accurate Lansen in the world but I’m happy with how it turned out, heres some pics. Hope you like it The etch detail fitted perfectly Very fiddley bending these, but well worth the effort I think. Thank goodness I have a bending tool. I was surprised how much bigger than the Draken it is. Thanks for looking Pete
  11. Great result a always Russ. The weathered panel lines are superbly done. How about a lend lease one! Pete
  12. Very nicely turned out Canadian Starfighter. They do look good in overall olive? green. The decals seemed to have worked a treat despite their age. Just wondering what the pink Splatt is under the cockpit, cant quite make it out. It seems to be a hairy creature with axes. Is it a unit marking? Pete
  13. Very nicely done. I hav'nt made a PF or a PFM but after seeing this I can definately feel one coming on! Great job Pete
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