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  1. Nice finish on the RU, looks very good in Indian colours. I made the Condor kit some months back and I have to agree with Martin it doesnt seem to be sitting right. The Condor kit sits lower at the back and lower overall. Pete
  2. Eye catching and eye wateringly fast . Great looking model and well done with the canopy repair. If I had done that amount of damage it would have gone in the bin faster than Darryl Greenamyer was travelling! Pete
  3. That is a super looking Thunderjet, very smart in Danish colours. I think I will get one to go with my Thunderstreak. Pete
  4. Thanks Alex. Yes even more of a change, the builds currently on the go are are an F104 and an F86D! Interesting about the Chromate colour, Ive never seen that. Do you have the link to the photo? I would like to take a peek.
  5. Very nice indeed Mike. I echo others in agreeing that the metal finish is very good, are MRP paints acrylic or enamel? Ive recently bought some japanese aircraft to do but hav'nt taken the plunge yet but after seeing this I can feel a Fujimi Pete coming on! Pete
  6. I,ve never seen this scheme before now. Looks amazing, well done. Pete
  7. Great well used look to the paint job. especially round the various panels. Excellent skills Russ. Pete
  8. Lovely looking Nieuport, Surprised about the misaligned decals though. Good job with the touching up, had you not mentioned it I wouldnt have known you had done it. Pete
  9. One of my favourite Japanes fighters superbly made. Great to see. Pete
  10. Very nice indeed. The asymetric wing fold is a great idea for showing off the different operational states of the aircraft. Pete
  11. The more I look the more I like. Great job. Ive been after one of these kits for some time but like you said, very hard to come by. Pete
  12. Astonishing that you've managed to incorporate such detail around the engine area. Altogether superb workmanship. Pete
  13. Very well done with the mottling, thats a great looking CR42. Pete
  14. Beautiful job on the old Heller kit. A really interesting and different scheme. Pete
  15. Very nice, the weathering round the interior edges of the panels is extremely convincing. Pete
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