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*R.I.P* 2022 - Night and Day GB


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I like the music of Cole Porter, and one day maybe a week ago the words "Night and day..." lead in my mind to a Group Build idea.


But to the point: Night and Day GB. The Allied combined bombardment campaign to defeat the Axis and its industrial heart and logistic veins. Why not bleed their air force white too, conveniently along the way. Achieve this with British by night, Americans by day, hammering the enemy Night and Day. Adding Little Friends as they came along, from the early Spitfire escort reaching the Netherlands to Mustangs all the way to Berlin and back. Not forgetting the photo recon Mosquitos, Lightnings and Spitfires that brought back valuable information about the effects of the bombing. Assembly ships and Pathfinders too, of course. And the Dambusters! On the other side of the table, Jagdwaffe, with anything they ever could send up in the air to defend Das Reich. Night and Day. The wild boars and the tame ones. Rocket firing dayfighters to break them up and ones with antitank guns to do havoc in a tight combat box formation. The Schräge Musik, btw, that's jazz. A lot of metal in the air too, known as the notorious Flak, so the German AAA and ground radar equipment are eligible if that's your interest. And the night fighters chasing other night fighters, the choices are endless...less...less...


So how'd this sound for 2022?


1) V-P the host 

2) MarkSH

3) Col. the co-host :yahoo:

4) Antoine

5) Corsairfoxfouruncle

6) Rabbit Leader

7) Arniec

8. trickyrich

9) Ol' Scrapiron

10) CliffB

11) Silenoz

12) Wez


14) Mottlemaster

15) Hockeyboy76


17) specky

18) Peter Lloyd

19) Valkyrie

20) Muddyf

21) Redstaff

22) BerndM

23) PhantomBigStu

24) Paul821

25) alt-92

26) franky boy

27) Greg Destec

28) modelling minion

29) Tim R-T-C

30) Stefan Buysse

... thank you all!

31) Work In Progress

32) Davey Gair

33) wimbledon99

34) Bill Davis

35) Richard Tucker

36) Rafwaffe

37) ...

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Sign me up V-P and as co-host if you require. Most likely take the opportunity to go with a PR Spit or Mossie for my photo-recce collection but there was plenty bomber types stationed in this little corner of the world where I call home so who knows what new kits I can justify by the time this one comes around :D 

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Day's not really my cup of tea, but Night, why not?


Of course there's a long way to go, but I've had a look at the stash.


I've a few 1/48 Nightfighters, all from Tamiya, and all classic....


Mossie II




He 219,





And a Beau. The only one with this little something different, because it comes with a conversion set for a Beau II.



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But then it would be the perfect excuse to dig into my small collection of Ju 88 Nightfighters.


C-6, with...




Or without radar.




















And G-6!!!





And finally, an R-2 façon spaghetti!

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You’re twisting my arm V.P, so under immense distress you’d better sign me up too! Ive long had this publication in my aero library and with such classic raids as - 


Wilhelmshaven (1939), Rotterdam, Coventry, (1940), Knapsack (1941), Augsburg, Cologne, Eindhoven (1942), Ijmuiden, Hamburg, Schweinfurt, Hannover (1943), Berlin, Nuremberg (1944) and Dresden (1945).... there’s certainly plenty of choices on offer from both sides. Might even be tempted to build one of my many unbuilt Lancs taking up valuable storage space. 


Cheers.. Dave 




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I am in. Got loads in the stash and will see what I build. But at least some 250 models will fit the bill:D 

O, and before Enzo says it. I will not build them all. :P



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oooo I have to be in this with something that has black crosses on it and flies at night....maybe!


Not sure what for now, but theirs plenty of time for manufactures to produce something to tempted me with! :D

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My 80 years old Mom was today at our house to spend the Boxing day and brought me some old photos. Her mind sharp as a needle, dancers agility and still driving a Kia Rio, way to go Mom 👍. Now this here below is me on my 9th birthday back in 1977, and a build-in-one-day Revell B-24D Liberator work in progress pic. Haven't built one since. Maybe in this GB should it gain enough support? V-P

Me and Lib


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I will put aside these three kits to build as part of the Night and Day project.




I've held on to the Matchbox kits for decades so far, so what's another year? I actually have multiples of the Lancaster and Halifax.


Not sure when I got the Liberator (7-8 years ago) but I haven't even opened it yet because it is the wrong variant for my Great-Uncle's plane in the 466th BG out of Attlebrige. Might as well throw it in to make a true "Night and Day" combo project.



These are all 1/72nd (smaller than I prefer) so don't expect quite the same level of effort as I have been putting in for the current B-17 STGB... but I'll try not to embarrass myself.




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I have a lot of studying to do next year for the final year of my degree (doing a BEng in my fifties - I must be mad)!  So, depending on when the GB is held I would be in with a 100 (Bomber Support) Group RAF Mosquito night intruder.

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