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*R.I.P* 2022 - Night and Day GB


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5 minutes ago, JOCKNEY said:


Hi Dennis


Plenty to choose from but a real tailsitter so be careful. 


https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q=focke-wulf+ta+154&fkSECTION[]=Kits&fkSCALENORMALISED[]="1:00072"&fkTYPENAME[]="Full kits"


Cheers Pat 



Thanks Pat, Im thinking if not the Ta-154 then definitely Bf.110 or maybe Mossie ? I do have an A-20 and B-25 though ? 🧐

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On 10/30/2021 at 4:08 PM, vppelt68 said:

Continuing with the comic strips 😊




Must say, I think if you put Tamiya Extra Thin up your nose, it would probably be even worse for you than superglue...


Also, I've got a pair of nightfighter 109s I wanted to make for the 109 STGB, but didn't get a chance - so lets get this GB up so I can finally build them!

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  • vppelt68 changed the title to *R.I.P* 2022 - Night and Day GB

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