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  1. Storch used by Erwin Rommel 1st Desert Rescue Squadron 1942 North Africa......But not as you know it P1030127 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030128 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030130 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030131 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030129 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Build Thred
  2. I have just orderd one and this is going straight on to the work bench as soon as it arrives . I will do a build thred here on B.M as cant hang on for a GB .
  3. WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW You deserve to leave the smile of satisfaction on your face for a good 6 months .
  4. I get it from my local post office .I think a tube is £2-£3 and lasts for years as long as cap is screwed on tight
  5. Good if your the moth .Bad for the bird that cant find the moth to eat Peppered moths are famous for their excellent camoflage .....Just like your grief excellent .
  6. With Sand Worms P1030126 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030125 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr
  7. It looks like a Peppered Moth hiding on a wall
  8. This is what i was after Greg. P1030122 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Now the over lying sand has been completed im very pleased how it turned out . You need to goever the edge when masking removed with a stiff brush to remove any loose paint . Now with a coat of gloss and decals on . Decals very thick and very sticky . P1030123 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030124 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030121 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030120 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030119 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Will apply some mat varnish tomorrow and get the bombs painted
  9. Your airbrush must be doing overtime to get this far . Its looking absolutly stunning .
  10. Some aircraft were deliverd in desert camo which would often be olive green over sand , others moved from other theatre of operations with splinter scheme were over painted after arival in the field ,often not much care taken doing it . the Storch i am doing was over painted with its squigglein the field I love takeing masks off Greg , it kind of brings things together . here are some pics with masks removed and one piainting session filling in with the sand . Recon it will take about 3 more paint sessions on the sand . P1030116 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030115 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030114 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030113 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr couldnt resist unmasking the white nose aswell
  11. With all the Copytex blobs dry and the delivery of the Mr hobby RLM 79 i have given a light coating over all the upper surface . P1030104 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The original splinter is still visible with the hope that when i remove the masks tomorrow there will be little in the way of a step . made a rear view mirror from some sprue made the convex back by adding a smaall drop of 5 min epoxy and letting it slump to the edges . P1030105 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030106 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr
  12. Just a sharp cocktail stick to prise it up . Copydex consists of latex dissolved in water. As such it is relatively non-toxic and so is frequently used in primary schools. It also contains ammonia to stabilise the rubber solution. This is the source of its characteristic smell. Copydex is (i recon ) better than masking fluid as its far cheaper and being in a tube rather than a bottle there is litle wastage , DO NOT USE TIPEX.....
  13. The edge of the masked area wont be the edge of finished green patch as this will be 1 -3 mm inside and done with my airbrush in almost mottle mode
  14. Rich i would have expected you to have one of these conversions in your stash or maybe two for some weird Ju388 Z wing conversion Greg , the conversion is relativly easy apart from the complex transparencies . Forwarned is forarmed . Probably easier than the Planet models full resin kit . Thanks Anthony . I try never to send a model to the bin . Only once in past 40 years due to spilling a full bottle of liquid cement on it Thanks Alan . It helps having two on the go so i can have a rest from this one . Now i have been doing some work on the painting and some smaller details A decision has been made on the aircraft to portray ....Roll of drums .....W.Nr 0310 , 4.(Pz)Sch. G.2 , Castel Benito Libya Feb . 1943 i have chosen this one due to my Storch build haveing a RLM 65 /70 /71 with sand squiggle , so wanted something different . Have painted and masked off all the white areas and done a crude 70/71 splinter camourflage as most of this will be coverd up . P1030084 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030087 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The radio mast is scratch built from some plastic sprue and the pennant from some aluminium heat insulation tape . Each area of exposed splinter has been coverd in a very large area of Copydex . P1030088 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030089 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030090 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr These areas are to simply mark the position of the green patches . I intend that ,when my RLM 79 sand arrives i shall spray a very light misting over all upper surface ,light enough that it doesnt build up over the edge of the Copydex . I wil remove the copydex and the go over free hand with the sand to soften the edges of the green patches and reduce their size . Well thats the plan .Its a bit of an experiment but in my head it should work . Cant wait for the paint to arrive ... i may go and order some more from the UK now and pay for priority posting . Neil is this because you are savouring the future build or open the box look at the parts and retire in fright There wont be much to see and i wont be directing a camera lense towards them
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