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  1. I some time make a cocktail of tamiya extra thin and Revell Contacta . i put a few drops of the Revell and then mix in the tamiya with the application brush . i often use this mix for wing joining where there is large broad areas for glue application etc .
  2. A timely lesson as I've got the yellow undersides of my Me 163 done in British captured colours of yellow .Your explanation is very well presented. Thanks for taking the trouble to post it Cheers Alistair
  3. Looks like a very simple kit. Will make a good contrast to the operationally version. Looks like a productive weekend would see it built and painted.
  4. So much in such a small space. Proves the saying that Big isn't always better. Looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece.
  5. Hi Greg . i,m going with 02 .Cant see this as bare metal as landing on grass would possibly throw up loads of crud intp the skid recess etc . Im going to heavy weather mine with chips and mud . Construction of both komets has progressed at a good pace Both nearing painting stage . Not sure if i should leave out the gun sight from Erics aircraft . Any one any ideas please . P1030584 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Constructed some detail to the hasegawa kit as the skid bay is devoid of any detail and even a floor . P
  6. If only life was so easy . VAT . import duty ,they are like water of a ducks back to me . I run a small nursery business that specialises in Carnicrrous plants such as Venus Flytraps , Pitcher plants and sundews . Before Jan 1st to sell Venusflytrap to European Union £6 .00 plus post and packing . Now £6.00 for plant £ 145.00 phytosanitry certificate (plant health ) £ 75.00 CITES certificate as VFT is appendix B protected So now plant that cost 6.00 will cost £225 .00 plus post and packing cant see my EU sales existing for small ord
  7. Over the past few weeks since the start date for this G/B was established iv been pondering which of my resin kits to undertake . When the idea for this G/B was mooted 2 years ago i think i put my name down with the idea of doing some Luft 46 aircraft , however the stars have lined up to cause me to have a change of plan . This will be my entry P1030580 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr It must be only a short time before zoukei mura bring out a state of the art kit .(just as they did shortly after i finished my Rutman henschel 129 AKA pig kit ) Its there t
  8. I'v over done my paint mixing for the 163 every time so far as the do 17 took large amount to cover . At 1/48 yours will be minute quantities , even the rlm 76 .
  9. I bet that there aren't many little Airfix Henschel 123 looking better than yours.
  10. Your attention to detail and skill has resulted in a superb Hornet. One of the best I've seen
  11. Superb quality and variety of completed models .You must have worn out a few mm of your brushes. Please tell me which manufacturer, size and in what brush range gets your vote for the most outstanding brush of the year ? Cheers Alistair
  12. I have just read through the postings as I had never heard of the Sopwith Baby so clicked on your build to find out more. Fascinating kit and history of zeppelin warfare.
  13. Glad you decided to get this one off the shelf. I built one many years ago when it first came out. Could have been the trimester brand but same plastic After the Do17 this will be a dose of Plastic Prozac
  14. Hi John I to met Eric on his lecture tour at Yeovilton...wow for us aircraft modelers and any one with an intrest in flight it was an evening never to forget. I think Erics favourite aircraft was the Dehaveland Sea Hornet. I cannot find a 1/32resin Eric to go with the komet.
  15. I agree with Pete's assessment. There is a good chance that an all red example existed but I don't think there is any photographic evidence . No fuselage bands and only red ,yellow is on nose .
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