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  1. Some more pics of progress. Undersize cockpit .more like 1/72 Canopy provides plenty of privacy ie not exactly clear. All for now
  2. Fantastic job . Bet there arent many other Frog !!o's looking this good if any .
  3. So like Red Riding Hood you are about to enter a forest, but an even more dangerous one, one made of struts. Of course buoyed up by your recent experiences with the Gladiator struts could cause you to skip eagerly onwards,glue in hand. I found the struts even more tricky than the engine to do but came out fine in the end. Lots of swearing and forgetting to breathe. Cheers Alistair
  4. Looking good Stew .How does the construction compare with the Gladiator? Cheers Alistair
  5. Looking good Stew .either you or I have opend up the wrong end of our guns . It could well be me but I'm lying in bed away from the instructions so this needs investigating. (Not me being in bed at 7.00) Cheers Alistair
  6. I too use copydex .Cheap , works well , no wastage as i use a tube . easy to get .
  7. Please count me in . As i was born on Malta i always will have a soft spot for the island Go there most years viruses permitting .
  8. No Stew they fitted perfectly ,but i think i can remember holding parts together and thinking ..what the heck ..a small adjustment and they whent perfect . . Of course i had the part to the left upside down
  9. probably in 4 scales . Luft 46 fun realy reaches its climax with the painting . Iv done a Dornier do335 in Free Cornwall colours of the Mebyon Kernow Airforce . My bet is is never been done before or will be done again .
  10. Thanks Rich ,Mark and Graham . This is a very nice resin kit .The quality and fit of the parts is top notch . I have figured that i can assemble and paint the wings and fuselage as seperate components and then attach after painting which will ennable easier handling of this massive beast with 425mm wing span . most parts have been attached and after a sanding of the primer will be ready to paint . For my 155c version i used fictitious markings , however with this one im going with as found . The Secret Projects booklet has a nice profile .
  11. What if the Luftwaffe had captured Laura Ashley and forced her to do camouflage design for them .....Just an idea for your back story, Cherry print would be cool for this aircraft AKA country house mottling.
  12. Just an idea Pat , have you thought about storeing your filler for this kit undergound in an old bulk gas tank to save space . respect for your tenacity ......no way have i spelt tennacity correctly.
  13. Stew, I'll send you some pics of main areas where its easy to go wrong, I see you drink full cream milk. Lucky you, my wife made me go semi skimmed
  14. Intresting question Pat . Im not sure but as a guess its to "grab " as much as the thin air at the higher altitudes that the aircraft was desighned to operate at . The blades of the Fw 190 d and Ta 152 were rather broad but not to this extent .Cheers Alistair
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