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  1. I like your plastic jig ,much better than my wobbly lzer cut wood one .Can i ask where did you get it Greg . Cheers Alistair
  2. Ju 87 G-2 Stab/SG2 Kommodore Obersteutnant Hans-Ulrich Rudel Autumn 1944 hasegawa 1/32 P1030380 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030381 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030382 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030379 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr
  3. Wow i had to go along way back to find my build . What can isay but sorry to anyone who was kindly looking at progress only to find no updates for over a month . I have been plugging away at this but finding little time to do anything regarding getting my brain around taking pics , editing them etc and before i realised it i have finished so like a book with a begining an d an end but no middle i present some pics of the Ju 87 with a sample of the Armour Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR, Tungsten hard-core) ammunition 37 × 263B mm . All the insignia is spray painted useing the Montex masks . Probably not the easiest of amarkings to choose but im very pleased with how they vame out . I think though it was the time spent sorting out all the paint sheduals that bore down on my time . P1030361 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030363 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr I used these Simple work seat belts made from lazer cut wood and paper . You get two sets in a pack and they are cheeper than other paper/fiber belts . The wood needs painting and the buckels are glued on top , not threded through .. P1030364 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030365 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030366 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Its a large aircraft with its extended wingspan. P1030367 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030369 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030372 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030373 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030374 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030375 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030376 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030377 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030378 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Well thts the Ju 87 finished .. Going to do something a little smaller and simpler for the next one Thinking Airfix Dfiant 1/48 OOB Thanks for looking Alistair
  4. Great point to get to Greg . I hope the canopy frames make masking easy but my guess is your going to have a few hours at the work bench on this one . I do expect you to be masking inside and out
  5. Thanks Greg . The long process of painting has started ,just need some dry weather to lower humidity as my moisture trap filles up in around 120 seconds . Thanks Neil . The Aires cockpitt set is a kit in itself . The open nature of the Ju 87 shows everything to full advantage unlike something like the Fw 190 . I recon from what you save by haveing the Revell boxing it makes shelling out the cash that bit easier . The Mntex marsking set is a no brainer ... get one or spend months cursing your mistake I have at long last got all the masks from the Montex Maxi Mask set on . Not an easy task as some sit across the yellow band around the tail . I hope that i have everything in order utherwise when i take the masks off there could be some yellow in the wrong place . Started by doing severall coats of tamiya flat white in all ares where both white and yellow would shoew plus a few other areas to add some vatriation to the finished RLM 71 ,70 and 65 I then applied masks and then yellow . When dry i then masked off yellow areas useing Tamiya tape . P1030352 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030353 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The tail markings are a little tricky to apply . The loweer positions of the 9's are as per instructions . P1030354 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030355 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr To help keep parts of mask together in original position i marked them with a pencil . If parts of mask are out of position it can throw the shape out . P1030356 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030357 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The lower wing crosses on this aircraft sit at an angle to the panel lines which adds difficulty to getting them in the correct place . P1030359 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Im going to have to be rather carefull removing the masks for the yellow fuselage band so not to disturb the montex masks beneth . Now on to the cockpit masking P1030358 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Montex provide the lower part of the chevron but not the top parts so i fabricated some from tamiya tape useing the kit decals as a template .
  6. I have been plugging away on getting main components together and now i feel i have a recognisable Stuka on the bench . I added some plastic card bracing for the wings to avoid wings falling apart when handling P1030347 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Almost didnt see this row of injector pin marks . P1030349 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr They have been filled with glue/talk mix . Wings now completed . Gun pods not attached . P1030350 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030351 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Now on to phase 2 Canopy masking iside and out Prop finish gun pods Wheels
  7. Looking good .l admire all the work you have done with the etch . Good luck keeping the wheels free of scratches and sinks.
  8. Your painting has made the cockpit look superb
  9. YespartJ4 was too small resulting in a small step between it and fuselage with very little distance to build up over step . I used some SUPER GLUE/TALC MIX and it has removed step and managed to avoid damaging through that canopy runs in .
  10. Thanks for the post Bob .I have made the hasegawa 1/48 ju87 and the level of detail is far less .Add the resin and it makes the hasegawa plastics detail look soft . Hi Peter . Yes the Araldite instant gives that compromise between time to move parts around for fine adjustment and not haveing to hold it too long so it moves during setting . Thanks Hewy. Its going together quickly compaired with my last build a Special Hobby 1/48 He 115 float plane. Hardly any cleaning off and super-duper locating lugs and pins. Thanks Arnold Its a theraputic kit to build ,nice and relaxing ,even with the resin and etch . Much progress has been made with cockpit assembled and,painted and installed . Seats to be added later when belts arrive . iI will let the pictures tell the story . P1030338 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The sides have been fixed useing my new fav glue , Araldite instant . This let me do a dryfit withe the floor so i could be sure the parts would fit later . P1030338 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Some halfords grey primer over sides . P1030339 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr painted with Mr Color RLM 66 . Cockpit plackards by airscale. P1030340 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030342 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr This picture shows the floor in place and fuselage sides glued . The black arrow point to areas of both resin floor and kit parts where i needed to trim to get a good fit . The wing spar is in place to check that it would sit correctly and not be hinderd by floor . P1030343 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Kit radio antenna removed and replaced with resin part . Much better detail. P1030344 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Sides buttond up . Red arrow shows small wedge shaped gap whre sides couldnt come together properly due to the rudder control bar that runs accros the fuselage being about 1mm too long . This was a part i found too difficult to do a dry fit test before useing glue . P1030345 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The red arrow shows where part J5 did not have a good fit as it was now rather too narrow due to extra width of fuselage . This has now been rectified and i will post some pictures next time . The next stage is to get wings finnished and make the guns (looking forward to this stage ) Thanks for looking Alistair
  11. Looking good Greg. . You must be well organized to be building so many models at the same time. The ICM kits can look deceptively easy to build especially when compared with early Special Hobby kits but we are on our guard with those.
  12. Yep my dentist has just used this system to attach a crown to a tooth . He looked puzzled when I asked if he could apply rivets. I don't know if Araldite 90 second super fast has yet got to the back and beyond but if you see it get some as it's super useful ,prob even for vac canopies.
  13. Love your picture with the Airfix box . Looks like an Airfix Advert that would get me to buy one . Cheers Alistair
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