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  1. Mottlemaster

    Special Hobby three seat night fighter 1/72

    Some more progress . Used a Humbrol glue applicator to make the pins . Filled the joins with my fav talk ca glue mix .this also aided their chance to not fall off Cut out the vac canopy , only get one so great care taken . not a perfect fit but falls into that will do range . gave a spray with some halfords grey painted nose white and rear off engines alclad aluminum then masked off Acoat of RLM 76 and some custom grey violet thick worms Color scheme as per instructions , not something i often do Under surface in black removed canopy masks Applied some Copydex to drop tanks so i could expose the Rlm 76 blue paint as these were from an old 262 day fighter Decals were thin and only wanted to stick to them selves so some are from spares box . Only the undercarriage to do before this one is done and i will get back to the main project.
  2. Mottlemaster

    Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB Chat

    Just posted on the Airfix website this article about the new 262 night fighter . https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/luftwaffe-mosquito-hunter-and-famous-lancaster-tribute?utm_campaign=2127985_Airfix - Workbench Messerschmitt Me 262 - 2018&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Hornby PLC&_%24ja=tsid%3A71284&dm_i=2DJZ,19LYP,4IOYKE,42A91,1
  3. Mottlemaster

    Special Hobby three seat night fighter 1/72

    I wonder how its performance would have compared to a DH Vampire or Meteor Night fighter . Engine maintenance would have taken longer with them not hanging conveniently down below the wing .
  4. Mottlemaster

    OOB Airfix 262 +++Finished+++

    Ozzy ,what are the two holes just behind the rear gear wells ? Doesnt the Airfix stand use a slot ?
  5. Mottlemaster

    Corsair's Me. 262 Schwalbe

    In a David Attenborough voice " The male 262's have now grown their antlers and in the skies over Germany the rutting season begins"
  6. Mottlemaster

    1/48 Me-262 B-1a/U1 ### Finished 18-7-2018 ###

    It's good to see the cockpit spice rack fully stocked up on a 262 !!!! .
  7. Mottlemaster

    Matrix Messerschmitt Madness

    I like your range of choices .This G/B is going to be the place to come to learn about the Airfix kit .
  8. Mottlemaster

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 22-7-2018

    No doubt Eduard do a set of 1/48 etched diapers for such an occasion
  9. Mottlemaster

    Avia 1/72 S.92 (airfix)

    Good save on the tail . Thats interesting to hear about no tolerance given to allow for paint thickness Nice work on your cockpit looks neat. Cheers Alistair
  10. Mottlemaster

    Junkers Ju 87 Stuka STGB - 3 more needed

    Can you add me to the list Thanks Alistair
  11. Mottlemaster

    1/48 Me-262 Mistel 4 update 22-7-2018

    Like the little pipe to collect pee during take off
  12. Mottlemaster

    1/100 Me.262 V3 ++ Finished ++

    Wow what a result finding a canopy in the spares box that you could visualize fitting a 262.
  13. Mottlemaster

    Antares 1/48th Me-262 V1 (Stage I) - final update

    Isn't it nice when you get to this stage and you can reasonably be sure there are no nasty surprises to come . I think you now have the firm foundations to end up with a superb result . Good idea to savoir its completion
  14. Mottlemaster

    OOB Airfix 262 +++Finished+++

    Looking good Ozzy Hard to believe from looking at the cockpit that this is 1/72 . Top tip about how to get the engine nacelles to fit . If i get the two 262's i'm building done i may try one Airfixes newest . Cheers Alistair
  15. Mottlemaster

    Corsair's Me. 262 Schwalbe

    Looking good . I do like the foil work .I have used Alclad aluminium for mine and it now looks dull compared to yours . If in future you want some more contrast between paint colours you could use a little yellow to lighten up a green or black to darken a grey etc as it enables you to change your contrast small notch at a time , and of course saves having to have so many bottles of paint . I am a firm believer in mixing my own colours .