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  1. Hi Dennis Hi Dennis . I couldn't understand the shipping options as i could get shipping for Deepest Mongolia but not UK . Jamie must have disabled UK option as a way of stopping orders while on holiday . He may well be flooded with orders from Mongolia I will place my order now . Cheers Alistair
  2. well that's a nice surprise . Thanks to those who voted for my entry and thanks to V-P for organizing the GB . Cheers Alistair
  3. Thanks Jinxman . I'm certainly getting loads of fun from this kit . Thank you Dennis for your info and links . I am more than happy to use enamels , and think that in this very hot and humid weather , enamels may be more forgiving . Looking at the Colourcoats web shop ,the RAF tropical set seems an easy option to go for . Problem is they seem to have no option on the address drop down menu to enter a UK address . I will phone on Monday . I have used White Ensign enamels in the past and cant help thinking .is there a connection ? Cheers Alistair
  4. Just a small update to cover the point where the wings are ready to be attached to fuselage . I have done over a dozen dry fits and after a wee bit of sanding im satisfied that the fit is good . Just hope that when glue is applied i can repeat the fit . I only just remembered to paint the wing center section as it hadn't occurred to me that this area would be seen through cockpit and engine bay Got to get the RAF tropical paints as never done a tropical RAF aircraft . Has anyone any good recommendations please Cheers Alistair
  5. I Agree John, without an extended timescale choices of kits to enter ,for most people with other obligations , will be limited . All those special kits that we wish to savour , super detail and generally take our time over to extract maximum enjoyment (for me something like a Aims 1/32 Mistel conversion) can almost never be entered in a regular group build. I think that a ONE year time frame should provide the space for the completion of lots of great large scale builds. Cheers Alistair
  6. Neil Young should use your group build entry for his record cover of Like a Hurricane. Music and modeling , all as one Cheers Alistair
  7. Great idea Can we assume that we may need to invest more time in completing a large scale model without a time scale encouraging us to rush it . Something like the 1/24 Airfix Hawker Typhoon could easily take longer than 3 months Perhaps a 9 month timeframe would encourage members to participate with some of their "Special " kits It would also make successful completion more likely if a start date of around September for us in Northern Hemisphere as days shorten and modelling time increases. I would love to have a cracking on with said Typhoon or 1/24 Mosqueto or maybe ZM Heinkel 219. Please put my name down whatever. Cheers Alistair
  8. Thanks stevej60 and Spitfire Thanks Steve and Dennis I too are useing a few MDC parts . Have used the exhausts as my 2nd hand kit is missing them as is the instrument panel decal . The MDC panel took a bit of frtling to sit square but looks gourgeous . I am adapting the Revell wings to acept the MDC resin canon shrouds as they are a key feature of the Typhoon . I do have a MDC prop but it is too small so i would need to reprofile the Revell nose which im not going to do as i dont want to loose all that lovely raised rivet detail Thanks for the Canopy fit warning . i shall do a dry fit soon to look for problems that can be fixed. Cheers Alistair
  9. Great attention to detail. Especially like the electric connection wires. Cheers Alistair
  10. As the previous photo of the Revell pilot shows , he is somewhere between the incredible hulk and Morph . After some research on the MOD Air Ministry restricted use website i came across this 1974 experimental experimental desert ,disco camouflage The pilot who got the job below None of the ICM Allied pilots come with an oxygen mask which is a shame . The pilots in the British Pilots in Tropical Uniform set all have masks . No life jacket but then in land ground attack missions were they needed . I would think that if you were to use this pilot in anything Malta related the pilot would have wanted a life jacket . Disco pilot on top of 20mm incendiary cannon round dated 1943 , which is the year in which this Typhoon participated Next job is to close the fuselage sides . I hope to do a dryfit with wings to see if any fuselage width adjustments need to be made .
  11. Very intresting subject . I did see one built up at a show and it looked good . Remember to add some weight to the boots as otherwise zero gravity will cause problems when trying to display him . Cheers Alistair
  12. Thanks JB .yes its providing the fun .Can highly recommend it . Stage 1 Engine Assembly. started well before 5mins in i realized that both exhaust parts are missing . I bought this kit second hand off ebay many years ago so no chance to ask seller Found a nice set of resin replacements though complete with nice weld detail , Loads of dry fitting to ensure it would fit nice and square in the fuselage halfs . Stage 2 Cockpit Went together easily .feels nice and strong , not sure about colour combination . Spent an hour checking out the build logs of the Airfix 1/24 typhoon and there seems to be a variable mix of black , silver and green . the belts have been left on as they wont be seen This bird is going to have a pilot . Not the kit pilot as he did not pass the medical . I have invested in a set of ICM Allied pilots Guess which one is the kit original Yep the pilot is in tropical kit so the decals to match Going North African with this kit will contrast well with my Airfix 1/24 bubble top with some invasion stripes . This if i ever get around to building it .
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